145 Jaw Dropping Shoulder Tattoos For Your Next Design

Shoulder tattoos are just as popular as wrist tattoos, and they are one of the most sought after areas in which to get a tattoo. Even though it doesn’t appear that way, shoulders are actually small areas in which you can get a tattoo. Both men and women can get shoulder tattoos; they look great on both. Shoulder tattoos can come in many different sizes from small to large. There are also many different styles to choose from, anything from tribal, watercolor and 3D. Some of the most popular feminine tattoos for women are butterflies, flowers and cherry blossoms.

Shoulder tattoos can be combined with sleeve tattoos if you are looking for a large design. It’s a great area in general to get a tattoo. There are many different ideas that you can incorporate for both men and women such as quotes, dragons, roses, lions, angels which all look wonderful together. Dragon tattoos are quite popular designs for the shoulder.

There are so many striking tattoo designs that look amazing on location, and you can show them off during the summer months. Men who like to show off their tough attitude typically lean towards a shoulder tattoo. Many people even use a portion of the back to complete their shoulder tattoos.

Below are 145 amazing shoulder tattoo designs for you to choose from.

1. Floral Designs

This stunning black and white design looks amazing against the shoulder, the flowers are amazing.


2. Combination Tattoos

This is a stunning design that is not only on the shoulder but also on the chest and sleeve as well. There is a lot of detail involved that really makes for a wonderful design.


3. Shoulder Eagle

An eagle design that covers the shoulder, this tattoo has a lot of detail that looks great.


4. Dark Roses

A dark rose that sits firmly on top of the shoulder. It’s a detailed rose that is darkened if you are looking for a 0.2medium sized tattoo.


5. Colorful Flowers

This is a beautiful tattoo design that has flowers with some bright, beautiful colors.


6. 3D Designs

This shoulder and sleeve design is a 3D  picture wit religious symbolism in the form of the cross and wings. The design looks like it was carved out of the skin.


7. Watercolor Designs

This beautiful design in blues and pinks looks incredible in swirls. It looks like a watercolor design and it’s stunning.


8. Telling the Time

This sleeve tattoo is all about the passing of time. It’s a large design if that’s what you’re looking for.


9. Octopus Love

This striking design looks amazing as a shoulder and back tattoo. It’s a great design that is sure to draw some attention.


10. Detailed Eagle

An eagle is a great design over all especially if you are patriotic. The detail is incredible in this tattoo design.


11. Unique Florals

This is a beautiful floral design that isn’t detailed but no less beautiful.


12. Stunning Pink

A large tattoo that has stunning pink roses as the central focus. If you love flowers, then this design is one that you will love forever.


13. Vintage Chandelier

You don’t get much more beautiful than this vintage chandelier design. It’s elegant and gorgeous, and there is the added addition of beautiful colors in pastel colors.


14. The Samurai 

This tattoo starts at the shoulder and goes all the way down one side of the body. It’s rather large if that’s what you’re looking for. The detail in the Samurai is extraordinary, and you won;t find a better design than this one.


15. Geometric Shapes

These two geometric fish are swimming together in harmony. It’s an original design that you are sure to love.


16. Mysterious Evening

This cartoonish design has deep, dark colors that really pop off the arm. There are so many great things about the design if you are looking for something different.


17. Passing Time

This old world clock is all about time slipping through our fingers. It’s detailed and makes for a beautiful design.


18. Cooking Elements

The shield combined with the kitchen knife may imply that this is a chef’s design, it’s hard to say. It’s the only way to explain the knife, but it’s certainly an original design.


19. Chinese Tattoos

This Chinese tattoo is a full sleeve and very detailed. I love the bright color of the fish.


20. Proper Quotes

Many people love quote tattoos, and this one is all about fighting, a life of battles.


21. Small Designs

This is a small design that represents the dog in this woman’s life. It’s a great idea for a small design.


22. Creative Florals

This creative floral design looks amazing when it comes to a feminine design.


