108 Amazing Japanese Tattoos That Are Very Cultural

Are you looking for a new tattoo idea, one that has some cultural significance? You wouldn’t want to go any further than this article because Japanese tattoos are truly badass. Japanese tattoos not only look great but they are also inspiring as well.  Japanese tattoos can be worn by both men and women. They make great sleeve tattoos because there are a lot of elements that you can add to create an amazing tattoo.

If you like culture and tradition, then you are sure going to love the Japanese symbolisms. The traditions behind a Japanese tattoo have been around for many years. These tattoos always have purpose and meaning and are often viewed as a sign of societal status.

Japanese tattoos are interesting tattoos for a reason. That’s because they have a rich history. If you are interested in culture and history you won’t find a tattoo idea that has more cultural significance. There is a lot of culture behind the image. The Japanese were doing tattoos long before the tattoo machines of our era came around.

Japanese tattoos often symbolize protection and devotion. They are a charming way to show off your protective nature. It’s also a form of personal protection as well. A Japanese tattoo is meant to protect the owner of any attacks or harm that should come his way. It’s a versatile tattoo that can cover large areas on the body. They are beautiful and inspiring tattoos that you will love for many years to come.

There are many different images that can be used to create your own Japanese tattoo design. You can create your own tattoo that shows off your aspirations, personal beliefs and character traits for all the world to see. The designs used for Japanese tattoos are often quite gorgeous.

Below are 108 Amazing Japanese Tattoos That Are Very Cultural:

1. Floral Elements

A sleeve tattoo with many bright colors and some great flowers that are often a part of Japanese tattoos.

2. Black and White

These Japanese elements are alluring and a little mysterious. These tattoos are great because they don’t need any color to be badass.

3. Japanese Florals

Bright pinks and greens are a great way to brighten up a tattoo. These colors are amazing.

4. Skull Designs

If you have always wanted a sleeve design, then this one is truly badass. There are skulls and other Japanese elements that really make an unusual design.

5. Multiple Sleeves

If you want matching sleeve designs than you can’t go wrong with this awesome tattoo. There is a lot of great elements to this tattoo that you are sure to love.

6. Dragon Designs

This dragon is fierce and mysterious. It takes up the whole sleeve as it moves along the body. I love the black and red colors together, the contrast is amazing.

7. Spider Love

This Japanese tattoo has a lot of great elements like a warrior and a spider. It’s a large tattoo, so there is a lot of commitment to it.

8. Bold Colors

This awesome dragon has some pretty great colors and we love the gold and green together.

9. Portraits

A Japanese woman that covers the whole sleeve of the arm. She’s a beauty depiction of the Japanese art.

10. Crazy Warrior

This fierce warrior is truly spectacular. The gold of the crown really goes well with the green of the face.

11. Koi Fish

A very detailed sleeve design of a Koi fish that is swimming in the open waters.

12. Crazy Colors

We love these bold colors that come with Japanese colors. The sleeves are similar, but the colors are different.

13. Detailed Portraits

A great design that has a ton of detail to it. You can’t go wrong with this beautiful piece of art.

14. Dark Designs

This dark tattoo design is truly remarkable. I love the contrast that comes from all the shading.

15. Japanese Warriors

Samurais are truly cool warriors especially when they bring out their swords. If you love these designs, then you are sure to love this detailed and mysterious design.

16. Warrior Faces

A great sleeve design that has more symbolism because of all the fierce battles.

17. Dragon Face

A great sleeve design that has creative elements to it. I love the large dragon face attached to the whole idea. It’s gorgeous.

18. Dragon Love

A great tattoo design that is truly remarkable. The dragon face coming out of the woods is amazing. The details are incredible, and it makes this tattoo awesome.

19. Warrior Gear

These tattoos are remarkable because you can add many different elements to create a whole Japanese sleeve.

20. Bright Colors

A great dragon with some amazing colors attached to it. The brights blues and reds are marvelous together.

21. Dark Dragon

A sleeve design that has a dark dragon that goes all the way up to the chest. It’s a detailed dragon that has some amazing contrast with black and reds. This fierce dragon is truly inspiring.

22. Inspiring Designs

A great design that you are sure to love. A great design filled with color. The feathers attached to this design are magical.

