108 Mountain Tattoo Designs That Will Take You to the Highest Peaks

Here we go people. These mountain tattoo designs will be a feast for your eyes. Who will be king and queen of the mountain tattoo. That’s for you to decide at the end of the list only time will tell. Mountain tattoos represent strength and stability. They also represent victory by over coming all odds. Are you ready to climb the mountain? Even if your not you can always saunter up it slowly then roll back down.

Leg Mountain Tattoo

The above tattoo features the frosty peaks of Everest or are they the Himalayas? Who cares they are some tasty looking mountains. It’s a cool design using only black.


Mountain and Trees

Did someone say mountain and trees? Yes Please! That’s what this guy was screaming when he got it done. It’s a cool rendition and I like the way they framed. It reminds me of locket. The trees superseding the locket line at another element.


Simple Line Work Mountain Tattoo

Sometimes all you need is an outline and that’s exactly what this person has got. You still know what the subject of the tattoo is and that’s all you need.



Back Mountain Tattoo

Holy smokes, it’s a big ol back piece with some mountains and sacred geometry to boot. It features some tidy line work yet remains very simplistic in nature.

Japanese Style Mountain Tattoo

This tattoo incorporates the style of the Japanese artwork used on the waves. It’s simple style but very effective. It also has some tidy line work. Very nice work indeed.

Give Me a Home Among the Hills

This list is meant to be about mountains. These would probably classify as hills but who am I to judge. It’s cool little tattoo and it deserves it’s spot on the list.


Triangle Mountain Tattoo

If in doubt frame it with a triangle. It really adds an extra dimension to the artwork and it looks like you are on the outside looking into a land faraway. Framing your tattoo can neaten it up a bit if you are into that sort of thing.


Leg Mountain Tattoo

Ooh. This one is cool. Bring on the sun as it gleams when it hits the mountains. This guy has some sweet school socks. Does that mean he’s too young for a tattoo. I am assuming it’s guy. Sorry if your  not. Nice legs by the way.


Detailed Arm Mountain tattoo

This is some very nice intricate work. The detail is amazing and the bicycle is a nice touch. I think I could live in place like the one in the tattoo. Big city life is getting the best of me and I think it’s time to get out.

Detailed Color Mountain Tattoo

Now this is an absolute pearler. The colors, the detail, the overall piece is brilliant. It makes for a nice sleeve and all the colors gel well together.


Ankle Mountain Tattoo

The ankle hurts a bit. I guess it all depends on your pain threshold. Mine did but I might have low pain tolerance. Who cares! Check out this little gem. Simple and lovely.



Forearm Mountain Tattoo

As the planets move around the earth, so too do they move around mountains. We are all effected by the cosmic shifts, mountains included. Be one with the flow of magnets and you can’t go wrong.


Dot Work Mountain Tattoo

Tattoos using the dot work styles are cool. They add texture and dynamics to the art work. This one is relatively simple but does the job nicely.

Calf Mountain Tattoo

This one is on the calf. Not the baby cow, the calf muscle stupid! I hope this piece of knowledge is the one that you learn new everyday. If you already know which I’m assuming that most people do you can call me stupid. I had to google it. Jks.

Sunset Upon the Mountain Tattoo

Here is a beautiful sunset setting upon the mountains casting silhouettes and some seriously red sun rays. The colors are nice and vivid and really bring this bad boy to life.


Shoulder Mountain Tattoo

Wow! That’s one big eyeball. The reflection is just as cool. For we are all specs of dust inside a giants eye and this tattoo says it all. It features great dot work and line work. It’s a bloody masterpiece.


Simple yet a Goodie

Say the heading three times fast. It’s fun to say and rolls off the tongue nicely. Just like this tattoo is done nicely. It features cool dot work in a very simplistic design.


Getting Back to Nature

This is something everybody needs to do. Get tattoos and get back to nature. Two things that will benefit our lives and make them completely better.

Trigonometric Mountain Tattoo

Who would have thought high school math would come into play especially in the world of tattoos. Not me but I failed miserably. It’s cool little tattoo with very simple designs and superb line work. It’s healed up really nice and all the lines remain in tact.


Bicep Mountain Tattoo

Check out the solid guns on this beast. He got a mountain on them to prove that their solid. If I got a tattoo like this and flexed the mountain would turn into a crater. Time to hit the gym.

mountain tattoos

Picture Perfect Mountain Tattoo

Here is someone enjoying some quality time out in nature with her spirit animals while being blessed by the grace of the mountains and the lake. They make for a marvelous silhouette and this tattoo has got me itching for some nature time.


Green Mountain Tattoo

Who doesn’t love a green mountain with frosty tips. This tattoo is super cool and features nice lines, colors, and composition. All the ingredients necessary for a feast for the eyes.

The Long Walk

This mountain tattoo is beautiful. It’s long and dusty road but what better way to do it than with the ones you love. Another nice and simple design that speaks volumes metaphorically.

