80 Colorful and Vibrant Ink Tattoos

Tattoos have become quite popular with many tattoo enthusiasts taking time to research what’s the ideal design. Vibrant Ink tattoos are some of the popular tattoos that many people opt for. Ink tattoos are not only beautiful, but they also blend well with other features.

Most people opt for tattoos as a way of transitioning from one stage of life to another. Other people also consider inking tattoos as a form of self-expression or identity. Tattoos can also be worn as a way of celebrating family, spiritual growth and personal growth. Ink tattoos involve the use of different shades of vibrant ink and several symbols. The meaning also comes from the symbols used in the designs.


Meaning and symbolism of vibrant ink tattoos

Vibrant ink tattoos involve use of colourful shades that really pop in a design. The tattoos are not only appealing but also has a way of enhancing the overall outlook of the design. Adding a dose of colour to your element of significance creates such a rich meaning to the design.

Inking colourful tattoos may also mean something that people pride themselves in like expressing alignment to a sexual orientation. Vibrant ink tattoo may also be an expression of diversity in terms of race or ethnicity. There are colours and symbols that are dominant with specific cultures and wearing such is an expression of pride.


Some of the colourful illustrations tend to pay homage to the design. Each of the colour shades can be used in a way that expresses botanical illustrations which is breathtaking. Colours also tend to express one’s personality with the elements used also reinforcing the meaning of the tattoo.


Colours have diverse meaning and the symbols used in a design also contributes to the design. Vibrant ink tattoos are always outstanding and look great on the shoulder. Colours such as the golden one can symbolize success or growth.


A vibrant ink tattoo with a colourful palette symbolizes beauty. The bold shades of green make the entire design to look epic and also adds intricacy to the design. You can also add other pieces of elements such as flowers, a bird or whatever seems to be appealing. The bold red and green shades used makes the entire design to be outstanding and fits well on the arm.



The beauty of vibrant ink tattoos lies in the fact that you can freely choose an element to incorporate your design with. The level of intricacy and elegance expressed in the design below is spectacular. The vibrant ink tattoo blends so well with the symbol of a human being. The beautiful fusion of colours also makes every part of the design to stand out.


Placement of vibrant ink tattoos

Placement of a tattoo is a key issue that one needs to consider once you have settled on a design. Since the type of tattoo that one gets to wear expresses their personality, one should also consider a place that they are comfortable with. Vibrant ink tattoos are just like other tattoos safe for the fact that they are bold. The placement is critical since most colours can be very bright and may not reflect well on the wearer’s skin.


Since vibrant ink tattoos look great to see; one can settle for a place suits the design well. Tattoos have a way of enhancing the visual appeal and body features of the wearer. Most of the common places for wearing vibrant ink tattoos include; the back, legs, shoulders, forearm, and the thighs. The beauty of the design lies also on the level of expertise expressed and how the design fits on the place its worn.


The placement of a vibrant ink tattoo is also determined by the size of the tattoo. If the design is small then you can consider placing it in a place where it fits well. The colourful shades used in the design is not only eye-catching; it also fits well on the arm where it’s worn.


Vibrant ink tattoos can be small enough to fit on a finger or large enough to cover the stomach. Something that’s most noteworthy with the design is the dark layered shade that makes the tattoo to pop.


Colours mean different things people and the use of small shiny dots make the entire design to look epic. The placement of the design also shows well with the all the shades of blue also creating a magnificent blend.


Cool Vibrant Ink Tattoos for Women

Nothing brings life to a colourful ink design like the inclusion of natural features. The incorporation of the flowers, water body and the boat creates such an outstanding and magnificent outlook. The layers of yellow, purple, blue and red also create such a captivating outlook.


Cartoon lovers can move around with vibrant ink tattoos that express their lovely tattoos. The design expresses all manner of classic cartoons that many are emotionally attached to. The design is not only huge but also expresses a level of intricacy that’s complex to bring out. The artist has demonstrated a high level of expertise given that all the elements used blend so well.


Such a beautiful expression of vibrant ink tattoo in colourful shades. Colours has a way of enhancing the overall outlook of a design and also adds to the beauty. You can bring out your uniqueness and a level of elegance with adorable sketches and patterns as below.


Watercolour shades are always mind-blowing and also brilliant to look at. The shades of blue, pink, and the dark shades also blend perfectly well.  The shoulder area is an ideal place for wearing vibrant ink tattoos. It also enhances the feminine features of the wearer which is cool.


Bring life to vibrant ink tattoos with a magnificence design that captures people’s imagination. The design is not only mindblowing; its also designed in a way that transcends imagination.


