155 Heart Tattoo Designs That Will Cause You to Fall in Love Again

If you are looking for a tattoo that is heart inspired then read on.

Hearts have always been popular tattoos for both men and women to get. It’s probably because they are a common symbol of love. It not only represents love but adoration and passion towards a loved one. Some people get heart tattoos because of their lovers while others use it as a symbol of love for their mothers or daughters.

There are many meanings behind the heart tattoo. Each heart tattoo has a different meaning not only for the person getting the tattoo but based off of the design itself. Tattoos have been featuring hearts for a very long time. Sometimes you find them amongst sailors and nautical designs. There are virtually hundreds of different heart tattoos that you can get in many different styles and shapes. Some come in black and white while others will be represented in full color. You can get them in many sizes, small and large. They can be placed anywhere on the body depending on the size of the tattoo. When it comes to small designs, many are placed on the ankle or wrist or behind the neck. There are many realistic versions of the heart tattoo as well, but they usually require more area.

Heart at times will accompany a name of a loved one or a message. A lot of people have associated the heart tattoo with their mothers, and it was quite popular for some time. You don’t see too many of those design in the modern world any more. But it didn’t just stop with mothers; many people will add their lover’s name or even their dogs. It’s usually associated with someone near and dear to your heart, so to speak. Heart tattoos allow you to be as creative as you want to be. You can create your own design and make it as meaningful as possible. The heart tattoo can mean many different things depending on what style that you choose.

heart tattoos

What Heart Tattoos Really Mean:

The Broken Heart Tattoo: these tattoos are usually representing a broken heart. It could be a broken relationship or the loss of a loved one. The broken heart could also be representing your loved one living far away. It is a constant reminder of the love that you hold close to you.

Black Heart Tattoos: There are some modern tattoos that are black. These can represent a sad or mournful day in your life. It could represent the loss of a loved one or the end of a relationship. These tattoos usually are attached to names with the heart or even flowers or angel wings. Black hearts were very popular around the time that the twin towers fell. Either way, the black heart tattoo is something that will help you to remember a time that is lost.

Winged Heart Tattoos: Heart tattoos are often seen adorned with wings. They can be bird wings or angel wings, whichever you prefer. Adding wings to a heart tattoo represents freedom and a free spirit. Many people love the idea of having wings attached to their heart because it symbolizes pure joy and love. Free spirits always love the natural aspect of the winged heart.

Tribal Heart Tattoos: Tribal heart tattoos are widely popular though they don’t have any real symbolic meaning. It’s one tattoo that people love because it’s a really good look that you can add a personal message to. A personal message is one that always goes well with a heart tattoo. There are virtually thousands of tribal heart designs that you can choose from that will also merge well with many different designs.

Celtic Heart Tattoos: These are beautiful tattoos that make for a great design. Celtic heart tattoos are symbolic of strength and unity. Celtic heart tattoos are not only beautiful, but they come in many different shapes and styles. There are four different patterns that a Celtic heart tattoo can come in such as knots, spirals, crosses or step work.

Sacred Heart Tattoos: Sacred Heart tattoos are also very popular designs. They are one of the most symbolic designs out there. They have a long history that goes back thousands of years. The history goes back as far as the 17th century in France. If you are looking for a remarkable design, then a sacred heart tattoo may be just what you’re looking for. Sacred Heart tattoos are usually paired with another design such as a pierced sword, thorns, a crown, or even an angel. There are usually burning symbols around the tattoo design. This sort of design has been seen around for centuries as the symbol for Catholics. It’s even been a symbol dedicated to Jesus Christ. It’s part of the faith in Christianity.

Lock and Heart Tattoos: These tattoos usually have a very positive message behind them. Many people use this design to represent their love for one another. These tattoo designs usually symbolize that there is only one person in your life that can unlock your heart.

Realistic Heart Tattoos: realistic tattoos are very popular because they really look like badass designs. It’s not very common, so if you like it, it would be more of an original design. They are full of color and are so realistic that it represents the real human heart. Sometimes the realistic human hearts are seen held in a human hand.

Flaming Heart Tattoo: there is nothing more passionate then the flaming heart tattoo. It represents the passion and love you share with your partner. These tattoo designs can represent strong passion or love for your partner. The flames on the heart symbolize the burning love and desire you have for your loved one.

Dagger Heart Tattoo: Dagger heart tattoos have always been popular designs. There is using a positive and a negative meaning behind the design. These dagger heart tattoos also represent courage and bravery. The negative side of the tattoo is it can also represent a long struggle, grief or even sorrow.

