115 Inspiring and Cultural Mexican Tattoos

If you are looking for a Mexican tattoo it’s probably because they are rich in culture and history. Mexico has a strong cultural background and it has a lot of deep religious beliefs. Some of these beliefs go so deep that they are old age superstitions. That’s why you will see some of the Mexican tattoos start off just a little quirky and unique. There are a lot of images of ghouls and skulls that go along with the culture and they are very popular when it comes to tattoos. These tattoos aren’t for the weak at heart and we have a lot of amazing designs to show you. You will have a hard time no falling in love with them. Check out these amazing designs that will have you embracing culture and history.

Abstract Designs

A great design that is one of a kind and abstract. These styles look great as a sleeve design on the arm. 


The Sugar Skull Design

This is a gorgeous and detailed sugar skull design. It is dark and mysterious which is a popular theme around the whole idea of the Mexican tattoos. 

Mesmerizing Designs

A gorgeous design that is mesmerizing and unique, it’s a great look that is bold. This is the kind of tattoo that is going to have people talking. It’s eye-catching and wonderful, you are sure to have people asking you all kinds of questions about it. 

Floral Skulls

Skull tattoos are pretty popular in Mexico and there are some that are covered in flowers. There are many ways of depicting skulls with a floral and feminine sense. If you are looking for art that is stunning and has a sense of beauty that is unique from most skull tattoos. There are a lot of abstract designs that you can attach to that have a lot of great meanings to them.

Sugar Designs

There are literally hundreds of different ways to create a sugar skull tattoo. They are fun designs that have a lot of character to them. They are colorful and fun, the kind of tattoo for someone who is quirky and doesn’t take things too seriously. 

Bold Designs

Some looks are feminine while others are almost scary. There are many different aspects of this type of tattoo and you are sure to find something that you like. 

Stunning and Historic

A religious style that has a cross to it. There are a lot of deep religious beliefs when it comes to the Mexican culture. We love the detail and the realistic style of the tattoo. 

A Warrior Woman

A great tattoo design like this will have you feeling a little spirited. Either a man or a woman would be able to rock this design. 

The Renegade Crowd

There is a lot of lawlessness in the Mexican culture and we have to admit that these tattoos always look a little badass. 

OldSchool Portraits

How stunning is this old portrait style, we absolutely love it? 

The Day of the Dead

This is a gorgeous design that is inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead Festival which is a Catholic holiday. It’s the Day of the Dead or otherwise known as All Souls Day in other countries. It’s a unique holiday that is amazing because of the culture and history behind it. Mexicans have a strong faith in their religion and it’s a legendary holiday.

There Is A Strong Meaning Behind The Day of the Dead

This is a Mexican holiday that happens every year where families will get together and honor and remember the people in their lives that have passed on. The reason why this holiday is considered to be so epic is that it’s believed that the souls of the dead return to visit family members at the cemeteries, in their homes and businesses. That’s a beautiful idea and everyone wants to believe that they can see their family again so that’s why it’s a yearly occurrence. During the harvest season, the Aztec honored the dead with rituals and fiestas. Dead wasn’t the end for them, they believed that death was just the beginning of the cycle of seasons in life.

This celebration takes place at the end of October and November 1st and 2nd every year in Mexico. This is a community event where families get together for a joyful reunion. There is a lot going on during these festivities and that includes music that is played in the homes and in the cemeteries. There is a special day set out for the souls that died in accidents and it’s called the day of the Accidentados and that takes place on October 28th. On October 31st there is a day to honor the souls of the children and that’s called Los Angelitos. The spirits of the adults are remembered on November 1st. The spirits then depart from the area on November 2nd so as you can see it’s a whole production. Mexican families go to a great deal of effort to remember the people that have passed on. They have what’s called traditional ofrendas which are offerings and altars that reflect ancient Mexican/Aztec cultural practices and a mixture of Catholicism. The altars are always different depending on regional traditions and what village is having the festival. A lot of effort gets put into the festivals and that includes food and the families will get together to prepare traditional foods in celebration.

