88+ Amazing Palm Tree Tattoos That Will Remind You Of Summer

Everybody loves summer. There’s no class and everyone is free to go out and bask under the sun. You can go to beaches and enjoy water activities with your family and/or friends. You can feel free and relaxed in the countryside or wherever you choose to spend the summer vacation. And if there’s anything that can remind you of summer always, it would be palm tree tattoos.

Beaches are filled with palm trees and if anything, beaches are the symbol of summer. So, why not immortalize your most beloved season in an amazing palm tree tattoo? Here’s everything you need to know if you want to get one of these.


Palm Tree Tattoos Symbolism

Each tattoo has a different meaning. It usually depends on the wearer. Most of the time, the meaning depends on how the wearer sees the tattoo subject. They may see palm tree tattoos as symbols of resilience or it could just remind them of a good summer memory. Sometimes, the design is literal or it could be figurative.

Again, this depends on what the wearer sees and thinks about their tattoo.

But generally, what does a palm tree tattoo symbolize?

Meaning of Tree Tattoos

Trees, as a whole, means long-lasting and resilience. That’s because they’re able to withstand even the toughest storm and still stand strong. Others may bend but they still survive for a long time. Many cultures also believe that a tree tattoo symbolizes strength and adaptability.

Trees are also seen as a symbol of life. In real life, they actually are. These plants give off the oxygen that we breathe so without it, we’re unable to live here on Earth. Additionally, they bear fruits that we eat to survive and medicines to heal us when we’re sick.

Lastly, trees are a symbol of protection. It’s known as home to many creatures. There are also many living creatures that go under its shade for protection against the heat or rain.

Meaning of Palm Tree Tattoos

Palm trees, on the other hand, has various other meanings. However, two of the most well-known meanings are immortality and eternity. That’s because it is also considered the Tree of Life, especially the date palm trees. Other types of palm trees also differ slightly in symbolism across many different cultures and societies.

If you chose to have the leaves or the front of the palm trees alone as the design, this is likely the symbol of God. Others see it as the Garden of Paradise where the first men were created. And these symbolized wisdom and goodness.

But not everyone sees the palm tree tattoo as overly positive. In fact, there are those who believe that it also stands for loneliness and being abandoned. This is especially when the tree in your tattoo is alone and has many branches.

Your tattoo can also change in meaning if you add another element to it. For example, a palm tree with a skull can either man life and death or a lonely death. If you put flowers on your tattoo design, it can signify a connection to the divine or seeing positivity and happiness around you.

Yet for many who have palm tree tattoos, these are symbols of home. These are common among people who live in Hawaii, Bahamas, California, or places with amazing beaches. It’s a way to remind them of their sunny home.

More Meanings

There are more palm tree tattoo meanings that can inspire how you view yours. Below are some of the best:

  • Two palm trees – symbolizes unification and love
  • Lone palm tree – can denote androgyny as the tree has both male and female symbols. The tall and erect trunk is a symbol of masculinity. Its ability to bear fruits is a symbol of fertility and femininity.
  • Palm trees and tropical flowers – symbolizes femininity and fertility

Where Should You Place Your Tattoo?

A tattoo can be placed anywhere you like. Some like it hidden, others want it more expose. And then there are those who are more extreme and tattoo unusual faces like their faces and even lips.

When it comes to getting a palm tree tattooed on you, it’s essential to consider its placement. It can greatly affect how your tattoo will age over time. Additionally, it will also affect the general look of your ink.

The location depends on the design of your tattoo. Bigger tattoos should be placed in wider areas so your artist has more space to work on. Smaller ones can be placed anywhere. But note that small tattoos have a tendency to “get lost” in a vast area.

Since palm trees are elongated, you can place it almost anywhere in your body. But perfect placements are the wrists, forearms, biceps, shoulders, legs, thighs, and backbones.

You should also consider how your body changes. When you gain weight, the stomach is one of the places that gets big fast. If you have a tattoo in this area, it will expand along with your skin. Stretch marks can ruin the look.

Be careful of how your tattoo looks like when you move a certain body part. For example, sitting down may make your tattoo appear funny.

Pain Level

You might also want to consider the pain level of a certain area especially if this is your first time getting a tattoo.

Before anything else, yes, tattoos are painful. It’s normal and everyone who had tattoos before had felt it. That’s because the needles are puncturing your skin and embedding the tattoo beneath it. This process is repeated for thousands or even millions of times so it’s natural for you to feel pain.

But some areas are more painful than the others. The general rule of the thumb is that skinny areas that are close to the bones and sensitive areas are the most painful. These include the fingers, inner biceps, inner thighs, and groin areas. The rib area may also be more painful for many people.

