151 Gliding Wing Tattoos That Stand Out From The Others

Wing tattoos symbolize guidance, ambition, duality, freedom, and protection. Anyone who wears it has his or her own interpretation with its placement and meaning. Decades ago, a wing tattoo used to be exclusive for men as it represents prowess and strength. But as years passed, modern women have finally emerged with huge confidence and the like, thus getting a wing tattoo as a symbol of their significance in society.

In the modern world, tattoo artists have taken different kinds of approach when it comes to tattoo designs. The wing tattoo is part of it, which can bring you to any height and grit. This design is becoming immensely popular that everyone aims to have one. Due to its whimsical and tenacity outcome, the wing tattoo design has splurged in many different styles.

From the classic style, tribal, to the contemporary ones, you could trust that having wings as your tattoo design is unsullied and unparalleled. There are different meanings in each wing tattoo, depending on how you want it illustrated and placed on your body. Although you can have it anywhere else in your body, the wing tattoo is awesome somewhere on your back.

Placing it on your back would be a symbol of soaring high as a ruler in the skies. However, on other parts of your body, the wings will do great as it will depend on how you would want it interpreted. Others would place the wing tattoo on their thighs while some want it on their hands.

Regardless of the placement, tattoos are not just a piece of art that anyone can get anytime and anywhere. It’s also a lifetime commitment that gives supremacy in helping you adopt a lifestyle that’s not for everyone.

Check out these wing tattoos that will put us in awe.


Wing tattoos and terminologies

The new era has adopted even more creative standards in tattooing after the classic method. This goes the same way with different beautiful designs that you can choose from. That said, we rounded the best designs that you can find these days and the terminologies in the event that you need them.

Any wing tattoo ideas that you like can get attention, but you also need some of its terminologies to fully understand its meaning. More often than not, men and women get a tattoo that symbolizes about their lives’ joys and struggles. Thus, your tattoo’s meaning is crucial in not just making you look great and unique, but also in knowing your inner self better.

Check out these terminologies of the wing tattoo ideas for men and women. You may find these helpful in your search for the best wing tattoo that you can have.
  • Wings with hourglass
  • Lion’s face with wings
  • Roses and wings
  • Scripture scrolls with wings
  • Angel wings on a woman tattoo design
  • Heartbeat with keyhole and wings
  • Vertebrae and wings
  • Skull, anchor, and wings combo
  • Arm wings
  • Eagle in flight with spread wings
  • Angel with spread wings design
  • Angel blazing wings
  • Dragon and angel wings combo
  • Chest and arm wings
  • Arm and back wings
  • Bird wings on the forearm
  • Birthday tattoo with wings
  • Bowing angel’s wing tattoo
  • Colored owl wings
  • Colored chest wings
  • Christian wing tattoo design
  • Chest wings
  • Chest and shoulder wings combo
  • Colored crested wings
  • Wings and cross tattoo combo
  • Crucified angel with wide wings
  • Crucified Christ with wings
  • Intricate arm wing
  • Detailed back wing tattoo
  • Shoulder and arm wing
  • Detailed back and arm wing combo
  • Wing and diamond
  • Types of wings tattoo
  • Eagle with spread wings
  • A fallen angel with detailed spread wings
  • Colorful Fleur de lis wing
  • Phoenix wings tattoo
  • Feathered wings
  • Family first with wings
  • Shoulder and full arm wings
  • Full back wings
  • Wings and guns
  • Wings and heart
  • Crown, heart, and wings
  • Demon and angel wings
  • Layered arm and shoulder wings
  • Leg wing
  • Memorial wings
  • Feathers and metal wing
  • Patriotic wings
  • Paired phoenix wings
  • Own’s pinned wings
  • Blue-accented wings
  • Green-tipped wings
  • Rib wings
  • Quotes with wings
  • Bicep and shoulder wings
  • Wings and ship
  • Shaded full wings
  • Skinny wings
  • Compass and wings
  • Angel wings sketch style
  • Symbols and wings

There are still so many designs for wing tattoos that we may have not mentioned here. But this collection should be great in helping you out with your search for your next or new wing tattoo.

