145 Rockin’ Music Tattoos That Will have You Singing

If you are looking for a sweet tattoo that speaks of the passion you feel when it comes to music, then look no further than here. Music tattoos can be put into two categories when it comes to the industry, music makers and music lovers. So, which one are you? If you are a music lover you might be looking for something simple like a music note or lyrics from your favorite song. There are other elements that can be placed on this as well such as roses, compact cassettes, hearts and even ribbons. These tattoos are usually visually appealing and speak to what makes you a music lover. Some people even get pictures of their favorite singers on their bodies, their portraits or the band’s logos.

If you are a music maker you might be more inclined to get a tattoo that has musical instruments involved, more specifically the music instrument that you play. There is quite a large array of instruments from guitars, violins, drums, bass guitars, and microphone tattoos to choose from. There are a mess of instruments and the sky is the limit for what you want to represent your passion with. Music makers are more interested in the technical part of how music is made and how music makes them feel, that is where the love for the tattoo comes from. They choose an image that speaks to the passion that they are looking for.

People were making music as far back as 200 B.C. the Greeks were making tunes by putting certain accents in with certain words, creating rhythm and different sounds. It’s hard to believe that music has been around that long, but it’s true. As time went on of course, music became more sophisticated and cool, gaining ground as the years went on. Confucius spoke about music many times in his writings. He believed that “music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” That’s definitely how music lovers and music makers feel about music in general.

Many people believe that music is literally the greatest thing on earth, that nothing else can compete with it. If you want to express your love for music, then getting a music tattoo is a wonderful idea. There are so many different music ideas out there to choose from and you can find something creative that speaks to your own passion for music. We have compiled a great list for you to choose from. Below are 145 Rockin’ Music Tattoos That Will have You Singing:

1. Lyrics

Your favorite lyrics are a great way to truly feel inspired by your tattoo.

2. Music Note

This simple design is of a music note and it’s hooked with love.

Music tattoo designs 1

3. Musical Bird

Combine your love for birds and your love for music altogether. This sweet design has music playing on the inside of the bird.

Music tattoo designs 2

4. Watercolor Art

Watercolor tattoos are very popular right now and combining it with a music note is a great idea.

Music tattoo designs 3

5. Sleeve Designs

A great tattoo design that has music playing all the way down the arm.

Music tattoo designs 10

6. Play a Song

This could represent the fact that you love listening to music or it could be a passion for your job as a DJ.

Music tattoo designs 9

7. Music Quotes

Show your passion for music with your favorite quotes.

Music tattoo designs 7

8. Bold Colors

This badass music note is a little more hardcore. I love the red and black together it really adds some punch.

Music tattoo designs 6

9. Notes

If you are just looking for a small and simple tattoo, then get a music note. It’s simple and can be placed anywhere.

Music tattoo designs 8

10. Large Notes

Throw a bunch of different notes in together to create something magical.

Music tattoo designs 5

11. Love Music

How can you not love music? This tattoo represents all the love that you need for music.

Music tattoo designs 4

12. Passionate Words

This quote speaks to the power that music has in peoples lives.

Music tattoo designs 12

13. Floral Notes

Be creative with the music notes and really make them your own. They can fit the personality that you have.

Music tattoo designs 18

14. Wristband

You can’t go wrong with this amazing musical wristband.

Music tattoo designs 17

15. Instruments

This sleeve tattoo has many different instruments on it, from a turntable to a guitar and a keyboard. It’s truly a passionate work of art.

Music tattoo designs 15

16. Bright Blue

The color is the best part of this tattoo design; it’s just breathtaking.

Music tattoo designs 14

17. Vintage Art

If you like the old look of the vintage record players, then you are sure to love this tattoo.

Music tattoo designs 13

18. Tie it Up

This is a great idea for a music note, just tie it up into a bow.

Music tattoo designs 11

19. Guitar

If you love playing the guitar, then you are sure to love this tattoo design.

Music tattoo designs 24

20. Keyboard Love

If you have a love for the keyboard, then this would be a great design for you. Add in some roses and it makes for a beautiful design. I love the flowers and the details that are involved with this tattoo.

Music tattoo designs 23

21. Musical Notes Tattoo

A great tattoo design that has a creative music note. It’s like the music notes are playing within themselves. It’s a creative yet simple design that is small enough that it can be placed anywhere.

Music tattoo designs 22

22. Ribcage Tattoos

Music playing down the ribcage is a great way to represent your love for music. It’s a large tattoo so there is a lot of commitment and you can also choose any quote or words that you want to represent your own personality.

Music tattoo designs 21

23. One Note

A great tattoo that is small and simple but still represents your love for music. A tattoo of this size can be placed anywhere, but the most popular areas tend to be on the ankle, the wrist or behind the ear. Another elegant spot for a small note would be on the back of the neck.

Music tattoo designs 19

24. Music Playing

Music playing on the shoulder offers you an elegant tattoo. It’s a free-flowing design that really looks pretty in that placement. If you are looking for a creative design then this is it.

Music tattoo designs 20

25. Heart Notes

A pretty little heart that speaks of your love for music. It’s in the perfect spot to be a peek-a-boo tattoo design.

Music tattoo designs 27

26. Colorful Instrument

Choose an instrument and add some color to it. I love the rainbow of colors attached to this tattoo. If you play instruments, then you are sure to love this design.

