123 Virgo Tattoos To Match Your Laid Back Personality

In the Zodiac, Virgo is the sixth astrological sign. The sun transits it sometime between August 23 and September 2 in the tropical zodiac, which is why people who were born between these dates are under the zodiac sign, Virgo. The symbol has many great qualities and attributions that makes it a perfect idea for a tattoo design. So, if you are a Virgoan and you may want to get inked with this design,  we have rounded up hundreds of beautiful Virgo tattoos that you can choose from.

The maiden symbol Astraea in Greek mythology is associated with Earth as it she was the last immortal who fled from the planet during the Silver Age’s end. It was also the time when the gods went to Olympus. She is the Greek goddess of purity and innocence, which is why she is always described as a maiden or virgin.

The Parthenos myth, which means virgin in Greek is also associated with the constellation where the Virgo got its name. Virgo is also connected with wheat, in Egyptian mythology, because it was the time when wheat harvest occurred when the constellation was in the sun. It is even associated with the Virgin Mary in Indian astrology known as the Kanya, which also means maiden.

Tattoos are among the ways to express yourself and if you were born under the sign Virgo, the tattoo ideas for this sign is unlimited. There are so many different designs for Virgo, including the wheat grain, Virgin Mary, and a maiden woman.

Placement and maintenance

Wherever part of your body you may want to place your Virgo tattoo, the sign gives a connotation of your personality as fearless and pure. Many men and women would place their tattoos either on the spine, thighs, hands while others want a full back tattoo with this sign.

Although there are times that the placement also matters, many people would choose the part of their body where they feel most comfortable – even if it’s painful. According to experts and those who have tried the tattoo, the closer the skin to the bone, the pain it can be. Also, if it’s more tender, it’s more painful too.

However, there are still so many men and women who would risk getting a tattoo on the area where it hurts more for aesthetic purposes. The pain though doesn’t last longer than four days after the process, which is normal. After a week, your tattoo will be fine as it continues to heal.

What you need to take extra care for your tattoo to maintain its quality as well as to take care of your skin. Your tattoo artist will provide you some tips on how to maintain your tattoo. Most tattooists will suggest tattoo aftercare products that are best for any types of skin. These can be purchased at beauty shops or online stores.

Nonetheless, to help you out with your next tattoo, check these beautiful Virgo tattoos that we have compiled for you.

Virgo sign with symbols

For the girls, you can have a simple, yet meaningful Virgo tattoo right in the middle of your chest.


The Outerspace

Planet, sun, moon, and the constellation Virgo is a magnificent design. The outlined design makes it simple but it gives a lot of meanings.

Faceless woman

As a symbol of innocence and purity, a woman perfectly fits this design where you can see glowing stars in the background with the Outerspace symbols. The rose right on the woman’s chest makes this tattoo design more significant to the Virgo symbol.

Virgo with a plant

Since the wheat grain is highly associated with Virgo, this is one perfect tattoo design for this sign.

Naked woman

Pure, innocent, and fearless – these are among the attributions of a Virgo woman. Holding a wheat grain with her hair like of the bird’s, this is very aesthetic and unique tattoo design.

Wheat tattoo

As simple as that, yes, you can get a wheat tattoo on your foot.

Wheat with flowers

To make it appear more feminine, you can add a flowering plant to your wheat tattoo.

Virgo symbol with a cloverleaf

Matching the symbol of purity and innocence with the cloverleaf’s good luck symbol is definitely one great idea for a tattoo design.

Woman with a Virgo symbol

The shading and dot work on this tattoo is magnificent alongside the design. The woman with her poker face and a Virgo symbol on the forehead is enough to say that this is beyond beautiful.

Constellations with Roman Numerals

As one of the constellations, you can still get a hint of Virgo tattoo with this design.

Glowing colorful woman

A colorful silhouette of a woman with glowing Outerspace design and wheat makes this tattoo design definitely a Virgo.

Virgo tattoos in different colors

Here are the different blunt designs for the word itself.

Constellations surrounded by flowers

Using all black ink for a tattoo design is absolutely elegant even on simple tattoos. This is one great example.

Virgo symbol on the wrist

For a simple design, you can have symbol tattooed on your wrist.

Colorful stars

To pair with the Virgo symbol, you can put colorful stars with outlines and patterns.

