225+ Wedding Ring Tattoos for 2021

A wedding ring is a piece of jewellery that’s desired by many. Wedding ring tattoos provide a great way of expressing one’s feeling towards what it symbolizes. The wedding ring is a symbol of a covenant and commitment between two people. Wearing a wedding ring tattoo provides an artistic way of expressing love and commitment to your partner.

The tradition of exchanging wedding rings continues to be observed world over. It’s one way of expressing an enduring love and commitment to each other. Wearing a permanent wedding ring tattoo is such a cool way of keeping the memories alive. The wedding ring tattoo design below looks spectacular on the wearer and fits beautifully on the hand.


Reasons for Inking wedding ring tattoos

There are several reasons that can be associated with wearing wedding ring tattoos. Many people prefer wearing wedding ring tattoos because they don’t get worn out easily. Actual rings are easy to misplace or even loose. The fact that wedding rings can stay for life also makes them a great preference.

The aspect of uniqueness and breaking off from the tradition is an inspiring reason for wearing the tattoos. As the tattoos are becoming more mainstream, couples are also finding inspiration on how best they can commemorate their nuptials.

Wedding ring tattoos are more like circles with neither beginning nor end. It’s a great sign of a bond that should never end unless at death. The wedding ring design below looks amazing on the couple’s hand. The compass with the surrounding circle enhances contrast in the design.

Even though a ring can be taken off or even lost, it’s not possible for a wedding ring tattoo to disappear. The symbol of the anchor looks amazing and reflects well on the wearer’s fingers.

Wedding ring tattoos provide tattoo enthusiasts with a unique way to express their love and union with their spouses. The tattoo rings design on the couple below looks cool and reflects beautifully on the wearer’s skin.

Stunning wedding ring tattoos

Inking tattoo is not only painful but also costly Apart from creating a unique personal tattoo like the one below, wearing a wedding ring tattoo also saves money. Wedding rings can be very costly and the best alternative is to consider having a wedding ring tattoo that expresses your feelings and personality.

Make the symbol of your marriage more special by using elements that appeal to you. The wedding ring tattoo is inked in a very unique way with features that make the entire design to stand out.

Pricing of tattoos normally varies depending on the size, the placement and tattoo type. A simple wedding ring tattoo like the one below may not be very costly since its quite small and with simple symbols.

An actual wedding ring can be cheap or very costly depending on one’s choice. The beautiful wedding ring tattoo below consists of unique patterns that reflects beautifully on the finger

Love is always better expressed with the symbol of the heart. The wedding ring tattoo below is rich in symbolism and fits beautifully on the wearer’s finger. The combination of red and dark colors also blend beautifully.

Wedding ring tattoos are more likely to last forever unless you decide on removing them forcefully. The design is very simple yet classy. The tattoos also look great on the fingers.

Amazing wedding ring tattoos

The wedding ring tattoos below are not only unique, but they also look very artistically designed. The green colour element used in the tattoo makes it stand out in such a beautiful way. There are a collection of wedding ring tattoos that are suitable for both men and women. Get insight on how you can personalize it for a great outlook.

Wedding ring tattoos are becoming quite trendy going by the different ways in which they are inked. As much as they may look great, not everyone considers the wedding ring tattoo as a good replacement for an actual ring.

When deciding on inking wedding ring tattoos, there are several things that you can get inspiration from. One most noteworthy thing is to consider adding elements that have significance to the wearer.

A place like the fingers requires ultimate attention and any form of mistake should be avoided when inking tattoos. The dark layer of colors used in the design below is spectacular and reflects beautifully on the wearer.

Use of names as a symbol for wedding ring tattoo expresses a beautiful bond that exists between the couples. The choice of color is great and the pattern used is also beautiful.

Such a playfully designed wedding ring tattoo that reflects well on the wearer. The dark color shades are not only cool, the entire design consequently shows a deep connection between the couple.

This is a minimalist wedding ring tattoo that’s very simple by all standards. It’s probably one of the simplest designs that one can think of wearing.

Placement of wedding ring tattoos

How you get to wear your wedding ring tattoo also carry some significance and the perception you intend to create. Over the finger is such a cool place for wearing the tattoo and reflects beautifully on the couple. The design certainly looks great and artistically designed.

To infinity and beyond is a cool design that depicts the unending connection between the couple. The tattoo is simple and easy to design. The symbol also carries some rich significance which makes it great.

Wedding ring tattoos can be worn by both men and women. The fact that they carry such a rich significance makes the entire design to be quite spectacular. The heart symbol is another cool feature that expresses the love expressed by the couple.

Use of color has a way of making tattoo designs to really pop. The combination of dark and green colors create such a beautiful contrast in the design.

