120 Wild Tribal Tattoos That will Reveal Your Powerful Soul

Looking for some creative ways in which you can express your artistic style? Well, then we suggest taking a look through some unique and genuine wild tribal tattoo designs. Their origin is deep rooted in history, while their meaning will always be emphasized by their amazing shapes, colors and stories. Even if you’ll hardly believe this, in the past wild tribal tattoo designs weren’t used for personal purposes. They acted like a good camouflage tool or a majestic symbol that expressed a certain social status. Despite this fact, tribal tattoos managed to stay classy and styled.

Sounds interesting, right? Well, you should be eager to learn more about the connotations of these unique tribal tattoos, because in today’s article we will present you 120 ideas that are totally worth your attention!

1. Elephant Love-Shaped Wild Tribal Tattoos

The beautiful duality of wild tribal tattoo designs is simply stunning and the following example confirms this fact. The shaped elephants, which are the symbols of good luck and prosperity, act as a balanced and creative element for the design as a whole.


2. Tribal Mask Tattoo Design

If you’re looking for a full arm tribal tattoo design for men, this one might suit you. The mysterious look and feel of that shaped mask remind us of the ancient times. wild_tribal-tattoo_designs_2

3. The Maze Tribal Tattoo

If you’re willing to try something more wild and badass at the same time, you can opt in for the following wild tribal tattoo. The uncovered part gives a feeling of mystery and freedom.


4. Shaped Tribal Tattoos

Shaped tattoos are never out of style, that’s for sure. If you don’t want to opt in for something simple and classic, but still want a common tattoo, we suggest trying the following design.


5. Tribal Labyrinth Tattoo Design

Looking for something more mysterious, yet playful and dramatic? Well, you might find the answer in this unique labyrinth tattoo that will put your creativity into action!


6. Tribal Cape Tattoo Design

Wanna get a superhero tattoo? Well, then forget about the classical Superman and Batman ones and opt in for this awesome shaped tribal cape tattoo design that will certainly catch attention anywhere you’d go!


7. The Leg Arena

This unique and matching tribal tattoo design looks like an arena. The creative concept, along with its awesome representation will make you fall in love with the design from the first second!


8. Robot-like wild tribal tattoo

Who said that you can’t combine robot designs with tribal influences? Well, the final result is basically stunning!


10. Full arm wild tribal tattoo

If you want to induce a more dramatic and original tribal feel, opt in for this full arm wild tribal tattoo. Emphasize it by using different shapes and designs, so that the general pattern will look completely unique and sophisticated, just like in the following example.


11. Face Tribal Tattoos

Nothing describes the notion of “tribal” more than face tattoos. Even if they can be a lot harder to get, they’re totally worth the try!


12. Arrow Tribal Tattoo

This awesome arrow tribal tattoo can be a great fit if you’re looking for a nice shaped tattoo with dramatic and classic elements.


13. Combined Tribal Tattoos

If you already have some patterns in mind for your next tribal tattoo, but you don’t know which one you should choose, you might want to combine them in a design that would resemble the following one.


14. Lines and Triangles Tribal Design

This awesome tattoo design represents the tribal features by means of its position on the body, color and general style. It’s a must for men!


15. Back Tribal

If you’re looking for something more authentic, you should try to combine the tribal patterns that you already selected on different, yet close parts of your body so that they would look combined.


16. Human Tribal Tattoo

One of the most captivating aspects of wild tribal tattoo designs is that they can also have many ramifications. For example, if you’re looking at the following example from a horizontal angle, it might resemble with a thoughtful man.


17. Mandala Tribal Tattoo

Even if they were mainly used for religious purposes, mandalas are also some of the most creative and beautiful symbols when it comes to getting a tattoo. If you’re not convinced yet, just look at the following example.


18. Duality of The Sun

The sun is a great symbol of energy. One of its greatest features, though, is that it can be included in a great variety of patterns and designs, including the tribal ones, as you can see in the following example.