Tattoo Aftercare Tips

It’s one thing to have the design of your dreams and another to take good care of it so as to heal well. Tattoo aftercare is quite a task that should be looked into seriously.


Follow your artist’s advice

Tattoo aftercare advice that you get from the artist may vary from one studio to another. Each of the artists has an idea of what you need to do for that wound to heal fast. Listen to the advice including what you learn from the fliers that they provide.


Wash the tattoo after 3 – 5 hours of inking.

Regardless of the type of tattoo that you get inked, the aftercare is normally the same. Ensure that you wash the tattoo with soap and water after staying for 3 – 5 hours.


Apply Moisturizing Cream

After washing the tattoo ensure that you also apply a thin layer of some unscented moisturizing cream. You can decide to either cover the tattoo or leave it open to heal.


Keep the tattoo clean and dry

Vibrant ink tattoos look spectacular with the blue, yellow and brown shades used creating a captivating appeal. Regardless of the size or type of your tattoo, ensure that you keep it clean and dry.


Avoid direct sunlight

Try as much as you can to avoid direct sunlight. You can also avoid soaking the tattoo into water as that may interfere with the healing of the wound. Coloured tattoos such as the vibrant ink tattoos can also fade when exposed to direct sunlight.


Be patient with the healing process

It takes time for the healing of tattoos to take place so you should be patient.  Such a magnificent piece of design with colourful shades. The distinct yellow, blue and golden blends quite well.


Elements used in Vibrant Ink Tattoos

One great thing with vibrant ink tattoos is the fact that you can blend it whatever element that you find to be ideal. The animal face inked in the below design expresses one’s love for the animals. It’s also a beautiful way of embodying qualities that are expressed by the element.


The hourglass is another cool element that brings out the vibrant ink tattoo features beautifully. The design is not only fantastic but also looks amazing on the back of the wearer.


Watercolour shades are not only eye-catching but also has a way of bringing life to a design. The beautiful layers of purple and blue blends quite well.


Before you settle on vibrant ink tattoos, ensure that you settle for a colour that reflects well on your skin. The shades of blue and purple look great and also blends well with the element.


Apart from inking vibrant ink tattoos, you should also think of a colour that can easily be removed. Not all of the colour shades require a similar intensity when it comes to removal of the shades. Settle for that which blend well with your body.


As you consider the type of vibrant ink tattoo that you can ink, you also need to consider the best pigments based on skin colour. The fact that yellow could be appealing doesn’t mean that it reflects well on your skin. Take into consideration skin colour and go for that which brings the best outlook.


Factors that influence the beauty of vibrant ink tattoos

As you consider wearing vibrant ink tattoos, take your time and consider all the components that are involved. Each of the components involved should in a way add to the beauty of the design. A look at the design below shows a beautiful fusion of all the components and each brings out an adorable appeal.


The versatility and longevity of the colours used in the vibrant ink tattoo is another key feature to look into. The floral layers create such a magnificent outlook and fit well on the wearer’s back.


The skin’s unique intake of the colour shade and degree of exposure to sunlight are key factors to consider. The beauty and appeal of the vibrant ink tattoo highly depend on the extent of exposure to sunlight.


The skin undertone is another factor that one should consider when settling for vibrant ink tattoos. The skin undertone can either be warm, neutral and cool. Most of the skin with cool undertone also tend to have a pink, blueish or ruddy complexion.


The nature of the vibrant ink tattoo that those with a cool undertone wear should blend well. Those people with a cool undertone tend to show blue-coloured veins. The choice of colours should, therefore, blend well with the skin.


Those with the warm undertones look great with yellow, golden and peachy shades. Try to choose colours that brings the best outlook and blends well with skin undertones. The two hands are uniquely designed and creates such a beautiful contrast.


Stunning vibrant ink tattoos

Vibrant ink tattoos can also be inked in a way that ignites a level of curiosity and enhances contrast. The pretty shades of sky blue blends well with the shades used in the design. Vibrant ink tattoos will still look great even with use of just a few shades like in the design below. The three colours used in the design are quite adorable.


When choosing the shades for your vibrant ink tattoos, it’s important to note that shades that are either slightly darker or lighter than your skin look great. The dark and red shades used in the design below looks spectacular and enhances the beauty of the design.


The bright yellow and purple colours used are far much brighter to the wearer’s skin which looks great. The purple and green pigments blend beautifully and also enhances the features of the wearer.


Such a beautiful and eye-catching design that captures the imagination. From the green colour shades to the dark and red shades, each blends perfectly well. Wearing such a large piece of artwork on the arm also enhances its outlook.


Removal of Vibrant Ink Tattoos

Regardless of how cute a design may look, there will reach a time that you need to change or even remove it. If you only intend to have the tattoo just for a short time then consider wearing colours that can be removed easily.