Dots and Lines

This mountain tattoo uses dots and lines to perfection. The dots cascading out the frame picture give the design a look of continuity and depth as it differs from the main design in artistic elements.

Sunrise Over the Mountains and Tigers?!

The mountains and the sun in this tattoo look like an after thought. It’s doesn’t really flow that well. There are some beautiful mountains then there is a tigers head that looks like it has been slapped there like a stick on. Both pictures would work well as solo pieces but combined they just look downright weird.


The Perfect Circle

I have seen this circle before. I think it’s a Korean thing. My artist friend in Korea had one. I could be mistaken. If you know what it is hit us up on the mail bag. Send it on in. 🙂


A Masterpiece

This mountain tattoo is an absolute masterpiece. You have probably seen me write this before and I’ve meant it every time. The road has so much detail. This must have taken many hours to complete and many hours in the chair enduring the spine thrilling tingle one gets when a needle is piercing his skin at a machine gun fire rate. Simply Brilliant.


Snow Capped Mountain Tattoo

This snow capped mountain is a whimsical little piece of artwork. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a serious piece of art though. The flower on the border are a nice touch.


Which Way is Up?

Well, the answer to that question is obvious. If you’re ever lost and need to know which way is up, look up to the sky or the mountain peaks and then sure enough that is the way of up. Find your way up so you get down.



Home Beyond the Mountain Tattoo Range

On a clear day if you look far beyond the mountain range you will find me. If the clouds star rolling in, just find the brightest star in the sky and follow it. There you will find me. If you’re not looking for me then I’m all out of directions. You will have to find your own way.


Shoulder Blade Mountain Tattoo

Get them on the wings. Your shoulder blades are like wings that are perfect for taking flight or perfect for getting nice little mountain tattoos on. You could also do both. You will not be judged on the internet and if you are it will be anonymously so it doesn’t really count. That leads me to my next topic. If you are being internet bullied don’t get upset because the people doing probably live with their parents and still suck their thumb. They also haven’t been laid ever. So chin up, and don’t read the comments.


Splashes of Color Mountain

Who spilled the paint bucket? Whoever did, did it with style. Here is example of an alternative use of color. The tattoo isn’t the greatest but hopefully it gets you thinking outside the box when comes to coloring.


Lines and Mountain Tattoo

Lines are the basis to draw. Some lines are meant to be drawn especially if you find that something isn’t serving a positive role in your life. I know this supposed to be about tattoos but a little advice here and there isn’t bad thing.


The Northern Lights Mountain Tattoo

Put this on your bucket list and fill it. Tick the box and go see the northern lights or the next best thing. Get a tattoo of the northern lights. The colors are really close to the real thing. Not that I’ve seen it in real life. I’ve seen picture though, if that’s any consolation.


Beary Good Mountain Tattoo

This tattoo instantly reminds me of Alaska. The bear is in its natural habitat strolling along without a care in the world. On second look I’m loving this tattoo more and more. Hopefully you do and it inspires your next tattoo.


Something a Little Different

Nice job Kellar! Whoever you are. Hopefully someone sees this and is enamored with your style. Nice job incorporating extra terrestrials and mountains.


Another Triangle Mountain Tattoo

The triangle framing seems to be quiet popular with mountain tattoos. It definitely works so why not use the triangle. It’s as good a shape as any. Maybe later on in the list you will see a rhombus or a parallelogram. I seriously doubt it though. Who wants to bet? Hit me on the mail bag with your final offer. I’ll give you three to one odds.


Mother of All Back Mountain Tattoo

This is huge. Bigger than Ben Hurr. Bigger than the super bowl. Bigger than the Great Australian Bite. Well not quite that big but you catch my drift right. I don’t think it’s quite finished judging by the detail in the rest of the tattoo. It still needs some color and shading but she’s getting there that’s for sure.

mountain tattoos

The Road Ahead Mountain Tattoo

Life is one long and winding road that goes over mountains and through valleys. Sometimes the walk is easy and sometimes the uphill path seems to go forever but hang in there after a battle up hill there is always some smooth sailing on the way down. Use a walking stick for the way up and sled for the way down and ride that momentum until you come to a stand still. Then brace yourself for another uphill trudge.


A Beautiful Mess Mountain Tattoo

This tattoo is out of this world. I love it. The elements are all so different yet gel well together somehow. I’d love to get inside this artist head and pick their brain. I say that now but once I got in there I’d want to click my heals and go back home. Sometimes the most brilliant minds are a dark and misunderstood place. That’s how they come up with such creative monstrosities of beauty.


I must say that this list has been one of the most interesting I’ve seen in a while. I hope you have enjoyed as much as I have writing about it. I know I ramble sometimes but I hope you have had laugh and taken a nugget of sunshine by my random musings. More importantly I hope that this list has given you some ideas for your next tattoo.

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