19. Tribal Henna

We all know that every single henna tattoo has a strong tribal meaning hidden in its inner meaning. This is why these patterns might be some of the most authentic tribal ones.


20. Matching Sun

If you want to get a tattoo that would have both energetic and tribal influences, the following example might help you out.


21. Tribal Circles Tattoo Design

Try this awesome and creative combination between mandalas, curves and shapes in order to obtain a stunning and unforgettable effect on your tattoo!


22. Combined Shapes

We could spend all day just talking about the tons of reasons that make shaped tattoo designs awesome, but we will resume our discourse at 2 of them: they are never out of trend and they can be combined in millions of ways and can still be unique.


23. Tribal Star

If you want to personalize your tribal tattoo pattern so that it could be personal and unique, we suggest adding a meaningful symbol, like the star, which symbolizes guidance and protection.


24. Infinity Tribal Tattoo

The multiple patterns on this tribal tattoo design can act as an element that would make you imagine an infinity of stories based on its appearance.


25. Matching Tattoo

If you want to get a matching tattoo with your loved one, but you are simply sick and tired of the classical designs, the following example might be suitable for you.


26. Curled Tribal Tattoo

The curls and swirls of the following tattoo designs are giving this tattoo an unique and playful style.


27. Tribal Letters

Even if this pattern would take more time, you can even create your favorite letters out of the awesome tribal shaped designs!


28. Split Design

This awesome tribal tattoo design made out of split shapes might work for you if you love unconventional patterns.


29. Puzzled Design

It’s simply stunning how awesome a tattoo artist can combine a playful and dramatic style in a single tattoo design.


30. Tribal Circle Waves

Opt in for the following tribal tattoo design if you’re looking for a shaped pattern that would catch the attention no matter what.


31. Leg Tribal Tattoo Design

The place of the body on which you decide to get your future tribal tattoo design is very important, mainly because it can better emphasize its design and shape.


32. Tribal Lines

If you put some lines together in order to make a nice design, you might end up with a commonplace. Instead, if you know how to combine them with other shapes like in the following example, you might get a spectacular result.


33. Suggestive Tribal Tattoo

If you want to get a suggestive tribal tattoo, that would emphasize some parts of your body in a positive way, you can opt in for the following design.


34. Tribal Characters

Add a little power and energy to your tribal tattoo by introducing some unconventional characters to it.


35. Combination of Shapes

Some of the most common tribal tattoo designs are the ones that know how to combine shapes in such a way that the final result will be both original and catchy. Here’s a relevant example.


36. Tribal Arm

Try this tattoo if you want to get a dramatic and classic tribal look that your friends will certainly admire!


37. Tribal Details

Tribal tattoo designs are those types of tattoos that require a lot of attention to details and you’ll certainly observe this from the following example.


38. Tribal Bonds

If you want to give an extra plus of meaning to your future tribal tattoo, try making some connections between the shapes of the pattern, that would resemble with real bonds.


39. Full Face Tribal Tattoo

This is one of those tattoos that require a lot of thinking before getting a similar one. They’re different, bold and totally unforgettable.


40. Tribal Fire

These beautiful patterns on this tribal tattoo look like flames. Dangerous and catchy, all at the same time! 😉


41. Combination of Symbols

One of the greatest features of tribal tattoos is that they can easily combine a lot of symbols and shapes without being kitsch, so you should take advantage of this!


42. Tribal Wings

As a symbol, wings represent the speed. Try to combine them with some other symbols or shapes in order to obtain an unforgettable pattern!


43. Little Tribal Monster

If you’ll put your creativity into work, the final pattern of your next tribal tattoo will certainly catch attention and will also be a unique and personal one, like the one in this example.


44. Curled Tribal Tattoo

Try to add some shades and contrast to your curled tribal tattoo in order to obtain a more dramatic look and feel.


45. Badass Tribal

Getting such a pattern all over your arm will inspire a badass effect that would totally catch the attention in a great way!


