125 Uplifting and Spiritual Haida Tattoos Ideas For Your Next Tattoo

If you are looking for an aboriginal tattoo design, then consider the Haida tattoo for your next dose of ink. It’s one of the more elite designs going around these days, and they have spiritual elements to them. They are intelligently oriented not to mention they look really cool as well.

You may not be aware that the Haida tattoo is from the Native American culture mainly in the Alaska and British Columbia areas.

They are one of a kind tattoos that are breathtaking in the illustrative details. They are revolutionary tattoos and will be distinctly remembered wherever you go. The images in the tattoos focus mainly on the spiritual elements of animals. Native Americans believe that animals have a spiritual essence to them and are often guided by spiritual animals.

“With Haida ink, a cavalcade of creatures can be rendered in a two-dimensional format that slyly blends optical effects for a psychedelic finality.” Pretty cool, right? You don’t get a more creative design than Haida tattoos. They use flattering techniques when they design the tattoo to create a striking illusion. You will have people everywhere jealous of your new tattoo. There are many different animals depicted in a Haida tattoo such as reptiles, mammals, and birds. The sky is the limit for the animal choices that you have. There are so many different creations that are linked to this form of tattoo as well, many times the artist will design superhuman forms, which offer a bold new look for you.

Although you can choose any color you want for your tattoo, usually when you see an original Haida tattoo they are in three specific hues: red, blue and black. These shades are used primarily because they resonate with the prestigious background of the tribes. That just sounds badass to me.

If you are interested in the Haida tattoo for your next ink, then we have compiled a bunch of images for your browsing pleasure. Below are 73 Uplifting and Spiritual Haida Tattoos Ideas for Your Next Tattoo:

1. Red and Black

As you can see here, these are truly striking designs in red and black, and it’s formed into the shape of a guitar.


2. An Eagle

Birds are a popular choice for Haida tattoos, and this one is just in red and black.


3. The Bear

I love these creative Haida designs; you can see other animals and faces on the inside, truly unique!


4. Hummingbird

This striking tattoo is truly one of a kind. You are sure to love this distinctive design.


5. Add Blue

Here’s an example of the addition of the blue coloring, which really brightens things up.


6. Octopus

If you love the beasts of the sea, then you are sure to love this creative design.


7. Totem Designs

These Haida tattoos are completed in a totem pole design.


8. Bird Tattoos

In just black, this remarkable bird is brought to life.


9. Shoulder Tattoos

This remarkable tattoo looks amazing as a shoulder design.


10. Eagle Chest

A stunning chest design of a soaring eagle showing off its powerful wings.


11. Creative Elements

There is a pretty cool looking turtle as the central focus of the tattoo.


12. Flying Bird

This fun design shows a bird flying against her back.


13. Beautiful Colors

All the primary Haida tattoo colors are here, and they make for a truly beautiful and colorful design.


14. Back Designs

If you are looking for a large design for your back, then you are sure to love this one.


15. Anchor It

A simple but creative design where the Haida elements are on the inside of the anchor.


16. Bracelet 

If you like the armband tattoos, then this is an interesting take on one.


17. Beautiful Wings

A gorgeous example of the Haida tattoo in red and black.


18. Egg-Shaped Designs

A great tattoo design that you are sure to love.


19. The Fish

The fish has always been a main source of food, especially in Alaska. It could be a sign of respect.


20. Striking Blue

The blue in this design looks amazing and really makes the tattoo pop.


21. Striking Faces

A great example of how unique these tattoos can be when you want exceptional designs.


22. Stunning Tattoo

A great design that you are sure to love if you want to represent the bird.


23. Cool Designs

I love this design, it’s truly cool to look at, and if you are looking for a large tattoo design then this would be a great one.


24. Great Designs

A wonderful image that is really unique.


25. Storms

This tattoo design makes me feel like I’m in the middle of a storm.


26. Circle Designs

This tattoo provides you with a different look than the others, and it looks really cool.


27. About to Catch a Meal

This powerful eagle is swooping down to get its next meal. A very strong design.


28. A Huge Smile

A great example of a creative design that will also keep a smile on your face.


29. Fun Designs

Another great example of a fun Haida tattoo.


30. Purple Coloring

Here’s an example of someone who didn’t use the primary three colors and went with purple and black instead.


31. The Owl

A great tattoo design of an owl that fits perfectly on the chest.


32. Bright Feathers

A great design that you are sure to love because of the bright coloring.


33. Fierce Wolf

This badass wolf is a pretty cool looking wolf design. If you want something fierce, this is it.


34. Unique Images

A great design if you are looking for a large sleeve tattoo.


35. Stunning Creations

Wonderful work for such a large tattoo design.


36. Smaller Designs

If you are looking for a small design, then consider something like this one.


37. Multiple Animals

This animal is made up of many different animals inside of it. A truly unique design.


38. Dangerous Designs

Another example of a fierce design that you are sure to love.


39. Bold Eyes

I love the bold eyes involved with these animals they are so amazing, and the eyes tell a story.


40. Stunning Wings

Birds are at their most beautiful when their wings are spread out in flight.


41. Bared Teeth

Another fierce animal ready to fight.


42. Strong Animals

If you want a strong design, then this would be a great one.


43. Bold Circles

A great design that has bold lines.


44. A Lighter

This lighter has a bold flame that will bring warmth to your life.


45. Serious Faces

A great tattoo design that you are sure to love.


46. Large Designs

If you are looking for a large design, then this might be the one for you.


47. Peacock Love

A stunning design of a peacock with another bird inside its body. I love the detail involved with this design.


48. Many Fish

This image has multiple Haida tattoos all over the body.



49. Bold Colors

A great tattoo with plenty of different elements to it.


50. Just Black

You don’t need any color to have an amazing tattoo design.


51. Unique Haida

A great tattoo that stays on just one side of the body.


52. Simple Tattoos

This penguin is a more simplistic design than most.


53. Serious Owl

This owl looks like it has a lot on his mind.


54. Beautiful Colors

A unique design that is truly wonderful because of the great colors.


55. Bold Designs

These Haida tattoos get more beautiful by the image!


56. Bird Faces

There are many different bird heads that work together to create the image.


57. Large Haida

A great tattoo design that is beautiful because of all the colors.


58. A Totem of Faces

A great totem that has many different animals involved in it.


59. Fish Designs

These two fish look wonderful together.



60. Bird Head

Even just having the head of a bird creates a distinct and powerful image that you are sure to love always.


61. The Sun

Try a Haida sun image, a new take on an old look.


62. Strong and Bold Lines

A great design that covers the entire back. The lines are bold and strong.


63. Red Turtle

I love these Haida turtle designs because they always look so unique and even friendly. If you want a wonderful design, then look no further than this.


64. Spread Those Wings

A great image that you are sure to love because the spreading wings look really cool for a tattoo.


65. Cool Tattoos

This animal has a bold grin, and we can’t help but love it.


66. Creative Fish

A colorful and detailed design of a Haida fish.


67. Show Those Biceps

An amazing fish design that looks great on the bicep. I love this powerful image.


68. Sleeve Animals

A great sleeve animal that has strong imagery of Haida elements.



69. Striking Fish

A great detailed fish design that has some great colors.


70. Bold Wings

Striking elements that create this bold and amazing Haida tattoo.


71. Feather Bird

A stunning feather than appears to have a bird inside of it. A creative design that you are sure to love.


72. Stunning Animals

A great animal design that looks fierce and strong. I love how amazing this animal design looks.


73. Foot Tattoos

If you are looking for a cool foot tattoo, then this is a pretty creative idea.


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