92 Badass Knuckle Tattoos That Will Make You Proud

If you are looking for a new badass tattoo, then why not check out knuckle tattoo ideas? These are very intricate places to get a tattoo and some tattoo artists won’t even tattoo the knuckles. Just like the hands, knuckle tattoos tend to be very noticeable and some artists just won’t tattoo that area because people end up with regrets. So, make sure you really want the tattoo design before you do it. Even the smallest knuckle tattoo can seem very bold when tattooed on the knuckle.

You want to be creative when you are thinking about knuckle tattoos because you don’t have a lot of room to work with. Having said that, a lot can be done in such a small space as well. Many people decide on words or symbols for their tattoos, those are the most common design choices. Some people have even got realistic portraits of people or animals on their knuckles but you want to make sure that you have a talented artist to do something like that.

These days the things that you can put on your knuckles have become endless, there are so many fun ideas to try. Many people use the symbols from the deck of cards which actually means good luck to the person.

If you are anxious to find a tattoo idea then take a look at this article. You will be able to find so many awesome tattoo ideas that you will have a hard time deciding.

Below are 92 Badass Knuckle Tattoos That Will Make You Proud:

1. Portraits

Choose your favorite TV show and have the characters portrayed on your knuckles. These are insanely detailed so make sure that you have a talented artist.

knuckle tattoos

2. Free

Words are always a common tattoo idea when it comes to getting knuckle tattoos. Decide what speaks to you and go with it.

3. Wordy Choices

We believe that this says “Have More” but it’s hard to tell. You want to keep this in mind when you are choosing your fonts, that some may be harder to read than others.

4. Choices of Pride

When you want to speak the truth about yourself this could be the perfect tattoo choice for you.

5. Different Colors

This girl is really speaking to her soul and she’s added some bright colors to it. Again, you want to think about the font before you go and get a tattoo done.

6. Creative Symbols

We just love all these creative symbols that she has on her knuckles. The mushroom is our favorite.

7. Wiccan Symbols

You can choose symbols based on your own heritage or religion and find creative ways to represent that.

8. Searching for Love

If love is the most important thing for you then you are sure to love this type of tattoo, it represents all that we want in life.

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9. Bold Letters

These are some bold letters that you are sure to love. They stand out quite a bit however so make sure that you want it to be a bold statement.

10. The Eclipse

This fun tattoo idea is all about the eclipse. We just love the fact that you can see different stages.

11.  Heart Designs

A great realistic heart design that fits nicely on the finger. If you love hearts that are badass then this is a great design for you.

12. Symbols and Letters

There is a lot going on with these fingers and you want to make sure that you don’t create a jumbled look for yourself.

13. Tell a Story

A great knuckle design that is truly badass. If you like this type of font than roll with it.

14. Thin Lines

These letters are quite thin which shows off a completely different look. We love these letters and you will too.

15. Arrow Head

These are quite distinctive symbols and we are sure that you’re going to love them. They are small and detailed.

16. Super Mario Bros

You are sure to love these symbols if you happen to be a gamer. who doesn’t love Super Mario Bros? These are some pretty cute symbols that make for some fun tattoos.

17. Bold Tattoos

Choose something bold and brave and it will be a tattoo that you are sure to remember always.

18. Unique Designs

These are some pretty unique designs that will really stand out. If you want something fun then this is for you.

19. Bold Colors

The letters here are huge and the colors are bold. If you want something eye-catching then just add some color.

20. Write it Out

these letters are all together to create a written line. There are different colors as well that really creates a unique line. The colors and the font are truly unique.

21. Sleeve Designs

If you love sleeve designs then you can take it one step further and bring that design right down to the knuckles. This color is so bright and beautiful.

22. The Snowflake

This is just one simple design for one knuckle. It’s a gorgeous design if you like winter or snowflakes in general.

23. Beliefs

This is a solid message and one that you might want to incorporate in your life. It’s a simple message in some large lettering.

24. True Love

Isn’t that something that we all want in our life? If you are a believer in true love then you are sure to love this design. It’s amazing and so very true.

25. A Big Buck

If you love bucks or hunting then you are sure to love this unique tattoo design. This unusual design focuses on the middle knuckle.

26. Red and Orange

This great design is really bright and bold with the red and orange colors. These are very large letters so they make a big impact.

27. Anchors Away

If you love sailing or maybe even just the beach you are sure to love these fun symbols. Just because you want knuckle tattoos doesn’t mean that you need to get one on every knuckle. Just pick a couple and make it work.

28. Riff Raff

A great design that is all about your own personality and this is a fun way of showing it off.

29. Large Letters

These are rather large letters so make sure that you want the commitment.

30. Creative Letters

These are very unique letters and ones that you will love for a long time. They are large and very dark so that can be very eye-catching as well.

