100 One Of A Kind Pyramid Tattoos

The pyramid tattoos are gorgeous and mysterious and that’s because there is a lot of history behind them. Not only has the pyramid been considered the “stairway to heaven” but it’s seen as a symbol of strength because of all the years it’s endured. When there were Egyptian rulers, these people were seen as Gods and the pyramid were there to represent their ascent to heaven. We often see the All-Seeing Eye in pyramid tattoos as well and it’s seen as the Eye of Horus looking over you with protection.

Pyramids are seen as a spiritual symbol and there is a lot of mystery surrounding the time when pyramids were being built. There is a belief that the pyramids hold electromagnetic energy from the planets and stars. They were built in medieval times and yet they are still standing strong and durable.

It is said that pyramids were built all over the world, not just in Egypt. There are some people that suggest there are still pyramids that haven’t been discovered yet. It is believed that there is an energy field that surrounds pyramids that allow people to connect with other spiritual dimensions.

There are a lot of people that would consider the pyramid tattoo to be their favorite style and that’s because they always look so cool. There are other elements that can be incorporated into the tattoo like the all-seeing eye, the infinity symbol among many others. We have a ton of cool options for you to look through. Check out these 100 One Of A Kind Pyramid Tattoos:

1. Dark Designs

This is a rather large tattoo but as we mentioned before there is a lot of mystery behind these designs and this is a great example of one.


2. Separated Designs

A cool design that has the pyramid separating in a cool way. It also has a very large eye that is probably symbolic of the All-Seeing Eye.

3. Fun Styles

A cool look like this is for someone who likes to play around and have some fun.

4. Peace Signs

This is a geometric tattoo which is perfect for the pyramid styles. There are peace symbols surrounding the pyramid so it could be symbolic of peace during war times.

5. Watercolor Styles

Watercolor tattoos are one of the prettiest styles that you can find. The colors are always amazing and you don’t have to worry about staying inside the lines.

6. Sleeve Designs

There is a lot that you can do with sleeve designs and as you can see here, you can incorporate a lot into your tattoo design.

7. Cartoon Styles

We have aliens coming down to the pyramids in this tattoo design.

8. Mysterious Birds

This is a dark tattoo design and one that you are sure to love.

9. Cool Designs

There is a lot going on with this design. We have palm trees, alien ships, sunsets, it seems as if just about anything has been thrown into this style.

10. Line Designs

It seems as if there are just lines and dots bringing this tattoo design together and we love it.

11. Painted Designs

This tattoo looks more like a painting than anything else.

12. Bright Styles

A great tattoo design of the All-Seeing Eye and it’s certainly a popular style.

13. Back Tattoos

This is a large design and it covers the entire back. It’s a very detailed image of a pyramid.

14. Broken Designs

It’s obvious that there is a story behind this tattoo and it definitely involves aliens.

15. The Passing Of Time

A stunning tattoo design that has a ton of detail. We have time within the pyramid and that could mean a number of things.

16. Blue Eye

A cool design that has the eye in the middle of the pyramid. This is one of the more basic styles that we have seen so far.

17. Geometric Designs

There is a lot going on with this tattoo and there is a ton of mystery as well. We have serpents, skulls, geometric elements and All-Seeing Eyes everywhere.

18. Hand Tattoos

The hand is a great place for a pyramid tattoo because it fits perfectly!

19. Tattoos That Pop

We just love the bright yellow here because it just makes the whole tattoo pop.

20. Galaxy Colors

If you are looking for bold colors, then you can’t go wrong with a tattoo design like this one. We love the stunning shades, they are glorious.

21. Melting Pyramid

This pyramid just melts right into the clock design.

22. Warm Styles

We just love this style because it’s warm and inviting. The stunning shade makes it look as if the sun is setting on top of the pyramids.

23. Palm Trees And Pyramids

A cool design that makes it look like the pyramids are on vacation.

24. Major Pyramids

Don’t get just any old pyramid design. Get something epic that comes right from the history books. If you love Egyptian architecture, then you are sure to love this design.

25. Small Designs

You don’t need a huge design to make an impression, try this little style on for size.

26. Astrology Signs

A great tattoo design that has mysterious elements to it.

27. Bold Colors

A great style that is sure to impress you regardless of where you go. We just love these bold colors.

28. Stunning Sleeve

This dark sleeve is interesting and detailed. We love when sleeve designs mix together other elements.

29. Cool Signs

We get multiple styles here with this tattoo design.

30. Ornate Styles

This gorgeous tattoo design has the elements of time within the pyramid. With love the ornamental elements that we see with this tattoo.

31. All Seeing Eye

We see here that the top portion of the pyramid is the All-Seeing Eye. Try a tattoo like this one and you will have people talking about it all the time.

32. Bold Eye

This is a stunning design because of all the detail. It practically looks like a portrait, it has so much detail to it. It’s a large design that sits on the inside of the arm and it is sure to draw the eye wherever you go.