46. Classic Tribal Tattoo

Opt in for a classical tattoo design like the one in the following example if you don’t want to get too complicated on mixing patterns and styles.


47. Tribal Stairs

This tattoo design is simply hypnotizing! The way in which those stairs are arranged, along with the general position of all the other shapes and symbols are stunning.


48. Complete Arm Tribal Tattoo

If you’re looking for a complete tribal tattoo from all points of view, this one might be a great fit. It has a lot of shapes, symbols and patterns, but despite this fact, it is well organized and placed.


49. Centralized Tribal Tattoo

All these robotic shapes placed strategically on this stunning tribal tattoo are stunning.


50. Full Tribal

Looking for adopting a full tribal look? Then don’t be afraid to opt in for the following one.


51. Simple & Wavy Tribal Design

If you like tribal tattoo designs, but don’t want to get too edgy, we suggest taking a look at the following example.


52. Multiple Shaped Tribal Design

The way in which all of these multiple shapes are placed and arranged on the body are making up a unique and classical tribal tattoo design that you shouldn’t miss!


53. The Abundance Tribal Design

Even if the symbol that’s in the center of this tattoo design has all the attention that it deserves, we can’t help noticing the other well-designed patterns.


54. Sun Based Tribal Tattoo

Considering the fact that the sun plays a great role in the tribal tradition, all patterns (or at least most of them) should include this symbol in their composition.


55. Full Patterned Tribal Tattoo Design

Maybe you’ve questioned yourself why tribal tattoos are almost always placed on the full arm part of the body. Well, we think this happens because in that way they can be better emphasized.


56. The Tribal Harmony

The beautiful way in which this awesome tribal tattoo design combines its elements on the body is both inspirational and unique.


57. Colored Tribal Tattoo Design

Colored tribal tattoo designs are rare, yet beautiful and stunning. If you want to try something different and bold, we suggest taking the following example into consideration!


58. 3D Shaped Tribal Design

Considering the fact that unique shapes are those well-known elements that turn a common tribal tattoo into a stunning one, you should consider taking into consideration the 3D ones!


59. Black And Colored Tribal Tattoo

The combination between the dramatic black shades of this tattoo design and the unique and bold effect generated by the colors is totally worth the try.


60. Mirror Reflexion Tribal Tattoo

These mirrored reflexions of the shapes are the elements that turn this awesome tattoo design into one of a kind!


61. Circled Curled Tribal Tattoo

If you’re looking for a classical curled tribal tattoo that won’t be too complicated regarding its patterns, take a look at the following example.


62. Powerful Sword

As we mentioned earlier, if you want to enhance the meaning of a tribal tattoo design, you should totally combine it with a symbol that would hold a personal significance to you.


63. Simple Tribal Tattoo

It’s hard to classify a tribal tattoo as “simple”, taking into consideration the fact that they usually combine a lot of shapes and symbols, but if we had to, the following one would be one of the simple, common and never out of style models.


64. Tribal Road Tattoo

What is the final destination of your road? Well, concerning the fact that we are talking about a tribal tattoo, it might be a mysterious one. 🙂


65. Continuous Tribal Tattoo

The awesome shapes and styles of every single tribal tattoo are so beautiful that they sometimes make us believe how awesome they would be if they would cover all the body.


66. Shaded Wild Tribal Tattoo Design

The shades play an important role in the creation of the tribal tattoo designs. Along with the contrast, they contribute to a stunning and unique final design.


67. Triangle Arrows

If you don’t want to load your tattoo pattern with lots of shapes and symbols, you can opt in for 2-3 ones that you should repeat throughout the entire design, as in the following example.


68. Dark Tribal Design

Usually, tribal tattoo designs are made in darker colors. Enhance that darkness in order to give your tattoo a more dramatic look and feel.


69. Repeated Patterns

In order to achieve a unique and hypnotic effect, you can organize your patterns into groups by inserting them repeatedly into the final design.


