80 Peaceful and Intriguing Yin Yang Designs For Your Next Tattoo

If you want a tattoo that speaks of peacefulness and harmony then you can’t go wrong with a Yin Yang tattoo design. Chinese philosophy is all about the Yin Yang symbols, and they make for some pretty cool designs. The Ying Yang represents a balance in life. The Yin Yang is about opposites that interact with one another and the kinds of conflicts that are brought into our lives. The Chinese believe that if your Ying Yang is out of balance, then it can bring evil into your life. Goodness will not return until balance comes into your life.

The Yin in the design represents the dark in all of us while the Yang represents the light. These symbols can be interpreted in many different ways and how you take that depends on your own belief system.

The Yin Yang symbols come in many different designs, and they can be striking. You can place them just about anywhere on the body, and they will look amazing. The circular symbol is a unique one, and it will always be eye-catching. Check out the list below to see 80 Peaceful and Intriguing Yin-Yang Designs For Your Next Tattoo:

1. Matching Designs

Get a design with a friend or a lover like this one where one person has one side, and one person has the other side.


2. Standard Design

This tattoo is the traditional Yin Yang design, and it’s simple.


3. Different Elements

Each half is different and has a completely unique element to it. Beautiful!


4. Watercolor Designs

I love these designs that look like they are painted on, and those colors are gorgeous. Purple and blue always look great together.


5. Moon and Stars

A unique design that shows the moon and the stars on one side of the symbol.


6. Brush Strokes

This design is unique because it looks like it was painted on, you can see the brush strokes. An amazing design that looks really cool.


7. Two Owls

This is an incredibly beautiful and detailed design with two different owls creating the shape of the Yin Yang.


8. The Dreamcatcher

A very unique take on the dreamcatcher design.


9. Small Designs

A tiny Yin Yang symbol that can fit anywhere.


10. Intriguing Designs

This sketchy design looks like a work of art.


11. Sun and Moon

A unique symbol that has the sun and the moon together to create a wonderful image.


12. Geometric Designs

Splashes of color amongst a geometric design that creates a Yin Yang symbol. The blue looks great.


13. Creative Designs

An ornate design with the symbol inside.


14. Scenes You Love

Have the sides of your symbol show your true passions; these scenes are stunning.



15. Wally and Eve

If you loved the movie Wally, then you would love this design.


16. Fishing Designs

These designs have two fish creating the Yin Yang symbol.


17. Neck Tattoos

Another great tattoo design of the traditional Yin Yang symbol.


18. Scenery Designs

Another great example of scenes inside the symbol.


19. Floral Designs

A flower that showcases the symbol inside it.


20. Bright Colors

A striking design that looks incredibly cool. The colors on the tattoo make the design so much better, you won’t get a better tattoo.


21. Share Designs

Small designs that can be shared with friends.


22. Back Tattoos

A stunning back tattoo with bright coloring and intense detail. You won’t find a more beautiful example of a Yin Yang tattoo.


23. Sunsets and the Sea

A unique design that has a sunset on one side and the sea on another.


24. Watercolor Designs

I love these painting tattoos because they are truly unique.


25. Stick Drawings

This design is unique because of the scratchiness of the tattoo design.



26. Stunning Pastels

I love this beautiful design because it’s creative and the colors are breathtaking.



27. Greek Elements

A crack in the surface, this design looks like it’s really part of the skin.


28. Eclipse Designs

A great tattoo that shows the different stages of an eclipse.


29. Dreamcatcher Symbol

Another great example of the Ying Yang symbol as a dreamcatcher.


30. Triangle Tattoos

Forget the circle and do a colorful triangle instead.


31. Large Designs

This symbol is large and fits nicely on the arm, go big if you want to make a statement.



32. Paint Splatter

A symbol that looks like it was just thrown in the black paint.


33. Neon Colors

A truly unique look if you want something different for your symbol.


