67 Intriguing Unicorn Tattoos Designs

Unicorn tattoos are whimsy, fun and colorful. You’ll love the variety we’ve found that showcase an extensive lineup from fun and cuddly to a bit intimidating.

Who wears them?

Unicorns are typically inked on by women although there are definitely men who prefer unicorns as well.

What’s the general color palette?

Pastels are quite popular as are more vibrant colors. You’ll see a variety of blues, purples, pinks and reds. Add in some yellows and of course black, white and grey and you’ll have a solid unicorn color line up.

Where’s the general placement?

Forearms, legs and backs are generally the most popular placements.

  1. This unicorn is outlined in black with a lot of color surrounding it. The hues of blue and purple really make the image stand out. The triangle is an interesting added feature and the white stars make the whole image appear a bit whimsy and dream like.


2. This example has a more childlike feel to it. It’s creative and has several different dimensions and levels of shading. The colors chosen are all over the spectrum which continues to attribute to the overall childlike appearance.


3. Check out this unicorn that’s about to take flight. It’s not in a threatening mode whatsoever but rather an excited and ready stance that’s ready for whatever is next.


4. The deep hues of blue, white and black really creates contrast in this image. It required a whole lot of ink and time and effort.


5. This is a more menacing look than the friendly faces we’ve seen thus far. It’s dominating look is enhanced by the dramatic shading and vibrant fire like coloring behind it’s charging gallup.


6. Now we’re switching back to the more innocent look that is reminiscent of “My Little Pony.” The eyes are shaded in such a way to give off an innocence and the colors selected are light and cheerful.


7. This is an elaborate picture with lots of detail in the golden frame around the unicorns face. The various colors chosen offset each other to create a royal portrayal of the unicorn.


8. The way the artist shaded this in makes the unicorn appear three dimensional. The horn almost looks like it is coming off the body. The hair even looks like it’s blowing in the wind.


9. This is a gorgeous look with the majestic, white unicorn riding into the rescue with the purple and pink cloud behind it. There is so much detail in line work in the main and in the horses face. Even the diamonds took a lot of concentrated effort.


10. This almost looks like a baby unicorn. It’s face is so sweet and the contrast shows it’s youngster like features. The shading creates a really soft overall look for this design.


11. This colorful masterpiece is fun with its pink and light blue and greens. It’s quite detailed and well thought out.


12. This is an excellent geometric unicorn. It took quite a bit of time to assemble because there is quite a bit of detail associated with this image.


13. This unicorn looks a bit worn out. The artist did a tremendous job with the shading which creates a life like representation of this animal. The multi-colored blowing hair, the red inside the ears, the contrasting yellow horn and even the blue eyes creates a beautiful picture.


14. The mane on this unicorn is exquisite. The line detail here is really quite amazing.


15. The way the artist positioned the animal, it looks as if it’s charing off his chest.


16. The white outline amidst all the shading makes it appear to have a beautiful innocence.


17. Wow, there is a lot of color going on here. This is a great piece. The use of colors, the variations in contrast and the overall essence of the piece is incredible.


18. This is a subtle yet beautifully crafted design that is eye catching and creatively constructed.


19. This was masterfully done. The horn appears as though it’s lifting off the page and the ribbons look like they are blowing in the wind. Notice the little butterfly that landed on the unicorns nose.


20. This is a very bold and vibrant piece. The green really jumps out and makes quite a statement. It’s probably a fairly new piece since it’s so shiny. What are your thoughts?


21. We could talk endlessly about this one. Let’s start with the tree. It’s leaves have such beautifully inked degrees of shading and contrast. The owl perched in there has unique design that makes him appear a little bit grumpy. The birds appear whimsy and carefree. The flowers appear to dance around the unicorn and the unicorn itself appears to be confident and fun. The playful atmosphere continues down on the ground with the animals all sitting about the bottom of the tree as if anticipating what’s to come. Everything flows together so beautifully and all of the colors are so aesthetically pleasing.


22.  This lovely piece embodies true art. There is so much detail that could be easily overlooked by the casual observer but shouldn’t be missed by the true artist. What’s your favorite part about this image?


23. The frame that encompasses the unicorn is so detailed and took a long time to construct. This probably took a few times of sitting in the chair before the piece was complete. The artist had a few stages he had to do before finishing. The artist did a tremendous job with the shading and the contrast. The image really pops.


24. Hand tattoos are always fascinating and this one is no exception. The degree of skill and patience it would take to complete this is a ton, not to mention it was probably painful as this was inked on bone.


25. Here is another adorable depiction of My Little Pony.


26. The rainbow colored hair of this unicorn really jumps out at the onlooker. The artist chose pink as the shading color for the face which provides excellent contrast.