More ideas below.

The wing tattoo – a lifetime beauty and prowess

Dominating in the tattoo world, wings bring a lot of meanings in a person’s life. This is another great alternative to the infamous ying-yang design that represents dark and light in all aspects.

Struggles, joys, challenges, and perseverance are among the things that push us to be tough. In getting a tattoo, we always prefer those designs that represent what we went through. For instance, the phoenix wings tattoo symbolizes how we stood up after the dark times. Phoenix always rises from the ashes and that’s how us, humans do too.

If you are one of those who want to get a tattoo that symbolizes and describes what you have been through in life, the design is important. You may need to think of something that describes your personality and how you deal with things.

Some of you would love to have tattoos that represent your lifestyle and what you do as an important person in society. The only subtle difference between a tattoo that embodies your life’s struggles and success, and a tattoo that symbolizes your lifestyle, is how the design is executed.

Of course, before you get a tattoo, you need to ensure that you understand the entire process. It’s exciting and fun at the same time when you are getting a tattoo. But it is also important you are well-prepared and well-equipped as a tattoo will be yours for a lifetime.

Yes, you can have it removed, but the process would be more painful than having the tattoo done. On that note, we have also prepared some tips before you schedule an appointment with a tattoo artist. These tips are important for you to get ready with the process and its healthy healing.

Check these tips below for your tattoo journey.

Prepare yourself for a tattoo

Getting a tattoo is as exciting as having a newborn baby – at least for women who are destined to give birth. It is both painful and satisfying, especially when you see the outcome.

But it is also not easy to get one as you also need to get yourself ready for the backbreaking process, especially when you have a low pain tolerance. On the plus side, you can still get a tattoo whether or not you have a high tolerance in pain provided that you prepare yourself beforehand.

Wing tattoos may require medium to large size so the details can be seen. It can be a small size too, but there’s a chance that its intricate details are taken for granted. With that being said, these tips can help ease the pain when you are starting to sit for hours with your tattoo artist.

  • Hydrate yourself at least 24 to 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. Drink eight glass of water or more than that if possible. If your skin is well-hydrated, the ink will get into it easier, which means lesser pain.
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages or take pills that cause blood thinning. Alcohol and some pills like aspirin can make your blood thin, which will likely cause bleeding.
  • Wear clothes that don’t make things difficult during the session. You may need to wear clothes that can expose the body part easily where the tattoo should be placed.
  • Eat well before going to your tattoo artist. You need tough stamina when you are getting a tattoo to avoid passing out. A tattoo is painful and you don’t want to be really weak. Eat foods that are rich in protein.
  • Moisturize your skin. Apply a sunscreen when you’re exposed to the sun to avoid sunburn.

A perfect tattoo design is important

Your tattoo design is crucial as it represents yourself in all aspects. In any sense, the world will see you wearing your tattoo as your lifetime companion. You will be presenting this to everyone, describing yourself in general.

Wing tattoos for men and women are already the best design that you can get these days. But whatever design you may want to have, you still need to brainstorm what it could be about.

These tips will help.

  • Think about the perfect design for yourself before making an appointment with your tattoo artist. Get a design that matches your personality and the all those things you’ve dealt with.
  • Consider the design’s size if you can handle the pain. For instance, if this would be your first, you can try a smaller size to see if you can deal with the pain. This will allow your body to react to the pain. Don’t worry. You can get a bigger one on your next appointment.
  • Get a design that you will be happy and contented with for a lifetime. While you can always make a cover-up design or have it removed, the process can be a lot of pain and pricey. Thus, it is important that you are already sure about the design.
  • Either you want your exact design or customized, everything is fine. Tattoo artists are great at customizing designs. You can also ask them to get you a customized design if you prefer.
  • Look for a reputable tattoo artist. You must find a good one that can ensure your safety. Look for someone who enforces proper hygiene. The word of mouth is one great way to find a good tattoo artist. Your colleagues would know that, especially when they have work with that artist before.

