79 Turtle Tattoo Designs That Make a Splash

The humble turtle. Slow yet steady. The turtle has been part of pop culture for decades within movies and cartoons. Humans love turtles and that is why we are taking a look at some of the best and worst turtle tattoos on the internet. So relax and let turtles into your life and onto your skin.

turtle tattoo

Forearm Turtle Tattoo

The artist has done an amazing job with this converting this image of the turtle into a tattoo. It’s the spitting image of the original picture. Here is a fun fact the Mary River turtle breathes through its anus.

Back Turtle Tattoo

The above turtle tattoo is an aquatic inspired number with flowers and all. The artist has used a blend of styles from dot work to make an almost tribal looking tattoo.

Colorful Turtle Tattoo

This turtle tattoo uses all the colors of the rainbow. Instead of using a heavy outline the artist is letting the colors do the talking by using bright and vivid colors.



Turtles and Fractals

This turtle tattoo is something a little different. The artist was thinking outside the box when they came up with this design. The turtle is a great animal and lends itself well to design. The round shell leaves a blank canvas for the artist to work their magic.

Big Back Turtle Tattoo

The above turtle tattoo is huge. This lady would have spent a considerable amount of time in the chair. The turtle looks great on the back and is the ideal shape for that area.


Forearm Turtle Tattoo

This is some seriously detailed artistry and the colors really bring this tattoo to life. The artist has also made the surrounds blue which obviously represents the ocean.



Foot Turtle Tattoo

Oh would you look at this little guy? This is so cute. It’s a baby turtle is a cartoon style. Tattoos don’t have to be scary.

Thigh Turtle Tattoo

Sometimes in the waves of change, we find our true direction. What a lovely sentiment!? The tattoo is pretty special too. The cursive has been executed nicely and the turtle looks great. I like the way the design uses negative space on the turtle shell.


Wrist Turtle Tattoo

The wrist is the perfect spot for a simple little design like the one above. Here is a cute little turtle that just goes to show that simple is still effective when it comes to tattoos. And life in some aspects.


Thigh Turtle Tattoo

Here is a black and white piece with many elements that work together nicely. The turtle may be clunky on land but in the water, they are majestic animals with poise and grace.


Mural Turtle Tattoo

Wow, this tattoo is really something. The artist has put a lot of time and care into this bad boy. The detail is so intricate. It’s also a unique perspective and makes you feel like your scuba diving under the water.


Hand Turtle Tattoo

We’re seeing a lot of bright and beautiful tattoos on this list. This one features a cute little turtle swimming in a sea of colors. The bubbles are a nice touch and really tie the elements together.



Bottom Turtle Tattoo

I think it’s the right butt cheek. What better place to get a turtle than on your ass. Every time she or sits down the turtle gets bigger. All jokes aside the tattoo is actually pretty cool. The mandala design on the shell is a nice touch.

Ink Blotch Style

This is a unique take on the turtle tattoo. The ink blotch style has become quite popular and is a great way of showcasing your color work chops. I like the fact that it’s fragmented as it adds another dimension to the piece.


Ankle Turtle Tattoo

The ankle is a great spot for a tattoo but it can be a sensitive area. As in it hurts on the ankle. Mine did but you might be way tougher than me. Get an ankle tattoo and let me know if it hurts.



Big Turtle Tattoo

This is a huge forearm tattoo. Everything about it is big and bold. From the actual size of thing to the colors and detail. It’s a great turtle tattoo all round.


Arm Turtle Tattoo

The more the merrier. One turtle tattoo is cool. Two turtle tattoos are even better.  When you hit five turtle tattoos you reach the level of a god and you will be the envy of your friends and family. They will boost you up on their shoulders and hail you as the hero and savior. Well, maybe not but it’s a nice thought.


Tribal Turtle Tattoo

When in doubt go tribal. Tribal tattoos and nature go hand in hand together. As you can see above the turtle looks great with the tribal band.




Dot Work Turtle Tattoo

This turtle tattoo has been done using the dot work technique. It’s a time-consuming affair but the results are worth it as you can see above.

Squids and Turtles. Turtles and Squids

Which came first the turtle or the squid. I know it’s not a competition but if it was who would win. If it was a fight you would have to put your money on the turtle. But in a swimming race, the squid would win hands down. What do you think?

turtle tattoo

Old Turtle Tattoo

I like the idea of turtle or tortoise with a tree on its back. The execution could be improved considerably. The tattoo looks pretty old probably as old as the tortoise that is featured on it.



Turtles and Flowers

There seems to be a few tattoos with flowers and turtles. I don’t really see a correlation between the two but each to their own. The tattoos do look pretty but what does a frangipani have to do with a turtle? Hit us up on the message board and tell us what you think about turtles and flowers.


Dark Turtle Tattoo

This turtle tattoo has been done in the one color and has come out quite dark. It looks cool though. As you can see there is no solid outline and which gives it an undefined look and uses the natural tone of the skin as part of the artwork.


Bicep Turtle Tattoo

The above piece is some extraordinary work. The colors are so vibrant and the detail is spectacular. The colors work so well together and really bring the tattoo to life.

Turtles and Jelly Fish

Turtle love jellyfish but not in a loving way. They love to eat them whenever they can. This turtle is licking his lips at the thought of that tasty jellyfish. Yum!

Shoulder Turtle Tattoo

Here is a nice and colorful shoulder piece. The shoulder is an ideal spot for large round tattoos. As you can see above the turtle looks great here and the artist added some solid black circles to tie the piece together.

Foot Turtle Tattoo

Here is another version of a tribal tattoo done well. It uses a lot of negative space.

Sketch and Water Color Turtle Tattoo

This is a cool sketch style tattoo that uses watercolor for the fill. Well, not watercolor but the style is watercolor if you catch my drift. The whole piece works well and the colors really pop.

Like a Turtle Tattoo in the Sun

The turtle shell is a great place to get a bit creative. When getting your turtle tattoo, think outside the box and go for something a little different than the norm. The turtle shell makes an ideal canvas and can be replaced with anything. You’re only limited to your imagination.

turtle tattoo

Chest Turtle Tattoo

This is a very detailed chest turtle tattoo. As you can see by the card it was done in Kuta. I wonder if it was done in Bali or are there other Kuta’s in the world. Hit us up on the message board if you know the answer to that one.

Stoned Turtle Tattoo

This turtle looks stoned. Turtles have been portrayed in the media as stoners. Take the turtles from the movie Finding Nemo for instance. They were stoned but were also at peace with their life’s journey.

Sternum Turtle Tattoo

This is a big badass turtle tattoo smack bang in the middle of this mans sternum. I’ve never had a tattoo there but I imagine it would hurt like hell. I wonder how many whiskey shots this guy swooshed back before he got it done.

Cover Up Turtle Tattoo

This artist has done a great job at transforming something that was average into something that is quite spectacular. The cursive is amazing and the tattoo has been done very nicely. Kudos to the artist for doing a great job.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Tattoo

Finally a Ninja Turtle on the list. I was to see one and I’m surprised there aren’t a lot more. Cowabunga dudes.

That’s the list folks. What did you think? There were some good, bad and ugly but a majority were pretty damn good. I hope you enjoyed scrolling and this list has given you the inspiration to get your next tattoo.

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