79 Fashionable and Intriguing Sketch Tattoo Ideas For Your Next Ink

If you are looking for a unique new tattoo idea, one that many will find intriguing and wonderful then look no further than the sketch tattoo. These tattoos are the ones that look like they have been sketched by pencil, they often resemble drawings.

They have the sweet appearance of looking sketched, and you will feel like you literally have a work of art on your body. These sketch tattoo designs have the preliminary lines still visible, and that’s what gives it the sketchy appearance. When the preliminary lines are left there, they make for some seriously intriguing tattoos that you will treasure always.

Although they are stunning designs, they aren’t as popular as the watercolor tattoos, but they are certainly increasing in popularity. There are so many tattoo artists out there that are embracing this style of tattooing, just make sure that you have an artist that is experienced with this method. If you are looking for a sketch tattoo, then take a look at some of these jaw-dropping images and run with them.

Below are 79 Fashionable and Intriguing Sketch Tattoo Ideas for Your Next Ink:

1. Purple Owl

This gorgeous owl is depicted in a purple shade that is striking, to say the least. I love the mysterious way that the coloring is applied to it.


2. Floral Designs

This stunning flower is truly one of a kind, a striking drawing-like image that is breathtaking.


3. Peter Rabbit

Maybe not. But either way, it’s a pretty great drawing of a rabbit. I love the detail involved in this tattoo.


4. An Anchor

I love the preliminary lines because they give the tattoo that scratchy look that is truly unique.


5. Bird Tattoos

The coloring involved with this sketch tattoo is truly remarkable, and it warms up the whole design.


6. Fallen Angel

This design really has the sketch look to it; it looks like the very beginning of the drawing. A truly unique look.


7. Blue-Eyed Owl

This tattoo design is truly eye-catching because of those bright blue eyes.


8. Animal Sketches

These medieval animals are wonderful because they are so detailed that they look real.


9. Arrow Attack

A great tattoo design that has arrows piercing all over the skin of the man. It’s a powerful image.


10. The Bat

If you love bats then you are sure to love this exquisitely detailed tattoo, it looks so real.


11. Deer Love

A great design of a sketched out deer.


12. Ballet

This beautiful sketch tattoo is of two dancers, and they look wonderful together. It’s the kind of image that inspires dancing.


13. A Bicycle

This strange bicycle is one for the books because it is small with large wheels.


14. Geometric Designs

A great image that has some stunning elements to it. If you are looking for something creative, then you can’t go wrong with this design.


15. Trouble Deer

There’s a lot of sadness to this image, and it makes for an interesting tattoo design.


16. Bold Colors

I love tattoos with bright colors because they stand out so beautifully, like this sketch floral design.


17. Screeching Bird

A wonderful image that has so much detail that you have to believe that it is a drawing.


18. Eiffel Tower

If you have a love for Paris, then you are going to go nuts for this sketch tattoo of the Eiffel Tower at night.


19. Geometric Love

This third eye image is truly unique; you won’t find a cooler design than this one.


20. Bird on a Wire

A great image of a few sketched birds sitting on a telephone wire.


21. Crazy Designs

A wonderful tattoo that will have your friends staring at it for hours.


22. Geometric Deer

A great tattoo that is full of detail for those deer lovers or hunters.


23. Mountain Love

A simple mountain image for those that love the scenery.


24. The Hand

These images have a lot to do with geometrics and astrology. If that’s your game, then you will love the striking designs.


25. Tree Swing

This stunning image is something that might remind you of your childhood.


26. The Cat

This cat image is one that you are sure to love because of the amazing details.


27. Wings

Can you imagine finding a more beautiful or original tattoo design than this one? Amazing because of all the intricate details involved.


28. Feathers

This arrow is made beautiful because of the “sketched” look that the feather has; it’s extraordinary.


29. Unique Heart

A great design because part of it is a real heart while the other side is an abstract version of it.


30. Stunning Birds

This bird is ready to pounce on its prey. I love the big bright eye.


31. Boneyard

A unique image that has bones and other elements together.


32. Ribcage Designs

If you are looking for a ribcage design, then look no further than this gorgeous tattoo design.


33. The Guillotine

A great tattoo design that has a bird waiting beneath a guillotine. I’m sure there is quite the story behind this image.


34. The Wolf

A stunning image of a wolf that looks just like a drawing.