Love can be demonstrated in very subtle ways like in sharing adorable wedding ring tattoos.

The symbols of animals alongside the heart and number elements looks spectacular on the wearer.

Unless you are engaging an expert tattoo artist that is capable of fitting the writings well on your fingers, you first of all need to choose the words well.

Instead of wearing an actual wedding ring on their special day, you can also consider wearing a tattoo.

Such a beautiful design that can easily pass for an actual ring. The design is not only cute but also reflects on the couple.

Beautiful wedding ring tattoo ideas

If you are considering wearing a wedding tattoo then there are a collection of ideas that you can get inspiration from. The bold black shades used makes the design to really stand out.

You can add some beautiful contrast to your design by incorporating different elements. The floral element used makes the design to stand out.

Such a beautiful piece of artwork. It fits beautifully on the finger. The bold dark color used adds another aspect of intricacy to the design.

Use of the cross as an element in designing wedding ring tattoos is not only cool but also brings an element of sacredness to the design.


Some of the things that only soulmates can do. The two elements express different things but even more, they look great on the couple.

The intertwined chain makes a good expression of the wedding ring tattoo. The design looks spectacular on the fingers.

Consider adding date elements for the special day if you are to keep up with your wedding anniversary. The symbol of the date could mean anything to the couple.

Mr. and Mrs. have become very trendy wedding ring tattoos. The tattoos are not only beautifully designed, but they also reflect well on the wearer.

Stunning wedding ring tattoos

You can also consider inking wedding ring tattoos that easily hide beneath the wedding rings. There are several tiny elements that you can draw inspiration from.

The unending circle is not only great; it consequently carries a deep symbolism and reflects well on the wearer. The tattoo is ideal in that one can easily place an actual ring over it.

Sometimes you don’t need the most intricate symbol in designing wedding ring tattoo. You can beautifully express yourself with a cool choice of color.

There are diverse elements that can be used in designing wedding ring tattoos. The one below is absolutely amazing with artistic expression.

King and queen symbols make a beautiful blend for wedding ring tattoos. The tattoo elements are not only cool but also shows the deeper connection that exists between the couple.

Elements used in wedding ring tattoos

One is free to personalize the symbols used in wedding ring tattoos. Get inspiration for the symbols and elements that appeal to you. The shiny color used in the design creates a beautiful contrast and also blends well with the wearers.

Wedding ring tattoos provide a means of expressing culture to the special day. The initials used look epic and also reflects well on the fingers.

Initials can be used to express a bond between two for the reason that they signify the actual wearers of the tattoo. The fact that they are short and can be easily covered makes the design to stand out.

When all you have to use for commemorating your wedding day is a tattoo, you, as a result, don’t have to worry that you might lose it.

Colors are not only great and have a way of adding life to a design. The design fits well on the finger where it’s worn. The design shows a fruit and its case, something that the couple draws inspiration from.

The bold tribal elements are quite adorable and reflect well on the skin. The patterns create a beautiful contrast and also look great on the wearer.

Get inspiration from the actual shape of the ring that you admire and how you want it inked. You can also use your name initial for a personalized appeal.

The symbol of two hooks joined together is another inspiring way of inking wedding ring tattoos. The circular patterns provide an appealing outlook on the wearer.

Whether you are into simple designs or intricate ones, wedding ring tattoos come with several options that one can choose from.

Wedding ring tattoos can be a great option for those who have allergies with metals on their fingers. The heart symbol shows a great sign of love and commitment to one another.

If you are considering wearing a wedding tattoo as a couple, it’s advisable that you first get to agree on the choices. Use only features that both of you find to be inspiring.

Classing wedding ring tattoos

The symbol of Mr. and Mrs are cool features that you can consider wearing as a couple. It’s also a good expression that you belong to someone.

Cool wedding ring tattoos

The below wedding ring tattoo looks spectacular on the wearer. The use of names is another dynamic way of inking wedding ring tattoos. If you are wondering whether wedding ring tattoos can be ideal for you then go ahead and consider trying one out.

Simple and adorable are the best words for the wedding tattoo designs below.

You can opt for symbols that you find inspiration in. Whether its dots, numerical or writings, settle for whatever suits you.

When choosing the right tattoo symbol to use, it’s important to note that a tattoo is a permanent mark. It’s more likely to stay with you forever as a result, choose a design that you will be comfortable with in the long-term.

There is nothing much in the design below apart from a simple use of dark color. The design is not just simple, it consequently doesn’t require much work.

Intertwined circles with a flower at the center show beauty and complexity. The tattoo looks cool on both the fingers.

Such a simple yet amazing way of inking wedding ring tattoo. The dark shades used also reflects well on the wearer.