70. Vertical Tribal Tattoo

The vertical positioning of these lines and the dramatic effect caused by the thicker line in the middle are the elements that give this tattoo a whole new representation and meaning.


71. Pencil-Drawn Tribal Tattoo

This tribal tattoo design is so beautifully created and illustrated that it gives the impression that it is basically a pencil painting made by an artist.


72. Classical Tribal Tattoo

Looking for a classical tribal tattoo design? Well, you might find your inspiration by looking at the following one!


73. The Maze

You’ll be fascinated by the positioning, concept and illustration of this awesome tattoo design from the first moment that you’ll see it. You’ll find yourself captured by its uniqueness because it’s acting like a maze.


74. Rhomb Tribal Tattoo

The rhomb acts like a suitable shape for the following tattoo design, mainly because when it’s fitted and positioned in the center it gives a royal effect.


75. Mean Face Tribal Tattoo

Wild tribal tattoo designs can hold a lot of meanings and emotions. What do you feel when looking at this one?


76. Dotted Tribal Tattoo Design

The pattern of the following tattoo design was made by entirely created by means of a ton of joined dots. What do you think of it?


77. Bad Boy Tribal Tattoo Design

We don’t want to look omniscient, but it seems like this tribal tattoo was made for a real bad boy.


78. Flower Tribal Tattoo Design

The insertion of the flower in this awesome tribal tattoo design is the element that makes this pattern a great fit for both men and women.


79. Black Background

The empty spaces colored in black on this tribal tattoo design are giving a dramatic, yet catchy feel to the final result of the tattoo.


80. Striped Tattoo Design

The stunning way in which the shapes of this tribal tattoo design are organized would make this pattern a great fit for every single perfectionist out there.


81. Shaped & Emphasized Tribal Tattoo

If you want to go for a classical tribal tattoo with a twist, you should totally check the following one!


82. All Black Tribal Tattoo

When it comes to tribal tattoos, black is the best choice that you can make.


83. Splitting Patterns

If you don’t want to opt in for a whole shaped pattern, you can try to split up the designs a little bit.


84. Full Tribal Look

If you really like to show your passion and love for tribal tattoo designs, you should totally get two matching patterns on the arms. Different designs will also work, as long as they will have the same colors.


85. Splitting Shapes

If you want to get a tribal tattoo design with an organized positioning of its shapes and symbols, this might be the one.


86. Full Arm Tribal Tattoo

Try to get this creative and catchy tribal tattoo design in order to turn heads!


87. Simple Details

This beautiful tribal tattoo has a unique design in which its details are being illustrated with patience and style.


88. X Tribal Tattoo

You can always add up a symbol, letter or shape to your usual tribal pattern in order to personalize it.


89. Mask Tribal Tattoo

Tattoos are a great way to hide possible wounds, or, on the opposite…to emphasize them, as in the following example.


90. Combined Shapes

It seems like every single line on this awesome tribal tattoo was combined in such a great way so that the final result would be stunning.


91. DNA Tattoo

The combination of these shapes resembles with DNA.


92. Front Wild Tribal Tattoo Design

This is one of the most beautiful wild tribal tattoos that we’ve ever seen. You need to try it out, it’s simply one of a kind!


93. Linked Tribal Tattoo Designs

Many wild tribal tattoo designs have the power of expressing emotions. Well, the following one expresses freedom.


94. Small Pieces

The small shaped pieces of this beautiful tribal tattoo designs are giving the pattern a whole new look and feel.


95. Classic Tribal Tattoo

If you don’t want to risk too much with your future tribal tattoo design, you can opt in for the following one.


96. Realistic Tribal Tattoo Design

This is one of the most realistic wild tribal tattoo designs that we’ve ever seen. There’s something special in its pattern.


97. Small Shaped Tattoo Design

Not many wild tribal tattoo designs can imitate the patterns used on this one, mainly because of their tiny look. This is why you should opt in for a similar design.


