Medusa Piercing: Pain, Healing, Cost with 75+ Ideas

The medusa piercing or also known by many as a philtrum piercing is a beautiful and trendy piece of piercing set in the dip above your lip. It is a versatile piece of piercing that can be on its own for a subtle look or paired with other piercings to make it more eye-catching. Medusa piercings can be both cool and chic at the same time. The availability of different styles of studs or jewelry allows your aesthetic to be seen. If you’re thinking of getting one, check these pictures to see the many ways you can rock one.


1. You can sport the medusa piercing in many ways. This look only shows one of the ways you can rock the medusa piercing through creating a punk rock look. Add some makeup to glam it up and then pair it with a septum piercing to create a punk rock chick aesthetic. It’s great worn when you’re out partying or jamming in a live band show.

2. Be the coolest person in town and complete your alternative look with a combination of medusa piercing and some stunning snake bites piercing lip rings. With a cool metal stud, medusa piercing can add some cool vibes to your look. To copy this aesthetic, get a medusa piercing and snake bites piercing.

3. These triple vertical parallel lip studs are such a perfect and eye-catching look for everyone. The metal look of the studs adds a stunning effect when seen as a whole. The medusa piercing with its metal stud is pretty subtle on its own, but with the addition of the vertical lip piercing, it can be a pretty great attention grabber.

4. Medusa piercing is an attention-grabbing piece of piercing, but if you want more attention, with some additional colors and design, they can add a pop of color to your face. The beautiful flower design with its opal coloring is a beautiful detail to your face and will emphasize your feminine features. You can also change the design of the jewelry and its color to fit your desired look better.

5. The medusa piercing can not only emphasize your features, but it can also help boost your makeup. The use of a white crystal stud jewelry adds an edgy but elegant look to an already gorgeous makeup. The colorful makeup against the white studded crystal makes the colors much brighter as it contrasts each other.

6. The medusa piercing can also provide you with a casual look. As it has a very subtle design, you can do this medusa piercing design for your every day look. A small metal stud is perfect if you’re looking for this kind of look. While it may not be an attention grabber, the subtle medusa piercing creates an overall cool vibe for your look.

7. The medusa piercing can also be used on its own. If you have no other piercings, or you’re just starting, then this medusa piercing is the best choice for everyone. With different kinds of pieces of jewelry or studs, it fits any look you want to show, and it is also pretty subtle if you choose a smaller stud. The picture shows how a simple medusa piercing can add to your overall appearance.

8. The medusa piercing can also be used to emphasize the curve of your lip. By putting the piercing right above the curve of your lips, you can draw attention on it, thus making it a much more noticeable feature on your face. The metal stud can look absolutely beautiful under the sun too.

9. Not only is it for people who want to look cool, but the medusa piercing can also be used for people who want to be really feminine. The piercing emphasizes your lips and nose and will make you look cute and beautiful at the same time. With the right choice of studs, you can look absolutely stunning with a medusa piercing.

10. This kind of piercing will look amazing no matter what your face shape is. The medusa piercing with other face shapes can look unique. This is a really good picture to show that medusa piercing can work with everyone’s face shape. So, if you have any semblance of doubt because you don’t fit the conventional face shape, don’t worry as the medusa piercing will look good on everyone.

11. Match your medusa piercing stud with your septum piercing ring. A matching piece of studs can look great and coordinated. It will look organized and planned, and you might even get compliments with this kind of matching studs. If you’re planning to recreate this look, remember that you have a choice between normal metal studs and other types of jewelry studs. Coordinate that with your other piercings to make it look better.

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12. A metal medusa piercing stud can also look great with blue eyes. The piercing in the pictures shows a small, metal stud, and it looks amazing even with a bare face. If the person you’re talking to is a very detailed person, they will immediately notice your piercing, thus making it a great conversation starter too.

13. This type of piercing is usually called a cyber bite. A cyber bite piercing is a combination of a medusa piercing and a labret piercing. It can be absolutely beautiful. It’s also great at creating an optical illusion if done right. This piercing can look like a single unit if the piercings perfectly line up.

14. Look fierce with a combination of vertical labret and medusa piercings. This absolutely stunning picture shows that these piercings together are unstoppable. They create such a fierce but fresh look, making it unique and very eye-catching. Add some red lipstick too to add some fierce and ferocious vibe to your whole look.

15. If you think piercings are not elegant, this picture will definitely prove you wrong. The matching pair of jewel studs, this time with a white crystal look, adds to that elegant and classy effect that you might want to go for. It also looks amazing with that silver nail color.

16. This is also another good matching pair. The beautiful blue crystal stud from the medusa piercing and in-the-nostril piercing is totally eye-catching. The blue stud jewelry will sure add color, and it is also great for making your other piercings pop up. The combination of solid color against a metallic color will create a contrasting image that will make each color pop up.

17. If you want to create a more glamorous style, having a medusa piercing won’t stop you from achieving that kind of look. Medusa piercing is very versatile. No matter the kind of look that you are trying to achieve, this piercing can help you achieve that and make it look a thousand times more interesting. Even if you pair it with makeups and bright lipsticks, the medusa piercing will always be a good addition.

18. Grab some attention by combining it with a cheek piercing. The combination looks great and has a cool but chic vibe. It really carries the beauty of the girl amazingly. This combination is surely an eye-catching one. The cheek piercing shows off your smile along with the medusa piercing that will be able to emphasize your lips.

19. Get a cool dark look with your piercing. As the medusa piercing can add to that vibe, it will look great with that kind of fashion. Instead of picking a dark metal stud, pick one that is light, and it will surely make a great effect against your dark clothes.

20. Show off the inner you with the medusa piercing. No matter what your kind of style is, this piercing will fit the look that you want to achieve. The picture shows how you can make it work with an alternative chic look. The piercings paired with comfortable clothing create a dreamy and unique combo that can be great when used both on a casual night or on a partying getaway.