Stitches Heart Tattoo: These tattoos represent different meanings for different people. It can represent the healing of a broken heart, even though those experiences can be hard. It can also represent the loss of a loved one or just the fact that you have a broken heart.

Below are 73 Heart Tattoo Designs That Will Cause You to Fall in Love Again:

  1. Doodling Art

This heart tattoo is really unique because it looks like something that was doodled in a notepad.

heart tattoo designs 1

2. Love Inside

This heart has the word love wrapped inside of it. It’s a great design and yet so simple.

heart tattoo designs 2

3. Tiny Hearts

This little heart is small enough to fit snugly on the wrist. If you want a simple design, then put on a small heart.

heart tattoo designs 3

4. Peace and Love

This heart design has the peace symbol inside of it. It’s a cute design that will fit anywhere.

heart tattoo designs 4

5. A Stamped Heart

This stamped heart is a unique design that you don’t see very often.

heart tattoo designs 5

6. The Simple Heart

This little outline heart is sure to be a sweet tattoo for you. It’s simple and yet a perfect statement.

heart tattoo designs 6

7. Double Hearts

This is a great design if you want something small on your wrist. The double design really complements each other.

heart tattoo designs 7

8. The Outline

Another example of the tiny outline heart. Previously it was shown on the wrist, but it looks just as good on the chest as well.

heart tattoo designs 8

9. Heart Designs

This design is a swirl, and yet it forms the shape of a heart. If you want a unique design, try this one.

heart tattoo designs 9

10. The Shoulder Heart

Have you ever left your heart on your shoulder? This is the same outlined heart as the other images but in a different spot.

heart tattoo designs 10

11. The Stitched Heart

This heart is not only stitched up, but it’s pierced as well. It’s a simple design without a lot of detail.

heart tattoo designs 11

12. The Crowned Heart

This crowned heart is a simple yet beautiful design. I love the little crown on top of the heart; it’s adorable.

heart tattoo designs 12

13. Love

There is a heart somewhere in this design, but I love the elegant rhythm of the word love.

heart tattoo designs 13

14. The Finger Tattoo

Another example of the outline heart, this time, it’s placed on the finger.

heart tattoo designs 14

15. The Heart Dot

If you are looking for something simple, then this simple heart dot tattoo may be what you’re looking for.

heart tattoo designs 15

16. The Heart Musical

This cute design is made up of a musical note and ended with a heart.

heart tattoo designs 16

17. The Backside Design

This design is a great one for someone with a medium sized tattoo. The heart just tops the design.

heart tattoo designs 17

18. Eternity Heart

A great design that can be placed anywhere. The eternity symbol is on the inside of the heart.

heart tattoo designs 18

19. A Sprinkling of Hearts

A sweet design made up of fluttering hearts.

heart tattoo designs 19

20. A Red Heart

The tiniest heart in a bright red color. It can be placed anywhere.

heart tattoo designs 20

21. Heart Full of People

This heart is full of people. It’s great united tattoo made up into a heart.

heart tattoo designs 21

22. Intertwined Design

Another example of the eternity heart. This one is more of an outline and can be placed on the wrist.

heart tattoo designs 22

23. Origami Heart

This detailed heart design is a work of art. It’s not a large design and can be perfectly placed.

heart tattoo designs 23

24. The Crying Heart

A large heart design has this heart crying alligator tears. It’s so colorful that the design pops.

heart tattoo designs 24

25. A Heart Message

This heart is full of hope and love. The message creates the heart making a great design.


heart tattoo designs 26

26. Love and Eternity

This is another example of the eternity heart. The eternity symbol creates the heart with the word love inside it.

heart tattoo designs 27

27. Being Stitched Up

This bright red heart is stitched right into your skin. The heart is also pierced speaking of a broken heart.

heart tattoo designs 28

28. A Flaming Heart

A large tattoo of a bright red heart that is flaming at the top. The flaming heart speaks of passion and intense love.

heart tattoo designs 30

29. For the Love of Mom

A bright red heart with Mom’s name on it. This tattoo is hugely popular for people with strong relationships with their mothers.

heart tattoo designs 31

30. Crowning Your Heart

This rounded heart is full and bright. It’s adorned with a crown and some flowers.

heart tattoo designs 32

31. A Heart Swirl

An original design that you are sure to love. It can be placed just about anywhere.

heart tattoo designs 33

32. Geometric Designs

What a great design that is made up of geometric shapes. The hands create the heart right where it should be.

heart tattoo designs 34

33. Love on the Finger

Love wrote on the finger with a heart as the O.