Areas that have more fat or muscles will give you pain but it’s something you can handle.

However, pain may also depend on the person. Some people have higher pain tolerance. Getting a tattoo on certain painful areas don’t really affect them. You may want to keep your pain tolerance in mind as well as the general pain level. You can find a chart of it online.

How to Design Tattoo

Designing a tattoo is one of the hardest and most important part of the process. You have to come up with a design which enables you to express the message you want it to show. Apart from that, it should be something you’re proud of. After all, having a tattoo is permanent. It will be a part of your life from the moment you get it. While cover up tattoos are possible, it can be a tough task and will take a a longer process than designing your tattoo.

So, how do you come up with a design?

Find Inspiration

First off, find inspiration around you. Check online sites for images of palm tree tattoos and maybe it can spark something in you. Your creativity will flow and you can begin adding images and other symbols to the main subject.

General Style

Choose which tattoo style you want. Some images work better on certain tattoo styles. For example, a silhouette of a palm tree can work as a minimalist tattoo. Or you can choose a more cartoon-ish style and use vibrant colors to achieve a traditional tattoo look.

You can also make the outlines bolder and the colors more vibrant for a Japanese style tattoo. Then there are soft lines and splashes of pastel watercolor-style ink.

Find the style that suits your personal preference and create an image with that.


You can create a unique and distinct palm tree tattoo by combining several symbols. For example, adding birds perched on a palm tree branch may mean you have found freedom in this life. Or you can add hearts around a couple of palm trees to signify your married life.

Think of the message you want to send out. Then, research which symbols can be used to come up with that message. It’s likely you’ll find several symbols that can mean the same thing. Your design will work best if you choose images that are relevant to the main subject.

Then again, you can create a surrealist tattoo that almost bends reality and fantasy. These types of tattoos are a certified hit and are definitely unique. However, it can be challenging design.

Find a Great Tattoo Artist

If you’ve tried designing but can never seem to come up with a good one, try working with a great tattoo artist. Besides doing the tattoo, they can also help you come up with a good design. Tell them what you plan to achieve and they can provide you with several samples. You can also show them a picture of what you want and they’ll recreate it to suit your style and to make it your own.

Choose the Right Color

The color can change the whole vibe of the tattoo. Darker colors and shadows create a nostalgic or lonesome effect. Meanwhile, vibrant and bold colors will make you think of positive thoughts and of summer. With that in mind, create a design based on the colors you want.

If you want something that evokes a deep emotion, choose darker colors. Something fun and wild would work well with vibrant hues.

Tattoo FAQs

Before getting a tattoo, it’s best to arm yourself with knowledge about the whole process. Here are the most frequently asked questions about getting a tattoo.

Are Tattoos Safe?

They generally are as long as you have a reliable tattoo artist. They should follow safety precautions and should use clean and new needles. The place should also be hygienic to avoid infections. However, you have to be honest if you have medical conditions such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Condition
  • Hemophilia
  • Severe Allergies
  • Pregnant/Nursing
  • 6 Months Post-partum or Post-weaning

These could greatly affect your health and safety if you proceed with getting a tattoo.

How Much Will It Cost You?

The cost will depend on the design of your tattoo, whether it’s colored or not, the size, the placement, and the artist. Some artists may charge an hourly rate. But most of the time, it’s based on the tattoo itself. Complicated designs are more likely to be more expensive. You might have to prepare at least $500 to get one. Simpler tattoos are cheaper.

Reputable artists may also charge more than your average tattoo artist. However, you can guarantee the quality and the safety.

How Long Will the Procedure Last?

Again, this may depend on the design of your tattoo as well as its size. Smaller and simple tattoos can be done as early as five minutes. But bigger and more complicated tattoos may take hours. For some, it even takes a couple of visits to fully finish the tattoo.

You can ask your tattoo artist for an estimate.

How to Prepare for the Procedure?

The most important thing about getting a tattoo is that you’re well-rested and you’re in great health. Tattoos are wounds and for it to heal more quickly and well, your immune system should be in tip top shape. Additionally, be sure you’ve taken a shower to clean your skin. Any dirt on it can cause infection if it goes into your wound.

Since having a tattoo can take a few hours, you may want to eat and drink water beforehand. This is to avoid breaks because you’re hungry or thirsty. Ensure you’ve also taken a bathroom break beforehand.

However, you can ask for a break if you’re in too much pain.

Lastly, charge your phone or tablet or bring a book. Some people can forget the pain a little by focusing on other things. And a few hours of sitting may also be boring.

What Should I Do After?

The best thing is to listen to your tattoo artist. They will provide you with the best tips and tricks to ensure your new tattoo is well-taken care of.

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