75+ Stunning Antique Pocket Watch Tattoos For Your Next Ink

If you are looking for a new tattoo that has meaning behind it then why not go for a pocket watch tattoo design? It’s timely, and it gives a real vintage look if that’s the style that you are looking for.

Not too many people wear watches anymore, in fact, many people don’t unless it’s a special occasion as sometimes not even then. Pocket watches are even more unlikely to see, though at on time it used to be the way that it was. The pocket watch used to be not just a decoration fro the wearer, but it was also practical. Though throughout evolution it wasn’t long before it all but disappeared. After the pocket watch went out of style then came the wrist watch, and that was in style much longer. Once cell phones came around, however, there was no real point in wearing watches because most people keep their phones on them at all times. The pocket watch became something that was just for decoration, something that you passed down from generation to generation. When it comes to jewelry that serves as a means of telling time, there has not been another quite like the pocket watch. It’s elegant and stylish in a way that used to give someone a sense of status in the world.

It’s a great tattoo idea because they generally look very cool and if you are into vintage looks then it’s perfect for you. If you think you want a tattoo design that has a pocket watch incorporated into it, then you are going to love this list. Here are 78 Stunning Antique Pocket Watch Tattoos Ideas For Your Next Ink:

1. Stunning Creations

This tattoo is just stunning because of the vintage pen and pocket watch as well as the vibrant red colors.


2. Inner Workings

A colorful design that shows the inner workings of a pocket watch.


3. Sketchy Designs

This scratchy design is sure to make anyone who loves vintage art really happy.


4. Cartoon Designs

If you like the cartoon designs, then try this one out.


5. Inside Out

This tattoo looks like a drawing, but you get to see both the inside and outside of the watch.


6. Other Elements

This design is all about the look of a drawing. I love the black and white design; it’s very similar to the last with but with a few other elements.


7. Nautical Symbols

This tattoo has both the look of a pocket watch but also the nautical design on the inside.


8. Telling a Story

This tattoo design tells a story, there are so many other elements to it like the tree and the rose. You could tell your own personal story through your tattoo.


9. Geometric Designs

An insanely beautiful tattoo design that has the pocket watch within the geometric shapes.



10. Vintage Sleeve

A great tattoo design that looks amazing because of the vintage details.


11. Hand Tattoos

A hand tattoo that truly tells a story. This nautical pocket watch is all about the travels of the owner.


12. Remembering

This pocket watch has a date on it as if it’s meant to remember someone.


13. Dark Sleeves

This tattoo is very mysterious; it reminds of the feeling you would get if you fell down the rabbit hole.


14. Bright Red

If you love red, then you are sure to love this color. A great tattoo design that shows off a vintage watch with some bright red roses.


15. Small Designs

If you are looking for something small and simple, then this wrist tattoo is right for you.


16. Ribcage Designs

A pocket watch amongst a bunch of roses creates a great design.


17. Ornate Drawing

A creatively designed tattoo that is sure to have everyone talking.


18. Extreme Detail

This tattoo is stunning because of all the beautiful details involved. It looks like a hand drawing made by an exceptional artist.


19. Multiple Watches

This tattoo is amazing because of the detail on the multiple watches. A great tattoo choice.



20. Cross Designs

This pocket watch has cross designs on the other side.


21. Golden Tools

A great pocket watch design that has a golden inner chamber. There a musical notes surrounding the pocket watch as well.


22. The Owl

This owl is hanging on tight to the pocket watch. It doesn’t look like anyone will get it out of its grasp.


23. Map Your Coordinates

A great map design with a nautical pocket watch. These designs are truly inspiring.


24. Double Watch

This pocket watch has two faces, and the detail is amazing.


25. Initials

A great pocket watch design that has initials on the inside.


26. Broken Watch

This design certainly tells a story of a broken watch and time. It could be reminiscent of an event that happened.


27. A Rose Inside

I love this design because of the rose that you can see inside the watch.


28. A Great Watch

Another great example of a pocket watch tattoo design.


29. Ornate Watch

Ornate designs can really class up a design creating something unique.


30. The Sands of Time

A great symbol of time passing like sand through your fingers.