Outlined Virgo symbol

You can either have this a small outline or a big one like this.

Whimsical Virgo woman

To add more aesthetic to the blunt Virgo symbol and word, a whimsical woman would be a perfect design all at once.

Virgo symbol on the nape

Simple yet sexy, a Virgo tattoo on the nape is subtle and elegant.

Colorful massive flowers with Virgo symbol

For those who love flowers in many ways, make the Virgo symbol more elegant and vivid with these huge colorful flowers.

Unique dream catcher

This is a very unique dream catcher with its rope-like design housing the Virgo symbol and a wolf at night.

Pink flower

Here’s a cute flower design on the wrist, you can add the word Virgo on it.

Full sleeve Virgo woman

If you are planning on getting a full sleeve Virgo tattoo, this woman design is matchless with her image and backdrop being connected with the Virgin Mary.

Virgo symbol with diamond

If you are looking for a tattoo design to place on the neck, you can be a gem with this Virgo symbol and a diamond.

Woman and constellations

A pattern of constellations on a woman with wavy hair is going to be a significant design for a Virgo tattoo.

Encapsulated woman

A woman is a perfect symbol for the Virgo sign. To make it more creative, you can have her encapsulated like a heroine in the modern world. This is one of the most unique Virgo tattoos that we’ve seen on this list.

Virgo symbol on the ankles

One of the simplest tattoo designs, both of your ankles can have the Virgo symbol tattooed on them.

Geometric dot work

Geometric design for constellations would be awesome with the amazing dot work.

Virgo woman

A woman embellished with leaves and wheat with the word Virgo overhead and a name under it is one pretty tattoo design that you may want to consider.

Simple constellation pattern

It’s a basic pattern that shows the placement of constellations and Virgo is one of them. If you want a simple Virgo ink, you can have this one.

Tribal style

If you want it aboriginal style, you can make it a tribal style

Black silhouette

A full black silhouette of a woman that appears like waving her hands upwards would be a great design on your foot.

Small and simple

If you want a small and simple design, you can try this one on the side of your ankle. It won’t take too much time so it won’t hurt too much either.

Symbol and flower

A Virgo symbol with a flower in a shading technique would be a simple and cute design.

Side view of a Virgo woman

Here’s another creative design of a woman with the Virgo symbol under her right eye. It’s a pretty big design, but if you are willing to sit with your tattoo artist for a few hours, it’s going to be worth it.

Cartoonized woman holding wheat

Virgo tattoos always symbolize a woman and if you want it playful and colorful, this cartoonized design would be great.

Planet and constellations behind the ear

This will need dot work, but it’s very simple yet elegant.

Symbol with wheat

Colorful tattoos are aesthetically beautiful and if you want one, this is a perfect design with the color blue as its dominating hue.

Virgo sign and a woman

A woman in a crescent shape facing the Virgo symbol is another unique and pretty tattoo idea for the Virgoans.

Woman with angel wings

Angels are from heaven and this heavenly Virgo tattoo design speaks everything elegant and beauty of a woman. If you want a big tattoo on your arm, this is going to be your ideal design.

Woman with wheat hair and the Virgo symbol

Here’s a perfect representation of all Virgo tattoos for men and women who would love to have the sign as their next tattoo. A woman syndicated with the symbol and wheat hair is just perfect.

Colorful inverted pyramid with constellation pattern

While the inverted pyramid is a commonly used metaphor by journalists, this can also be paired with the constellation pattern for those who were born under the Virgo sign.

Colorful Virgo tattoo

A complete representation of the sign Virgo, this colorful tattoo design is a great idea for the girls out there who want a feminine touch of the Virgo tattoo.

Blazing Virgo symbol

As hot as Virgo, here’s a beautiful and unique piece for this design – a blazing Virgo symbol. It’s fiery, vivid, and very illustrated.

Subtle gradient Virgo symbol

With a soft gradient style defined on this tattoo, it becomes more classy with the black ink used. It’s definitely perfect on your wrist.

Simple and subtle dot work

It’s a complete dot work tattoo for a constellation pattern. It’s cute and if you want it feasible enough, you can place it on your forearm.