Most Popular Heart Tattoo Designs for Girls

34. Gunshot Hearts

These cool hearts that have Romeo and Juliet named are true soul mates. One heart even has a gunshot wound in it.

heart tattoo designs 36

35. Connecting Hearts

These two hearts are connected together to join two lovers together. A black and white design that perfect for love.

heart tattoo designs 37

36. Mini Hearts

This heart is small enough to be placed on the side of a finger.

heart tattoo designs 38

37. A Heart That’s Art

This heart design looks as if it’s been painted on the skin. If you want something bright, try this design out.

heart tattoo designs 39

38. Valentine Tattoos

If you love Valentine’s Day, then look at this tattoo design. It’s pretty and bright for the romantic at heart.

heart tattoo designs 40

39. Love Doves

This outline of the dove is a sweet design, and he’s holding a heart.

heart tattoo designs 41

40. Stars and Hearts

A heart that’s filled with stars. The bright colors really make the heart a stunning design.


41. A Heart Flame

Another example of a flame shooting out of a heart shaped bottle. This one is in honor of Mom and Dad.

heart tattoo designs 43

42. Heart Initials

This heart is created through initials of two lovers. It’s an original design if you want something unique.

heart tattoo designs 44

43. Steaming Hearts

Bright pinks and purples really make this heart tattoo pop. If you want something that stands out, try this design.

heart tattoo designs 45

44. A Heart in Stitches

I love this design because it’s truly original. A thread follows through the hearts one by one creating a wonderful design.

heart tattoo designs 46

45. An Anchored Heart

Maybe it’s the love of sailing that inspires this heart tattoo or maybe it’s inspired by someone who has a love that’s anchored.

heart tattoo designs 47

46. Winged Hearts

This design is that of the winged heart. It’s for the free spirit that believes in passion and love.

heart tattoo designs 48

47. The Loved One

This tattoo represents the loss of a loved one. The broken pieces represent grief while the name and date are there as a reminder.

heart tattoo designs 49

48. A Hanging Heart

It’s a graphic symbol of a broken heart that may not be for everyone. It represents the death of a loved one.

heart tattoo designs 50

49. A Joined Heart

This is an unusual design that represents a joined relationship with a heart in the middle.

heart tattoo designs 51

50. Lock and Key

A lock and key design that is sure to fill your own heart with love.

heart tattoo designs 52

51. A Heart Design

A great design that has a heart amongst vines.

heart tattoo designs 53

52. A Statement of Love

Purple looks great with this design, and it represents the love of self or love of another.

heart tattoo designs 54

53. Two Sides of a Heart

A small heart that is only complete when the two of you are together.

heart tattoo designs 55

54. A Deep Heart

This heart looks great on the ankle.


heart tattoo designs 57

55. A Couple of Hearts

A simple design for two lovers.

heart tattoo designs 58

56. In Memory Of

A great way to represent the loss of a loved one.

heart tattoo designs 59

57. Red Eternity

Another example of the eternity heart with a bit of color.

heart tattoo designs 60

58. Hand Tattoos

These hearts all go together in the hand.

heart tattoo designs 61

59. The Heart

An outlined heart on the finger underneath.

heart tattoo designs 62

60. A Heart of Ribbons

This heart is created with ribbons as a unique design.

heart tattoo designs 63

61. Splashes of Paint

These heart designs look painted on, and one piece is cut out and placed on the other arm.

heart tattoo designs 64

62. The Black Heart

This black heart usually represents a broken heart or the loss of a loved one. It’s a beautiful design with a splash of color.

heart tattoo designs 65

63. The Dripping Heart

A few hearts lined up with the last heart dripping down like spilled ink. A simple design that holds a strong statement.

heart tattoo designs 66

64. A Heart Thread

This tiny heart is stitched together simply with thread.

heart tattoo designs 67

65. Bigger Heart

This heart design is another example of the outlined heart but in a bigger size. It’s placed near the actual heart as a simple tattoo.

heart tattoo designs 68

66. Half a Heart

This half heart is a sweet and simple design that can be placed anywhere.

heart tattoo designs 69

67. A Heart Beat

This heartbeat is placed right on the wrist.

heart tattoo designs 70

68. Inspired by Love

A heart created with words, and it’s inspired by love.

heart tattoo designs 71

69. Splashes of Love

This heart looks like a watercolor. A beautiful design that you are sure to love forever.

heart tattoo designs 72

70. The Lifeline

The lifeline that ends with a heart, it’s a great symbol of love.

heart tattoo designs 73

71. Always Love

Love that creates a heart through it’s language. It’s a special design that will remind you of your true love.

heart tattoo designs 74

72. Beating Heart

Another example of the heart lifeline.

heart tattoo designs 75

73. A Heart with Wings

A simple heart designed with wings.

heart tattoo designs 76

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