155 Incredible Loyalty Tattoos That Will Send The Perfect Message

When you are loyal to a fault, you are likely to get a tattoo that represents the way you feel. The people you see with loyalty tattoos are the ones that go above and beyond for the people in their life and they want the same in return. Loyalty is probably the most important attribute to them and they won’t settle for less.

Getting a tattoo about loyalty means that you want a permanent portrayal of the commitment you have for others. These tattoos are meant to be a display of your commitment to others. These types of tattoos are hugely popular right now because loyalty is needed now more than ever. There are different ways that you can display a loyalty tattoo. One of the most common is simply using the word “loyalty.” You can combine that with other elements in the tattoo to create something unique.

Couples really like this type of tattoo because they can get matching tattoos and it means a lot more to them because they are loyal together. Loyalty tattoos are popular with couples because it’s a way for them to represent their union together. Men also love to sport this type of tattoo because it allows for people to see them as a loyal mate. By portraying loyalty you can let a future mate know that you have a certain responsibility to them. A family usually falls into this feeling of where loyalty lies.

You don’t have to just use the word loyalty either, there are many ways of representing that word in a tattoo. You can make it original for yourself so that you don’t have the same tattoo as a lot of others. It’s a wonderful sentiment to be able to represent loyalty in the form of a tattoo. Loyalty is really just about being sincere, respect and kindness for another person.

We have a lot of options for you to take your loyalty to the next level. Check out these Incredible Loyalty Tattoos That Will Send The Perfect Message:

Loyalty and Love

These two words go hand in hand so this is a wonderful example of a tattoo. 


Great Fonts

It’s just a simple word but if you change up the font, you can make it look a little different. 

Wrist Tattoo

This is a great place to put a simple tattoo, especially if it’s small. It will also be a great place to remind you. 

Short and Simple

Loyal is just as powerful as loyalty and in this case, sometimes being short and sweet is the best. 

Cursive Writing

Another great tattoo that is simple and right to the point. 

Placement of Loyalty Tattoos

This tattoo is a popular one and so is the location. These types of tattoos are insights into what a person really wants. One of the most common places for this type of tattoo is on the forearm, as you see here. Some people also put these tattoos on the shoulder, back, arms or even the fingers. There have even been people who put them on their chest and legs but the most common area is the forearm. It really depends on the size of the tattoo that you want in order to determine where you want it to be. If you want a really small tattoo then the wrist or finger might be the best place for it.

Female Tattoos

A simple heart will change up the tattoo and make it more feminine

Sleeve Designs

This sleeve design is beautiful and Loyalty is marked within the roses which is really unique for the tattoo. 

Finger Tattoo

If you just want a small tattoo design, then this is the one for you. It’s short and simple and you don’t have to get a large tattoo if you don’t want to. 

Large Tattoos

This is a great example of a large tattoo design that really showcases how much you believe in loyalty. 

Different Languages

Sometimes just changing up the language will give you a unique tattoo. 

Amazing Tattoos

Another great example of a forearm tattoo design

Loyalty Tattoos

A simple design that is straight to the point. 

How to Choose A Tattoo Artist

  1. Know What You Want – Seems pretty simple, right? There are lots of tattoo places that will let you pick a tattoo off the wall but if that’s not what you’re looking for, then you need to find an artist that specializes in what you want.
  2. What’s Difficult About Your Tattoo – It’s important to choose an artist that knows how to do the difficult parts in your tattoo. If there is intricate linework, then you need to get an artist that is good in that area. Maybe you want a portrait, or a watercolor tattoo or even abstract. It’s important to go to an artist that has experience in these areas because not all artists work on the same type of tattoos. If your artist has never done a watercolor tattoo before, then you might be disappointed with your results. You need to do your research and make sure that the artist can do the tattoo that you want.
  3. Get A Recommendation – You probably know a lot of people with tattoos, so ask around and see if someone you know recommends a certain artist and why. Most artists also have websites now, so you can go on there and see the types of tattoos that they have done. You may have even seen the tattoo that you want on another person. It’s okay to ask them where they got their ink from.
  4. Don’t Go To A Dirty Store – Not all tattoo shops are created equal and there are actually a lot out there that is pretty disgusting. It should be common sense to not go to a dirty parlor, even if they offer cheap tattoos. You wouldn’t go to a dirty hair salon or nail place, so make sure when you are choosing your tattoo place that you are going to a professional location.You might get a bad vibe at certain places and that’s when you know that it’s not the place for you. Respect your body enough to go to a place where you’re not going to risk your health or get a bad tattoo.
  5. Pick An Artist You Like –  You might not think that this is important but it really is. You want to like them not only as an artist but as a person. You could easily be sitting in the chair for hours getting a tattoo. If you end up butting heads with your artist, the experience could be very uncomfortable for you. It’s best to go to someone that you get along with otherwise you could spend your time worrying while you’re getting the tattoo. Artists usually know best when it comes to details of a design or the placement of your tattoo but the last thing you want is to be talked into something that you don’t really want. It’s your tattoo and you will need to look at it forever so choose wisely.