23. Shocking Colors

This full body tattoo has some bright and remarkable colors in it. It covers half the body as well as the sleeve and the design is truly a Japanese inspiration. There is a lot of traditional elements to that make for a great tattoo design.

24. Leg Tattoos

A great tattoo that has some great elements to it. These tattoos cover the entire leg, so you have to be okay with commitment.

25. Bold Fish Designs

These orange and red colors are truly beautiful and if you like the Koi fish and the symbolism behind it, then you will love this tattoo.

26. Incredible Dragons

This fierce dragon is made amazing because of the awesome features in the dragons face. It’s a unique depiction of a dragon that you are sure to love.

27. The Serpent

This full body tattoo has a lot of different elements to it, that makes for an amazing tattoo. The colors are bright and remarkable.

28. Leg Designs

Both legs are completely tattoo with bright colors. These Japanese elements are mesmerizing and also traditional.

29. The Midnight Sky

A great design that has some Japanese elements that go well with the ship picture. The bright colors make for a gorgeous painting.

30. Japanese Folklore

This design is so detailed and gorgeous that it looks like an exquisite painting. It’s absolutely gorgeous design that has stunning colors and details to it. The Geisha girl has always been a traditional element of Japanese art.

31. Stunning Colors

The cherry blossoms are a popular floral choice when it comes to Japanese tattoos. There is no outline needed for these amazing designs; they will knock your socks off just with the color alone.

32. Dark and Mysterious

The warrior armor is truly a great image when it comes to Japanese designs. The tattoo is very dark, so you want to make sure that you love it. This type of tattoo would be impossible to cover up or correct.

33. Cartoon Images

Maybe you don’t want a huge detailed Japanese piece. Some of these cartoon images can be really fun to work with. The bright colors here really jump right off the skin.

34. Chest Tattoos

A great chest tattoo with a lot of bright colors. If you like dragons, then you are sure to love this mysterious creature.

35. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are a traditional part of Japanese art and they have a symbolism that means a new life, a new beginning.

36. Koi Love

A great design that has a great Koi fish swimming up the leg. It’s a great design that you are sure to love.

37. Spotted Dragon

A great design that is all about the Japanese dragon.

38. Stunning Designs

You won’t find a more stunning Japanese tattoo than this one. The colors and details are extraordinary here.

39. Bright Koi

I love the bright red of this Koi fish. It’s gorgeous and mesmerizing.

40. Japanese Symbols

You don’t get much more traditional than a Japanese symbol. The colors in this tattoo are gorgeous.

41. Japanese Dragons

These dark dragons have some great details and some beautiful colors.

42. A Drawing

A great tattoo design that looks like a real life drawing. These colors are great for this kind of tattoo.

43. Bold Colors

This is a gorgeous sleeve that has an incredible looking dragon on the arm. I love all the details involved with this design.

44. Bold Bandana

I love the gorgeous depiction of the Japanese woman. The hairstyle on this woman and the red bandana around her eyes make her really intriguing. The details involved in this tattoo are extraordinary.

45. Half Body Images

This half body tattoo is a really cool depiction of Japanese art. I love the darkness on this tattoo and the details are truly amazing.

46. Cartoon Designs

These sleeve designs are fun. I love the colors and the images are exaggerated and awesome.

47. Red Mask

This geisha girl is a truly unusual work of art. The mask is amazing because it’s bold and a little scary. The geisha herself looks terrified.

48. Sleeve Warriors

A great tattoo that you are sure to love.

49. Face Tattoos

I wouldn’t even recommend a face tattoo, it’s just something you can’t ever really cover up and it might end up being something you regret. However, if you want a tattoo on your face, you can’t go wrong with a Samurai sword.

50. Fish Love

This fish is up and swimming over her shoulder.

51. Sea Creatures

Something mysterious and Japanese is coming out of the water and it has some really great colors.

52. Fox Warriors

If you love the Japanese warrior tattoos then why not mix it up with an animal warrior. This fox is alluring.

53. Floral Tattoos

A great tattoo that has great colors and lots of flowers.

54. Large and Dark

If you are looking for a great tattoo that will cover your back and sleeves, then this is the one for you.

55. Great Colors

The lotus flower always has magical properties to it.

56. Neon Colors

A bright colored fish is sure to draw some attention your way.

57. Large Faces

A great face that is larger than life but has some great colors.

58. Great Dragons

A wonderful looking dragon that has some great colors to it.

