145 Extraordinary Rib Cage Tattoos That You Will Love

If you are looking for a new tattoo, then why not try out a ribcage tattoo. They are very popular tattoo designs that will bring about a lot of pleasure. When it comes to girls getting a rib cage tattoo placement is very important. It’s a large area for a tattoo so it’s a big commitment and let’s not forget the pain involved.

You should prepare yourself for the pain involved in getting a rib cage tattoo because it’s one of the most painful places to get a tattoo. That’s not meant to dissuade you from a rib cage tattoo, you should get whatever tattoo that you want. But just be aware that it’s not the easiest place to endure a tattoo.

Tattoos are forever and such a large design is a big commitment for anyone so just make sure that it’s right for you before you do anything. It’s a great spot however if you want a tattoo that you want to keep hidden. If you want a tattoo all to yourself then a rib cage tattoo is the one for you.

Ric cage tattoos are always sexy tattoos, there is just something appealing about the location of the tattoo especially on women.

Check out the images below to find out your new design, you won’t be able to resist these designs.

1. Writing

A great design that is a simple message, one that you are sure to enjoy. It’s a simple tattoo that goes horizontally along the rib cage.

rib tattoos

2. Flowers in Vases

These gorgeous flowers are all in vases but not ordinary vases, these look like glasses from a laboratory. So this tattoo may have some special meaning for the owner.

3. The Knife

This tattoo is also an unusual one. The knife is sharp and it’s ready to cut the rose. We have a feeling that this tattoo also has special meaning to the owner.

4. The Moon

A simple moon tattoo on the rib cage is all you need to have a rib cage tattoo. You don’t have to have a large tattoo to have a rib cage tattoo.

5. Storm Clouds

A great little design that is interesting because it’s like a little storm cloud. A great design that you are sure to love.

6. Large Rib Cage Tattoos

A great tattoo design that looks like it covers the whole rib cage. The black and reds always go well together. We wish that we could see the design better but it’s still pretty.

7. Gorgeous Drawing

A great tattoo of flowers. We love this tattoo because it looks like a drawing. The shading is truly remarkable.

8. Swans

A great tattoo that is shared between a couple. Both man and woman have the same matching tattoos. The swans encircled by flowers are a great way to show your love.

9. Watercolor Fish

A special fish surrounded by watercolor paint. We love all the amazing colors that are here.

10. Personal Message

A great message that holds a personal meaning for the owner. Find your favorite quote and use it for your own tattoo design. These types of tattoos always look great on the rib cage.

11. Bold Flowers

A big flower is a great tattoo design. Decide what your favorite flower is and run with the idea. You can add color to it or leave it black and white.

12. Long Flowers

A great tattoo that is truly beautiful because it fits perfectly alongside the rib cage. We love the soft purple that is here because it’s wonderful.

13. Mountain Scenery

A gorgeous design that is truly wonderful. It’s a stunning design that will remind you of being out in the great outdoors.

14. The Crystal Ball

A simple tattoo design that tells a story all its own. It’s a unique tattoo that has a mystery to it.

15. A Quote

It’s a beautiful sentiment and one that you will cherish forever. It’s a simple tattoo and yet it holds a lot of meaning.

16. The Galaxy

You won’t find a more gorgeous rib cage tattoo than this one. It’s beautiful and mysterious. The geometric design is put together like a puzzle. The design itself is of a galaxy and the colors are absolutely stunning. The design is just breathtaking.

17. Ghosts

If you have a love for ghosts then you are sure to love this fun little tattoo. We guess the joke is on these little ghosts.

18. Song Lyrics

A great tattoo design that has some amazing song lyrics. The colors are wonderful as well as wonderful words.

19. Enjoy the Process

If you are ever having a bad day all you have to do is look at this design and you will immediately feel better. It’s a great motivational tattoo that you are sure to love.

20. Flower Designs

We love colorful rib cage tattoos, they are always beautiful.

21. Other Languages

A simple tattoo that is in another language. It’s not a large tattoo design, it fits elegantly in a horizontal pattern.

