101 Gorgeous Phoenix Tattoo Designs to try in 2021

The Gorgeous Phoenix Tattoos are created in different colors and positions to fit the wearer’s needs. They are all done with style and beauty. Those who want to wear the Phoenix can do so with a full body tattoo or a charming leg or arm tattoo. Select the Gorgeous Phoenix tattoo that suits your fancy and have it applied today.

1. Gorgeous Phoenix in Beautiful Colors

Phoenix tattoo designs1

See this beautiful Tattoo in hues of reds and yellow magnificent for your back. The proud way that the Phoenix holds the head high gives the wearer the full feel of being king or Queen in the serious wear of a Phoenix Tattoo.

2. The Phoenix in Flight

Phoenix tattoo designs2

A great way to display this Tattoo on your back! Looks like the Phoenix is just about ready to take off and fly away. This is a gorgeous way to display the Phoenix in Tattoo form.

3. Blue Phoenix Landing

Phoenix tattoo designs4

Such a perfect Tattoo on your side in blue about to land. The feet look like the landing gears are down and the wearer can raise their arm to have this Phoenix on display anytime.

4. Magnificent Phoenix for the Arm

Phoenix tattoo designs6

Fiery Red enhanced with black the masculine Tattoo! What a gorgeous way to show off the Phoenix. This is the bird you will want today!
5. Very Airy Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs5

Natural flutter of the winds great Tattoo on the back! The gracefulness of this Phoenix gives it the atmosphere of genuine flight.

6.Phoenix in Black

Phoenix tattoo designs11

This gorgeous arm Tattoo of the Phoenix is all in black

7. Spread Winged Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs12

This gorgeous Phoenix looks great with wings spread and tail going down the leg. Those eyes at the end help protect the wearer from on lookers but really not as people will want to see even more of this Tattoo.

8. Phoenix Swirling up the Arm

Phoenix tattoo designs10

What a gorgeous expression of the Phoenix swirling up the arm Tattoo! The excitement is felt by the wearer everyday with this masterpiece of art work.

9. The Heart of the Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs9

Red Blood Roses with the heart in the center Tattoo is the Phoenix! The blooms surrounding it are awesome giving the wearer a gorgeous look right in the middle of the chest. You will want this beautiful Phoenix growing on you daily as the Tattoo enhances the chest right down to the tummy.

10. Say it with Love

Phoenix tattoo designs8

This beautiful Phoenix says it all with the words “amor y paz” Prove your feelings with this beautiful Phoenix which makes a statement with its out stretched wings and two tails swirling around. Looks great on the back and on the front. Love and Peace is what we all need.

11. Phoenix in Ribbons

Phoenix tattoo designs7

Just a beautiful way for a lady to accent her back in Tattoo! Looks like ribbon brocade swirling down the back and whisking off to the side. The Phoenix in dress!

12. Blowing Against the Wind

Phoenix tattoo designs14

This awesome Phoenix Tattoo is blowing against the wind looks great on the back! Beautifully done and worn gracefully for everyone to enjoy.

13. Share the Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs13

This Phoenix looks like a puzzle but the head to tail knows he is alive on the shoulder

14. Baby Blue Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs15

All deck out in black but trimmed in Blue the best arm Tattoo for you. The gentleness of this Phoenix gives the wearer a delicate look it almost looks like an Angel.

15. Full Side Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs16

Beautifully done a masterpiece on the side Tattoo. Recognize the hearts that are put in the bottom too show perfect love and devotion.

16. Colorful Arm Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs17

Rainbows of Color depicted on this full arm Tattoo of the Phoenix. It is the Tattoo lovers full body symbol of the Phoenix.

17. Rooster Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs18

This Phoenix displayed on the back side reminds you of the colors of the rooster. But we know this is the real thing and it is just beautiful with the array of colors.

18.Light up Your Leg Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs19

While he looks like his eyes are closed he is bringing beautiful light down your leg. The bulbs float around in this Tattoo making it a wonder to behold. You must like this Phoenix it is a rarity.

19. Autumn is calling Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs20

You find the colors of Autumn makes this side view beautiful. The hearts at the bottom add to the gorgeous look of this fall Phoenix. You will love wearing this Phoenix all year long.

