145 Spine Tattoo Designs That Fit Anyone’s Lifestyle

Anyone can get a tattoo on any part of their body. While others love to get inked full-sleeve, some would want a more hidden tattoo such as on their back, or anywhere that can’t be spotted easily. However, it’s not just because they want to surprise people with their hidden ink. More often than not, they feel like it’s the most appealing part of their body to place their tattoos. Spine tattoos are very famous, and people wear them with pride.

We can’t blame them, of course. Spine tattoos are definitely pretty, and there are tons of designs out there that you can choose from whether you want it plain black, or colored. Needless to say, most people want designs that describe their personality, hobby or even their professions. Nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and other medical professionals, for example, choose capsules, a stethoscope or other medical equipment designs. The seafarers, on the other hand, choose the anchor design, or the sea itself.

Some people who are into reggae also have a lot of spine tattoo designs to choose from. Mandala, reggae music chords, or any famous reggae music lyrics come in handy as they are popular these days. Nature lovers or those that love the outdoors also have a lot of designs ranging from beaches, sun, leaf, mountains, and many more. Or even the spine design itself looks rowdy and lovely. But it’s not just the design, people look for creative ones that also fit their lifestyle.

With a very wide array of spine tattoo designs, you will never go wrong. There are plenty of simple designs as well that would go with any skin color, and really, they look great. To make your search for tattoo designs trouble-free, we collected some designs that you might want to be your next ink. Pet, nature, or reggae lovers, and anyone else would want to consider these designs as they look definitely pretty. Check these spine tattoo designs below:

1. Tail

This all black spine tattoo design looks fierce and very manly. You can change the color or stick with plain black that would define your ferocious personality. But it doesn’t mean this is only for gentlemen because the ladies can surely wear this design too.

spine-tattoo2. Geometric Circles

This tattoo idea will go with anyone looking for a simple, but elegant design. Circles may just be circles, but they also mean infinity. And they will definitely look more stunning if you want them colored.

3. Mandala

Mandala is a symbol of ritual and spiritual in Hinduism and Buddhism. Most people that meditate choose this design as it also represents the universe. The word “Mandala” is a Sanskrit term that means “circle” or “discoid object”.

4. Lyrical

Lyrics, adages, or any form of creative literature tattoo designs are great on spine. Girls love this, especially that they are more imaginative and poetic.

5. Feather

Feather tattoo designs perfectly fit on your spine. Aside from their natural slender breadth, they look stunning even with plain black color. But don’t be too raw. Feathers also look amazingly attractive if you’ll have them colored.

6. Just Love

Many people want the word “love” inked on their skin. Whether you have just moved on from a past relationship, but still believes in love, or simply hopeless romantic, this spine tattoo design is perfect for you. It can also be accentuated with anything you like that defines love, or copy these birds and arrows.

7. Flowers and Leaves

Seriously, girls. If you are looking for a girly design on your spine, these flowers and leaves tattoo works well with your femininity. See that blue-green color at the center? It’s the eye of every woman’s soul. Why not consider this as your new or your next ink?

8. Latin Phrase

Again, lyrical or poetic tattoo designs are perfect on spine. This Latin phrase non est ad astra mollis e terris via means “there is no easy way from the earth to the stars,” written by Seneca the Younger, a Roman Stoic philosopher, dramatist, and statesman.

9. A woman’s definition of strength and dignity

As what the Jamaican singer, Shaggy said in one of his songs, women will always put a smile upon your face so “don’t you underestimate the strength of a woman.” This is another lyrical spine tattoo design that fits on men and women.

10. Planets

Are you interested in the Solar System? Then this planet tattoo design will definitely look stellar on your spine whether you’re a man or a woman.

11. Arrow accentuated with Mandala

Arrows are one of the hottest trends as a tattoo design not to mention that it’s being matched with Mandala, the symbol of the universe.