Find inspiration from simple things such as patterns, marks and may be small dots. They may look simple but reflects so beautifully on the wearer.

Connect with your culture by incorporating designs that bring your culture to life. The design below looks amazing on the fingers.

The beauty of the wedding ring tattoos lies in the fact that you can get inspiration right from anything.


Your choice of the tattoo can be something as subtle as a small mark on the finger.

Find inspiration for a wedding ring tattoo by inking an actual date of your wedding.

Infinity mark is a beautiful sign to consider wearing as a wedding ring tattoo.

Infinite love is what the couple compares to the covenant of love that they have for each other.

Beautiful wedding ring tattoos

The design of the wedding tattoos can easily pass for an actual wedding ring. From the color choice to the patterns used everything looks amazing.

The symbols may seem ordinary but do carry a deep significance for the couple.

A wedding ring is a great symbol of love. It’s for the reason that couples prefer wearing a similar one.

A simple, thin and dark circle is a great pick for the wedding ring tattoo. It also looks fabulous on the wearer.

Add some color and intricacy to the wedding tattoo for a visually appealing and magnificent look.

Celtic knots have become a popular mark for the wedding ring tattoos. How the tattoos are inked as a result expresses the feelings associated with it.

Artistically designed wedding ink tattoo that fits well on the fingers. The dark shades used also create such a beautiful outlook.

If you lack ideas on how you can personalize your tattoo then you can consider working with a professional artist.

Regardless of the design you choose for the wedding ring tattoos, just ensure that it brings out that beauty and the bond you share.

Adorable wedding ring tattoos

The interlocked tattoo designs are just an adorable piece of design.

A very simple and elegantly designed piece of artwork. It reflects well on the wearer and the words also carry a deep meaning.

The thick layered pieces of art look cool on the couple.

Use of name as an element in designing a wedding ring tattoo can be such a cool thing.

Celtic lines are a great inspiration for wedding ring tattoos. The design looks magnificent and reflects beautifully on the wearer.

Weddings are no longer traditional as many people are looking for ways to make their wedding special. The king and heart symbols are another great combinations that express the connection between the two.

If you want to break off from the tradition of wearing rings then you can consider something that’s unique to you.

An actual wedding ring with a similar tattoo counterpart. Both look cool on the wearer and reflects beautifully on the skin.

Consider expressing some cool trends that you find to be inspiring with wedding ring tattoos.

What really matters when it comes to inking wedding ring tattoos is finding a symbol of love where you can express feelings for each other.

The uniqueness of the symbol used as a wedding ring tattoo also makes it stand out.

Some addition of color also has a way of adding beauty and elegance to the design.

Make your design pop with the addition of some color.

Personalized wedding tattoos

Choose a pattern that also expresses your inner feelings. Expressing a sense of individuality through the design is also great.

Red is the color of love and looks great on the couple.

An adorable piece of design that reflects beautifully on the wearer.

The symbol of date and month is another great way of expressing the special bond between a couple.

Your favorite animal can also act as a good symbol for your wedding ring tattoo design.

Wedding ring tattoos provide tattoo lovers with a great way to express their love for art.


A sweet way of showing the love and connection that you share with your partner. The intertwined circles look adorable.

A beautiful symbol inspired by a culture that reflects well on the fingers.

A personalized design that reflects well on the wearers. The colors used also adds to the beauty of the design.

Colors are just magnificent and create such an adorable outlook on the wearer.

You can make the design to be more outstanding with unique elements.

Identifying with symbols like the ones below expresses the beauty and intricacy that come with the tattoo.

There isn’t a better way to express your love for animals unlike inking the actual image.

Classic wedding ring tattoos

Find some inspiration for wedding ring tattoo with queen and king symbols.

Beautiful floral wedding tattoos. The bright green color makes the whole design to look adorable.

Mr and Mrs. are a good replacement for the actual wedding ring. The features used also make the entire thing to look adorable.

A simple way to reflect the heart with the red color expressing love.

Nothing demonstrates a tight bond like the heart symbol. The designs look adorable and also reflects beautifully on the wearer.

Add some life and significance to your design with the use of color.

The symbol of love, color, and the arrow make the entire design to stand out.

Shiny lines add some intricacy and beauty to the design. It’s also very adorable.

You can come up with unique ways to make your design outstanding. The use of dates and initial is one of the ways.


Inspiring elements for wedding ring tattoos

Use of dates as a wedding ring tattoo symbol has become quite trendy. It’s also an ideal way to not forget the anniversary.

Apart from the dates, names of the couples can also be used as symbols for the tattoo.

Add some features to the name symbols to make the entire design look unique.

Several symbols can be used when designing wedding ring tattoos. The use of colored shades and the thick dark lines make an adorable piece of artwork.

