75 Polynesian Tattoos That Have True Meaning

Is it that time again to get a new tattoo? If you’re thinking about getting some new ink then why not look for something that has some significant meaning to it. Polynesian tattoos are not only super cool to look at, but they are also a type of ancient art. So, with that comes a lot of meaning. Polynesian tattoos are based on the Polynesian culture so there are different meanings for each tattoo.

Long ago there was a time when writing was not an option for Polynesians. You might be surprised to know that they communicated through the use of art. In order for people to let each other know who they were and what their personality was like they used art. That was where the idea for Polynesian tattoos came from. These tattoos were used to determine everything from someone’s societal status to their sexual maturity level. They used them to also determine their hierarchy status and genealogy, which is all pretty cool. It was actually banned for a time in 1797 when the missionaries arrived. The banned it based on the Old Testament. But it was revived once again in the 1980’s bringing a whole new life back to the art.

If you are thinking of a Polynesian tattoo, then we have many styles for you to choose from that come in all shapes and sizes.

Check out these 75 Polynesian Tattoos That Have True Meaning:

1. Love Keys

These sweet tattoos are all about connecting with your mate.


2. Golden Key

Keys are very popular in the Polynesian culture.


3. Lock & Key

This is always a popular choice for couples who want to get matching tattoos. The lock and key is a symbol of their love for each other.


4. Large Designs

Another example of the lock and key Polynesian tattoo design but these are much larger and more ornate.


5. Sweet Designs

We love this lock and key design because it intersects together. The chain goes from one partner’s arm to the other.


6. Carrying the Keys

This dove is carrying some keys, are they love keys?


7. Love & Respect

Two important parts of any successful relationship. It’s a sweet design that you are sure to love.



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8. Detailed Design

A great design that is truly inspiring. We love the details on these tattoos.



9. Skull Design

An amazing design that you are sure to love. This lock and key are truly mysterious.


10. Bright Colors

There is a lot going on with this sleeve design, there are locks and flowers and we just love the bright colors.


11. Ornate Love

There’s nothing like ornate lock and keys to show your true love for one another.


12. Different Keys

These are two different tattoos and the keys in each one are very different.


13. Splashes of Paint

We love the bright splashes of paint that accompany this awesome key design.


14. Keyhole

One simple keyhole is all you need to remain mysterious. It’s on the neck as well which means that your secret keyhole can remain a secret if you want it to.


15. Vintage Design

We love the many vintage elements to this sleeve design.


16. Pick a Key

A great design that can be shared with friends, family or loved ones.


17. Foot Tattoos

A great and colorful design that fits perfectly on the foot.


18. Wrist Designs

These lock and key designs fit perfectly on the wrists.


19. Purple Ribbon

The purple ribbon brings a lot of beauty to this tattoo design.


20. Mysterious Tattoo

If you are looking for an original tattoo design, then this is the one for you. We love all the creativity here.


21. Jack the Pumpkin King

If you are a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas, then you are sure to love this unique lock and key tattoos.


22. Nautical Symbols

There is some destination symbolism to this lock and key design. Where are these birds taking the key?


23. Gorgeous Rose

You can add many different elements to a Polynesian tattoo like a beautiful red rose.


24. Simple Designs

This is a very small and simple design, but it’s also very powerful! We love it.


25. Skull & Bones

This gorgeous wood key has a scary skull as the base point.


26. Love Designs

Another example of the lock and key tattoo.


27. Red Ribbon

This lock and key design has some red ribbon to it this time.


28. Gorgeous Designs

A great tattoo design that is precious to look at.


29. Puzzle Pieces

These unique puzzle pieces join the lock and key together. It’s a unique way of having the same type of tattoo design.


30. Paint Splotches

Gorgeous keys surrounded by some amazing colored paint splotches. We love tattoos that have paint elements to it.


31. Elegant Key

This looks like a key that is fit for royalty.


32. Blue Ribbon

Another example of the lock and key tattoo but this one has blue ribbon and the color really pops out.



33. Aged Arts

A gorgeous tattoo that has a weathered look to it.


34. Locket Designs

As you can see the lock and key tattoo design is a very popular one.


35. Eternity

A simple design that is all about eternity!


36. White Ink

Using white ink in your tattoo can give your tattoo a whole new look.


37. The Plump Heart

Doesn’t that heart look like it’s just going to start beating? Love the color as well.


39. Say it Red

Simple tattoos with just a splash of red.


40. The Gem

This locket has a purple gem on the inside; we absolutely love it.


41. Great Designs

Another great design of the heart locket.


42. Little Designs

Simpel designs for big sentiments.


43. Sweet Love

A colorful design that is sure to put a smile on your face.



44. Locked Forever

These unique tattoos make it look like the lock and key are embedded into your skin. A truly unique design.


45. Large Tattoos

If you want to show your love in a big way, then these bright tattoos are exactly what you’re looking for.




46. Shoulder Tattoos

If you are looking for a great shoulder tattoo, then this is the one for you.


47. Golden Designs

A little gold never hurt anyone.



48. Angel Wings

This is an amazing chest tattoo; we just love the wings that hold the keys in place. The bright red with the black is also quite eye-catching.



49. Realistic Designs

This tattoo is very realistic and beautiful. We love how amazing the colors are with this one.



50. Original Faces

Talk about an amazing version of the lock and key tattoo. Those faces are so realistic we would think they were real if they weren’t tattoos. An amazing work of art we have to say.



51. Bright Blue

A splash of blue can make any tattoo pop.


52. Stunning Designs

A great locket tattoo with some amazing elements to it. We love the flowers.


53. Keyhole Hand

This is an interesting take on the locket tattoo. The keyhole is in the hand.


54. Simple Art

A great design that has simple elements to it.


55. The Chest

The locket in this Polynesian tattoo is in the treasure chest.


56. Bright Colors

These bright colors really make these tattoos pop out.


57. Sugar Skulls

We love these sugar skull tattoo designs. They give some originality to the standard lock and key designs. The eyes are so mesmerizing.


58. Dark Designs

We love this owl locket design. The details in this tattoo are amazing.


59. Copper Designs

Another example of a standard lock and key tattoo.


60. Opening the Locket

This design has the locket opening to show the secrets inside.


61. Sparkling Gold

Green and gold together make for a great color scheme. The green just pops into this design.


62. Diamond Designs

This is a cool version of the locket tattoo designs. We love the crisp blue.




63. Elegant Elements

If you are looking for a pretty design then these tattoos of pearls on them. You are sure to love these original designs.


64. Just the Key

It’s okay just to get the key on its own as well; key tattoos are always popular designs.


65. Open Lock

Another great example of the lock and key designs.


66. Sleeve Designs

The lock and key can also become part of a larger design like this sleeve.


67. The Claws

These tattoos give the illusion that some large bird with grasping claws are about to take the lock and key.


68. White Ink Designs

White ink is growing in popularity every day.


69. Eye Tattoos

This unique tattoo has an eye in the locket. It’s a very realistic eye and the colors are beautiful.


70. Leg Tattoos

Another great example of the lock and key tattoo design.


71. Throat Designs

This is an interesting design as the keyhole is on the throat while the key is on the finger.


72. Back Designs

This is a gorgeous tattoo for the middle of the back.


73. Great Colors

There is so much awesome to this tattoo; we love the clocks and all the amazing colors.


74. Lace Designs

A beautiful locket made of lace.


75. Finger Tattoos

These tiny tattoos look great on the fingers. Choose a different design for each finger and you will have an original tattoo design.


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