130 Inspiring Sister Tattoos That You Will Love

If you are looking for a tattoo that you can share with your sister, then we have some amazing styles that you can choose from. Getting any type of ink is a big commitment, especially if you are getting it with someone. Getting a tattoo with someone else is serious business, so you want to make sure that you both love it. Sisters always have a strong bond and a tattoo can be a symbol of that bond. A sister’s bond is unbreakable, you know that and you want to share that. A sister can be so much more than a family member. A sister can be your best friend, a confidant and your one true soul mate.

By getting a tattoo with your sister, you can strengthen the bond of friendship and love so much more. It’s a great way to show your love. There is a lot of meaning in matching tattoos. If you want to symbolize your sisterhood, then try out a matching tattoo design. It will be a fun way for the both of you to connect together. It will be something special that will draw you closer together. Get a tattoo that the both of you will enjoy. Check out these amazing designs. Below are 130 Inspiring Sister Tattoos That You Will Love:

  1. The Sun

If you are looking for something small, then these sweet little suns are sure to bring you and your sister a lot of happiness.

sister tattoos

2. Small Dolls

Three sisters and some amazing doll tattoos. They are adorable tattoo designs.

3. Tin Can Phones

This is such a fun tattoo, and we just love these cute little tin can phone tattoos.

4. Sun and Moon Sister Tattoo

A great tattoo that is small and simple and has so much meaning to it.

5. Awesome Trees

A great tattoo design that has some amazing trees in it.

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  • 6. Shamrock Styles

    A great tattoo for those Irish sisters out there. These tattoos are great to show your sisterly love.

    7. Monarch Butterflies

    These matching Monarch butterflies are truly beautiful. You will love them.

    8. Sea Shell Tattoos

    A great tattoo because it reminds us of the sea. It’s a great symbolism for those that love the ocean.

    9. Sun and Moon

    Another example of the sun and moon tattoo, we just love these simple designs.

    10. Constellation Sister Tattoo

    This is some amazing tattoo designs that are truly creative. Pick your favorite constellation and run with it.

    11. Fingerprint Hearts

    These are truly amazing heart designs especially when they look like fingerprints.

    12. Beautiful Florals

    A great tattoo design if you are looking for matching styles. Pick your favorite style and your favorite color and run with it.

    13. Matching Maps

    How can you not love matching maps or different maps of your favorite locations?

    14. The Lion King

    Maybe you love the movie The Lion King or maybe you just love the saying, “no worries,” either way this is a fun idea for matching tattoos.

    15. Symbols

    A great tattoo that you are sure to love.

    16. Butterfly Love

    A great design that has hearts and butterflies in it.

    17. A Heartbeat

    A great matching tattoo design that is really meaningful. These heartbeat designs are amazing.

    18. Lotus Styles

    These are simple styles that you will love if you adore the lotus flower.

    19. A Wave

    Maybe you love the ocean or maybe you love surfing. Either way, you are sure to love these simple wave tattoos.

    20. Outlined Heart

    A simple design of a heart that is truly wonderful.

    21. Palm Tree

    These are adorable palm trees that just scream of sunny days, and we adore them.

    22. Pink Flowers

    These stunning flowers are truly unique and beautiful. We love that the stem spells out sisters.

    23. Meaningful Tattoos

    A great tattoo design that says exactly what you mean. We love this for sisters or for significant others.

    24. PB & J

    Obviously, this tin can phone is super awesome because there are little pieces of toast holding the people’s hands. One is peanut butter while the other is jam. It’s wonderful.

    25. Flying Birds

    Three sisters and they all have matching bird tattoos, it’s wonderful.

    26. Arrow Tattoos

    These are unusual tattoos but truly wonderful.

    27. Simple Tattoos

    The sun and moon tattoos are simple designs.

    28. Beautiful Flowers

    Choose your favorite flower and get it with your sister. These flowers are very detailed.

    29. Bold Designs

    Simple triangle designs that anyone would love.

    30. Stunning Colors

    These are absolutely gorgeous tattoo designs because of the amazing colors involved.

    31. Evergreen Trees

    These are truly unique and amazing looking evergreen trees. If you want a different tattoo, then this is the one for you.

    32. Sweet Sugar Skulls

    If you are obsessed with sugar skulls, then these tattoos are exactly what you are looking for.

    33. Mermaid Love

    These are some pretty amazing mermaid styles that you can use for your arm tattoo.

    34. Holding Hands

    These unique tattoos are truly magical and very traditional.

    35. Sitting on a Swing

    A great swing tattoo that just stirs up memories of our childhood. This is the perfect tattoo for sisters.

    36. Beautiful Dolls

    These dolls have similarities of the sisters and that makes them so precious.

