175+ Beautiful Henna Tattoo Ideas For Girls To Try At least Once

Henna, or mehndi, is a beautiful temporary tattoo style that originated in Ancient Egypt and has since spread to countries like India and Saudi Arabia. In the modern era, henna tattoos are a perfect option for the girl who wants something stylish and exotic without making a permanent commitment. We’ve gathered together 175 of the most beautiful henna tattoos we could find in hopes that you can find some inspiration here.

1. Flowers and leaves


This is a classic henna tattoo in the traditional color: brown.

2. Minimalist flower


We love how this tattoo’s a little lighter and more minimalist than most henna designs.

3. Palms, wrists, and fingers


This is more of the traditional Indian bridal style of henna. The finger designs really emphasize the wearer’s delicate hands.

4. Fingertips


Another option is just getting the tips of your fingers tattooed. This is a very elegant look for the first-timer or experienced henna wearer who wants something a little simpler.

5. Traditional back-of-hand


We love green henna! This deep olive looks great on intricate designs like the ones pictured here.

6. Red lace


This is such a gorgeous design. The deep crimson paired with the lacy details is a killer combination.

7. Green flowers


These matching palms look like beautiful gardens! We love the combination of trailing vines and big flowers.

8. Wrist hearts


This one almost looks more like a permanent tattoo than like henna, but we’re huge fans of the design.

9. Traditional bridal look


Classics never go out of style.

10. Fingertips and wrist


This jet-black henna contrasted with the wearer’s white clothes is absolutely stunning.

11. Black flowers


Another black tattoo that we’re in love with! The little differences in finger designs make these special.

12. Stacked circles


The dark brown henna reminds us of bangles paired with delicate rings.

13. All-over palms


Wow, these hands are absolutely beautiful! The scale-like details on the wearer’s fingers give these designs a whimsical touch.

14. Geometric


These clean lines and sharp edges take henna into the modern day.

15. Gold adornments


This lovely gold filigree lends an uber-feminine touch to the henna we see here. We’re loving the subtle finger designs and thin lines.

16. Dark brown bracelet


This tattoo reminds us of those bracelets/sleeves that attach to rings: beautiful, evocative, and exotic!

17. Green and gold


Green, gold, and dazzling. While we’re not sure how practical this design is for everyday wear and tear, it sure looks amazing!

18. Bedazzled


The clean lines and gold “teardrops” make this henna tattoo something totally unique.

19. Stacked rings


We love the effect that the dark brown details (on the wearer’s fingers) have on the overall design.

20. Subtle black


These lines are unusually thick and a little blurred, but we’re digging the subtle effect that creates.

21. Radiating sun


A central, sun-like design makes this tattoo stand out.

22. Green flowers


These intricately floral designs rendered in green henna and paired with red nails remind us of the infamous villain Poison Ivy… you’ll be just as mesmerizing with a tattoo like this!

23. Black curlicues


This is a fairly standard design, but it’s clasically beautiful nonetheless.

24. Sparkling black forearms

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Wow, this design is truly radiant.

25. Asymmetrical black


These ornate mismatched designs complement each other perfectly!

26. Delicate brown flowers

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We love these wispy lines and delicate-looking flowers.

27. Flowered feet


Did you know henna can be used on all parts of your body? It looks great on hands but works just as well on feet.

28. Stacked bracelets and rings


This dark brown design looks particularly clean and precise.

29. Dark brown marquee


The framing on this design is truly beautiful; it makes full use of blank space.

3o. Precise black lines


This henna and these nails? Yes please!

31. Leaves and triangles


We especially appreciate how the little teardrop shapes look like they’re glowing. Truly a masterful effect.

32. Ribcage drapery


These little semicircles hug the ribcage and the fringe adds an ornate touch.

33. Textile-inspired


These geometric patterns remind us of architecture or finely printed cloth.

34. Radiating back design


Henna back tattoos are sexy and refined; this one is a perfect example.

35. Stacked rings


We’re totally in love with this design! The fanned-out semicircles above the wearer’s knuckles add a nice touch.

36. Swirling back designs


A little henna placed right between the shoulderblades automatically accentuates the feminine curves of a toned back — perfect for the summertime!

37. Geometric sketch


This one almost looks like a pen doodle you’d do on your hand if you were bored in math class. We’re fans of the whimsical quality it possesses.

38. Moon and swirls


The little crescent moon on the ring finger brings this all together.

39. Colorful mosaic


While most henna is one or two-toned, this medley of colors works amazingly! We love how it reminds us of jewelry and fancy frescoes.

40. Matte black


Jet-black henna is a good choice for paler girls — it really brings out your skin’s porcelain beauty.

41. Dots and circles


While this design is super-intricate, it stays elegant and isn’t overwhelming.

42. Spiraling brown


This design looks a little like a snake’s tail to us. The elegantly tapering segment is so beautiful!

43. Black necklaces


Henna is often reminiscent of jewelry, but this ornate design really takes it to another level.

44. Bracelet-ring combo


We love the way the different parts of this design are interconnected.