Just like inking, removal of vibrant ink tattoos can also be frustrating since most colours don’t come off that easily. Dark and blue colours can be removed easily however the bright colours may require some effort and time to be completely invisible.


Most of the tattoo artists have confessed to the fact that bright colours normally require covering since they tend to last longer. If you want a tattoo that can stay for long then consider the bright coloured ones.


Tattoo removal is equally risky just like inking. One should, therefore, be keen on the studio choice and the artist working on the design. The vibrant ink tattoo design below looks spectacular on the hand where it’s worn. You can also match the vibrant ink with your outfits.


Birds carry very rich meanings and symbolism. Wearing a bird themed vibrant ink tattoo shows the deep meaning that the wearer derives from it. Each of the shades used in the design is beautiful and also makes the entire design to stand out.


The lion is another cool animal that features predominantly in tattoo design. The symbol of the lion expresses power, strength, victory alongside other cool meanings. Wearing such a design reinforces such feelings on the wearer.


Cool Vibrant Ink Tattoos

One step at a time is what comes to mind when you get a glimpse of the adorable tattoo below. The symbol of the tortoise signifies several things such as persistence, patience, courage and consistency among others. The beautiful shades incorporated into the design adds to its beauty.


The meaning of vibrant ink tattoos lies heavily on the elements that are incorporated in the design and their symbolism. The colourful telephone set looks adorable and expresses a unique meaning for the wearer. The combination of red, blue and yellow shades also looks great.


Scary Vibrant Ink Tattoos

If you are a fan of scary vibrant ink tattoos then you can still express the element of the scare while you balance with beautiful colours. Each of the shades used in the design below looks spectacular and creates such an eye-catching appeal. All of the colours used are great


Vibrant ink tattoos are so adorable and more appealing than the grey and black tattoos. The fusion of colours adds brightness and some life to the design which is great. The combination of purple, blue and green looks green and fits well on the back where it’s worn.


If you are not a fan of comic and cartoons then you may find the vibrant ink tattoo design below to be scary. The dominant orange and yellow shades used in the design below adds life to the tattoo. The shoulder area is another ideal place for wearing such a cool design.


Apart from the complexity of the design, the fusion of cool colours creates such a beautiful contrast. The vibrant ink tattoo fits well on the shoulder with each of the features also enhancing a beautiful outlook. The symbol of octopus is unique and expressing cool meaning for the wearer.


Magnificent Vibrant Ink Tattoos

A blossoming flower tattoo is not only adorable but also bring life to the overall design. Vibrant ink tattoos come alive when cool bright colours are used in the design. The tattoo also fits perfectly well on the arm where it’s worn.


Vibrant ink tattoos are not only great but also helps in filling spaces that might have looked funny. The bird symbol in the design is so beautiful with the dominant purple colour making the entire design to stand out. Shades of blue, purple and green also blend perfectly well.


Classic Vibrant Ink Tattoos

The red bird is not only classic but also quite appealing and adds glamour to the design. The beautiful shades of brown, dark grey add to the complexity of the design. All the features used are large enough and blend quite well with the wearer.


Nothing can be discouraging like wearing a tattoo that fails to appeal in every aspect. One should take time in ensuring that each of the element used including the colours used gets to fulfill a significant goal. The design looks great on the shoulder where it’s worn Each piece of colour also stands out and blends well with other elements.


Whether your choice place for wearing a classic vibrant ink tattoo is the back or any other place; you should be clear on the elements that you use. From the colour combination to the adorable features used in the design, an expert artist should be able to blend all the features well.


Mermaid inspired vibrant ink tattoos are great and have a way of capturing people’s imagination. The design is large enough and fits well on the back of the wearer. Before inking a large tattoo, just be sure of engaging a tattoo artist that understands all the dynamics of the design.


Adorable Vibrant Ink Tattoos

If you are to use a lot of bold colours in your design then ensure that you use colours that you are comfortable with. The design below expresses a beautiful fusion of colours with each standing out. The tattoo is large enough and also fits well on the back where it’s worn.


You can balance scary elements with beautiful shades of vibrant ink tattoos. The contrast is great with the popping face and colourful elements used creating a beautiful contrast.


Vibrant ink tattoos should not always have numerous colours for the design to look pretty. You can still settle on a few shades provided they bring out the beauty of the design.


If you are a fun of animals then inking animal elements is a great way of expressing your love. The fusion of different shades looks great and with a beautiful contrast. Each piece of the artwork expresses intricacy and beauty.