21. The medusa piercing also fits a formal look. Just like other pieces of jewelry, getting a piercing means you can choose other jewelry studs that will fit your needs. A metal piercing stud is always a classic look, so this is a great choice if you want to show an elegant image. You can never definitely go wrong with this. If you want something with a bit more glitz and glam, you can choose from many other types of jewelry studs.

22. This metal piercing stud looks good and subtle. It looks absolutely great with any hair color too as it won’t clash with the hair unlike other pieces of jewelry. The alternative look of the metal stud is also pretty amazing and interesting. If your sense of fashion leans on alternative or rocker chic, then the medusa piercing is perfect for you.

23. Imagine wearing a medusa piercing and a comfortable sweater? They’re definitely perfect! Who said that you always have to coordinate your outfit with your piercings? This picture says it all. The cute and cool combination is absolutely mesmerizing and can make you look cool with looking too planned. If you want to appear spontaneous and fun, this combination is something that you must try.

24. You don’t always have to look cool with your piercing. Glam yourself up with gold studs and colorful necklaces, and you will surely be grabbing attention during parties. If you’re afraid of trying out colorful necklaces, try out vibrant studs then. A splash of color in your outfit will always look amazing, making you look bubbly and fun to be with.

25. Pair a crystal stud with a nostril ring to have a casual look that you can use daily. This kind of fashion is very alternative and gives out a cool vibe. The use of crystal stud against the metal ring is also great as it lets your piercings pop against each other. By combining them, it will look absolutely amazing and will call attention to your facial features.

26. Here’s a cute example of a crystal stud piercing. A crystal stud jewelry is perfect for girls, especially younger ones who want to try out piercings. The medusa piercing is ideal for many people who are new to piercing as it has many types of studs that can be perfect for all types of people, making it flexible and fun to experiment with.

27. If you have bright hair color, a simple black stud will look amazing on you. This is a cute and classic look that is meant for your piercing to be eye-catching as it is a dark contrast against the bright colors. This also looks great paired with other piercings of the same color.

28. Metal against metallic color lipstick? The result will be an interesting look. This metal piercing is paired with a golden lipstick and a butterfly design on the side. It really is artistic and unique as that beautiful lipstick is being enhanced by the piercing. The piercing is literally just calling attention to the lips.

29. The red hair is such a beautiful contrast against the black piercing. It creates this powerful look where the bright colors pop up with the help of much darker colors. The red hair with black piercing is an eye-catching look. It is both fierce and powerful. If you have a dyed or natural red hair a piece of black stud jewelry will be perfect for you.

30. This is also another red hair with medusa piercing, but compared to the picture above this number, this one has a softer look. The softer look is due to the metal stud against the beautiful red hair. If you’re not ready for a really eye-catching catching look, this much more subtle look can be for you.

31. Bright colors anyone? No problem. Here’s another subtle piercing for you. With a cyber bite style of lip piercing, the combination of the two piercing is amazingly subtle even under the sun. This can be achieved with a silver metal stud. A good silver metal stud can work with any colors and won’t clash with anything, so if you want to dye your hair with wild colors, then these piercing are great complementary accessories that you can get.

32. Here is a straight rocker chick look. The combination of septum piercing and the medusa piercing gives such a cool vibe. Even with simple clothes, these piercings are simply eye-catching, and you will be able to turn heads anywhere. Rock these piercings, and you will surely be the most interesting person in the room.

33. By itself, the medusa piercing can be absolutely beautiful in photoshoots. With many angles, the metal lip piercing can catch the light, thus creating an interesting look through the camera. The simple metal stud can look absolutely stunning with the right person. If you are a model and want to make your photoshoots be more interesting next time, a medusa piercing can help you.

34. This close-up shot of the jewel stud shows how small and delicate it can look. The silver metal stud captures and reflects light when photographed closely. It will look ethereal and magical. As it looks absolutely amazing in photographs, it will look absolutely better in real life. The medusa piercing can look magical in real life with the right lighting.

35. If you are a bit nerdy or geeky and is afraid that you won’t fit this type of piercing, then don’t worry. Medusa piercing is an all-around style. Whether you are into alternative, casual, geeky fashion, the medusa piercing will suit you. It can look cute or cool, so it fits every type of people.

36. Look absolutely mystical with this piercing. Do not be afraid of clashing colors as it can look absolutely magical on you. The white crystal jewel stud is a good accessory and would look good on everyone. If you’re a fan of mystical things, then these crystal jewel studs are amazing and will make other people look twice.

37. Look hot with a medusa piercing. Afraid that a medusa piercing will ruin your face? Don’t worry, this person clearly shows that a medusa piercing can make you look cool and hot at the same time. The medusa piercing can make you look more remarkable and make your features much more interesting. This is because the silver metal stud is a good look and would most definitely match everyone because of its flexibility.

38. If you still think that piercings don’t fit with your daily look, here’s a great picture that will make you change your mind. The casual wear and the bronze metal stud is a seriously fun look. The casual wear on its own is boring but add some makeup and piercings, and you can absolutely look good and fun. Because of the piercing, your daily wear will now reflect your personality better.

39. Wanting a new look for an out of town trip? A medusa piercing can give you that. Whether from a front angle or a side angle, the piercing will look good on you when photographed. Getting a piercing for an out of town trip will also be a great experience as you can say that your piercing is a souvenir from that trip.

40. If you think medusa piercings are too girly, just look at the man in the picture. Medusa piercing is not something that is exclusive to girls. Many men have medusa piercings. It is a flexible piercing that all genders can use. While it may look like the majority of the people who have this type of piercing are females, it is also a good piercing for many men out there.


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