125 Inspiring Nature Tattoos Designed for Nature Lovers

If you are looking for a great nature tattoo to show off your creative passion, then look no further than these images. Many people show off their personal style through clothing and jewelry while many other take the opportunity to get a tattoo to do the very same thing. Tattoos are great ways of showing your true passion and love to the world. You can create any number of designs and show the world the love that you have for the nature around you. There are literally thousands of stunning nature tattoos that you will love. Many people swoon over these designs because there are so many great options to choose from.

The best thing about getting a nature tattoo is the inspiration involved. Take a look at the surroundings around you, the true beauty of nature. Between the forests and the flowers there is so much to be inspired about. The sun, the earth and the water that fills the planet you can virtually get inspired by anything. It’s a beautiful world out there and the sky is the limit for the designs that you can choose from. There is so much in nature to tempt you into a new design. Imagine all the beautiful spots you have visited in nature and draw your inspiration from there. The forests, waterfalls, animals, beaches, mountains and volcanoes. The world is so beautiful and it’s easy to become inspired by it. The hard part is choosing a tattoo design that represents your passion for nature. Your ink could hold one element of nature or various elements. It could focus around an animal while having many other natural elements surrounding the design. Imagine a paw print or a hoof with other natural elements, not to mention the choices you can have for colors!

Mother nature is a magical muse that can offer a world of possibilities for your new tattoo. It doesn’t matter what design you choose as long as you are passionate about it.

Below are 70 inspiring nature tattoos designed for nature lovers:

1. Flower Love

A branch filled with apple blossoms. It’s a symbol of the start of a new life. If you are looking for a full length tattoo then look no further.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs1

2. Geometric Designs

Geometric tattoos have never been more popular, and it’s because they always look so cool. This one incorporates a tree with mountains behind it.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs2

3. Beautiful Yellow

This sleeve tattoo has bright, beautiful colors involved.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs3

4. The Full Deal

This colorful sleeve tattoo has all the elements of nature. It goes from the sea to the sky with plenty of nature in between.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs4

5. The Tree Woman

This unique tattoo has a tree being birthed from a woman.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs5

6. The Mountains

Nature all encapsulated in a square.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs6

7. Tiny Designs

If you want something simple and not overdone then try out this tree design. A tiny design that sits on the wrist.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs7

8. This sleeve design is stunning in its detail. Maybe you love camping or just the idea of being in the mysterious world that is the forest. Either way this is a great tattoo design.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs8

9. Just a Tree

You can express your passion for nature with just a tree design; it’s that simple.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs9

10. Rose Designs

Rose tattoos have always been popular choices. In this case it’s a sleeve tattoo design in rich reds.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs10

11. Celestial Sun

If you are a fan of the movie Tangled, then you are going to love this design. The colors are also a great part of the tattoo.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs11

12. Flower Designs

A black and white flower is a great way of being inspired.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs12

13. An Outline

A simple design made just out of an outline; it’s extending a flower out to someone.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs13

14. Nature in a Circle

This design is stunning, and it all fits perfectly in a circle.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs14

15. Two Love Birds

These two love birds are sitting on a branch together.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs15

16. True Nature

This tattoo is a true natural design that fits nicely on the inner arm.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs16

17. Walking Bear

This bear is a great design because there is a nature image on the inside.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs17

18. Nature Sleeve

A unique design that goes down the sleeve. Leaves and acorns make a perfect nature tattoo.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs18

19. Autumn Leaves

The color is perfect for autumn, and the reminds me of the great north.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs19

20. Mountains

These mountains have a message attached to them.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs20

21. The Tree That Fades

This tree trunk appears to disappear as it goes down the arm.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs21

22. The Dandelion

Who doesn’t love blowing on a dandelion and watching the thistles go off into the wind. It’s a sweet design that looks great on the foot.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs22

23. All Seeing Eye

A stunning detailed tattoo that looks great on the wrist. The eye looks so clear.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs23

24. Designing Fruit

If you like fruit and flowers, then this is a sweet design you should look into.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs24

25. A Mountain Scene

A great mountain scene that needs no outline. The tattoo has bright colors that are really beautiful.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs25

26. Mysterious Tree

I love the mysterious look of this tree as well as the bright colors attached to it. The colors are amazing with this tattoo.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs26

27. Rain Showers

A doodled cloud that showers beautiful colors. The colors are dripping down the arm like a painting.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs27

28. One Cloud in the Sky

A single cloud that is showering tiny hearts.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs28

29. Tiny Mountains

These tiny mountains are a great example of how you can have a passionate design that is small enough to stay hidden.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs29

30. Striking Red Birds

Beautiful red birds on a branch. It’s a great design that shows passion with birds and the branch is in the shape of a music note.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs30

31. The Neck Tattoo

Rose with leaves on the neck. A stunning design that looks great.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs31

32. Rain Clouds

A simple cloud design that has rain falling from the clouds. It’s a small design with no details.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs32

33. Geometric Designs

Always popular, geometric tattoos look amazing. In this case, they are mountains and the reflection is geometric.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs33

34. Unusual Designs

This colorful tattoo is a creative but unusual tattoo design.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs34

35. Raindrop Jewelry

A cute tattoo design that has the rain drops looking like pieces of jewelry.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs35

36. Tiny Cloud

One little cloud outline is all this girl needs to celebrate her love of nature.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs36

37. Magic Mountains

This cute cartoon tattoo depicts the love of driving through the mountainside.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs37

38. Dark and Mysterious

A great sleeve design that looks amazing in black and white. The forest area looks very mysterious, a great tattoo.