31. Mirrored Designs

Another great example of a pocket watch tattoo that looks more like a drawing.


32. Angel Wings

A great sleeve design that has many elements including angel wings.


33. Splashes of Color

There isn’t a lot of color involved in this tattoo, but where there is some, it really makes it pop. I love the detail involved.


34. Like a Dream

This scratchy design is like something you would see out of a dream. It’s creative, unusual and gorgeous.


35. Apple Blossoms

This detailed design has a pocket watch amongst apple blossoms and daisies.


36. Bright Blue

A beautiful design that incorporates a bright blue rose, to really make the design pop.


37. Bold Designs

A great design that anyone will love because of the detail and symbolism of the watch.


38. Creative Designs

This shoulder tattoo is stunning with all its detail and storyline. You can’t go wrong with these beautiful colors.


39. Dark and Mysterious

A stunning design that is all about mystery and intrigue.


40. Tiny Designs

A great hand design for someone that just wants something simple.


41. Red Bow

This pocket watch is in a heart shaped design. If you love creativity, then you are sure to love this tattoo.


42. Sleeve Designs

Another great tattoo design that incorporates pocket watches.


43. All Seeing Eye

A pocket watch with the All Seeing Eye on the inside of the design.


44. Simple Designs

Another great example of a cartoon watch design, with simple elements.


45. An Outline

Another simple design that has a pocket watch and other elements but just the outlines of them.


46. Great Colors

These beautiful pocket watches are just like lockets; they hold secrets of another time.


47. Just Roses

Another great example of a watch and rose combination.


48. Great Roses

Another great example of the pocket watch tattoo with some rose elements.


49. Add an Angel

Double watch and angel come together to create a unique watch design.


50. Beautiful Bee

My favorite part of this design is the detailed yellow bee sitting on the watch; it even has a shadow underneath it.


51. Leg Tattoo

If you are looking for a large leg tattoo, then this simple design might be what you’re looking for.


52. Detailed Watches

Another great example of a watch design that you are sure to love.


53. Add a Message

This tattoo design is very simple, and it has a message attached to it.


54. Sweet Tattoo

A great tattoo design that you are sure to love because of the bright colors.


55. Bold Numbering

The bold numbering on this tattoo really makes it pop. The watch becomes even more eye-catching because of it.


56. Golden Detail

A watch that has details and great coloring.



57. Beautiful Design

A simple yet beautiful pocket watch design.


58. Basic Outline

Sometimes just using an outline can create a wonderful tattoo design.


59. Bright Colors

If you like the use of bright colors, then you are sure to love this tattoo design.


60. Three Roses

A great example of how you can combine roses and a pocket watch together to make a great tattoo.


61. Crows

These crows are fighting over the pocket watch, which one will win?


62. Foxy Designs

A fox and a pocket watch design that looks wonderful on the leg.


63. Orange Designs

A wonderful design that has some great orange coloring to it.


64. Watercolor Tattoos

A great tattoo design that has watercolor elements to it. I love the fact that it looks like the paint is dripping down the arm.


65. Blue Bird

A great blue bird design that has a pocket watch with it.


66. Roses Abound

Another great example of how roses and pocket watches go great together.


67. Moth Tattoos

A gorgeous tattoo of a moth which pocket watch pieces throughout the tattoo. It looks like the pocket watch is coming out of the body of the moth.


68. Elegant Designs

A beautiful and elegant watch designs with roses.


69. Cracked Face

This watch design has a cracked face revealing the inside of the watch.


70. Wrist Watch

A simple design that anyone can treasure.


71. Just a Watch

Another great example of a pocket watch design.


72. Spiraling Detail

A great tattoo design if you are looking for a sleeve.


73. Colorful Designs

A tattoo design that has many different colors.


74. The Halo

A design that has a clock with angel symbolism all around it.




75. Floral Designs

This pocket watch is surrounded by flowers.


76. Alice in Wonderland

Creative designs of your favorite movies.


77. Ice Blue

This ice blue design is strikingly beautiful.



78. Stunning Detail

A gorgeous tattoo design that will catch everyone’s eye.


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