51 Irresistible Libra Tattoos (With History & Meaning)

The Libra Tattoo Designs

The libra is dated back to ancient Greek days. It’s associated with the goddess Themis and is known for being a symbol of justice. A classic libra tattoo is of the goddess Themis or Justicus holding the scales and symbols. The libra is part of the Zodiac and is the seventh sign. It’s a symbol that personifies the scales of justice and is the astrology sign for people who were born between August 23-September 23rd. It has a variety of symbolic representations. The libra is popular for females and is thought to represent positivity. It’s also known to represent romanticism, idealism, diplomacy and peace. On the flip side, it’s also been categorized as wavering and falters with decision making skills.

This type of sign is known as an air sign. It’s thought to represent something you can’t necessarily see, but that you can definitely know is around you. Picture the air, we know it’s all around us, yet we can’t actually see it. Well, not unless there’s tons of smog or fog hanging over the place. Either way, the air sign is like air because it describes your personality or your character. It’s just who you are. Are you outgoing or more introverted? Do you love having things to do to stay busy or would you rather snuggle up with a good book at home? These different types of questions help determine what your personality is like. Just like the air, you can’t see your personality, but you know it’s there and it influences who you are and how the world perceives you.

1. This first one is unique in that it goes down the spine and has a myriad of symbolism and meaning. This is a simple, yet great example of the glyph.


2. This is a more feminine spin on the libra with the scales included in the image. The shading shows great contrast here and it looks really good.


3. Unique placement of the glyph with an original spin of the bottom part of the symbol.


4. A piece like this takes time and quite a bit of ink due to it’s sheer size and darkness.


5. People have been known to get the libra tattooed on themselves as a symbol of balance in their lives. It reminds them to remain centered in life and it’s various degrees of triumphs and challenges.


6. This is excellent artwork. It’s vivid and descriptive and tells a unique story that is exclusive to this person.



7. The back of the neck is a popular spot as you’ll notice in the collection of designs we’ve put together. It’s a spot that can be well hidden if you prefer or easily accessed for the world to see. Where would you place your libra? Other popular spots include the forearm and side.


8. The pastel colors used here really create a subtle beauty that is almost reverent and ancient.


9. This is a classic scale image that looks quite realistic.


10. The libra is attributed to being airy and lighthearted although this picture doesn’t quite give off that cheerful feeling!



It’s a gender neutral tattoo since it’s a Zodiac sign for people born during a certain time of the year. As you’ll see from the pictures, a lot of women choose to get this tattoo imagery, but it’s also popular among men. There’s a lot of flexibility in the symbols so it’s easy to make it either masculine or feminine.

11. The spot right above the elbow and below the bicep creates a unique look for any image.


12. This is gorgeous. The artist did a fantastic job with the contrasting line work. It’s life like and quite beautiful.


13. The next couple glyph symbols embody the essence of this image.



As you’ll see below, the scales are the most popular and are actually part of the US currency on their dollar bills. Another popular symbol is the glyph. It’s the written symbol and perhaps the most widespread of the two graphics. It’s lines are parallel with a curvature in the middle. Below you’ll see a variety of pieces that vary from classic looks to quirky, original art that is exclusively that person’s creation.



15. This scale is located on the shoulder which is easily hidden or beautifully portrayed.



The scales and symbols are often portrayed in the color black. It has a dramatic affect that is  bold and decisive. There are also bolder colors associated with this image like reds, greens, blues and yellows. People often tend to pick coloring that best describes their personality. If you decide to get a libra, choose a color palette that tells your story. Tattoos are symbolic and steeped in meaning so choose something that fits you and your personality.

16. This is one of the goddess’s of the ancient myths carrying the scales.


17. The off center looks creates an interesting paradox because the libra is known to bring balance and positivity. Perhaps this person is saying that although they’re technically a libra, they feel off balance.


18. Beautiful imagery and art for this piece.


19. The whimsy, genie like quality of this image is interesting and eye catching. It engages the casual observes and would definitely be a conversation starter.


20. White tattoos are excellent. They’re extremely subtle yet look amazing. Choosing that coloring is also a wonderful idea if you’re trying to be discreet with your design.


21. Stars all around the glyph are symbolic and meaningful. Perhaps she is conveying a victory in a situation where justice needed to be administered.


22. The red hue around the spade really creates an ambiance that is fierce and a bit intimidating. The lion has sad eyes and the scales seem to be balanced. This could mean many things and may be unknown to everyone except the artist and the canvas. The overall look is well done and a great example of the scales or justice.