Tips About After Care of Tattoo

Now that you’ve got the amazing loyalty tattoo that you were looking for, you want to make sure that your tattoo stays in good condition for the rest of your life. That’s not always easy and many people have caused damage to the tattoos they have because they didn’t take care of it properly. You might think that the process of getting a tattoo is the most important part but it’s not, the aftercare is. Your tattoo artist will provide you with aftercare instructions and it’s always best to follow those. But we are going to give you some great tips that will help you to keep your tattoo in great condition.

How To Take Care of Your New Tattoo

  1. Leave The Bandage On – Not all tattoo artists will bandage the tattoo but if they do, leave it on until the artist tells you to take it off. It can be annoying and sometimes uncomfortable to keep the bandage on but it’s the best thing for your tattoo. Some artists may tell you to keep a bandage on for over 24 hrs while others will say to keep it on for just an hour. It really depends on the kind of tattoo you received and whether a lot of swelling occurred on the tattoo. If you had a 6-hour long tattoo, then chances are you will have to keep the wrap on for 24 hours. Your artist knows best so follow their advice as best you can.
  2. Wash The Tattoo – After you remove the bandage, you will need to wash your tattoo. You want to wash it thoroughly but also very carefully. This is not the time to be aggressively washing the area. There may be blood and plasma left over from the procedure and it’s best to use unscented, alcohol-free soap.
  3. Pat The Tattoo Dry – Again, any rubbing of the tattoo is going to do more harm than good. After you have cleaned the tattoo, just pat it dry. You can use a clean paper towel or even a towel as long as there is no rubbing involved.
  4. Apply Lotion – You want to apply a thin layer of lotion on the tattoo. Leaving your tattoo to dry out will not be good for it. You want to make sure that the area is dry before you add lotion. This is going to keep your tattoo from drying out and will keep it moisturized.
  5. Repeat The Process – This isn’t something that you just do once. The idea is to keep repeating these steps until your tattoo has completely healed. It’s the best thing that you can do to make sure your tattoo lasts a long time. It’s going to go through a scabbing and peeling faze which means you have to be extra careful to continue moisturizing it. It can easily get infected with bacteria and germs during this time which is why it’s important to keep the area clean and dry. The tattoo should be washed until it’s healed and that can be between 2-4 weeks.
  6. Don’t Pick At Scabs – It can be tempting to pick at the scabs as they peel away but you can actually cause damage to your tattoo by picking at it. It can also delay the healing process, increase the chance of infection or even cause fading from your tattoo.
  7. Stay Out of The Sun – You really want to make sure that you stay out of the sun with a fresh tattoo. The sun is a danger to your tattoo before it’s fully healed. You need to keep the tattoo out of direct sunlight and make sure you apply sunscreen to the area when you are outside. There is even sunscreen made specifically for tattoos that you can use.
  8. Stay Out Of Water – Yes, you need to keep your tattoo clean but this is not the time to have one of your favorite long, hot baths. It’s not good to keep a tattoo waterlogged for long periods. It’s also not good to go to pools or lakes during this time. Bodies of water, including pools, can contain bacteria and damage your tattoo. It’s best to stick to showers and short ones until your tattoo is healed.
  9. Continue After Care – You must always look after your tattoo, you never want to be lax in your care of the tattoo. Even after the tattoo has been healed, you want to do your best to keep it out of the sun and always apply sunscreen. Moisturizing your skin is the best way to have healthy skin and a healthy tattoo.


Loyalty tattoos are a great way to represent your feelings about your loved ones and what you are looking for in the future. You may think that a lot of loyalty tattoos look the same but that’s not the case at all. You just have to put a little personality into it. 

Choose a tattoo that you love the most and enjoy your tattoo!

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