59. Chest Dragons

If you are looking for a great chest tattoo, then you are sure to love this dragon art.

60. Red Fish

These fish elements are truly remarkable and who can deny the mysteriousness of this red fish.

61. Red Face

A great tattoo of a large red devil, it’s one of a kind.

62. A Fierce Warrior

This back tattoo is very detail and original. There are many details and colors involved here.

63. Movie Art

This is a stunning sleeve design that has so much detail that it could be a picture. It’s extraordinary and wonderful.

64. The Warrior

This warrior is in the middle of battle and we just love the detail.

65. In the Storm

I love the color involved in this unusual tattoo design.

66. Golden Fish

This Koi fish has some bold and golden colors attached to it. I love the designs that make up this tattoo.

67. Purple Designs

A great tattoo that has some bright purple elements to it.

68. The Tiger

The tiger has always been symbolic of strength. This image is a great design.

69. Multiple Dragons

If you love dragons then why not get multiple images done.

70. The Devil Face

This Japanese image is a little devilish and we love the bright red.

71. Bold Red

If you love the Koi fish designs, then you will want to check this one out.

72. Black Devil

This black devil looks like he has a devious plan in mind.

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73. Great Blue Designs

If you are looking for a colorful back design, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

74. A Colorful Creation

A great Japanese sleeve design that is one of a kind.

75. Large Eyes

Anyone that comes up behind you is going to feel like they are being watched and we can’t blame them. This tattoo is really going to draw the eye.

76. Blue Dragon

We just love the bright blue that makes up this dragon. It’s original and gorgeous.

77. The Confused Warrior

There seems to be something mysterious about this confused warrior.

78. Just Like Art

This great shoulder tattoo is remarkable because it looks like art.

79. Bold and Beautiful

We love bold and bright colors all over the fish.

80. Creative Tiger

A great sleeve that has a colorful tiger involved.

81. Geisha Drawing

A wonderful design that has a lot of great elements to it, most especially the fact that it looks like a drawing.

82. Geisha Love

We love these creative Japanese sleeves because they are always unique.

83. Bold Pink

Warriors with bright colors make for some amazing art. They are bold bright and beautiful.

84. Bird Designs

I can’t say enough good things about this gorgeous back tattoo. Wow!

85. Bright Red

There are many different elements to Japanese art and this is one of them.

86. Shocking Colors

Great colors that really make for a great Japanese sleeve.

87. Deep and Dark

I love these deep and dark colors that cover both sleeves.

88. Drawings

This Japanese back art looks as if it can be a drawing, a truly magical one.

89. Elegant Designs

A great back tattoo for anyone that wants elegant art on their back. This design not only has cherry blossoms but the Japanese language as well.

90. Geisha Girl

This is a strikingly gorgeous back tattoo of a geisha girl. You won’t find a more gorgeous design that this one.

91. Strikingly Beautiful

I love beautiful colors involved in a tattoo because it really makes it pop.

92. Big Designs

A full frontal tattoo is a big commitment, but if it’s what you want, then you will love this tattoo.

93. Fighting Tiger

A gorgeous back tattoo that has a bright orange tiger fighting off a snake. This tattoo is truly amazing because of the battle.

94. Dying Warrior

This warrior is truly a different design because he is in the throes of a death scene.

95. Gorgeous Designs

I love the beautiful purple lotus that makes up this tattoo design. The colors are the best part of the sleeve.

96. Bright Orange

The bright orange of this tattoo really makes the whole design pop.

97. Small Devil

A small devil goes a long way to making a great tattoo design.

98. Crazy Anger

This fierce warrior is not only full of anger but has some seriously bright colors.

99. Detailed Dragon

Back dragons are a great design to have.

100. Mysterious Moon

This tattoo is very dark but also very mysterious and beautiful.

101. Back Geisha

Another example of great geisha art.

102. Fierce Snake

A great snake design that you are sure to love.

103. Japanese

There are a lot of Japanese elements that are traditional here.

104. Full Body

Full body dragons might be exactly what you are looking for.

105. Geisha

Another example of a pretty geisha girl.

106. Fighter

Tigers always make for great tattoo ideas.

107. Great Colors

We love the gorgeous colors on this sleeve design.

108. Colors

You won’t find a more gorgeous tattoo design than this one.

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