12. Tribal Centipede

Centipedes are untamed, and if you tone it with a tribal design, your tattoo will be brutally beautiful. Plus the black ink makes it more fierce.

13. English Phrases

While Latin phrases or quotes tattoo ideas are appealing on your spine, English phrases look stunning too. This design looks simple, and the outlined flower puts the accent on it.

14. Knife

A knife tattoo, for others, may look wild, but don’t we all need knives? Isn’t this beautiful with a woman’s face on it?

15. Human backbone

This tattoo idea simply represents the human spine, and its color makes it look ardent.

16. Symbols with dotwork

Symbols are also hot trends for spine tattoo, and there are plenty of designs out there that you can choose depending on the meaning that it brings you.

17. Mandala Lotus Flowers

Lotus flowers tattoo are extremely famous, not to mention that it usually comes with a Mandala symbol.

18. Figures, characters, and signs

Just like symbols tattoo, different figures and characters also fit on anyone’s spine. Whether they’re oversized, or as tiny as these.

19. Quotes and Phrases

Some people also choose their lessons in life as a tattoo design. They simply put it in a creative way.

20. Flower Power

Who doesn’t like flowers? While they may represent feminity, many gentlemen have chosen flowers as their tattoo design. Don’t they look great on the spine?

21. Colorful Symbols

As usual, symbols definitely look appealing to anyone’s body. Colors make them more stunning.

22. Flowers and Leaves

While flower power tattoo looks stunning on spine, combining them with a few leaves makes this ink more gorgeous. Of course, you can always choose to have them colored.

23. Paws

Are you a pet lover, or a fur parent? Why don’t you have these dog or cat footprints inked on your spine? It’s one of the most popular tattoo designs these days too.

24. Flowers, Leaves, and Butterflies

Butterflies love flowers and having them on your spine as a tattoo makes them more alive.

25. Roses are red

Who says that roses only look good without the thorns? Roses are red, and even a single stem look colorful as a spine tattoo design.

26. Colored Mandala

These colorful Mandalas look spectacular as a spine tattoo. Why not try them?

27. Mandala Flowers and Leaves

It’s not just the reddish-color of this spine tattoo that makes it striking. The artist did good in syndicating Mandala with flowers and leaves.

28. Wings

While this may look manly, this wings tattoo are also famous on the spine.

29. Backbone

It looks scary, eh? But isn’t it perfect as a spine tattoo?



“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” It sounds really hopeful, and putting it in a creative way as a spine tattoo design gives it more meaning.

31. Books

This is certainly perfect for the book lovers out there looking for a spine tattoo design.

32. Spinal Column

Another spine design on the list if you’re looking for a more specific definition of where you should place your tattoo.

33. Tribal Sword

Tribal tattoo design is notorious and stunning. And adding it up with a sword is very muscular.

34. Signs

Signs and symbols are here again for those that love to define themselves through a tattoo.

35. Mandala Compass

Mandala is trending again. Why not?

36. Mandala Flower Power

Another spine tattoo for those that seek girly, but chic design.

37. Stylish symbol

The eye at the center of this spine tattoo gives a whole lot of meaning.

38. Circles and symbols

It looks manly, but this spine tattoo design looks chic on girls.

39. Moon Geometric

People love the moon to the extent that they put it on their spine as a tattoo.

40. Hebrew

Apart from English and Latin phrases, quotes written in Hebrew are also popular as a spine tattoo. Trust me, I got one, and it looks gorgeous.

41. Set of symbols

Some people want to have everything like this one. A spine tattoo with this design keeps things more meaningful.

42. Stylish quotes

Quotes are obviously trendy in the tattoo world.

43. Set of Lotus Mandala

People who love to meditate are fond of having the lotus Mandala as their tattoo, and they do look great on the spine.

44. Seahorse

You can’t just find the seahorses at the sea. Sometimes, you see them on someone’s spine as her tattoo.


45. Partial Circles

Circles are trendy as a tattoo design, but having them inked partially on spine looks awesome.