31. Fancy Font

As fancy as this font is, it is also very hard to read. I had a hard time reading what the message was but if you don’t care about that then go with the flow.

32. Scratchy Letters

These letters are simple and also scratchy. They are unusual letters but if you want something original then go for it.

33. Simple Letters

Simple letters still deliver a message.

34. Cartoon Images

A great sleeve image of a cartoon character that also covers the knuckles.

35. Vampire

This seems like vampire lettering.

36. Monkey See

These are fun images that are real conversation pieces.

37. Skull Designs

These green skulls are very eye-catching.

38. Green Designs

These letters are green with envy.

39. Hard to Read

When it comes to letters, you should pick a font that is easier to read.

40. Crazy Designs

There is a lot going on here that can be very distracting.

41. Wild Child

If you have a wild side to you then show it off with these knuckle designs.

42. Huge Letters

These letters are very huge and can also be hard to read.

43. Have Hope

Simple letters create a great message.

44. Chopping Block

These letters a bold and creative.

45. Dots and Lines

These simple designs are unique because there is a message behind them.

46. Dark Letters

These letters are really dark so they stand out.

47. Portraits

These gorgeous portraits cover the knuckles as well.

48. Sweet Symbols

Simple symbols that are sweet.

49. Dog Love

If you want to represent the love for your dog then use one knuckle to do so.

50. Doom

Bold letters that you are sure to love.

51. Golden Love

A golden color will make anything shine.

52. Gorgeous Colors

Bright blue stands out so well.

53. Deck of Cards

These fun shapes come right from a deck of cards.

54. Working Hard

Simple letters that represent hard work.

55. Stunning Purple

Green and purple look so well together.

56. Great Letters

Great letters that represent a lot.

57. Simple Stencils

You don’t get much simpler than these letters.

58. Green Love

If you love letters in green then you will love these.

59. Bold Love

A great lettering with a boldness to it.

60. Different Looks

Letters and symbols together.

61. Family Love

A great love for family can be represented here.

62. Monster Love

Sharks and skulls are awesome as knuckle tattoos. These are some great designs.

63. Anchors

Wild anchor love here is truly awesome.

64. Hard Love

These letters are really hard to read but if you love them then that’s all that matters. Font is everything when it comes to choosing letters that you expect people to read.

65. Bold Blue

We love blue because it really stands out. I love the blue and black together, it’s really great here.

66. Stay

These letters stretch across the knuckles. It can make it harder to read but it also makes it more unique as well. The black scratchiness of the letters is truly amazing.

67. Red and Black

Simple letters that go well with the bold red and black design above. If you love simple designs then this is the one for you.

68. Different Designs

A great design with different fonts. The letters are very wide which makes them very unique as well. Beautiful!

69. Bold and Black

Simple designs that are really unique.

70. Every Knuckle

Some people want to do every knuckle.

71. Dark Designs

A great design that is a series of bold designs. The knuckles are just black.

72. Lone Wolf

Simple letters that are very beautiful with the colors.

73. Too Big

You have to be really committed to these letters because they are so big. They are also very hard to read as well.

74. Baby Doll

A great design with simple letterings.

75. Blue Letters

These letters are really very basic.

76. Icy Blue

There is so much blue here and the color is very eye-catching.

77. Symbolic Lettering

These are very different lettering, they are more like symbols that speak.

78. Cute Symbols

These symbols are truly cute, especially the umbrella and the little tooth.

79. Love

Simple letters creating a powerful message.

80. Artists Work

These tiny portraits are so gorgeous and detailed. Make sure that you have a great artist to do these wonderful images. They are detailed and they resemble drawings. Amazing work!

81. Red and Blue

Red and blue always look good together. These are some great letters that are very simple.

82. Red and Green

A great style that is really simple and colorful.

83. White Ink

White ink is always a great way of making letters stand out. It’s very subtle here and it works well with all the colors. White ink rocks.

84. Pure Pain

Simple letters with a strong message.

85. Long Letters

These letters and long and lean but easy to read as well.

86. Paradise

A great set of letters that really stand out because they are oh so black.

87. Pretty Crown

This is a pretty rock star crown and there is so much detail even though it is so tiny on the finger. This is a gorgeous crown, it’s almost like a drawing.

88. Meow

A great knuckle design that really stands out. The thread is a little elegant.

89. Stunning Blue

Simple blue can be really eye-catching because it stands out.

90. Alligator Love

Green and black always look great together and we would have to agree with this photo. It’s kind of a creepy green but we love it.

91. Straight Letters

These are standard letters but these are really great because they stand out.

92. Love and Hope

This is a great design that sends strong messages about hope and love which are really important messages. If you are looking for a strong message then this is it.

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