Such a magnificent vibrant ink tattoo with each colour bringing out a distinct appeal. It’s also a beautiful expression of great artistic skills. Shades of red, blue and grey normally bring out such an adorable outlook


Apart from the colour pigment that you settle for, you should also consider incorporating elements that you find to be appealing. The bright yellow colour used in the design makes the entire design to pop which is quite captivating.


Bold vibrant ink tattoo ideas

If you are new to tattooing and you’re considering trying out a beautiful design then ensure that you do a good research. As much as vibrant ink tattoos look adorable, you should look for features that resonate well with you. If you settle for bold shades then ensure that each colour adds to the visual appeal of the design.


Combination of bright colours with grey pigments not only look adorable but also blends perfectly well. The watercolour shades add to the intricacy and elegance of the design. Apart from enhancing the masculine features of the wearer, the small dots of grey adds to the intricacy of the design.


Such a beautiful colour combination with each blending so well into an adorable pattern. Every piece of an element in the design adds to the beauty and intricacy of the design. The upper arm is also a cool place for wearing the design.


Express your dreams in a way that not only enhances your imagination but also increase the visual appeal. From the beautiful expression of the city to other adorable features, all the elements are quite eye-catching.


Let your choice ink represent what your goal for the tattoo is. If your aim is to enhance the feminine features then wear colours that enhance that outlook beautifully. The way colours that have been used in the vibrant ink tattoo design below is quite captivating. The design also portrays a unique expression of what the wearer’s feeling but in a very subtle way.


Large and Vibrant Ink Tattoos

The size of the vibrant ink tattoos that you choose to wear should also fit well on the place it’s chosen for. The combination of quotes with the beautiful shades makes the writings to pop. The combination also fits well on the arm where it’s worn. The quotes and the elements used makes the entire design to stand out with the colour shades filling the space quite beautifully.


Features such as dragons tend to carry very deep meanings and incorporating them with vibrant ink tattoos enhances the overall outlook. The fusion of colours used in the design is not only captivating but also enhances the wearer’s features.


The black and blue pigments are normally absorbed by the body quite well and also tolerated by the skin. People who have a fairer skin tend to show vibrant in tattoos in a much brighter way. Incorporating the human face in a colourful way expresses deeper meanings associated with the design in a cool way.


Yellow, green and orange pigments are known to be quite resistant to laser tattoo removal and can, therefore, last for long. If you are looking for colour shades that last longer then you can consider such. Vibrant ink tattoos express a unique blend of colours which is just epic. The beauty of vibrant ink tattoos is the fact that it looks great on both men and women.


Floral elements will always bring life and elegance to a design. The combination of black and vibrant pink is adorable and also enhances those feminine features. The design that you settle for should be something that adds to your feminine features if worn by a woman.


Cool vibrant ink tattoos

Having knowledge of the pigments that tend to keep their cool and vibrancy even as time passes is great. The fusion of yellow, blue, red and purple looks cool and also fits well on the arms. Vibrant ink tattoos can also be expressed in a simple and tiny way.


Before you settle for any kind of colour shade, you should also ascertain the longevity of the colour. If its one colour that will fade with a few days of exposure to sunlight then its worth reconsidering your choice. A colour may look so vibrant and visually appealing but that doesn’t automatically translate to longevity.


For vibrant ink tattoos that are exposed, you need to consider a combination of shades that blend with your outfits well. If the tattoos are hidden then the blend of colours should not be something to bother much about. The underlying ink shades blend well with the dominant floral shades.


Settling for a colour that matches your overall outlook has a way of enhancing one’s confidence with the design. The orange background makes the beautiful head of the puppy to really pop which is great. Combination of bright and lighter shades also enhances the elegance of vibrant ink tattoos.


Floral Vibrant Ink Tattoos

Whether you intend to draw attention to some cool feminine features or just for beauty; florals have a way of bringing life to a design. The combination of pink, purple, royal blue looks perfect on the shoulder. The underlying shades of dark blue look spectacular and also creates a beautiful fusion.


Apart from choosing adorable colours, the elements used in the design creates such a beautiful contrast. The design also makes each of the vibrant tattoo design to really pop which is spectacular. The bold layers of colours also enhance the feminine features of the wearer.


What a beautiful way to blend colourful shades. The tattoo artist has demonstrated great expertise and elegance. The sky blue shades and the brown ones also make the entire design to pop which is awesome.


Darker skin tones look great with darker colours such as the royal blue used in the tattoo below. Darker pigments tend to enhance the visual outlook of the skin. The brown and green used in the element also add to the beauty of the design.


Nothing enhances the cool pigments of vibrant ink tattoos like a fair skin. The design displays such an intrinsic piece of artwork with each of the shades used blending so well. All the floral elements used in the design expresses intricacy and a beautiful contrast.


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