23. Chest and Shoulders

This is an original design that covers the chest as well as the shoulder.


24. Glamour Girls

This is a stunning tattoo design of a girl from the 20’s. It’s a design that may remind you of the Great Gatsby.


25. Scary Men

An unusual tattoo that is unique and detailed.


26. Crazy Designs

A great tattoo design with a sleeve and it has the most creative design you could ask for. If you want something eye-catching, then this is for you.


27. Skull and Flowers

A wonderful design that combines a skull with some beautiful floral designs. I love the detail behind it, and the skull is so badass.


28. Tribal Designs

This is a great design that looks amazing on the shoulder.


29. The Bone Look

A stunning tattoo sleeve that is anything but boring. There is so much detail to this tattoo that it’s really breathtaking.


30. Bright Purples

I love the beautiful colors in this tattoo design; it’s just so eye-catching.


31. Red Flower

This red flower sits right on the top of the shoulder, and it’s surrounded by others. It’s a more old-fashioned look but very beautiful.


32. The Tulip

There is no color needed for this stunning design.


33. The Silhouette

This great tattoo is original and geometric. The silhouettes really tell their own story.


34. Incredible Detail

There is so much detail to this design that you can’t help but just stare at it. The detail involved is just breathtaking. If you want a badass look, then try this one on for size.


35. Carvings

This tattoo isn’t a trick of the eye, in fact, it’s a new trend where you carve in your tattoo and let the scars show the work.


36. Uncaged Bird

This bird refuses to stay in its cage, and it makes for an elegant design.


37. Bold Colors

A large and gorgeous floral design that is all about bright colors.


38. Rich Roses

This floral design is stunning because of the rich red that makes up the design. I love these beautiful colors together.


39. Beautiful Colors

These gorgeous flowers have jeweled pieces on it. The colors and the elegant jewelry makes for a great tattoo.


40. Sharp Designs

A great tattoo that is amazing if you want a striking design.


41. Plenty of Detail

You can tell by the design that it’s very detailed and it’s rather striking.


42. Butterfly Love

Big and small butterflies are fluttering around the shoulder.


43. Original Tattoos

An original design that looks great on the shoulder.


44. Geometric Work

There are so many great things about this design. It’s stunning and different, a one of a kind design.


45. Flower Drawings

These flowers look amazing almost like a drawing.


46. A Fox Sketch

The bright orange really stands out on this fox, a great design.


47. Flesh Design

There are many different elements to this design. It’s amazing the detail in the middle and then a random cartoon.


48. A Webbed Cartoon

This cartoon web is cute as well as original.


49. Circular Designs

This unique design is one that is hard not to look at; it’s amazing.


50. A Weapon

This tattoo is sharp and deadly, truly a badass design.


51. Scary Skull

This skull has crazy detail to it and a terrifying look. This design is one that you won’t regret if you want a tough look.


52. Tribal Elephant

A large elephant design that looks striking on the shoulder.


53. The Vikings

This detailed design represents the true Viking inside of you.


54. Dark Designs

This tattoo is very dark, so you have to be okay with the commitment. It could be the result of having to cover up another tattoo, but there is no doubt it’s striking.


55. Stunning Neons

These beautiful roses are made more beautiful because of the neon colors.


56. Whale of a Tattoo

A standard tattoo that looks great on the front of the shoulder.


57. A Striking Knight

This tattoo might as well be real life because the detail involved is extraordinary. You won’t find a better tattoo than this one.


58. Just an Outline

A large tattoo that doesn’t require detail or color to be beautiful.


59. An Open Wound

A shield inside of the skin, it’s a 3D tattoo design that has extraordinary detail.


60. A Combination Design

There are three designs that work well together and have great detail. It’s beautiful in black and white.


61. Within the Ring

A beautiful and detailed rose inside of a wedding band.


62. A Flying Bird

One simple bird design that looks great on the shoulder.


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