130+ Best Hand Tattoos That Don’t Go out of Style

Just like any other parts of your body where you place your ink, hand tattoos are also famous. In fact, many people are confident that it’s one of the best parts of the body that anyone can proudly wear their ink. It’s not just because they look very flashy or appealing, but they boldly define yourself as someone who loves art and has a knack for expressing yourself in a creative way.

We have collected numerous hand tattoo designs for you in the event that you have been looking for wonderful ones that suit your lifestyle and personality. Check these out and get your artist ready for fun sessions!

1. Tribal Flower with dot work

This is just the very first design for you and it’s already amazing. Look at the dot work of this tribal flower design – it’s unbelievably beautiful!


2. Eyes, flowers, and symbols

Have you ever thought of having eyes on your hand? Those flowers and symbols are a match too!

3. All black tribal

A tribal design is something that you don’t want to get off your list.

4. Skull Hand Tattoo

It looks creepy, but this is for you if you’re looking for tough designs.

5. Nightfall dot work

If you are the person that wonders what happens as soon as the night swathes the universe, then this design might be great for you. Get ready for UFOs, wolves, and the dark skies.

6. Black rose

Roses are categorically not red. Sometimes, they are black, and this design can prove it well.

7. Sharp black rose

Just like the previous black rose design, this one is great, but it looks sharper and more audacious.

8. Birds

Flying birds are a symbol of freedom. As a free spirit person, this is perfect for you if you’re looking for a design that describes yourself.

9. 3D Hand Tattoos

3D effect is very famous nowadays. Look at those eyes and mouth! They look so real!

10. Flower and leaves with dot work

Flowers come in a variety of colors, but even if it’s all black, it still means love.

11. Clock and rose Hand Tattoo

If you need a constant reminder that time is gold, a clock design fits you and that lovely rose is a plus.

12. Full black rose

The black ink is elegant, but it becomes ardent when it’s a rose’s color.

13. Tribal rose

Roses symbolize love and devotion, and if you’re hopelessly romantic, this design fits you. It’s accentuated with a tribal design that makes it really cool.

14. Heart, flower, letters, and symbols

If you can’t decide which one is your best choice, why not try them all?

15. Rose and leaves

The rose alone is gorgeous enough, but if it’s highlighted with leaves, then no one can say no to this design.

16. Mugshot and a clock

A mugshot design is out of the ordinary. You can’t see this anywhere, and if you’re looking for a unique design, this might be the answer.

17. Rose with a skeleton of the human hand

Roses are unbelievably famous. But it becomes more exceptional when it’s combined with a skeleton.

18. Mandala

In Hinduism and Buddhism, Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol that represents the universe.

19. Tree

Trees are also unique. Match it with falling leaves, and a flying bird and you’re all set.

20. Ghost tree

It looks creepy, but this is perfect for those that are looking for unique designs.

21. Roots

If trees are unique, then roots are out of the ordinary too.

22. Skull and Wolverine-inspired design

Skulls are incredibly beautiful despite its appearance. It’s one of the most famous designs.

23. Revolver

Are you a cop, soldier, or someone that likes guns? This all black design definitely suits you.

24. Rosary, scorpion, and symbols

Are you thinking of combining everything that you like? The rosary tattoo says it all.

25. The Buddha and the Om symbol

Siddhartha Gautama or also known as the Buddha was a meditator, prince, teacher, and a warrior. Many of those that follow his teachings choose this design. And if it’s paired with Om, which is a symbol of the ultimate reality, then there’s always a huge reason that you pick this design.

26. Rosary in a flower

The rosary is every Catholic person’s symbol of prayers. Many people consider it as their guide and protector if they wear it permanently.

27. Colored flowers

When flowers bloom, everything is just beautiful.

28. Cards

Do you like cards? Then you may want to consider this design.

29. Flower power and symbols

There is nothing more gorgeous when flowers are arranged in a creative way. This vibrant design speaks everything.

30. Simple flower design

If you’re a small tattoo collector, then this simple, but elegant design is just perfect.

31. Charcoal effect skull

Whether it’s a human or an animal skull, this is the design that you may like if you’re looking for eerie designs.


32. Broken skull

It definitely looks terrifying, but it looks so real and it’s amazing.

33. Full skull and a flower

Here’s another skull design for you. Match it with a black rose and you’re all set.

34. Words and meanings

Many people want meaningful words too.

35. Skull and symbols

Skulls are on this list again. Some combine them with different symbols.

36. Into the wild

Do you love tigers? Why not have them in a creative way?

37. Letters, words, and symbols

Many people love having words or letter inked. If you’re one of them, here’s an inspiration for you.