45. Wrist feathers


Maybe it’s just us, but this design looks a lot like an old-timey fountain pen. Either way, the billowing plume is a really gorgeous effect.

46. Faded leaves


Usually henna emphasizes clean lines, but if you’re more of a “au natural” girl, you might favor this blurred look.

47. Double-edged bracelet


The ends of this “bracelet” design mirror each other to create a pleasing sense of almost-symmetry.

48. Fun with friends

All of these henna designs are just so perfect! We love the use of dots and “fringe” patterns across the board here.

49. Stacked rings and radiating circles


These designs almost match each other, but not quite. The contrast keeps these tattoos fresh-looking and organic.

50. Simple flower Henna Tattoos


Henna doesn’t always have to be complex. Sometimes, the simplest designs can be the most beautiful.

51. Reverse necklace


Wow! This is such a unique design. We’re loving how feminine and flirty this look is.

52. Covered hands


This all-over tattoo lends its wearer a gorgeous and exotic sense of mystery.

53. Dots and dashes

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How delicate! We could totally see this look being paired with a sundress or even a wedding gown.

54. Maroon classic


This is a beautifully standard, traditional henna tattoo.

55. Covered forearm


It’d be easy for a tattoo this big to get cluttered, but clean lines and judicious use of space keep this design looking fresh!

56. Stacked bangles


The gold filigree in between “bracelets” of traditional maroon henna helps add to the beautiful bangle effect.

57. Faded red


OMG. Seriously, someone needs to do this for us ASAP. It looks so detailed, exotic, and absolutely perfect.

58. Geometric black lines


We’re fans of how architectural and modern this design turned out to be.

59. Floral adornments


This is ridiculously elegant! The flowers along the wearer’s right palm are a subtle feminine touch.

60. Candlelit flowers and leaves


This deep maroon color looks good on any skin tone, especially in warm light.

61. Twisting flowers


We love how this consistent floral pattern is repeated in different places, shapes, and forms.

62. Intricate black


The details and tiny dots of this piece make it a tattoo to marvel at.

63. Fingertips being applied


This is what the henna application process looks like. For results like these, wearers must sit very still.

64. Sweet paisley


Aww. Couple goals AF. Tattoo goals AF.

65. Golden-brown flowers and leaves


We love the way these flowers are drawn, as well as the coppery henna the wearer’s selected. Totally unique!

66. Shaded fractal


This beautiful tattoo almost looks like a burnt-wood masterpiece.

67. Bejeweled black


If you’re the kind of girl who favors a regal look, this is the tattoo for you.

68. Sparkling blue rings


Wow! We’ve never seen glittery blue henna before, but we’re IN LOVE with it.

69. Black sketches Henna Tattoo


The sketch-like quality of this design makes us love all its details so much more.

70. Asian-inspired roses


These lovely flowers are drawn in a style reminiscent of Chinese enameling. Way to be international!

71. Inner wrist lotus


Find your inner peace with this gorgeously symmetrical lotus and its surrounding swirls.

72. Eye and swirls


The decorations are great, but let’s be real: we all noticed the eye first. This design is mysterious and just plain magical.

73. Golden-red rings


This color is absolutely captivating.

74. V-shaped florals


This relatively minimalist design leaves a lot of space open, but that only accentuates its beauty.

75. Black filigree


The varying designs on each finger keep us interested in this tattoo for sure!

76. Black and white


Now this is really something special. We don’t see white henna often — you’re guaranteed to have all eyes on you with this look.

77. Black and gold


These delicate designs look like the finest jewelry. What an easy way to accessorize!

78. Minimal black Henna Design


We’re simply amazed at how tiny and precise the middle finger adorment is here.

79. Jet-black jewels


These ebony beads and swirls are simply fascinating. They remind us of ancient lacquered jewelry.

80. Cute crosshatches


This pattern makes us think of fishnets! Super cute.

81. Pure gold


Wow. Like really, wow. What better way to make yourself look like royalty?

82. Frames and leaves


We love how the leaf shape is echoed throughout this design — it really ties the tattoo together.

83. Floral fractals

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This is a great place to get henna tattoos. Any gorgeous design you put here becomes totally sensual and inviting.

84. Crystals, rings, and flowers

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The radiating crystals and areas of solid black really make this design something special.

85. Faded among flowers


This lovely, slightly blurred brownish-red henna gives this tattoo a wonderful earthy look. Perfect for the nature girls out there!

86. Beads and flowers


Sure, the sunset’s beautiful. But we think these tattoos look even better, TBH.

87. Foot flowers


These cute little ornate circles add a touch of femininity and delicacy to the wearer’s feet.

88. All-out glam


A look like this is perfect for a big night out. It’ll stand up to flashy jewelry without overwhelming it.

89. Jet-black masterpiece


We love how glossy this beautiful black shade looks.

90. Total coverage


WOW. We can only imagine how much time this took to apply, but it was definitely worth every second.

91. Perfect paisley


These coppery henna swirls and flowers look absolutely gorgeous.

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