Dates can either signify the actual date that you met as a couple. It can also be a symbol of your wedding date. The beauty comes from how artistically the design is done.

If you find tribal symbols to be inspiring then you can consider going for the same. The design is not only classic but also reflects well on the wearer.

The symbol of a square can be an expression of the three pillars that hold a marriage together. It could mean having both of you and a higher power connected to your union.

Such a dynamic piece of design that reflects beautifully on the wearer. The patterns are not only intricate, but they are also very beautifully intertwined which is great.

If you are considering a design that you may easily cover then consider going for the simple thin line cycle.

A simple line is not just easy to design but can also be covered easily with an actual wedding ring.

The anchor symbol is another great element that can be used for wedding ring tattoos.

Amazing colors that bring out such an inspiring outlook.

Professionalism is important when considering inking wedding ink tattoos. Settle for a tattoo artist that clearly understand the emotion they should be incorporating.

Infinity cycle and the symbol of love provides a great way to express the bond of marriage between the couple.

Bring some element of spirituality and sacredness to the design with the cross sine. The use of black and white ink creates a cool blend.

Magnificent wedding tattoos

Such a thick dark layer doesn’t only look cool but also reflects beautifully on the wearer.


Simple and elegant is the best description for the wedding ring tattoo design below.

Such a magnificent piece of design. The brown shades also reflect beautifully.

An unending circle is a sign of infinite bond that should only be broken by death.

An amazing piece of design that’s not only subtle but also reflects well on the wearer.

Bold shades have become a common feature in designing tattoos. The tattoo also reflects beautifully on the wearer.

Such a huge tattoo that reflects beautifully on the wearer.

The symbol of the diamond is just precious and depicts the value associated with the wedding ring tattoo.

Magnificent wedding ring tattoos

Small dots of red and black inked by partners make a good design for wedding ring tattoos.

Key and lock are not only cool but also combines quite well. The two make such a good symbol for a wedding tattoo.

Having a similar wedding ring tattoo is a great way of expressing the undying bond that you share.

Nothing captures the imagination like a beautifully designed wedding ring tattoo.

The wedding ring tattoos are so intricately designed and reflects well on the wearer

Great combination of king and queen symbols in a wedding ring tattoo.

Amazing pieces of design with the color used also creating a beautiful expression.

The initials are cool and reflect well on the fingers.

Instead of investing a fortune on a wedding ring which can easily get a lost, consider inking the best pattern.


The fact that the wedding ring tattoo doesn’t get lost is a perfect reason to consider having one.

Despite the choice of symbol that you make, ensure that it reflects beautifully on the skin. The design below signifies a subtle expression of love in such an adorable way.

Wedding ring tattoos for couples

Couples can make their wedding tattoos in a way that’s not only unique to them. They can also consider patterns that make up for an actual tattoo. Even as you wear similar rings as a couple, you can also consider incorporating elements that express your individuality.

Instead of using initials or symbols to personalize your tattoos, you can also consider using your actual names. The dark shades are just epic and reflect well on the wearer.

The initials provide a great way of personalizing wedding ring tattoos. Work with an artist that understands the art of designing simple styles in a unique way.

Keep it simple with styles that reflect well on your personality. The choice of color used should also reflect well on one’s personality.

Make the design simple yet intricate with adorable unending wedding ring tattoos. The double circular lines look epic and blend well.

Mr. and Mrs symbols of tattoos have been artistically designed and reflect so beautifully on the wearer. Make your stand clearly known by adorning such an appealing tattoo.

There are several simple things that can be done in a marriage for it to bloom. Sharing a memory of the special moments by inking a tattoo that commemorates it is actually one of the ways.

Adorable wedding ink tattoos

Wedding ring tattoos can still be worn even with rings. The combination of the two create a beautiful contrast and adds to the intricacy of the design.

Choice of color and intricacy of the style used are two things that make a design to stand out. The thick layers used look spectacular and reflect well on the wearer.

Wedding ring tattoos may be expressed with very beautiful and simple words however the most significant element is the subtle expression of love. Such an adorable piece of design that looks great on the wearer.

The intricate lines are adorable with the dark line making a noteworthy appeal. Find inspiration from diverse elements that reflects on your personality as an individual.

As much as a wedding day is great, you actually need something that continually reminds you of it. Inking a wedding ring tattoo is one of the ways given the permanency of the design.

There is no greater way of connecting to your tradition by embracing the Celtic symbols for a special thing like your wedding. The patterns are beautifully designed and look adorable.

You need better elements to enable you to commemorate the special day in your life. The dark layered color is not only sparkling but certainly creates such an appealing visual outlook. The shiny aspect of the color used is actually very eye-catching and reflects well on the fingers.

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