98. Wavy Tribal Tattoo

This wavy tribal tattoo design will chase away the monotony out of your life.


99. Fully Wild Tribal Tattoo Designs

Some of the best wild tribal tattoo designs are the ones that manage to perfectly combine their shapes, colors and symbols so that the final result would be an inspirational one.


100. Hypnotic Tribal Tattoo

We have to recognize that some wild tribal tattoo designs are so uniquely designed that they simply leave us speechless.


101. Tribal Splash Tattoo Design

Who said that splash tattoos are successful only if they are accompanied by suitable colors? Here’s an awesome reinterpretation of a splash tattoo design with tribal influences. 🙂


102. Circled Wild Tribal Tattoo Designs

All the circled wild tribal tattoo designs have something in common: the unique way in which they are presented will make you love them from the first seconds!


103. Diagonal Shaped Wild Tribal Tattoo Designs

Wild tribal tattoo designs are always in trend, but we have to admit that this depends on their pattern. Well, we can assure you that you won’t mess up with this design!


104. Tribal Tiger Tattoo

The tiger is one of the most suitable symbols for emphasizing your tribal tattoo design. Just look at how awesome the following example is!


105. Great Patterned Tattoo

Well, that’s what we call a great pattern! All the shapes are correctly combined and positioned so that there’s a complete harmony in the final result.


106. Bold Tribal Tattoo Design

If you’re looking for an evident, bold and dramatic tribal tattoo design, we think that you might find the answer in the following example.


107. Black Shadowed Tribal Tattoo

The black shades on this awesome tribal tattoo are emphasizing its dramatic effect.


108. Sun Monsters Tribal Tattoo

Tribal creatures can act like suitably combined symbols that would turn your tribal tattoo into an unforgettable one!


109. Classic Tribal Tattoo

Looking for a classic, yet never out of style tribal tattoo? Take a look at the following one! 😉


110. Curled Tribal Design

Curled tribal tattoo designs are pretty common when it comes to this domain, but at the same time, they are also catchy and expressive.


111. Angry Sun Tribal Tattoo

As we previously mentioned, the sun can play a great role in your future tribal tattoo design. It’s all up to you how you want to express it! 🙂


112. Small Rhomb Tribal

The awesome combination between the royalty that the rhomb expresses in this design and the tribal influences is simply awesome. Opposites attract! 😉


113. Tribal Covered Arm

How does it feel to have the arm covered in one of the most awesome wild tribal tattoo designs? Well, you’ll have to find it for yourself by trying out the following tattoo!


114. Multiple Shaped Wild Tribal Tattoo Designs

These multiple shapes are combined in such a great way that they’ll make you love this tattoo design!


115. Text Tribal Tattoo Design

If you want to get a common tribal tattoo design, but still want to personalize it, you should try to add a unique text or word with a profound meaning to you. Check out the following example.


116. Curled Tribal Waves

Even though there are so many curled tribal waves tattoo designs out there, we can’t help noticing this stunning one.


117. Circled Shaped Wild Tribal Tattoo Designs

If until now we described mainly linear tribal tattoo designs, then you should be prepared to handle this beautiful circle pattern that will totally leave you speechless with its beauty.


118. Mandala Flowers Tribal Tattoo

Who would’ve thought that a tribal tattoo design would integrate in such a beautiful way two complementary symbols?


119. Half Body  Wild Tribal Tattoo Designs

This is the true definition of a bold tribal tattoo design. Stunning, unique and original, all at the same time.


120. Wild Tribal Tattoo Design (Wolf)

Being a great symbol for luck, devotion and family, the wolf can easily be placed into a tribal tattoo design in order to give it a stunning, yet dramatic and catchy effect.


These being said, what are you waiting for? There are plenty of ideas in this article, but we are sure that some of them really caught up your attention! However, keep in mind that no matter which tattoo design you’ll choose, it should firstly fit your personal style!

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