Music tattoo designs 28

27. Flowing Music

A great tattoo of music being played right by the ear. You can practically hear it playing. It’s a pretty tattoo design that has class and elegance to it.

Music tattoo designs 30

28. The Guitar

Have an actual guitar tattooed on your back; you will literally become part of the instrument. It’s certainly a unique design if you don’t mind the bridge going up your neck.

Music tattoo designs 29

29. Saving Your Soul

Music means many different things to many different people. Find a quote that means something to you. The back is always a great spot for quotes because there is a lot of room.

Music tattoo designs 26

30. A Few Notes

A great design that has a few notes to please you at all times.

Music tattoo designs 25

31. Full Body Design

If you are looking to cover your entire body with music notes, then you might just like this look. It has music notes on every area of the body, so it’s a big commitment.

Music tattoo designs 36

32. Record Player

A great detailed tattoo of a record player. If you like the old school style of the players, then you will love this style.

Music tattoo designs 35

33. The Cassette

A great tattoo that represents the playing of music, it could represent the old cassette players or just the simple act of pressing play.

Music tattoo designs 34

34. Acoustic Guitar

If you like playing the acoustic guitar then why not try this detailed design on for size.

Music tattoo designs 33

35. For Peace

A great music note that adds the love and hope for peace as well.


Music tattoo designs 31

36. Splash of Red

The great thing about this tattoo is the contrast between the black and bright red color. I love the fact that it’s a messy note because it makes it so much more badass.

Music tattoo designs 37

37. Creative Notes

What a gorgeous tattoo design for those that love the guitar. There are so many creative elements here that make for an amazing design.

Music tattoo designs 38

38. Speak of Music

A great tattoo that has music notes that spell out the word music. I love it!

Music tattoo designs 39

39. People in Music

A unique music note that has a heartbeat and a man and woman.

Music tattoo designs 40

40. A Geometric Design

Why not make an instrument out of geometric symbols? This is a pretty cool looking tattoo and an original idea.

Music tattoo designs 41

41. Perfect Words

A stunning tattoo design that you are sure to love.

Music tattoo designs 42

42. Singing the Notes

If you are a singer/songwriter than this is the tattoo for you. There is a microphone and the theme around the tattoo is fun!

Music tattoo designs 48

43. Say it With Love

Another great tattoo idea that has a large music note, with a heart at the end.

Music tattoo designs 47

44. Sleeve Tattoos

These music notes appear to be cutting into the skin. It’s a great design with a lot of passion to it.


Music tattoo designs 45

45. Spiraling Notes

Another great example of music notes trailing down the skin.

Music tattoo designs 44

46. Electric Guitar

This electric guitar is made out of notes. It’s a creative design that really catches the eye.

Music tattoo designs 43

47. Creative Coloring

If you are looking for a music note that is a little different, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

Music tattoo designs 49

48. Listening to Music

A great design that has your heartbeat attached to the sound of music. It’s a creative design that really speaks to the power that music can have in your life.

Music tattoo designs 50

49. Colorful Vibes

Another example of the headset but this one is plugged right into the person giving him exactly what he needs, that sweet music.

Music tattoo designs 51

50. A Ribbon of Music

A great music note tattoo that has a floral element to it.

Music tattoo designs 52

51. Shoulder Notes

A great design that you are sure to love. It’s stunning and magical.

Music tattoo designs 53

52. Blue Music

Maybe it’s the Blues that you love so much or just the color blue, either way; this is a stunning tattoo.

Music tattoo designs 54

53. Love Music

A great music tattoo that includes instruments and plenty of music notes in different colors.

Music tattoo designs 58

54. Angel Wings

Angel wings always make for great tattoos, and these ones are attached to the headphones creating something wonderful.

Music tattoo designs 59

55. Love Piano

A great design that you are sure to love if you have a passion for the keyboard.

Music tattoo designs 60

56. Flowing Music

A great ribcage tattoo for all those music lovers out there.

Music tattoo designs 56

57. Elegant Notes

A large music note in the middle of the back and this one has some elegant lines to it.

Music tattoo designs 55

58. Heartbeat Note

A great example of music that speaks straight to your heart.


Music tattoo designs 61

59. Small Notes

If you are looking for a small tattoo then look no further than this one. These are small notes that hang out behind the ear. A great tattoo with very little commitment.

Music tattoo designs 62

60. Listening to the Guitar

If you love listening to the guitar playing, or perhaps you play it yourself, this would be a great tattoo design for you. I love how the music is shown coming right from the guitar.


Music tattoo designs 65

61. Notes on Each Finger

These are simple designs that can be placed on each finger. A different note is on a different finger, and it creates a great tattoo design.

Music tattoo designs 66

62. A Thick Note

A creative way of having a musical note tattoo and it’s perfectly placed on the shoulder. If you are looking for a fresh design, then this is the one for you.

Music tattoo designs 69

63. A Heartbeat

A great musical note tattoo that has a heartbeat following along. If you are looking for a tattoo that is special and speaks to your heart, then look no further than this design. It also has a personal message that you are sure to love as well or you can pick your own quote to go with the tattoo.

Music tattoo designs 68

64. Music is Life

It’s true and a lot of people believe that wholeheartedly. A great tattoo that has a quote as well as a feline on the side. It’s a different take on the music note tattoo.

Music tattoo designs 67

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