  20.The Peacock Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs21

Just look at the eyes of the Peacock embedded in this gorgeous Phoenix Tattoo. The many eyes give him his beauty. The Phoenix with the redness and yellow added to the green is exquisite.

21. Beauty in the Blackbirds shown with the Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs22

This array of colorful Phoenix is stunning with the blackbirds. Looks like the fight is on but as usual the Phoenix will always win the battles. Just like you the wearer of this beautiful masterpiece

22. The Magnificent Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs23

Shown on the arm is the gorgeous Phoenix in blues, red floral and just the right touch of black.

23. Phoenix designed to perfection

Phoenix tattoo designs24

This wild looking Phoenix looks perfect on the arm. The sand glow brightens up the arm and the red poppy flower only contributes to the glamour in the artistic hue.

24. Phoenix Garden

Phoenix tattoo designs30

This is gorgeous the Phoenix in the garden with flowers, butterflies, hummingbirds and more! No need to explain how gorgeous it is a must do Tattoo.

25. The Rose Tattoo with the Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs29

This beautiful Rose accents the Magnificent Phoenix. Flying upward into the sky the Phoenix has thrown the rose aside.

26. Phoenix Baby on Shoulder

Phoenix tattoo designs27

The young always prick our hearts, the Phoenix Baby Tattoo does just that! It is so small and demure like the beautiful lady who wears it. Time to add a bit of luxury to your body with this Phoenix Tattoo.

27. The Magic of the Wizard

Phoenix tattoo designs28

Beautiful craftsmanship of the Phoenix rising from the fire of the Wizard! The whole depicted in this gorgeous Tattoo. The sky and the stars along with the forest filled with tree’s. All a blaze on the side of the arm.

28. Foot of the Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs26

Nothing like having the Phoenix tail coming up the foot area to the ankle for a great Tattoo. This beautiful Tattoo done in red, orange and yellow is a wonderful creation.

29. Phoenix on Fire

Phoenix tattoo designs25

The depicting of flame in a Tattoo along with the Phoenix is Awesome

30. Phoenix in Blood Splatter

Phoenix tattoo designs36

Awesome method of showing off the reds on the back with the Phoenix

31. The Ancient Phoenix nestled just above the breast

Phoenix tattoo designs35

This so awesome depicting the Phoenix resting its head on the breast.

32. Phoenix Running Away

Phoenix tattoo designs34

Nothing like the female Phoenix running away from her master.

33. The Allure of the Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs33

Woman seems more alluring with the beautiful full back Phoenix

34. Unique and Beautiful Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs32

Perfect placement and so beautiful with the red rose bud on the end only dictates how beautiful this unique Tattoo has become to the wearer. A symbol of pure love!

35. Phoenix in its Simplicity

Phoenix tattoo designs31

What a wonderful way to display the Phoenix in the Simplicity of the Tattoo. The caress of this awesome Tattoo makes you have those gentle moments. Pressed against the body in full display is this awesome Tattoo.

36. Phoenix in full array with Peacock Tail

Phoenix tattoo designs37

Beauty for the body with the lavish Peacock designer tail Tattoo

37. Phoenix in Bloom

Phoenix tattoo designs38

The natural look of the Phoenix a body Tattoo while other body Tattoo shows the treasures

38. The 2016 Phoenix Full Bodied in Decorative Array

Phoenix tattoo designs39

This is the most beautiful Tattoo that crosses the whole chest and down the arm!

39. Gorgeous Phoenix in Color Displayed

Phoenix tattoo designs40

Off the shoulder Phoenix with many beautiful colors the perfect Tattoo meant for you!

40. Darken Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs41

This pretty Phoenix is meant for the leg and upper foot but of course it depicts Excalibur!

41. The Phoenix in Flight

Phoenix tattoo designs42

Why not have a full body Tattoo of the Phoenix in flight meant for you!