38. Eagle

An eagle design is a sign of freedom and patriotism.

39. A woman’s kiss

Have you ever seen a woman kissing a skull? It’s indeed out of the ordinary.

40. Black dot work

If you like creepy things, this one is great for you. The dot work is gorgeous!

41. Dragon’s mouth

There are many people that love dragons. Others even wear them permanently. A dragon’s mouth is simply huge.

42. Wolf’s skull

Wolves are glaring. They are beautiful. But if you want a more artistic design, you can have this one out.

43. Glow in the dark effect

Designs with a glow in the dark effect are definitely worth a try.

44. Colored symbols and letters

A combination of letters and symbols are great designs. It’s more vivid if it’s colored like this one here.

45. Colorful flowers

Men and women love the colored flowers. They look so alive!

46. All black letters and symbols

As usual, letters and symbols are a great combination.

47. Maple leaf

The maple leaf is the national symbol of Canada. And if you love the country, or simply likes the maple leaf, try this out. It’s cute!

48. Black and red design

If you’re a fan of black and red colors, this design fits you.

49. Skull puzzle

Here’s another unique design for a skull. The puzzle makes it look remarkable!

50. 3D effect skull design

Here’s another 3D effect skull. Doesn’t it look seriously creepy?

51. Colored skull with a hat

This one right here is another amazing work of a skull design. That hat looks cool too!

52. X-ray effect

Have you seen an X-ray result? This design is definitely one of a kind!

53. A skull and a screw

This one is screwed – literally. It’s very unique.

54. Destroyed bill

A destroyed bill and making it look like a rose is unbelievably beautiful.

55. Full-teethed skull

Uniquely made, this is another skull design that fits those that are in search for creepy, but beautiful design.

56. Skull with a clock

Here’s another 3D effect of a skull with a clock design. We know it’s a skull, but it looks alive!

57. Alien

Have you seen an alien? It’s eerie, but it looks great.

58. Ghost skull

Combining a ghost with a skull is beyond spine-chilling, but it’s huge when you pick this.

59. 3D broken skull

This one is another skull design with a 3D effect. And if it’s not scary enough for you, then I don’t what else does.

60. Black and red roses

Roses are red, but they can be black too – literally!


61. Blackwork rose with leaves

Roses are indeed appealing. Even if it’s all black, it still looks sharp.

62. Third eye

They said that those that have the third eye are disturbing, but I don’t know how alarming it’s inked permanently.

63. King skull

Skull design has been leading on this list. And matching it with a crown is incredibly stunning.

64. Scorpion

Either you love the predatory arachnids of the order Scorpiones or the TV show, and even the band with the same name, scorpions are stunning.

65. Crown

If you are a small tattoo collector, this cute crown design is perfect.

66. Deer

If you love deer, this is perfect for you. Those horns are super cute too!

67. Colorful flowers and symbols

This work is so beautiful. The artist did well in combining those colors.

68. Tribal

If you love the tribal design but wants to make it simple, this is great for you.

69. Two roses

Having two roses is absolutely stunning.

70. Cross

There are devoted Catholics that love to have a rosary design. The glowing cross is perfect.

71. Rosary and phrases

For strong believers, this is a stunning design of a rosary.

72. All black ghost skull

If you’re a fan of creepy things, then this design might be your next ink.

73. Blackwork

Here’s another skull design. Look at those creepy teeth!

74. Defined human hand skeleton

There may be a lot of the same design out there, but this one is distinct.

75. Spiderman

Are you a fan of Peter Parker, and wished you were the Spiderman? This is breathtaking!

76. Spiderweb

This is another small design. That spiderweb is too cute!

77. A spider and a cobweb

Can’t get enough of spiders? Here’s a beautiful design of a spider.

78. Small tattoos

For the small tattoo collectors, here’s an inspiration for you. Aren’t they striking?

79. Colorful spider

Spiders are cute – at least for some. But if you’re looking for spider designs, you may consider this.

80. Skull with a cobweb

If you like skulls and cobwebs, then this is great.

81. Cobweb

Do you like cobwebs? This all black design will certainly fit you.

82. Cobweb with a skull

Without a doubt, cobwebs are also famous. But if you need an eerie effect, a skull will do it.

83. Tarantula

Yes, a tarantula is still a family of spiders. Those sharp legs are wild!

84. Black spider

Blackwork for a spider and a cobweb is pure love!

85.  Black and colored designs

Mixing the black ink with the colored ones are just beautiful.

86. All black small designs

There is so much love in black ink. And these small designs are beautiful. Oh hi, moon!

87. Hand skull

Skulls are truly amazing. Your artist can make it for you in an exceptional way like this one here.