34. Stained Glass

This beautiful stained glass look will make anyone happy.


35. With Love

Another great example of how you can share your tattoo with your loved one.


36. Creative Flowers

A large floral design that has the symbol on the inside.


37. Fire and Ice

This symbol is fire on one side and cold as ice on the other. The colors are rather extraordinary as well.


38. Contrasting Colors

I love the red and black that contrast together with this tattoo.


39. Fish Swimming

The balance of nature is shown with these two fish swimming in the symbol.


40. The Daisy

If you love daisies, then use it as part of your tattoo design.


41. Waist Designs

Another great example of the traditional symbol on the waist.


42. Foot Designs

Each side of the symbol is on a foot creating a great design when the feet come together.


43. Sharing Your Love

Another example of the Yin Yang symbol that can be shared.



44. Etched in Skin

This cool design looks like it is coming right out of the skin.




45. Striking Colors

Another great example of the balance between fire and ice.


46. Mesmerizing Designs

You won’t be able to take your eyes off this design; the lines are very intriguing.



47. Sky and Water

A unique design that shows the water as well as the sky.


48. Back Designs

Another great example of the eclipse design for the Yin Yang symbol.


49. Arm Eclipse

Another example of the eclipse design but this one is on the arm.



50. Planet Symbols

A great design for the foot that has the symbol in the form of a planet.


51. Love Elephants

This incredibly detailed elephant tattoo has the symbol on the head of the elephant.


52. Traditional Designs

A great example of the traditional symbol on the wrist.


53. Unique Designs

This symbol has some truly unique designs on the inside of it. You won’t find a prettier tattoo.



54. Incredible Detail

A stunning and detailed design with the symbol on the inside.


55. Make it Creative

If you want a symbol that is different then look no further than this one.


56. Bring it Together

Break up your design and have one side on each wrist to create a unique tattoo.


57. Neon Colors

The bright colors are the best part of this amazing design.


58. Paint It

A symbol that is made like a work of art, it’s beautiful.


59. Neck Symbols

Fire and ice together again to bring this neck design into reality.


60. Symbols in Jewelry

A jewelry design that you are sure to love.


61. Chest Designs

Another great example of the eclipse design but this one goes across the chest.

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62. Everyone is Different

Three friends are sharing a tattoo idea but each one is different.


63. Dark and Light

You don’t need an outline to create a unique look that you will love forever.


64. We Love Cats

These two cats are light and dark, and they come together for balance.




65. Multiple Designs

Each finger has a different design, and one of them is a Yin Yang tattoo.


66. Perfect Tattoos

These designs are flawless; there are no errors in these designs.


67. Small Symbols

This symbol just tucks away on the finger, and it’s simple.


68. Pretty Symbols

A pretty design that is also simple. Add it to your shoulder for your own unique look.


69. Sunset Colors

This tattoo uses the colors of a sunset and creates a design that is so strikingly beautiful that you can barely take your eyes off of it. It’s a large tattoo, so you have to be okay with the commitment.


70. Moon and Sun

A simple design that can be placed anywhere on the body.


71. Friendly Designs

Share your passion with your friends and get ink as a memory.


72. Fun Tattoos

Fun designs that you are sure to make anyone happy.


73. Black and White

Another great example of the owl tattoos but these ones are in black and white. They are truly striking.


74. Splash of Color

Just add a bit of yellow to this design to really make it stand out.


75. Blue and Yellow

These colors are so beautiful that the design is seen as a true work of art.


76. Plain Side

Just decorate one side to create and original design that you will love forever.


77. Create a Sun

Everyone loves the sun and so will you with this design.


78. Stunning Sun

This shoulder design is striking with the sun and the moon together in the symbol.


79. Tiny and Cute

If you want something subtle, then go with a tiny symbol on just one of your fingers.


80. Creative Elements

These different symbols all tell their own stories, and in this case, there is a Yin Yang symbol to complete the overall design.


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