54 Eye-catching Superhero Tattoo Designs

We all have our favorite superheroes, whether it’s Superman or Spiderman or maybe your favorite is more along the lines of the riskier Deadpool. When it comes to getting a new tattoo, we want to represent our passions and for some people, it’s the honor or heroics of superheroes. All the time we see people wearing Batman or Superman T-shirts because they love the characters so much.

Superhero tattoos are hugely popular for the same reason; they are badass for both men and women. We admire these superheroes for many different reasons and when it comes to honoring them, we can’t think of a better way to do it then by having a tattoo. Each Superhero has his strength as well as his weakness, all superheroes have faults and that’s why we love them so much. We can relate to them in many ways because of their humanness. We may not have superpowers, but the superheroes that we love are still like us in many ways.

There are so many different options for anyone that wants a superhero tattoo. They come in many shapes and sizes. Check out this list to see 54 eye-catching superhero tattoo designs.

  1. Spiderman

Spiderman has been a fan favorite for many years and we can see why! He’s so friendly and helpful in many ways.


2. Thor

The great and powerful Thor is an amazing tattoo design, we just love the colors here.


3. Batman

This detailed version of the Batman has always been a favorite and we can see why.


4. Wings Open

This amazing tattoo design has paint dripping from it like a work of art. We love it.


5. Black and White

Nothing beats a black and white Batman tattoo.


6. Sleeve Designs

If you like the X-Men, then you are sure to love this tattoo design.


7. Spiderman Sleeve

If you want a sleeve design, then make it a Spiderman.


8. IronMan

These cool Ironman tattoos are so realistic.


9. Mr. Stark

This looks like it could be a painting, it’s so detailed.


10. Be IronMan

If you’ve always wanted to be Ironman, then this is the tattoo for you.





11. Sleeve Ironman

Another great example of an Ironman sleeve.


12. Geometric Designs

These geometric designs are truly unique!


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13. Thor Love

Another great tattoo of Thor with bright colors.



14. Oldschool Thor

Thor has been around for a long time and this is an old-school version of the tattoo.


15. Dark Batman

This is a great Batman design with all the bats surrounding him.



16. The Bat Symbol

We can see the bat symbol from here! Great detailed tattoo design.


17. Incredible Spiderman

This tattoo is so detailed that it truly is incredible.



18. Captain America

Is Captain America going to save this dying world?



19. Hope Tattoo

Captain America is all about what’s good and wholesome in the world.


20. Detailed Art

Another great example of some superhero art that can be used as a tattoo.


21. Black Widow

This is a cute little cartoon design of the sexy Black Widow.


22. Deadpool

Yes, we just love that quirky expression of his.


23. Wolverine

A great cartoon design of the Wolverine.


24. Fierce Wolverine

When the Wolverine is ready to fight be prepared to run away.


25. Superman

A brightly colored design of Superman that anyone would love.


26. Dark Knight

This is a pretty badass tattoo of the Dark Knight.


27. Batman & The Joker

The rivalry between these two will never end.


28. Ripped Chest

We love these realistic tattoo designs that look like the chest has ripped open to reveal an alter ego.


29. Robin

Of course, we have lots of love for the sidekick.


30. Cartoon Superman

It’s hard to take the fierce expression seriously; he’s just so darn cute.


31. Deadpool Designs

We love this muscular version of the Deadpool design. He’s an awesome character all around.


32. Marvel Designs

Why not get all of the superheroes together? This is a very bright and vivid tattoo.



33. Harley Quinn

Who could forget the old school, Harley Quinn? The Joker can’t, that’s for sure.


34. Catwoman

This sexy Catwoman design is one that is bright and beautiful. If you are looking for a sexy design than this is it.




35. Wonder Woman

This is a classic that never gets old. We love these comic book images.


36. Christopher Reeves

The best Superman out there and we love the detailed artwork here. It looks like it could be a portrait.




37. The Hulk

We love this big green guy and he looks so fierce here. The Hulk is always a fan favorite because he’s tough.






38. Awesome Designs

Colors always make superheroes so much cooler.


39. Paint Drips

This awesome Captain America design is made up of paint drips. We just love the uniqueness of this tattoo.


40. Great Designs

This great tattoo design has our favorite superhero in action.


41. Different Deadpool

A different and much cooler take on the Deadpool design.  We love the ones that look like art, they are incredible.



42. It’s Superman

This tattoo shows Superman transforming from his everyday clothing. He goes from ordinary to extraordinary.




43. Fierce Girls

Women all over the world love the symbolism of Wonder Woman.


44. The Arrow

This detailed drawing is sure to make any fan happy. These ones look like portraits they are just so realistic.



45. Cool Designs

This Wolverine design is truly fierce. We love the blades on this design.



46. Stunning Designs

Another great example of the Captain America tattoos out there.




47. Small Deadpool

This is quite the cute little Deadpool character.


48. Thor Hammer

A great detailed drawing of the Thor hammer.


49. The Real Spiderman

Another example of the ripped skin tattoos, but this is a sleeve design.


50. Just the Mask

This is a pretty cool tattoo of the mask of Batman.


51. Awesome Sleeve

This is a detailed and very cool tattoo of Batman, Spiderman and Superman together.





52. Comics

This Hulk Smash tattoo is bright and bold.


53. Green Lantern

If you are a fan of the Green Lantern, then this is the tattoo design for you.


54. Bloody Wolverine

Now, this is a very different take on the Wolverine. We love the brutalness of the image.


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