89. Black and white

A black and white work is absolutely striking. Those fingers look like they were painted. And the rose is so pretty – as always!


90. Grey work

It’s not just the blackwork that makes a design look sharp, grey inks are stunning too.

91. 3D rose

If you need more inspiration, here’s one more 3D effect.

92. Blackwork broken bill

A worn out bill that looks like a flower is simply wonderful.

93. Roses

A mix of small and big roses is gorgeous too. Those leaves highlight the blackwork.

94. Full black rose petals

The 3D effect isn’t something that you would say no. They totally look so real!

95. Black and white work

Roses are too beautiful that so many people love wearing them.

96. Swirling effect

Designs like this that look like they’re swirling are popular these days. Why not try them next time?

97. Shadow work

Designs with shadows look marvelous too. Here’s a beautiful inspiration for you.

98. Grey and black

Another rose design is ready for you. But those black leaves look so classy!

99. Rosebud

A rosebud is also one of the best designs these days.

100. Linework

If you need a design that would show linework, this is a good inspiration.

101. Tiger fangs

There is already a tiger design on this list, but if you want a more defined look of the largest cat species, this is one great sample for you. Look at those fangs!

102. Flower black and linework

Artists are good with linework. Why don’t you try this flower inspiration?

103. Rosemallows

Hibiscus or the rosemallows come in a variety of colors such as red, pink, yellow, and white. But they also look great when they’re black.

104. Butterfly

Butterflies may look sharp when they’re multi-colored, but it’s also elegant when it’s black.

105. Tribal black and white

There is a wide collection of tribal designs, but this one is wild you may want to get this for your next ink.

106. Eye of Providence

Do you want to keep an eye on your hand? This symbol represents the eye of God.

107. Tiger face

That sweet look of a tiger is everything. Look at his yellow eyes!

108. Woman’s face

Whether you’re a lady or a gentleman, a woman’s face is so much better.

109. Blazing Skull

That ferocious look of a skull is everything you need.

110. 3D all blackwork

Nobody imagined that a sharp black rose is completely gorgeous and elegant! The 3D effect is a plus.

111. Flores del Sol

The sun gives light to the living and the non-living things. And that includes flowers and birds. This speaks everything.

112. Glass effect

Having a flower design with a glass effect is great for you if you’re looking for a flower, but unique design.

113. Flower Mandala

Mandalas are very famous. Not just because they look stunning, but they bring so much meaning to a person.

114. Set of Mandala

Another set of Mandala design is something that you may take into consideration as soon as you get a tattoo.

115. Flowers and leaves

This cute design suits those that are looking for simple designs.

116. Multi-colored Mandala

Mandalas are not just striking when they’re black, but they look more attractive when they’re multi-colored.

117. Mandala with dot work

We know that Mandalas are great, but creating it with dot work is so chic you may want to get this one for your planned ink.

118. Lotus Mandala

Lotus flowers with a Mandala effect is totally creative. The eye at the center makes it more expressive.

119. Elephant with Mandala effect

If you like elephants, you can pick this design. Add the Mandala in there and everything is perfect.

120. Black and white dot work

This is an amazing work of art that anyone can consider when they need a more unique design.

121. Pyramid Mandala with dot work

The pyramid Mandala is eye-catching especially when it’s being created with dot work.

122. Long Mandala flowers

There is no doubt that Mandala flowers are completely beautiful.

123. Set of multi-colored Mandala

Do you want a multi-colored artwork? This design right here is so chic you may want to have this permanently.

124. Linework and dot work

The artist did a great job in blending linework and dot work in this design. This is officially one of my favorites!

124. Fading Mandala

If you want Mandala, this unique fading effect design is perfect for you.

125. Black tribal Mandala

An all black tribal Mandala might be one of your choices.

126. Apparatus

If you are into tools, equipment,  and gears, this design suits you well.

127. Lion

The king of the forest is also here! Beautifully done on a hand.

128. Crowned elephant

An all black crowned elephant is something that anyone can mull over.

129. Sugar skull

If you like skulls, but wants a cute one, sugar skulls are irresistibly stunning!

130. Blackwork Mandala

Mandala has been one of the best designs. Although they look appealing when they’re colored, the perfect ink for them is black.

131. Patterns

Patterns are also attractive.

132. Outline work

Leaves are great. But it becomes prettier when there is an outlined flower with it.

133. Colorful Mandala

Here’s a vibrant Mandala if you’re in search of a colorful design.

134. Black patterns

Here’s another set of black patterns. They look great!

135. Outlined Mandala

This is a perfect design for you if you’re looking for an outlined Mandala.