22. Nautical Designs

A great example of a rib cage tattoo, this one is a nautical design. We love the great design and the bright colors.

23. The Lotus Flower

A gorgeous large Lotus flower that is stunning in all its forms. If you love flowers then you are sure to love this gorgeous design.

24. Watercolor Painting

This painting is rather extraordinary. It looks just like a watercolor design and it’s one that you are sure to love. A soft design that is rather lovely when you look at it.

25. Red Rose

These large red roses are so bright and beautiful. If you are looking for a breathtaking design then this is the one for you. We love the bright red color.

26. The Warrior

We’re not sure if it’s a warrior or a prisoner but either way, it’s a pretty cool tattoo. The details are really fun.

27. Handing Over a Rose

A delicate tattoo of a rose in a woman’s hand. A simple design that you are sure to love.

28. A Great Design

A simple geometric design that has a lot of character. Many lines that make up a wonderful design.

29. Double Roses

A simple tattoo of two roses that make up a truly wonderful design. It’s simple but beautiful.

30. Daisy Love

A simple design of a yellow daisy is all you will need to brighten your day. Just the color yellow makes everyone happy.

31. Wondrous Love

A gorgeous tattoo with a simple sentiment and one that you will cherish during the darkest of times. If you are looking for a quote then you are sure to love this one.

32. A Balloon Ride

A large tattoo that is beautiful and mysterious. There are so many different elements to this tattoo that makes for a great tattoo design. It’s large though so it’s a lot of commitment.

33. Simple Language

A simple quote that will make you smile every single day. It’s a great tattoo design that is marvelous for anyone.

34. Bright Purple

These bright colors make for a stunning tattoo design that is full of color and amazing delight. We just love the bright purple that makes up this gorgeous design.

35. Dreamcatcher Love

Nothing is more beautiful than an inspiring dreamcatcher. The gorgeous blue feathers are truly magical. If you want to be inspired daily then you are sure to love this tattoo design.

36. Geometric Cat

A great design that is not only mathematical as well as gorgeous. It’s a stunning example of how creative a tattoo design can be for the rib cage.

37. Multiple Designs

This design has some amazing detail to it. If you are looking for a beautiful tattoo that has detail then this is the one for you.

38. Sun and Moon

This is a great tattoo design and it’s truly original. The sun and the moon together as one, it’s an amazing tattoo.

39. Ribbon Designs

A great tattoo that is inspiring as well as beautiful. It’s a simple tattoo design but a great idea for anyone looking for a simple design.

40. Blue Moon

This gorgeous tattoo has a blue moon that is beautifully bright. We love the simple writing with the moon, it’s elegant and inspiring. It’s an amazing design.

41. The Hand

The all seeing eye is part of this hand and it looks so amazing. It’s a unique design that you are sure to love. The darkness really brings life to the tattoo.

42. Koi Fish

This is a great design for a reason. The bright colors really bring life to this tattoo design.

43. The Elephant

A great tattoo of a wonderful elephant with colorful dots down its face. We wonder what the dots are for, they are very mysterious.

44. Big and Bold

A large tattoo design that covers the entire rib cage. It’s big and bold with some beautiful colors. If you love flowers then you are sure to love this design.

45. Gorgeous Peacock

You won’t find a better tattoo design than this because it’s so breathtakingly beautiful. We love the gorgeous colors here and the magical design that is the peacock. It’s the kind of tattoo that you can’t stop looking at.

46. Gorgeous Colors

The deep blue ocean is part of this gorgeous peacock and truly one of a kind. It’s a large tattoo that covers the entire rib cage. We just love this tattoo because it’s so beautiful.

47. Alice in Wonderland

A great tattoo design that is part of a magical story. If you are a fan of Alice in Wonderland then you are going to love this amazing tattoo design. There are so many amazing elements to it that bring out great ideas.

48. Jumping Fish

These bright colors make up this gorgeous tattoo design of a Koi fish jumping out of the water.

49. The Sun

A great sun design that has some simple elements. A great design that anyone would love.

50. The Stag

A great design of a stag with many details. There are arrows in the stag but the stag still lives. There are some mysterious elements to the design as well. There is a key as well as a tooth and we wonder what it all means.