    37. Simple Image

    Another example of the simple sun and moon tattoos.

    38. Loving Quotes

    Choose a quote that is meaningful to you and your sisters and break it up like this.

    39. Simple Symbols

    These are simple symbols, but they mean a lot to these sisters.

    40. Heartbeats

    These are very meaningful tattoos and if you are looking for something awesome, then you are sure to love these styles.

    41. Sleeping Dolls

    Another example of the matching dolls but these ones are sleeping.

    42. Sister Style

    These sister tattoos have different meanings for each one. We love the splash of color.

    43. Symbols Everywhere

    A great style that you are sure to love because it’s simple.

    44. Simple Flowers

    A great bunch of flowers that you are sure to love.

    45. Chandelier Flowers

    These chandelier tattoos are so awesome because they have intricate details that anyone is sure to love. These chandelier designs are truly remarkable.

    46. Soft Flowers

    These are great flowers that are truly amazing. Four sisters with the same floral design because they are beautiful and they spell out sisters.

    47. Kissing Family

    A great picture of a loving mother daughter moment. If you love these loving tattoos then go for it.

    48. Sister Designs

    These tattoos are awesome for sisters and we adore the candy hearts.

    49. Rose Tattoos

    These roses are spelling out S’s for sisters. These are amazing styles that are so beautiful.

    50. Splashes of Color

    These tin can phones are just adorable and we love the bright splashes of colors involved with these styles. The colors are vibrant and awesome.

    51. Intricate Designs

    A great style that is wonderfully detailed and ornate. We love it.

    52. Bright Colors

    The most stunning thing about these roses are the vibrant colors. We are loving these amazing colors.

    53. Sisterly Love

    This is a gorgeous style that shows sisterly love. This is a great tattoo that shows personal style.

    54. Beautiful Sisters

    A great tattoo that shows the love between a big and little sister.

    55. Bird on a Wire

    These beautiful birds are sitting on a tree branch. These are great designs that anyone is sure to love.

    56. Stunning Colors

    Another example of flowers with stems that spell out sisters. We love these amazing colors.

    57. Hearts Tied

    A great style with loving hearts that are tied together.

    58. A Simple Message

    We love simple messages that are wonderful quotes about love.

    59. Matching Designs

    A great tattoo that matches by putting them together. These are truly great tattoo designs.

    60. Moon Designs

    If you love moons, then you are sure to love these simple designs.

    61. Keys to Sisterhood

    These are some truly amazing keys, and the sister love is truly amazing. These keys are stunning with their style.

    62. Bird Love

    A great bird design that shows the love between sisters.

    63. Languages

    Find a language that speaks to you and then use it for your own sister code.

    64. Bobby Pins

    These are really unique tattoo designs. These are simple but special.

    65. Add a Date

    Another example of the swing tattoo but this one has dates.

    66. Roots With Heart

    These are larger tattoos and ones that are truly unique. They are beautiful and meaningful and one of a kind.

    67. Eternity Symbol

    These are stunning eternity symbols and they mean you will have love for eternity with your sisters.

    68. Great Designs

    A unique tattoo design that surely has its own backstory to it.

    69. Strong Bond

    This is a great example of the strong bond between sisters. It’s an amazing tattoo that you are sure to love.

    70. Vibrant Purple

    These are some seriously beautiful flowers and we love the vibrant purple.

    71. Heart Designs

    A stunning heart design that leads to a heartbeat.

    72. Cartoon Designs

    Find cartoon designs that are your favorite and share them with your sister. We love all the bright colors that are here.

    73. Beautiful Keys

    These are amazing key designs and ones that you are sure to love. The keys are unique and they must have some amazing meaning.

    74. Elephant Love

    Matching elephant designs are truly wonderful. These elephants look like they are walking somewhere important. They are special and beautiful; you will love them.

    75. Feather Love

    These feathers are stunning and we love how they are weathered. They are also different colors and they make for beautiful tattoo designs.

    76. Celestial Designs

    These tattoos are remarkable and very ornate. If you want something special to share with your sister, then try this tattoo out.

    77. Just One Swing

    Forget two swings, when there are three sisters you just need one big swing. We love how they are all sitting side by side on the swing; it’s so cute.

    78. Add Some Dates

    A great style that is truly unique. The dates must mean something to you; they are birthdates we have to assume. They are great tattoos that you are sure to love.

    79. Sunflowers

    Who doesn’t love sunflowers? These are some seriously beautiful tattoos, and they are a decent size.

    80. Stunning Shades

    These are some pretty amazing colors here and we have to admit we are just dying because they are so beautiful.

    81. Sisters

    Just the word sister is all you need to create the perfect sister tattoo.