27. Looks like this guy was feeling a bit sick. Would you color in the rest or leave it as is?


28. It’s interesting that the unicorn doesn’t have a face. This probably holds significant meaning to the canvas. The contrast of colors is also another noteworthy point.


29. The wings are the first thing that really jumped out at us. They are so insanely detailed. The artist is obviously super talented to create such a life like image of this. The flowers are a beautiful contrast to the might fierceness of the unicorn.


30. This is fascinating because of it’s geometric shape in the face and the abstractness of the entire image. The colors chosen are simply fantastic. The hints of yellow really make the whole thing come alive.


31. It might be a small image but it sure is fierce and over protective. It looks like it’s about to take flight to go and save the day.


32. A simple horn on the finger with quite a bit of detail.


33. This is a pretty far out design. The hearts on the shuttle seem to allude to a relationship of some kind. The varying colors makes it a bit confusing just what type of relationship it is. The spaceship is an interesting added touch. It appears as thought the unicorn is being carried up into the spaceship. There is so much color and so much action occurring throughout the entire piece.


34. Check out the amounts of ink used for this design.


35. The eyes are so intense as it charges onward. The artist did a great job making the hair appear like it’s blowing.


36. Here is a gorgeous design with lots of color. The bow really brings the whole piece together.


37. We particularly liked this one because of the red hair and red heart. They make the whole piece really stand out. The artist did an excellent job.


38. It almost looks like the unicorn has been through battle.


39. Here is a small but intrinsic design.


40. This piece has layers to it which suggests that it didn’t all happen at one time. The red sun like image is extremely detailed in and of itself. The curves, the flow, the tiny lines are all fascinating. The unicorns hair is beautifully done and has amazing contrast down at the bottom where it turns an emerald blue. Notice the pearls that wrap around the horn and the emeralds that protrude. It’s face and eyes are beautiful and life like. The flower don’t appear to be part of the original design although they are a great added touch.


41. Here’s another stunning image. The detail surrounding the face and mane is incredible.


42. Though this unicorn doesnt look too happy, I am 100% positive that this person is satisfied and happy with how this tattoo came out. the details within the hair of the unicorn give this piece movement and it looks like it really is flowing down this frowning character’s back. the rainbow colored horn is a claver idea and the slight addition of white ink within the eye gives it a shine and glare to give this whole tattoo a nice little pop.


43. what unique design this person chose for their tattoo. It looks like you staring directly into a galaxy within the body of this make believe animal. the swirls of colors, the bright white stars, and the silhouette of the unicorn all come together to create one majestic and magical piece of artwork. well done to both the canvas and the tattoo artist.


44. this tattoo may be a lesson for all of us to make sure that we know our tattoo artist and their capabilities. In all honestly this tattoo reminds me of a jail house tattoo. The line work is a bit shotty and I cant tell if those are supposed to be words in the neck of the unicorn or if they are just scribbles.


45. this abstract and super artsy unicorn tattoo commands your attention right off the bat. With the legs being different colors and all of the zig zags within the neck of the unicorn, it really is an attention grabber. The line work and the out lines on this tattoo are very impressive with how smooth they are.


46. this simple yet beautiful tattoo located right behind the ear is always a fun little hiding spot to get a tattoo. If she wears her hair down she can easily hide this, but if she wears it up, she can show the world her fun little unicorn tattoo. the unicorn drawing itself reminds of a “hello kitty” kind of drawing or something you may see doodled on a high school notebook. either way, this tattoo is fun to look at and im sure it was fun to get.


47. even though this is a unicorn tattoo, its actually pretty bad ass. The white eyes and detailed muscles thoughout the horse give it a magical or mystic look rather than a cute “my little pony” look. As colors and the moon surround this magical creature, this whole tattoo come together to make one awesome piece of art.


48. This is a perfect example of how white ink is used to make a tattoo stand out even more then it already does. The details in everything from the hair to the eye lashes makes this tattoo very impressive. The small amount of white in the eye gives it a shining look. This unicorn looks like it was pulled straight out of a fairy tail.


49. These two people had a clever idea to get portraits done of two mythological animals. The unicorn is made to look majestic in this tattoo has been given an extreme amount of detail not only in the horned horse itself but also in the banner and background. the antlers above the unicorn and flowers that surround it give this tattoo so much depth and artistic inspiration. The bright pink flowers and the crown bring this tattoo to a whole new level. This was a very well done tattoo overall.


50. The colors in this tattoo are eye catching and are popping straight off of the tattoo. this unicorn tattoo has the perfect mixture of pink and blues. If this tattoo doesn’t bring a smile to your face then i don’t know if anything can.




































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