115 Namesake Tattoo to Honor Your Child!!

If you are looking to represent your children in a special way, you are probably looking to have a tattoo of their names placed on your body. It’s a pretty popular way for parents to keep their children close to them.

Who doesn’t love the sound of their child’s name? It’s a name that you specifically chose for your child. You probably spent months trying to pick the perfect name that would encompass the personality of the child you were going to raise. So, the name of your child is very important. Why not get a tattoo of your child’s name on your body. It’s a wonderful representation.

When you tattoo a child’s name to your body it gives you a sense of purpose, our children need us and we need them. The name on your body reminds you that you have someone to protect. But when you see that name it gives you the courage to keep going. To keep fighting every day to give your children the best life possible.

Tattooing a name to your body is not a new trend, it’s probably one of the oldest forms of tattoos there. It’s popular for a reason and that’s because tattooing your child’s name to your body really means something and it means that to a lot of people.

Almost since the dawn of time people have been tattooing names to their bodies. The Royal Court, sailors, and soldiers have been using tattoos to honor the people in their life that they have be sworn to protect or just the people that are important in their lives. The name is a sign of loyalty and it means that you will always remember the child no matter what. The tradition has been around for many years and it is still very popular now. People love the idea of getting their child’s name tattooed to their body.

There are many great places to get the tattoo on your body. Some men like to get the tattoo on their chest or close to their hearts. Women seem to be more inclined to get the tattoo on their wrist or their arms but a name can fit virtually anywhere on the body.

There are a lot of great ways to represent the name on your body. Fonts are a great way to show off your personal style and also make your tattoo unique. There are a ton of ways that you can do your tattoo, you can add different elements and colors to your design.

There is framing, embellishments, color, bold print, fonts, and elegant designs that you can add to your tattoo to make it one of a kind. A lot of people will sometimes add a portrait to the design with the name. It’s completely up to you how you want to represent your name tattoo.

There is also the option of using garland or a birth flower with the name. It’s a great way to honor the birth of your child. Sometimes people tattoo their child’s name to their body because of a special milestone. There are lots of reasons to do so but it’s going to have to be whatever is personal for you.

We have a ton of great ideas to show you. Check out these amazing styles for your child’s name.

Stunning Color Choices

This tattoo stands out because of the color choices. It’s an amazing tattoo that has multiple names in it. It’s obvious that she wanted to represent all of her children in the tattoo. 


Coming Together

This is a unique color in the sense that it’s a silhouette of the mother or father with two children. The names are also included in the tattoo design. 

Time Passing

By adding a clock to the name tattoo you can express the sense of time passing with your children or the fact that it marks the time of their birth. 

Hand and Foot Prints

These tattoo designs are really popular and that’s because you can use the actual hand or footprint from your child so it makes it much more special. 

Incredible Fonts

If all you want is a name, then all you need to do is find the right font. 

Watercolor Prints

We love these watercolor tattoo designs because they are unique and they add just the right amount of punch to a design. 

Butterfly Elements

This design pops because it’s mostly black and white except for that punch of color. 

Handwriting Tattoos

Another unique way that you can make your tattoo personal is by using the actual handwriting from your child. It allows you to have that personal touch. 

Heart Designs

Adding names with hearts has been a popular style for a really long time. You can’t go wrong with this classic idea. 

Large Fonts

Name tattoos come in all shapes and sizes and in this case, it’s one of a kind. 

Sweet Footprint

With this design, the name is on the inside of the footprint

Where do you put a child’s name tattoo?

People love the idea of getting their child’s name tattooed to their body and a lot of times they will include the date of birth as well. A common place for names to go is the wrist, arm or chest.

A lot of men will wear their tattoo right across their heart. You won’t find a more sentimental way to honor your child than this.


What To Do To Care For Your Tattoo

Getting your child’s name on your body is a special occasion and you are probably really excited to get that tattoo completed. Getting a new tattoo is an exciting time and you have every good reason to look forward to that. It’s not just about getting the tattoo, there is also aftercare involved. You want to be able to keep that amazing tattoo forever but there are things that can be done that will keep your tattoo looking great forever. 

There are also things that you can do that can cause damage to your tattoo like baking in the sun or getting your tattoo waterlogged. The aftercare is just as important as getting the tattoo itself. You will likely get aftercare instructions for your artist but we have some tips that can help you out as well. 