BackUp Camera_nikon F4 2nd Unit

39. Yin and Yang

A yin and yang symbol that had half of it in the sky and others in the water.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs39

40. Hand From the Sky

A great design that shows a hand coming from the sky. Leaves and acorns are hanging from the hand.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs40

41. Matching Sleeves

These are gorgeous tattoos that match, but are in different colors. The tattoos are very detailed, and the colors are rich.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs41

42. Incredible Tree Design

I’m in love with this tree design because it’s mysterious and wonderful. It covers her entire back with branches reaching everywhere. It’s a stunning design.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs42

43. Falling Leaves

Another great example of a tree tattoo that has leaves falling on the ground. A great overall design.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs43

44. Beautiful Butterflies

A gorgeous design that has butterflies fluttering around tree branches. The colors in this tattoo design are stunning.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs44

45. Long Branch

A long tree branch is a different sort of arm design.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs45

46. Palm Tree

Maybe you love the beach or the idea of palm trees in your life. Either way, this tiny palm tree looks amazing on the finger.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs46

47. Crushing Waves

Do you love to surf? This ice blue wave is crashing against her foot. It’s an amazing design for the beach lover out there.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs47

48. Man in the Tree

I love this design because of the incredible detail involved. The wooden mask looks great in the design. If you are looking for an eye-catching design, then you found it here.


Nature Inspired tattoo designs49

49. Tree of Life

Another great example of a tree design, with roots in the ground.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs50

50. A Little Bit of Both

Tiny tattoos of a tree, the sea and mountains. It’s a cute little design that fits nicely on the foot.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs51

51. The Peace Sign

This peace sign is broken up into four parts. The colors in this tattoo are extraordinary and the design is a wonderful view of nature.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs52

52. Pyramid Designs

A geometric design that has the image looking like a pyramid. The view in the tattoo is of the mountains; it’s stunning.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs53

53. The Winding Road

A circular design that has a mountainside view. There is a winding road that leads to the mountains.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs54

54. A Small River

Gorgeous green trees in a beautiful forest. The tattoo depicts a bubbling brook throughout the forest. It looks like a painting with all the bright colors.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs55

55. Watching the Sun Set

If you love watching the sun set, then you will love this tattoo. The colors in this tattoo are so beautiful, and they really draw the eye.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs56

56. Swirling Leaves

It’s a simple design that wraps around the wrist. If you want something small and subtle, then consider this design.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs57

57. Small Shell

A small tattoo design of a shell. If you are a beach lover then this shell can be part of your passion.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs58

58. A Long Leaf

A delicate design that is shown off nicely on the back. It’s a dark tattoo that looks incredible standing alone.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs59

59. Palm Tree Love

A great palm tree design that looks amazing on the heel of the foot. It’s a great tattoo for those that love tropical locations.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs60

60. Sexy Side Tattoos

It’s a bigger tattoo that looks incredibly sexy on her rib cage. It’s a silhouette design that looks elegant and sophisticated.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs61

61. Stunning Colors

Another example of a sunset tattoo but this one is by the ocean. There are very deep colors in this tattoo that are certainly eye-catching. If you love the ocean and want a tat with some serious color, then look no further.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs62

62. Golden Flowers

If flowers are your passion, then you will love this tattoo design. It’s a unique and elegant design with some seriously bright colors.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs63

63. Holding Flowers

It’s a small tattoo design that has a hand holding flowers. There may be some significance to the design, possibly a connection to a loved one.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs64

64. Cherry Blossoms

A massive tree that has cherry blossoms falling from it. It looks like the tree is above or close to the water.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs65

65. Geometric Mountains

These mountains are part of a geometric design. Bright colors in a great design.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs66

66. Stunning Trees

Another great tree design that has a lot of creativity to the tattoo. There appears to be a name or a message on the roots of the tree.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs67

67. Dark Trees

A dark tree design that sits comfortably on the wrist. It’s a dark tattoo design and it looks great in position.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs68

68. Mesmerizing Design

This is an unusual design that has mountains amongst a mesmerizing tattoo. It’s a black and white design that gives the eyes a real workout.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs69

69. A Simple Leaf Design

It’s a great design that has simple leaves in the front of the chest. If you are looking for a cute design of leaves then try this tattoo out.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs70

70. A Walk in the Forest

Another example of a geometric tattoo design, this one is of a forest. The geometric shapes are thrown into the design of trees. There are great colors to this tattoo design. If you want something different then this is the tattoo for you.

Nature Inspired tattoo designs71

Now that you have found a great tattoo design the hard part is over. You can decide where you want the tattoo to be located and then you can find yourself a skilled tattoo artist to complete the job. it’s important to find an artist that knows what they are doing so that you aren’t left with a tattoo that you are going to regret later on. Getting a new tattoo should be a wonderful experience. Make your appointment and enjoy your new tattoo and show off your passion for nature.

We hope that you enjoy the article, please comment on your favorite design.

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