51. Colorful Turtle

A great tattoo design of a turtle with bright and beautiful colors. The watercolor tattoos are truly beautiful because of the amazing colors.

52. Stunning Designs

A gorgeous tattoo design that you are sure to love. There are details that are truly amazing. If you are looking for a floral design then you are sure to love this one.

53. Bold Designs

A great tattoo design that is large with some bright colors. The interesting part about it is the large organ in the background, a realistic looking heart. There are some beautiful flowers growing out of the heart and it makes for a unique design. If you are looking for something different then you are sure to love this design.

54. The Singing Man

This is a popular tattoo design of a cartoonish singing man.

55. Geisha Girl

If you are a fan of the old-school Geisha girls then you are sure to love this beautiful design. It’s elegant and cultural and it’s sure to get you many compliments. It’s a gorgeous design of a girl with a whole lot of mystery.

56. Shark Tales

This shark is ready to feast as it rips out of the water. It’s fierce and powerful, the King of the ocean. We all love shark design tattoos because they always look cool.

57. An Anchor

If you love cartoons and sailing then you are sure to love this nautical design of an anchor. This tattoo is all about hope and the feeling that hope gives us. If you love sailing then you are sure to love this design.

58. Bird of Flight

If you are a born hunter then you are sure to love this tattoo. It’s rather large, it takes up most of the rib cage. It’s a great design that is full of color.

59. Stunning Blue

This seeing eye tattoo holds a lot of mystery. We love the blue that is throughout the whole design, it makes for a gorgeous image.

60. Fish Designs

This is a rather large tattoo design, it covers the entire rib cage. If you love fishing or fish in general then you are sure to love this detailed design.

61. The Power of Pink

There is no better color for flowers than pink. We just love this gorgeous flowing design. It’s magical and the pink just compliments the design so well.

62. The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is all about possibility. It’s the kind of tattoo that gives you hope. It’s a rather large tattoo design, it covers the entire rib cage but the idea is beautiful.

63. Bright Flowers

These flowers are all connected to a skull design, one inspired by pirates. Can’t you see the diamond treasure within the pirate’s skull? This is a fun design for those that love pirate stories.

64. Colorful Dolls

This is a tattoo design of a traditional ceramic doll that we are probably all familiar with. It’s a simple design with some bright colors.

65. Biblical Designs

A simple design of a cross and a rose. This design is biblical and it comes attached with a scripture.

66. Rounded Trees

This Tree of Life has rounded edges. It’s a gorgeous tattoo that has a lot of life to it. It covers the entire rib cage in beauty.

67. Blue Crab

We love this blue crab because he’s bright and a gorgeous example of wonderful sea creatures.

68. Crowned Heart

This bleeding heart looks to be in pain and it’s also wearing a crown. A different type of tattoo for someone looking for something different.

69. Creative Elephant

A detailed elephant design that you are sure to love as a rib cage tattoo.

70. Just an Outline

A large outline of roses, you can leave it as it is or fill it in with beautiful colors.

71. A Tiger

This tiger is fierce and it’s is stalking its prey through the jungle. We can’t get enough of this stunning design. If you are looking for something badass then this is the design for you.

72. Morbid Tattoo

This scary tattoo has a message and it’s one that most of us don’t like to be reminded of.

73. Mysterious Tree

A gorgeous tree design that has a beautiful full side to it and a dark and morbid side to it. Is one representing life and the other representing death?

74. Cute Elephant

A simple and sweet elephant design that fits nicely right under the armpit.

75. The Canvas

Use your body as a canvas with these beautiful colors.

76. Love

A great tattoo about love.

77. Greek Letters

A fraternity bond that will last a lifetime.

78. Sad Elephant

This sad elephant looks like it is lonely.

79. Watercolor Art

Another great example of a watercolor tattoo of an anchor.

80. In Chains

This tattoo is very religious and it’s about breaking free of the bondage.

81. The Eagle

A colorful and powerful design of an eagle.


82. A Simple Message

Sometimes all you need is a simple message for a tattoo to be perfect.

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