145 Unique Samurai Tattoos That Will Make You Feel Like a Badass

If you are looking for a tattoo that will make you feel a little badass, then you are sure to love the Samurai tattoos. They have been popular for many years and they never go out of style. You never stand a chance against the discipline that comes to martial arts. The martial arts are also great at overcoming the fear of killing or being in combat. That’s what makes you feel so badass, knowing that you are part of something that protects you.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Samurais? Would it be the sword? Of course, it is, it’s one of the coolest aspects of it.

The important thing about the Samurai sword is that it holds power and we should know where that stems from? The martial arts are all about honor, courage and respect. These are the values they hold tight to in order to help them through times that are chaotic. If you believe in those core values as well then why not represent them through a tattoo. They also used meditation to help them through the tough times and to allow them to have razor sharp focus at all times.

If you want to have a tattoo that represents bravery and honor, then a Samurai tattoo is the one for you. Below are 41 Unique Samurai Tattoos That Will Make You Feel Like a Badass:

1. Detailed Design

This incredible tattoo is all about detailed and it looks pretty awesome as well.

samurai tattoos

2. Large Samurai Tattoos

If you are looking for a large tattoo, then this may be the one for you. There is a lot of amazing coloring with this design.

3. The Warrior

This Samurai is fighting a tiger and their battle looks ferocious.

4. The Angry Fighter

This stern fighter makes for a great arm sleeve design.

5. Great Detail

This is a design of an old school Samurai and the detail is incredible, it looks like a drawing. The dark shading also brings on a whole other look to the design as well. You are sure to love this incredible tattoo design.

6. A Face

For this sleeve design, you just see the face of the warrior, but that’s all you need. I love the scar that they show on the face. You don’t need the full body image to have a great tattoo. There is a lot of emotion involved here.

7. The Sword

The Samurai sword is one of the most popular aspects of Samurai tattoos. You can’t go wrong with this amazing design. The floral elements add a little mystery to the overall design.

8. Traditional Art

This is a very traditional design when it comes to Samurai art. The red sun behind the warrior is a true traditional aspect. This warrior looks like he is having a reflective moment. The red sun just makes the whole image pop.

9. Bold Colors

A Samurai warrior that has a lot of bold colors. There is a lot of fire involved here as well. Green is an unusual color for this type of design, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing. It’s okay to experiment with color. It goes a long way.

10. Drawings

This detailed tattoo has some seriously amazing elements to it. The details involved here are truly amazing. You won’t find a more badass design than this one.

11. The Blind Man

This warrior trains by staying blind, that way he can become a master. It’s a common practice amongst Samurai’s because they want to be able to use their others senses in battle as well.

12. A Great Samurai Tattoo Design

If you are looking for a detailed tattoo, then you can’t go wrong with this tattoo. This tattoo is truly amazing and a little badass. I like the fierceness of this tattoo; it’s part of what makes it unique.

13. Gorgeous Colors

This sleeve tattoo has a lot of great colors to it. Details and colors make for a great tattoo idea. What a creative design if you are looking for a shoulder sleeve. You can see the fierceness in the warrior’s eyes. I just love it.

14. Samurai Sword

A great sword tattoo that is sure to brighten your day. In this design, the sword has been sheathed and it’s one that you are sure to love.

15. The Dark Skull

This badass warrior is from another realm, or maybe he’s just part of the walking dead. Either way, you won’t find a tougher tattoo than this one. The addition of skulls at the bottom makes it that much better. I love the shading involved in this tattoo because it’s realistic.

16. Drifting Away

The sword has been thrown into the ocean, or maybe it’s trying to escape on its own. The colors are also fun. It’s more of a cartoonist image but still fun nonetheless. Blues and reds look great together.

17. Soft Details

You don’t need a lot of details to have an amazing tattoo. It’s a fierce warrior and one that is truly amazing.

18. Bold Red

A great design of a skull with a Samurai helmet on. I love the bold colors that are involved with this tattoo.

19. Dark Tattoos

A great tattoo that has a lot of dark details to it.

20. Creative Designs

There aren’t  a lot of details to this tattoo, but it still is a pretty cool design. There red and black together are really good together.

21. Bold Designs

A rather large tattoo design that you are sure to love. There are a lot of details here that make for a wonderful tattoo.

22. The Deep Thinker

A great design because here we have a warrior who is a deep thinker. It’s a stunning design that you are sure to love.

23. Crazy Warrior

A great design with a lot of bold colors. The look on the warriors face is a little unusual, but maybe he has the case of the crazies.

24. Stunning Colors

I love the amazing colors that are part of this tattoo design. It’s a fierce warrior that has pride in his colors.

25. Bold Warrior

This tattoo is very dark, and a little mysterious. We can’t help but love the detail involved in it as well.

26. Bold Blue

The scary warrior is out of the ordinary but truly awesome. If you love this bold coloring, then you are sure to love this design.

27. Be a Warrior

It looks like the sword is embedded in the skin. It’s a great design choice.

28. Disgruntled

The disgruntled look is a common one when it comes to Samurai warriors and that’s usually because warriors are tough and focused on the task at hand.

29. Portrait

This design looks very much like a portrait. It’s stunning and so detailed that it could be a photograph.

30. Black and White

Black and white tattoos are always great and in this case, it’s a little dark as well. It’s a dead soldier long passed, but the detail and mood around the tattoo are incredible.

31. A Different Kind of Warrior

We all can be warriors even this guy.

32. Hungry Tiger

An interesting take on a warrior, in this case, it’s a tiger and he looks like he’s hungry for a fight.

33. Mysterious Vibe

A great design that you are sure to love because it’s dark and wonderful.

34. Love Affair

This Samurai warrior has a Geisha girl in his midst. It’s a detailed tattoo that is truly magical.

35. Leg Tattoos

This Geisha is right up there with the Samurai warriors. We can’t get enough of these amazing designs with bright colors. They are truly one of a kind.

36. Many Details

Another great example of a tattoo that is full of great details and dark shading. It’s another warrior with a weird expression on his face, but it’s original as well.

37. Scary Designs

If you want a truly badass tattoo, then this leg design might be what you’re looking for. The faces of the warriors are really badass and you won’t see too many like this one, so it’s original design as well. I like the exaggerated features.

38. Rainbow of Colors

The back tattoo is detailed and colorful. If you want something bold and bright, then this is the tattoo for you.

39. Striking Blue

It’s a different kind of warrior and one with a little mystery. I love the colors involved here; they are so vibrant. If you want a Samurai warrior tattoo but one that is a little different then you are sure to love this design.

40. Meditating

Meditating is an important part of being a Samurai warrior. In this tattoo, there is a lot of great background scenery that fills up the back. The warrior is in the middle and he’s looking rather reflective. There isn’t a lot of colors here, but the red does make the rest of the image pop.

41. Mysterious Skull

Another great example of a dead warrior skull. These are cool tattoos because the skulls make them a little more badass than normal. I love the design and it’s truly inspiring.

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