    82. Holding Love

    These tattoos are all about holding love together. It’s a sweet tattoo that any set of sisters would love.

    83. Sweet Butterflies

    These two butterflies are great alone, or they are great together.

    84. Stunning Sleeves

    Why not have matching sleeves, the rose and butterflies are awesome.

    85. Cartoon Love

    Choose your favorite cartoon characters and enjoy them with your sisters.

    86. Sweet Hearts

    These sweet little hearts are a great way to show the love between a big and little sister.

    87. Favorite Quotes

    These amazing quotes are sure to bring a smile to your face as soon as you look at them.

    88. Airplane Hearts

    These adorable little hearts with airplanes in them are amazing. All these sisters share them.

    89. Eternity Love

    Eternity symbols are magical symbols of love.

    90. Hand Symbols

    These hands are ornate and awesome.

    91. Little Rose

    These are simple roses that you are sure to love.

    92. Wayne & Garth

    These tattoos are so much fun. The quotes are original ideas that you can totally steal.

    93. Special Symbols

    These are traditional symbols that you are sure to love.

    94. Ornate Elephants

    Are they elephants or humans, they look like both. These are some pretty amazing and intricate tattoos.

    95. Arrows

    Simple arrows with a deeper meaning.

    96. Insync Symbols

    These tattoos certainly have a deeper meaning and they make for great sister tattoos.

    97. Precious Hearts

    Another great example of lil sister and big sister tattoos.

    98. Tree of Life

    A great tattoo for two sisters, these trees of life are awesome.

    99. Tiny Symbols

    Tiny symbols are perfect for people who don’t want a large tattoo.

    100. Bold Hearts

    These are simple heart design that would make for great tattoos.

    101. Messy Feathers

    These messy feathers are totally badass.

    102. Crazy Sisters

    Another example of the tin can phone designs. We love their crazy hairstyles.

    103. Lovely Owls

    These sisters are sharing owls, but they are in different colors.

    104. Silhouette Birds

    An amazing design that you are sure to love because it’s creative.

    105. Cool & Warm

    These are some pretty amazing sun and moon tattoos. They are bright and instantly gives you a warm and cool feelings.

    106. Unique Designs

    If you are looking for a unique design then you have found it here.

    107. Cute Toast

    These two pieces of toast are truly amazing. They are so cute!

    108. Dots

    These dots are very symbolic and they make for a different and unusual tattoo.

    109. Behind the Ear

    A great tattoo idea that can be tucked away if you really want it to.

    110. Delicate Designs

    A wonderful tattoo idea that is delicate and really pretty. If you are looking for something precious, then this is the tattoo for you.

    111. Traditional Designs

    These tattoos are old school, traditional designs that you are sure to love. If you like these old-fashioned styles, then you are sure to love these.

    112. Miles Apart

    If you live apart from your sister, then this is a great tattoo design for you.

    113. Blue and Pink

    These are beautiful sister tattoos. One chose the pink while the other chose the blue.

    114. Bold Colors

    A great design that is truly unique. These bright colors really make the tattoos pop.

    115. Spine Tattoos

    These are truly unique tattoos and they look amazing on the back. If you are looking for something creative, then these tattoos are for you.

    116. Special Message

    This is a great quote that can be used for many occasions.

    117. Fighting Battles

    An amazing tattoo that really signifies some pretty awesome battles. Battles that you fight with your sisters.

    118. Mountain Scenes

    These are pretty creative tattoo designs and we just love the mountain scenes.

    119. Paint Splatters

    A gorgeous dragonfly that has some airbrush colors attached to it. These are truly beautiful and wonderful.

    120. Sweet Owls

    These cute little owls are truly unique.

    121. Smile

    Just one smile is all you need to keep that sisterly love close to you.

    122. Diving Down

    A great tattoo that has some amazing divers, diving from the moon. The colors are quite nice for the tattoo as well.

    123. Wishbone

    A great and fun tattoo that are just wishbones. If you love making a wish with your sister, then these are the tattoos for you.

    124. Sisterly Roses

    These gorgeous roses are truly unique and once again they spell the word sisters.

    125. Pretty Colors

    Sisterly hearts that have some pretty silhouette birds with them. These are really special tattoo designs.

    126. Bold Quotes

    Take a quote and split it in half, you will love showing it off.

    127. Cute Characters

    A great design that has some pretty fun characters.

    128. Stunning Moons

    These moons are special and they have some delicate chandelier elements to them.

    129. The Day You Were Born

    Now, these tattoos are really special because you can add your birthday to them.

    130. Talking Girlfriends

    Another example of tin can phones but with the sisters being older and talking on actual phones.

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