46. Tribal

Tribal is just one of everyone’s favorite spine tattoo design.

47. Skin-carving effect

You may think that this is literally the skin-carving art at first sight, but it’s not. The artist did a wonderful job on this spine tattoo design.

48. Geometric Blackwork

It looks very simple, but this spine tattoo design defines someone’s personality.

49. Tribal spider web

Spider webs are also trendy as a spine tattoo, but what makes this design more striking is its tribal effect.

50. Vertebral Column

It’s not just the human backbone that’s famous as spine tattoo design. An animal vertebrae look great too. But hey, this is not for the faint of hearts.

51.Chinese Letters

Chinese epistle is also widely admired by some people.

52. Vertebrae

Here’s another design of a spinal column as a tattoo design. Its effect is definitely gorgeous and wild.

53. Sharks

Whale sharks, killer sharks, or whatever kind of shark it is, they still look trendy as a tattoo design on your spine.

54. Spinal column and a skull

This tattoo is perfect for those that are seeking darker, but beautiful design.

55. Colored Flower

Doesn’t it look more flashy when a flower tattoo is colored?

56. Set of Lotus Mandala

Here’s another set of Lotus Mandala spine tattoo inspiration. And they also come in different colors!

57. Plants

People who love plants can opt-in for this spine tattoo design. It looks so real!

58. Flower Mandala

Mandala is dominating in the world of tattoo. Match it with flowers and you’re all good.

59. Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals tattoo is also famous, especially when they are placed on the spine.

60. Animal spinal column

This one right here is another spine tattoo for anyone looking for an animal vertebrae design.

61. Set of flowers in Mandala form

This tattoo design is beautifully set in one, and it does look dazzling on spine.

62. Leaves

Leaves tattoo design is stunning even without flowers. And don’t they look striking with colors?

63. Letters, words, phrases

If you plan on having phrases, quotes, or anything that involves letters, your spine is the best part of your body to have them tattooed.

64. Mandala with different symbols

Aside from the fact that Mandala represents the universe, matching it with symbols makes it more chic and trendy.

65. Sharp Black

There are tons of black tattoo designs out there, but this one is really sharp that certainly looks striking on the spine.

66. Mandala Leaf Arrangement

There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing leaves tattoo arranged in Mandala form on your spine.

67. Flower Power and Leaves

It looks like a bouquet of flowers, yeah? But it’s gorgeous with those leaves below. It’s one of the most popular spine tattoo designs.

68. Black Dotwork

With a dotted tattoo, a variety of designs are available anywhere. All black is great on spine indeed.

69. Circles and Pyramids

If you are looking for massive tattoo designs, this one here is perfect on your spine.

70. English and Spanish Phrases

We know that the Spanish language is popular even to the non-Spanish speaking countries, and tattoo designs on spine, written in this language are just perfect.


71. Tribal Symbols

As usual, tribal tattoo never goes out of trend.

72. Moon Blackwork

A large number of moon tattoo designs are everywhere, but this one intricately follows how the moon moves in the Solar System.

73. Tribal English Phrase

English phrases tattoo design is momentous, but what makes this one more eye-catching is its tribal accentuate.

74. Tribal Geometric with dotwork

Here’s a different variety of signs and symbols tattoo that look gorgeous on anyone’s spine.

75. Colored Biomechanical

Colored tattoo designs are very remarkable, but if it’s combined with sharp eyes, and a tribal symbol, this makes it more handsome. But then again, this is not for the faint of hearts.

76. Blank Ink Backbone

But backbone tattoo designs are pretty famous, and they appear more noticeable on spine, especially if it’s all black.

77. Black Spinal Column

Another variety of spine tattoo, but it’s being defined by a few spikes.

78. Mandarin

Chinese phrases or quotes tattoo are not out of trend.

79. Glow in the dark

While there are so many spine tattoo designs that anyone can opt-in, this glow in the dark effect is one of a kind.