Consider the placement

Placing your tattoo is as confusing as thinking about the design. If you want your tattoo to be visible, you should place your tattoo somewhere that can easily be seen. Your arms, shoulders, hands, neck, and legs are the best options in placing your tattoo if you are considering visibility.

However, if you are a first-timer, you may want to place the tattoo somewhere in your body that’s not bony and not tender. For instance, if you prefer to place it on your foot, you need to consider the pain as it’s more painful than placing it on your calf.

Your feet are closer to the bones and the pain can be wild, especially if it’s your first time to get a tattoo. You should consider the areas with more flesh and not sensitive. Your feet, ribs, insides of your arms, and thighs are tender and can hurt a lot.

Some areas that are not always exposed to the sun tend to be more tender. Therefore, there is a good chance that they can hurt more if you choose to place your tattoo somewhere in those parts of your body.

Nonetheless, if you are getting wing tattoos, you should be prepared for the hours that it will take to get it done. Apparently, the pain would be there for hours as expected.

Make sure that you understand the pain

Before you sit for hours with your tattoo artist, you should understand the pain of getting one. Because there are people who can’t handle the pain, the tattoo artist may need to apply modern anesthetics to help ease the pain.

It’s actually fine, but anesthetics can only prolong the healing and that wouldn’t be a good advantage on your end. You may not be able to describe the pain in a correct way or terminology, but the needles are wild enough to put you in pain.

Anesthetics can also cause the color of your tattoo to become dull and the tattoo artist may not be too keen on applying one. But you should discuss it with him before making an appointment to see if there’s anything that you both can do to alleviate the pain.

Wing tattoos are normally medium or large in size to show the details. Thus, it would mean that you will be working with your tattoo artist for hours and the pain would sit there for hours as well.

Ensure that you know the aftercare

This is the most important part when it comes to getting a tattoo. After getting inked, it will take a week for the pain to completely release the pain. It’s the time when the itching starts as the healing has commenced.

The water, especially the saltwater is one of the culprits in destroying a tattoo. If you have wing tattoos, you should be careful with the saltwater as the design is either medium or large in size. This means that it will also take time to heal and hitting the beach may not be a good idea.

To ensure your new tattoo’s safety, avoid going to vacations that would involve the beach or swimming somewhere. Or better yet, don’t get a tattoo when you have planned holidays to ensure that it doesn’t ruin your vacation.

Your tattoo artist will also give you some pointers on how to care for your tattoo, especially during the healing process. He will also include some products to use on your tattoo while it’s healing as well as when it’s completely healed to preserve its beauty.

There are a lot of skin moisturizers that you can use that are safe to use on your tattoo even during the healing process. You can try these products that are usually available at beauty shops online or even at physical stores.

Feel free to ask your tattoo artist with whatever questions you may have about your new tattoo to ensure its safety. He should be the first person who knows about everything when it comes to tattoo.

Best tattoo aftercare products

So, you finally have wing tattoos that you have been longing to get and after the backbreaking process to get it done, the aftercare comes next. This is very important in keeping your new tattoo safe and keeping its color bright for a long time.

You should remember that your tattoo artist isn’t the only person responsible for this. You are also responsible for your tattoo if you want its color to make it last longer such as using safe products on your skin.

For your convenience, check out these products that we have collected so you can easily find them in stores. These can help a lot in making your tattoo look vibrant and bright over time.

  • Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Liquid Antibacterial Soap
  • Dial Gold Antibacterial Liquid Soap
  • Derm-Ink Tattoo Healing Balm
  • Aquaphor Healing Ointment
  • A+D Original Diaper Rash Ointment and Skin Protectant
  • Wild Rose Ink Balm Tattoo Ointment
  • Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Unscented Lotion
  • Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion
  • Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion

There might be other tattoo aftercare products that we missed to mention on this list. But these products are great enough to use on your new tattoo to keep it safe and healthy. It is important to keep these products in mind, especially when you are still planning to get a tattoo.


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