225+ Iconic King and Queen Tattoo Ideas

If you are looking for a new tattoo idea that you want to have with your spouse, then why not try the King and Queen tattoos. You both worship each other so you might as well show it.

It could be a young love or one that has been going on for years, either way, you won’t be able to get enough of these cool ideas to show your love. A King and Queen tattoo show off your love and commitment to one another. Show your strength to the world and how you will always have your loved ones back through thick and thin. Matching tattoos are hugely popular with people who love to show their love. The great thing about getting matching tattoos is that it shows the world that you are committed to each other no matter what. That’s what’s cool about the King and Queen tattoo, it’s about strength and taking care of one another.

There are many great options to choose from, of all shapes and sizes. Below are 61 Iconic King and Queen Tattoo Ideas:

1. The Ribcage Design

If you are looking for a large design then you are sure to love this rib cage design with a heart wearing a crown.


2. Add a Name

You can personalize your crown by adding a name. The gold and purple really look well together.

3. Colorful Crown

This crown has a lot of color to it and we just love the ornate design. If you like colorful tattoos then you are sure to love this one.

4. Your Diamond

If your girl is as precious as a diamond then you are sure to love this design. It’s got a badass regal element to it. We can’t get over how beautiful this design is, and it pops right off the skin.

5. Bold Diamonds

Another example of a crown and a diamond together. It’s a colorful design. It’s a more detailed design and the colors are deep here.

6. King Arthur

If you want to feel royal then try a design made for royalty. It’s more of a cartoon design but still a great one. It all depends on what kind of style that you enjoy.

7. Dog Royalty

If you love your dogs and consider them Kings and Queens then this might be the tattoo design for you. These dogs designs are fun and unique and you can’t love your dog more than this.

8. Dark Designs

A great tattoo design that you are sure to love because of its dark details. We have a lot of royal elements to this image and those are all good things.

9. Purple Love

Purple is certainly the color of the royals. This simple design has some beautiful and bright colors to it. The gems are all in different colors which are great.

10. Chest Designs

If you are looking for a chest tattoo then this is certainly a gorgeous. This is a geometric design that connects all the elements together. It’s a pretty cool design. We love how every image is different and yet they are all connected as one. We love geometric designs, they are awe inspiring.

11. Detailed Design

This realistic design has some bold colors that really make the tattoo stand out. The colors are gorgeous and we can’t get enough of these amazing designs.

12. Great Designs

This stunning design is sure to turn heads. The crown fits perfectly on the back of the head. Red and gold always look good together, this is a great design that you are sure to love.

13. The Heart of a King

This design has a heart as well as a crown. It’s a unique design that you are sure to love. Connecting these two images together create a truly unique tattoo design that you are sure to love.

14. Sketchy Designs

This is a gorgeous crown tattoo made out of scratchy lines. We love how this tattoo was put together, it’s incredible.  It’s elegant and simple and yet very eye-catching.

15. The Golden Crown

It’s a great design that is also very simple. We love the golden color, it goes so well with all the colors.

16. Wrist Crown

A simple crown on the wrist is all you need to show your commitment to your Queen.

17. Skull Crown

This skull crown is truly unique. If you want something a little more badass then this is the tattoo for you.

18. Silver Crown

This tattoo really stands out because of the white ink. It’s very elegant and beautiful.

19. Diamond Eyes

A sugar skull is perfect for a crown and we just love the diamond eyes. A very colorful tattoo.

20. Red Crown

A simple crown that is all about that red color. A detailed design that you are sure to love.

21. Arm Designs

A great design that is very simple and it’s all you need for an arm tattoo.

22. Peacock Feathers

A great tattoo that is all about the bright colors. I love the peacock feather that is going through the crown.

23. Big and Bold

A great tattoo that you are sure to love because it has beautiful colors.

24. Three Tattoos

These brights tattoos go so well together. I love the old and beautiful colors we see here.

25. Big Tattoos

If you are looking for a large tattoo then you are sure to love this design. It’s bold and beautiful.

26. Gorgeous Designs

A great design that is sure to be wonderful is you put it all together just as it is.

27. Jeweled Design

A simple design that has a lot of jewels. This design has many bright colors as well.

28. Butterfly Crown

A unique crown that has butterflies all around it. The colors are great and it’s a very different design.

29. Delicate Designs

This is a great design that has delicate elments to it. The gold is great for this image.

30. Simple Designs

A great design that is very simple.

21. Skull Designs

A unique design that is scary and pretty awesome. We love that there is a crown on the skull. It’s a pretty large design the covers the complete stomach.

22. Cool Designs

If you like skulls then you will love this very simple design.

23. Design for Love

If you want to show off the love of your spouse then this is the perfect tattoo for you. It’s a gorgeous design that you are sure to love.