The Important Steps To Taking Care Of Your Tattoo

You Might Be Bandaged

Not all tattoo artists will bandage your tattoo but some of them do. It usually depends on the kind of tattoo that you have and the size of it. If you spend six hours getting a tattoo, then you are likely to need bandaging. If your artist does put a bandage on you, then leave it on until he asks you not to.

It’s not the most comfortable feeling, but it’s for the best. You probably won’t have to keep it on for longer than 24hrs, if that. Sometimes it’s just for a couple of hours. 

Washing Your Tattoo

Once the bandage comes off your tattoo, you will want to wash the new tattoo. There is likely to be plasma and blood left over from the procedure and it’s best to wash the tattoo with alcohol-free soap that is unscented. You don’t want to wash the area aggressively, you want to be gentle and not rub the area. 

Dry The Tattoo Gently

Again, you don’t want to rub the tattoo at all and that means rubbing it when you are drying it with a towel. When you clean the tattoo you want to just pat the area dry. You can use a clean paper towel or a regular towel. 

Lotion Lotion Lotion

The last thing that you want to do is have your tattoo dry out, especially when it’s trying to heal. You want to apply a thin layer of lotion after every time that you wash it. You don’t want it to dry out too much.

You also want to make sure that it’s dry before you add lotion to it. During the healing process, your skin will tighten up and even peel which is why you want to keep it lotioned as much as possible. 

Do It Again

It’s important that you keep following these steps until the tattoo has healed. If your tattoo heals properly, then it’s a guarantee that the tattoo will look great forever. While it’s healing it’s going to scab and that’s why you need to be careful with it so that it doesn’t get infected. It’s shouldn’t be longer than four weeks to get the healing completed. 

Let The Tattoo Heal

Picking at scabs is something that you don’t want to do because it could ruin the look of your tattoo and delay the healing process which are not things you want to do. 

Keep Out Of The Sun

Healing tattoos don’t do well in the sun and they can fade quite quickly while they are healing. In general, you should always keep your tattoo out of the sun or at least make sure that you wear sunscreen because the sun will cause fading. 

Don’t Immerse The Tattoo

We talk about keeping your tattoo clean but by no means do we want you to immerse the tattoo in water. Baths are not recommended until your tattoo is completely healed. The same goes for pools, lakes or anything that would require you immersing yourself in water.

Bodies of water can contain bacteria in it that can cause infection in your body. It’s best to stick with showers for this period of time and keep the showers short. 

Aftercare Is Important

Once healing is complete, you should continue to care for your skin in the best ways possible. You want your tattoo to last forever so what you do to your skin will affect that.

Keep it out of the sun, always wear sunscreen and moisturize your skin. The best thing you can do for your tattoo is to treat it like a work of art and if you do that, it will always look that way. 



Is it bad luck to tattoo your child’s name?

You may have never considered this for a moment. You tattoo your child’s name to your body but what does that mean? It’s not bad luck to have a tattoo of your child’s name but some people think it might be a double-edged sword.

You may think that it’s sweet to have your child’s name tattooed to your body but some people think that your child might be embarrassed later on in life. Some people think that regardless of the name, there is no good reason to have any name tattooed on your body. You might not be embarrassed by the tattoo, but your child might be when they grow up. Of course, the choice is always yours.

What are the best places to get a tattoo?

There are always best and worst places to get a tattoo especially when it comes to how your tattoo will age over time.

Best places to get a tattoo:

Back, upper ribcage, shoulders, calves and outer collarbone.

Worst places to get a tattoo:

Crease lines, fingers and hands.

Hands, in general, suffer from a lot of wear and tear, plus they have tons of creases that won’t do a tattoo very well.

You can’t argue that the idea of having your child’s name on your body is a great one, especially if it’s something you want to be able to look at over the years. It’s a great way to honor the children that you have in your life. 

When you are thinking about your tattoo, make sure that you design it around your own personality and what you want your tattoo to represent. Add some embellishments, grab an amazing font and make the name something really special. 

We hope that you enjoyed the article and came out with some really good ideas about what your new tattoo will be like. Whether you are going with one name or multiple, we are sure that it will look amazing in the end.


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