80. Colored eyeballs

Beautifully accentuated with different colors, these eyeballs make this spine tattoo design more prominent.

81. Spine, veins, and skull

This one is another selection of spine tattoo supported by veins and skull.

82. Broken skull and backbones

If you seek for a murky and mysterious spine tattoo design, this might be the one you can settle with.

83. Korean

Koreans are pretty famous ranging from KDrama, KPop, and all others. So, if you’re a fan, this looks great as a spine tattoo.

84. Spinal Column on legs

Spine tattoo can’t just be placed on your back, but your legs can wear them too.

85. Phrases Design

So, if you want to permanently wear what’s on your mind, matching it with creative design will do great as a spine tattoo.

86. Greek

Greek phrases are also famous as a tattoo design on the spine.

87. Highlighted human backbone

There might be numerous backbone tattoos that you can always pick, but if you want a highlighted spine, you can go for this design.

88. Thai

Thai tattoo design isn’t out of the ordinary. These are famous too, not to mention that it looks pretty stylish on the spine.

89. Snake

Not all snakes are dangerous. Others are even tattooed on the spine.

90. Darker vertebral column

Here’s a darker backbone tattoo design for you if you’re looking for something to put on your spine.

91. Biomechanical and a skull

This one looks tricky, but the skull highlights this tattoo design.

92. Sporadic Blackwork

This alternating tool tattoo design is super cool you may want to try it on your spine.

93. Grey vertebrae

Vertebral column tattoo designs don’t just look stunning in black ink, but it’s also dramatic in grey.

94. Colorful spine

Colored spinal column tattoo design is absolutely vibrant. And how cute the zipper is?

95. Hindi

Native to India, Hindi is a standardized and Sanskritized register of the Hindustani language. This one too is very famous as a tattoo design.

96. Spinal Column with a rib cage

You may want to go for this spine tattoo if you’re one of those people looking for a spinal column design. The rib cage looks awesome too!

97. Tribal Sun

One of everyone’s favorite pick for a tattoo design is the sun. Why not? Aside from the idea that it looks sultry on the spine, the tribal effect on it is also marvelous.


98. Colored spine and rib cage

The blue color on this tattoo, which is, of course, the highlight of this design is awesome. You may want to consider this too.

99. Bigger Roman Numerals

While others want the Roman Numerals smaller on their spine, some want it bigger as their tattoo.

100. Mountains and terrains

Do you love the countryside? You can consider this tattoo design on your spine.

101. Set of coordinating symbols

Symbols like om tattoo are also popular, and you can have them in style.

102. Tribal Work

Here’s another set of tribal tattoo design that anyone digs.

103. Translucent Vertebrae

A transparent spine may also fit on you if you seek a simple tattoo design. It’s long, but it’s worth it.

104. Spinal Column with wings

Wings are one of the best tattoo designs, but they can draw more attention when they’re matched with a spinal column.

105. Frayed Vertebrae

If you search for a spine tattoo but wants to make it look worn out, this design might be the answer. It’s very stylish!

106. Human skeleton

A full human skeleton might look horrific for some, but this is perfect for those that seek for a grimmer, but intricate tattoo design.

107. Colored skull and spine

This tattoo design looks horrific, but the colors are incredible. Look at those yellow eyes and teeth!

108. Small letters and phrases

No matter your age, body size, or race, these small tattoo designs are just too good to be true.

109. Long spinal column

It may take longer, but long vertebral column tattoo is one of the most famous designs these days.

110. Winged spine

This is one of the best spine tattoo designs. The shading is perfectly done. It makes me want to have it inked on my back.

111. Skull with a spinal column

Here’s another skull with a spine tattoo. But look at that cool sombrero? Try this on your arm too!

112. Long tribal design

An all black tribal tattoo is what some cool people need.

113. Set of Tribal design

There is no truth that tribal tattoo design isn’t appealing. Look at this one.

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