24. Cheetah Love

A cheetah with an amazing golden crown, a truly unusual design.

25. Big Diamonds

This is a great design if you love diamonds. It’s a stunning design because of the simple tattoo.

26. A Seeing Eye

Lucky number 7 makes this unusual tattoo very unique. We can’t help but love all the colors.

27. Floral Designs

A stunning design with a bold flower with a crown sitting on top. There are graet details and beaustiful colors. I love the deep reds and purples here.

28. Married Couple

This stunning design is a set of matching tattoos that are all about love that lasts forever. This is death do us part tattoos.

29. Bright Colors

These sugar skulls are truly gorgeous and elegant. We love the bold colors shown here.

30. Basic Designs

A great design that is very simple but still very cool as well.

31. Simple Crowns

These tattoos couldn’t be more simple but if that’s what you are interested in then you are sure to love this design.

32. Geometric Designs

A detailed crown that makes for a stunning tattoo. The crown is dark yet we have a gorgeous blue circle in the background. Geometric designs are very popular these days.

33. Bold and Beautiful

A great crown design that is unique and bold. The red pops right off the skin.

34. Neck Tattoos

A small design that fits nicely on the back of the neck. It’s a simple style that anyone would love.

35. Lion Love

A sexy arm tattoo that has some bright colors. This is a beautiful image of a lion crown because he is the King of the jungle.

36. The Silhouette

This simple design is small but it’s perfect. It’s a elegant design that can be placed anywhere. It’s a great design wiothy personal initials.

37. Bright Pink

A great design that is perfect for a girl. if you happen to love pink then you are sure to love this style.

38. Ribbon Designs

This detailed crown is a unique design that has ribbon surrounding it.

39. A Regal Lion

A gray lion is truly a regal creature and this design is one that you are sure to love. This crown is one that is remarkable for the lion.

40. A Blue Design

This cartoon image is truly amazing even though it is a simple design. There are bright blue colors that are truly remarkable.

41. A Dark Design

We love this dark design because it’s truly a beautiful and unique crown design. The darkness really stands out.

42. Elegant Designs

A gorgeous crown design that has some unique shapes. It is gorgeous because of all of the ornate designs and the cross above the crown.

43. Pretty Colors

A beautiful design that has some pretty colors with the crown. Pinks and purples always look good together.

44. Royal Designs

A unique crown design that you are sure to love. It’s in black and white and in this case there is no need for color.

45. Tie a Bow

This gorgeous design is amazing because of the black and red together. The red pops right off the skin. The additional diamonds are an added benefit to the design. We just love all the red.

46. Simple Designs

This tattoo is just an outline but it’s still a great looking crown and it’s dedicated to her parents. Who are the Kings and Queens in your life?

47. Chess Players

Now this is a different take on the King and Queen tattoos and it’s actually a pretty cool idea. If you want to set yourself apart from the rest then try out these Kings and Queens.

48. Cartoon Designs

These cartoon chess pieces look a little warped as if they might be part of Alice in Wonderland. If you like cartoon images then you are sure to love these ones.

49. The Animal Kingdom

Another take on the Queen and King and these ones come from the jungle. They are low key tattoos that fit nicely one the finger.

50. One Lion

This couple decided to share one design of the King of the jungle. It’s a unique way of having matching tattoos.

51. Matching Designs

These gorgeous tattoos are of the King and Queen tattoo designs. We love that they used their own personalized signatures for their tattoos. It’s truly a unique idea.

52. Bright Paint

These bright crowns have some bright pink paint swipes through the design. It looks amazing as an overall tattoo.

53. Dark Shades

A great matching tattoo design that has some great dark shading in the design. These detailed images look like drawings.

54. The Names

These matching designs are just written in the skin, it’s unusual but very simple.

55. Drawn Images

These tattoos look more like drawings and they are truly amazing designs.

56. Elegant Work

These gorgeous tattoo designs are gorgeous because they pop right off the skin. The shading mixed with the white ink creates an amazing overall tattoo. It’s one of the prettiest ones that we have seen yet.

57. Detailed Tattoos

We love these designs because they are so detailed that they almost look real. If you are looking for badass tattoo designs then you are sure to love this one.

58. Coloring Book

These are amazing images because they look like they were completed with colored pencils. They are full of gorgeous colors that make the tattoo unique.

59. Card Designs

These tattoos are very different because now we have the King and Queen from the deck of cards. They are great designs that are truly unique.

60. Powerful Designs

These gorgeous skulls represent the Queen and King. These are gorgeous skull design that anyone would love.

61. Portraits of Love

These detailed portraits of the King and Queen are truly remarkable. It’s truly a different type of image but it’s a gorgeous one.

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