Altars are presented for the souls that come to visit and you can place anything on those altars. Families will put fresh flowers, traditional food, pan de muerto (or bread for the dead) copal incense, candles, clothes, photographs, fruits, sugar folk toys, favorite drinks of the deceased, clothing and religious images. They will decorate the area with skeletons, skulls, tombstones, sugar skulls and papel picado. They also place a photograph of the lost loved one on the altar as well. Lots of people love to bake bread for the dead. The bread is called Pan de muerto and it’s baked in the shape of human figures and skulls and it tastes really sweet. The loaves are baked traditionally in a round shape and have a central raised knob of dough and this actually represents the shape of the skull. The Dia de Meurtos includes food dishes like tortillas, chicken in black or red mole sprinkled with sesame seeds, tamales made from ground corn and they serve their meals with soft drinks or white lightning liquor. It’s not always this however they also serve glasses of water and tequila. You might think that it’s weird that they bother to serve drinks for the dead but really it’s just good manners. They believe that the dead are probably thirsty after the long journey that they’ve had. They want to serve them good drinks and with water, they believed to be the main support for life so that’s why they are serving it.


How to Prepare For The Tattoo

You might think that there is nothing to getting a tattoo, that there is nothing to prepare for but to pick a design and then go sit in the tattoo chair but you couldn’t be more wrong. There are lots of things that you can do to prepare for a tattoo to make sure that it goes well.

There are things that can be done to prepare for your tattoo. We have some tips to get you through the process happier and pleased with your tattoo. These are helpful tips that you should follow to have the best experience possible.

What Can You Do To Prepare For Your Tattoos?

Drinks Lots of H20

Now why would you have to drink water beforehand, it’s because being hydrated is important for the process. That’s also why you shouldn’t drink alcohol before getting a tattoo either. Being hydrated will actually help you endure the process of getting the tattoo while allowing for your tattoo to heal a lot quicker afterward as well.

Make Sure That Your Skin Is Moisturized

We aren’t talking about beforehand with this one. You don’t want to have your skin moist when you are going to get a tattoo. But moisturizing your tattoo a few days before leading up to the day is definitely a good idea. You want your skin to be in tip-top shape and a lot of artists believe that the ink actually takes better when it comes to moisturizing your skin.

Shave The Area That Will Be Tattooed

We say this because there aren’t a lot of people that know this but artists do expect you to have the area shaved especially if you happen to be a man with hairy arms or legs. The artist books a time with you and that time is to do the actual tattoo. If you need a lot of shaving and it takes a while to get the hair off your body, then that is time that you might be charged, not only that but you might run out of time and not get your tattoo finished on that day. You do have to make sure that you know how to shave properly because you don’t want to cut yourself or to end up with razor burn. That will cause your appointment to get canceled so talk to your artist if you have concerns about shaving the area yourself, they might suggest that you allow them to do the shaving.

Get A Good Night’s Rest

We’re not asking you to go to bed early or anything but it’s not the best idea to stay up late. It’s not the night to go to a concert, stay up late and get drunk. It’s really best to make sure that you get a good night’s sleep before you sit down for a tattoo, especially if you are going to be there for a few hours. By getting a good night’s sleep you will feel more comfortable and will end up less twitchy while getting the tattoo. You will end up with straighter lines and will be able to get it through the process easier.

Have A Healthy Meal

Before you go to your appointment, it wouldn’t hurt if you gave your body a nice healthy meal. You will end up with more energy to get your tattoo by treating your body properly. There are going to be some painful parts of the tattoo and those are always unpleasant but when you have the right amount of energy, you are less likely to tense up during your tattoo.

Make Sure To Have The Right Kind of Clothing

Think about where you are getting the tattoo done on your body and make sure that you wear appropriate clothing for that area. For example, if you are getting a half sleeve or a full sleeve, you might want to consider wearing a t-shirt that you don’t care about. It’s not uncommon for ink to get on clothing even if the artist does his best not to allow it to happen. Even if you have the t-shirt rolled up to avoid the ink you can still ruin the shirt by stretching it. Just don’t wear your favorite t-shirt. If you are going to get a sleeve, a muscle shirt might be your best bet.

You Can Bring Something To Entertain Yourself

You can talk to your artist during the process but you are also allowed to bring something to occupy yourself. It can allow you to distract yourself from the pain and remain focused on something else. You can bring your phone to entertain you and watch Netflix or you can bring a book to read.

There are very few tattoos as mysterious and beautiful as the Mexican tattoos so we hope that you found a great one to cherish forever. 

The Day of the Dead is a yearly event that has inspired many tattoos and as you can see by this list, there is a lot of creativity behind these tattoo designs. You are sure to love whatever tattoo you found here. We would love to hear about your favorite designs. 

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