Virgo symbol with a unique shading technique

Shading is a lot of work for a tattoo artist and this is a good example. It looks whimsical and very powerful for a Virgo sign.

Blunt dot work

Here’s a great example of blunt dot work.

Full back view of a woman

A woman in her full back position with her wheat hair that looks like braided is just gorgeous not to mention the royal blue color used on it.

Virgo woman with a dream catcher

Innocence, purity, and catching the good dreams in one tattoo design is beyond amazing.

Virgo with numbers

You can pair the word Virgo with numbers that may represent a special day like a birthday, wedding day, and more.

Woman on dot work with constellation pattern

Dot works are always amazing, especially when a tattoo artist can do well on it. This is a great example of a beautiful dot work design.

Constellation pattern and Virgos symbol

Simple but meaningful, you can have this if you are into minimalist tattoo designs.

Mandala crescent moon

Mandala is a symbol of inner peace used in meditation. A crescent moon to represent it, embellished with the Virgo symbol is very detailed and creative.

The tribal style in black and white inks

You can be more artistic with Virgo tattoos like this one with the tribal style in black and white hues.

A wheat headdress on a woman

Colorful and vibrant, this design represents the Virgo woman in her side view adorned with a colorful headdress.

Small and thin

Simple tattoo designs are always pretty to look at and if you are looking for one, this would be great anywhere on your body.

Pretty woman

Match colorful hair accessories with a pretty woman tattoo design. This may need to be medium to large size to show the intricate details of the design.

Glowing maiden

A maiden in her side view with a glow around her head, holding wheat is one awesome Virgo tattoo design.

A maiden with wings

Since Virgo is also associated with the Virgin Mary, a maiden with wings and a glow in the background would be a pretty tattoo design for you.

Watercolor style

One of the most popular tattoo techniques, the watercolor style is absolutely beautiful, especially when it’s done with ombre hues. Here’s the Virgo symbol with a female name syndicated with the watercolor effect.

Virgo symbol with lines

To make it more creative, you can have lines as the backdrop of the symbol with the name Virgo.

Colored wheat

Highly associated with Virgo, you can have the wheat more colorful with the color of your choice or simply follow these hues with the Virgo symbol.

Thin and simple

For the small tattoo collectors, you can easily get this one hidden behind your ear.

Naked maiden

One of the most artistic and meaningful Virgo tattoos on the arm, this design would be perfect for anyone who is looking for a creative Virgo woman tattoo idea.

Flower headdress with butterflies

If you are a lively person who wants to express yourself in a colorful way, this woman with flower headdress will bring more vibrancy to your lifestyle. The addition of blue butterflies makes it more colorful and playful.

Black dot work

If you want a simple but elegant dot work, try this constellation pattern design that details the amazing dot work by the tattoo artist.

Woman with an oversized hat

Whether you’re a man or a woman, this woman tattoo would match perfectly with your personality, especially when you were born under the Virgon sign. The hat looks classy with the Virgo symbol embellished on it.

Woman with the constellation pattern

Have you heard of a woman with a constellation pattern tattoo that’s also tattooed on someone? Yes, this is one great unique idea.

Virgo tattoos on the forearms

Match your forearm tattoos through this amazing constellation pattern joined with circular dot work.

Simple constellation pattern on the chest

Here’s another simple Virgo tattoo idea that you may want to consider on your next ink.

Angel with constellations

For as long as a woman is associated with Virgo, an angel tattoo is gorgeous with a constellation pattern.

Egyptian mythology

Virgo is connected with Egyptian mythology, and this is a pretty tattoo design that you can place on your chest.

Small Virgo symbol on the nape

If you don’t like a tattoo that’s visible, get this simple design and place it on your nape.

Breast cancer ribbon

A pink ribbon symbolizes the breast cancer awareness and if you want to honor it, mix it with the Virgo symbol. It’s simple but extremely creative.

Faded Virgo symbol

A faded watercolor Virgo symbol is another cool design that you may want to try soon.

Virgo symbol with butterflies

Another perfect Virgo symbol is taking pride with amazing tattoo technique and butterflies flying around.

We still have a lot of Virgo tattoos for men and women that we have compiled below. Check more of this collection and have fun!

Which of these gorgeous Virgo tattoos that you would want to consider that fits your preferences and lifestyle? Tell us in the comments below!

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