23. This is simple yet almost defiant as it boldly stands out on her wrist.


24. Trippy spin on a psychedelic libra.


25. Love the shot of someone getting work done in the shop. It’s fresh and brand new.


26. The detail here is incredible. The image literally comes off the page as you look at it. The artist did an amazing job with the shading and line work and the variation of color. Even though it’s a black piece, the artist used varying degrees of black to create excellent contrast.


27. This may have taken longer than you might expect because of the dark shading and amount of ink used in the coloring of this piece.


28. Simple design and placement. It’s hipster in location and quite hip looking.


29. The blue really makes the picture more defined. Excellent image of the scales as well as the glyph.


30. The sun and the moon are balanced in this image which is really interesting. The scales are known for the balance they possess so it’s as if the scales are the earth and the center is the axis that keeps the earth and moon in balanced, perpetual motion.


31. Another symbol that is popular with the libra is the rose. The stenciled blue art of the roses inside the scale is timeless.


32. Romantics often get the libra to represent how the other person’s love balances them. The color palette here is beautiful and endearing. It’s romantic and lovely.


33. Dramatic colors often paint a picture that needs no words.


34. Can you pick out all the imagery in this tattoo? I spy a little eye. This piece is excellent. It is pretty brand new because it’s still shining in the light from the camera. Pieces often appear glossy when they are fresh.


35. Where do we even start with this piece? It’s intense and beautiful and striking all packaged into one masterpiece. Take the bull for example, he’s strong and courageous and is looking to the scale for balance. There’s an emerald in the the scale and an egg. The word, “eternal” is sketched into the tree which could tie all of these things together meaning. What do you think it means? The choice of colors is quite telling. It seems to brim with life and expectancy of things to come.


36. Portraits are some of our favorites, simply because they are impossibly hard to do well. It only takes one slight mess up for the entire thing to be ruined. This artist nailed it. They did an excellent job with this portrait and she looks so real. Even her hair appears to come off this woman’s arm. Isn’t it interesting how the sign for libra represents air and it’s as if the air is blowing the woman’s hair? Gorgeous piece.


37. Unique placement of the tiny scale. The detail here is quite incredible. This is a spot that can hurt because it’s right on the bone but luckily, it’s not a huge piece so it wouldn’t take a ton of time to complete.


38. The contrasting dark blue really contrasts between the outlined and cracked look of the glyph. The artist did an amazing job tying both images together.


39. Classic look of a heart and a feather being balanced. It’s a romantic gesture that could signify that someone’s love makes them feel light like a feather.


40. This is a gorgeous shot of the glyph. It’s such a hip photo that it makes us want one!


41. The glyph here almost has a symbolic Egyptian feel to it. It’s bold and defined and placed in a location that is easily hidden but can also be showcased whenever the canvas feels like it.


42. In ancient mythology, the goddess was often seen carrying the scales and symbols. This is a great piece that represents just that.


43. Eyes are hard to do because it’s easy to make them appear unrealistic. The artist here did a great job of capturing an emotion in these eyes that is haunting. The coloring and shading is well done and it gives off an exotic feel.


44. The color palette is gorgeous. The line work is outstanding and the overall piece exudes femininity.


45. Here’s an original take on the scales and balance. Which goddess do you think this represents? The blue eyes are vivid. The coloring here is well done and brings a fairytale feel to the overall piece.


46. Behind the ear is always a classic look that is timeless and elegant. This is a perfect example because it’s small and delicate. It’s not overwhelming or overpowering and looks really well done.


47. Trees usually represent power and growth. Tie that together with the scales and symbols and it creates a formidable force that can’t be reckoned with. Justice is strong and intense, just like this tree that is deep and firmly rooted.


48. This is a lot like the whimsy looking image above, just without coloring.


49. Simple wrist tattoo that is dainty and cute.


50. Many women enjoy smaller tattoos on their feet. This symbol is an excellent choice. It’s simple and would be a great image to add more imagery too later on if she decided she wanted more art done.


51. The side is a rough spot for a tattoo because it’s tender and pretty sensitive. This is a great choice of image for this location.


When choosing your next tattoo, remember to pick something that defines you. There are so many different options to choose from. Getting your sign is pretty hip these days but it doesn’t mean that it’ll be fashionable forever so choose something that you’re going to love no matter if it’s in style or not. Think through different options and then decide on the colors you want to use. It’s also a good idea to check with your workplace to ensure that tattoos are acceptable there. If they aren’t okay with body art and you still want to get work done, consider getting something in a discreet location or a place that’s easily hidden. As you noticed above, choosing a white tattoo is also a great way to have an awesome design that isn’t overly noticeable. Most importantly, pick something that defines you and your personality and enjoy!

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