42. Phoenix with Feathers

Phoenix tattoo designs48

The native look on the leg is quite the original Tattoo

43. Phoenix in Black Art

Phoenix tattoo designs47

Black Art is the coming form for Tattoos especially with the fury of the Phoenix

44. Black Shadow Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs46

Enjoy the Phoenix as a black shadow on your back

45. The Yellow Headed Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs45

This is one of the most awesome Tattoo designs done in exquisite reds and yellows

46. Itching Designed Back Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs44

What great itching of the Phoenix on the back!

47. Yellow and Red Swirled Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs43

This beautiful girl loves her tamed Phoenix Tattoo on her backside

48. Phoenix Shoulder Design

Phoenix tattoo designs49

This is all done in black art with just a touch of red to give you that perfect Tattoo

49. Floral Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs50

Just a dash of Pink to really show off this Phoenix gives you the perfect Tattoo

50. Heart of the Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs51

All things bloom from the heart and this Tattoo shows it from the start

51. Wickedly Designed Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs52

But Beautiful to Behold the Phoenix on the shoulder!

52. The Red Bird Phoenix Design

Phoenix tattoo designs53

Little Red Bird formed as a Phoenix

53. Phoenix in Gray

Phoenix tattoo designs54

The head on this one is awesome great place to put your Phoenix Tattoo

54. The His and Hers Phoenix Swirls

Phoenix tattoo designs60

Gorgeous design for couples with the His and Hers Phoenix Swirls done in black motif.

55. Feathers and Flowers

Phoenix tattoo designs59

The perfect details of the bottom of the Phoenix. This tattoo is great on the upper arm around the elbow and of course running down the arm.

56. Perfect Accent for Earrings

Phoenix tattoo designs58

Place this Phoenix silhouette behind the ears for a perfect accent to your earrings. Why not put one on each side for both ears.

57. The Child in You Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs57

There is still a child in us all and this little silhouette shows it off whether it is on the tummy or back.

58. The Phoenix of Peace

Phoenix tattoo designs56

What a wonderful way to show off your Phoenix on the back shoulder with the triangle and circle.

59. Black Phoenix Silhouetted in Red

Phoenix tattoo designs55

This beautiful designed Phoenix on the back is silhouetted in Red. This tattoo is meant just for you.

60. The Eloquent Lady Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs61

Share this one with everyone such a delicate design makes you think of a beautiful woman.

61. Phoenix with a Point

Phoenix tattoo designs63

This awesome tattoo ends with the tail of the Phoenix giving you perfect body art to show off to all your friends. The head begins the sequence into the ending tail.

62. Down the Spine Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs62

This is an awesome that trickles down the spine for authentic looking Tattoo

63. Phoenix on a Puff of Feathers

Phoenix tattoo designs64

This is a beautifully designed shape of the Phoenix setting on a puff with feathers in red dangling below. Great for the arm or the leg.

64. The Manly Back Black Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs65

This Phoenix shows the darkness of the Black in the Phoenix on his back from shoulder to shoulder and down the center. The distinct design meant for the 2016 Tattoo Man!

65. Phoenix in all his glory across the beautiful chest

Phoenix tattoo designs66

66. Phoenix with a Thousand Eyes

Phoenix tattoo designs72

Look into the beautiful body of this Phoenix and see the many eyes! This beautiful Tattoo done on the shoulder and arm is outstanding. The viewer can see how gorgeous that if is from a distance or up close. Wear this Phoenix Tattoo with pride.

67. Bodice Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs71

Gorgeous Phoenix spread across the whole bodice. The colors are sharp matching any type of jewelry along with accents on the arm to enhance this Tattoo.

68. Double Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs70

What a gorgeous sight two Phoenix’s one on each side of the chest. Looks like they having a fight with all the red splattered about looking like blood. The brave wear this tattoo.

69. Charcoal Phoenix

Phoenix tattoo designs69

Charcoal effect gives this Phoenix a beautiful look on the chest with the claws out stretched and head perched high above the wings. What an excellent Tattoo to wear on your body.

70. Body Beautiful

Phoenix tattoo designs68

Full body Phoenix Tattoo with radiant colors that excite the wearer and those who can view it.

71. Phoenix Bird of Prey

Phoenix tattoo designs67

Beauty splashed on the body as a Tattoo. See this beautiful Phoenix in reds, blues, and Tattooed.

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