33. Cool Clocks

Another great example of a pyramid and clock theme together.

34. Pyramid Styles

We have another great tattoo design that has bright colors and bold shapes. We see the palm trees once again with this tattoo design.

35. Egyptian Gods

This sleeve design has a great Egyptian structure on it. If you want something impressive, then this is the tattoo for you.

36. Red Designs

We love how amazing the red looks with these pyramid designs. If you are looking for a cool tattoo design, then try red out.

37. Palm Styles

This is definitely a cool palm tattoo. What more could you want from a tattoo?

38. Chest Designs

This is another large tattoo design that has the pyramid inside the owl.

39. Cool Designing

If you’re looking for something a little different, then you can’t go wrong with this style.

40. Brick Wall

This style is a little different because although it is in the shape of a pyramid, it’s not a traditional pyramid image. There is a lot going on with this design and there is likely a story behind it all.

41. Small Designs

If you are thinking that you want something more simple, then this might be what you’re looking for.

42. Small Designs

This is the perfect tattoo for this spot and it’s all enclosed in a circle.

43. Fun Designing

This is another cartoon image tattoo that is one of a kind. Maybe you don’t want something serious, you would much rather have a fun-loving type of tattoo.

44. All Knowing Eye

There’s something about this eye that makes us think that it knows a lot more than we would suspect.

45. Lightning Strikes

There is a storm brewing over this pyramid and we have to wonder what the story is behind it.

46. Clock Images

This cool image once again combines the clock and the pyramid together. There is a lot of mystery and intrigue involved in a tattoo like this one.

47. Tattoos With A Message

This is a very basic design but it has a strong message to it.

48. Linear Designs

It’s cool how a bunch of lines can create something so interesting to look at. This is one of those tattoo designs that you want to try to figure out.

49. Bold Tattoo

This is a huge tattoo on the shoulder but it’s a gorgeous one. If you are looking for a large design, then this may be exactly what you are looking for.

50. Egyptian Images 

Another great tattoo image that you are sure to love.

51. Cloudy Styles

We have another style here with dark and disturbing clouds overhead.

52. Different Styles

What we love about this tattoo design is that all the pyramids are different.

53. Alien Stories

There seem to be a lot of connections to aliens and pyramids. They make for cool and interesting designs.

54. Bold Images

We love images like this because they tell their own story. When you choose a tattoo design, try to get something that speaks to you in a personal way.

55. Power Of Protection

The All-Seeing Eye offers protection over the Gods of Egypt. This is a cool design that is also large. It covers the entire back.

56. Cool Designs

A cool tattoo design that has some elements that have nothing to do with the pyramid. The lion is a nice touch as well.

57. Pyramid Head

A gorgeous tattoo that has pyramids coming out of a head. It’s sure to be a conversation piece wherever you go.

58. Realistic Images

This tattoo design is so detailed that it seems like a real eye. You are sure to get a ton of compliments with a tattoo like this one.

59. Bold Sleeves

Another awesome tattoo that has both the All-Seeing Eye and a pyramid. The great thing about sleeve tattoos is that you can fit a lot of different elements to the tattoo.

60. Small Designs

Great tattoos come in all shapes and sizes. You can see that with this tattoo design.

61. The Inner Workings

This tattoo implies that there are more things going on inside the pyramid than we were led to believe. There are a ton of conspiracy theories on why the pyramids were built and you can use your design to tell your own story.

62. Important Figures

This awesome tattoo has all the important Egyptian figures from the medieval times. We love how huge the images are and the darkness conveys the depth of the characters.

63. Pyramid Square

This pyramid design is in the middle of a square. It’s the kind of style that is structured and organized.

64. Passionate Designs

This person is clearly passionate about the images because the whole Egyptian theme covers his entire back. There are so many cool elements going on in the tattoo that you want to stare at it for hours.

65. Stunning Colors

How could you not love a tattoo with so many beautiful colors in it?

66. Worn Styles

There appears to be a sandstorm in this tattoo design and maybe even a tornado. It’s definitely a cool image and one that you will want to keep around.

67. China Pyramids

This is likely one of the temples in China. It’s built much like a pyramid and serve as a spiritual ground as well.

68. Hand Styles

This is a very unusual tattoo design and that’s what makes it special. Try something new out and see how you like it.

69. Camel Styles

The tattoo is styled in a landscape design with the added touch of a camel.

70. Matching Styles

You can get matching styles on both arms or you can get matching styles with a friend.

71. Simple Designs

Another simple tattoo that you can put anywhere.

72. Eagle Designs

Another cool cartoon image that you are sure to love.

73. Warrior Sleeve

This detailed design is awesome in many ways. These warriors make for a great tattoo design.

74. Mysterious Images

You are sure to love a tattoo as badass as this one. It’s cool and clean and totally one of a kind. Try it out for yourself.

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