35. Dark Designs

A great bird tattoo that is sketchy and very dark.


36. Mickey Mouse

This Mickey Mouse image truly looks like a drawing and a great one at that.


37. A Great Deer

A wonderful tattoo that is sketchy and unique.


38. Octopus

A detailed octopus drawing that is sure to draw the eye.


39. Origami Bird

I love the originality and creativity involved in this tattoo. It’s truly unique and wonderful.


40. Sketch Tattoos

A great tattoo that you are sure to love.


41. The Heartbreaker

How cute is this little sketch tattoo? It’s truly amazing as it looks just like pencil.


42. Fierce Bear

A very detailed drawing if a bear, this one is very fierce indeed.



43. Cartoon Designs

A great design of your favorite cartoon characters might be exactly what you want for your sketch tattoo.


44. Just Lines

A stunning tattoo that is made up of just lines. I absolutely love this creative technique.


45. Loving Dogs

A great tattoo of your favorites dogs and these look just like drawings.


46. The Dragonfly

A wonderful design for anyone that loves dragonflies. These stunning designs will always impress you.


47. Half a Cat

I love this design because it’s only half a cat. It’s an unusual image that is sure to draw a lot of attention.


48. Edward Scissorhands

A great tattoo of a classic character of Tim Burton’s. If you love the movie, then you are sure to love this creative design.


49. Geometric Flower

A great flower design that sits in the center of the back.



50. Seahorse Love

This adorable seahorse is sketchy and pretty awesome. It’s one of the coolest tattoos that I’ve seen.


51. Stunning Wolf

If you love wolves, then you are sure to love this detailed and gorgeous sketch tattoo design.


52. The Doe

I love this precious drawing of a doe sitting in the grass.


53. Fox and Bunny

A great drawing of a fox and bunny in a chase. The lines of this sketch tattoo are just stunning.



54. Mysterious Woman

A great tattoo design that you are sure to love.


55. Baby and Mother

A great tattoo design that depicts the love between mother and child.


56. Details Galore

A wonderful design of a rabbit that has a few crazy details to it. The detail here is incredible.


57. A Face Inside

If you are looking for a different sketch tattoo, then look no further than this one.


58. Killing Rabbits

This may look like a precious picture of a bunny, but there are arrows inside of it!


59. Nautical Star

If you love all things nautical, then you are sure to love this sharp nautical star.


60. Striking Woman

This woman is so beautiful and so mysterious.


61. The Warrior

A Japanese warrior that looks very powerful.


62. The Lone Deer

A great picture of a lone deer, it’s masterful in design.


63. The Sea Turtle

A great design that is also powerful for those who are looking for a sea turtle design.


64. Unique Bunny

I love everything about this tattoo design from the colors to the stillness of the bunny as well as the big eye that seems to take up the whole face of the rabbit.


65. Geometric Elements

Geometric designs are always cool to look at, and this sketch tattoo is incredible for many reasons. The detail of the bird is gorgeous.


66. The Sphinx 

The Sphinx is a mysterious cat, and if it’s one of your favorites, then you are sure to love this design.


67. Amazing Colors 

I can’t say enough good things about this geometric design. I love the details, the stunning colors and the geometric shaping that make up this beautiful horse.


68. The Side View

A great design and one that has a lot of detail but it is so unique looking.



69. Sketchy Bones

I love this very narrow and amazing looking deer head, or what’s remaining of one.


70. A Stalking Tiger

A great ribcage design if you are looking for something large. This design is stalking its way down the ribcage.


71. The Jellyfish

A great sketch tattoo of a jellyfish.


72. Roses

A dark rose and a light one, these detailed roses are beautiful.


73. The Paper Boat

This could be symbolic of the paper boat that George loses in the movie IT by Stephen King.


74. Angel Wings

This soft image is truly elegant and beautiful.


75. Harley Quinn

Who doesn’t love a good Harley Quinn tattoo? I love the mischievous smile that she has on her face.


76. Plant Life

I love this unique sleeve tattoo; it’s truly beautiful.


77. Red Designs

This is certainly a different take on the horse tattoo, but it’s very beautiful.


78. The Cheetah

A great wildcat design that looks truly fierce.


79. Colorful Polar Bear

A great polar bear design that is full of amazing colors that are bright and wonderous.


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