62 Super Cool Glyph Tattoos That Are Sure to Catch the Eye

The new trend in tattoo design is, supercool triangular glyph tattoos. They are stunning, to say the least. If you are looking for a different style of tattoo that is eye-catching than a triangular glyph is just what you’re looking for. The geometric tattoos have nothing on these glyph tattoo designs, they are jus that stunning. Whether they have color or not they are sure to be a great choice. What exactly is a triangular glyph tattoo, well it’s exactly the way it sounds. It’s a tattoo in the shape of a triangle. Now what you put inside the triangle can be anything your little heart desires. The sky is the limit for what you can have inside the triangle. These geometric compositions can contain stunning landscapes, flowers, fruit, galaxies, basically anything you want. The best part is they look extremely cool. So cool in fact that anyone that looks at them is going to want one of their own. Below are 62 of the coolest glyph tattoos available to you:

1. Arrow Glyphs Tattoo

This cool glyph is that of an arrow and it’s been perfectly created.


2. Multiple Triangles

This is one of the more simpler designs, but maybe that’s what you are looking for.


3. More Detail

This stunning design has plenty of detail. The floral design combined with the all seeing eye looks incredible with the triangle.


4. Shaded Areas

A triangular design has another on the inside that is comprised of shading.


5. Crazy Designs

This tattoo is stunning because it was created with perfect lines, it’s sure to be eye-catching.


6. The Whale Design

This whale is on the inside of the triangle and the orange coloring really makes the design pop.


7. Triangles in a Row

These small triangles are all in a row and create a unique design.


8. The Wolf Design

This wolf design is incredible because the design is entirely inside the triangle and the detail is amazing.


9. Tiny Glyph Tattoos

If you are looking for a small tattoo, then consider this design choice. It’s small and unique.


10. Both Feet

Two tattoos, one for each foot. These unique tattoos are sure to make anyone happy.


11. Under the Boob

These tattoos are placed under the breast because they fit the unique area. This floral design compliments the triangle as it reaches outside of it.


12. Small Tattoo

Just one simple triangle that fits nicely on the side of the foot. You won’t find a simpler design if you want something subtle.


13. Glyph Tattoo Designs

Unique designs for anyone that is looking for a different style. I love the eye that sits on the finger.


14. Different Styles

This tattoo design is symmetrical as well as unique. An overall great design choice.


15. Moon Inside

This triangle appears to have the moon inside, a great design that looks mysterious.


16. The Lighthouse

I love this triangle design with the lighthouse inside it. It’s a fun design that you are sure to love.


17. Nautical Symbol

A simple design that fits on the finger, if you want something small tryout this design.


18. Two Triangles

These two triangles are perfect if you want something geometric.


19. The Arrow

The arrow on the chest is sharp and perfect and overall great design.


20. The Triangular Glyph

This is the perfect example of what you can do with a triangular glyph. The sunflowers are inside the triangle, and the shape is perfect.


21. Bold Colors

These great colors go well together; they are bold and bright, very eye-catching.


22. Back Tattoos

A great tattoo design that sits on the back of the neck. It’s simple and yet still very different.


23. A Visitor

This triangle has the earth inside it as well as a spaceship that has just arrived as a visitor. If you like aliens, then this might be a great idea for you.


24. Jungle Scenes

Who doesn’t love the African jungle elephants? This design is all within that triangle, and the colors are just beautiful.


25. An Airplane

This triangle has some bold, beautiful colors, and the airplane is just a silhouette on the inside. I love this design, and its sure to catch some eyes.


26. Blood Red

A blood red rose on the inside of the triangle. It’s a bold and stunning color that is sure to draw the eye. We love it!


27. Watercolor Designs

A unique design that is unique with some striking color in the background. The watercolor design is stunning, to say the least.


28. Floral Designs

A black and white floral design that is inside the triangle. I love the detail of the flowers; this design is beautiful.


29. Aliens!

Another example of the alien visitor tattoos withing the triangle. It’s a fun design for those alien lovers out there.


30. Mountain Sky

This tattoo has the sun, some mountains, and some water. It’s a unique design that is sure to draw some attention.


31. Flower Sketch

This triangle has a flower in it as well, and it’s done in a sketch format. I love the sketchiness of the design it’s really unique.


32. Matching Designs

Triangles with beautiful flowers on the inside. I love the black with the red it’s a stunning combination.


33. Triangles and Flowers

This great tattoo is another example of how beautiful a floral design can look in the triangle.


34. Pretty Colors

The colors on this tattoo are my favorite part. They are just so pretty, and they look cool encased in the triangle.


35. Pink is Beautiful

This stunning tattoo design is beautiful because of the colors. The outline is on the inside while the full design stays on the outside. I love this unique design.


36. Crazy Elements

These great designs are an example of how cool tattoos can be if you show a little creativity.


37. Worldly Designs

Not sure of the language choice with these designs but they are really creative and unique.


38. Arm Tattoos

Another example of the triangles tattoos that stand in a row. This one is small in design.


39. Earth Symbols

These earth symbols cover the entire hand. If you want something to show your love for the earth this may be the one for you.


40. Crazy Symbols

If you are looking for a great design that has some serious creativity, then try this tattoo on for size.


41. Creative World

Another example of true creativity when it comes to creating a unique tattoo.


42. A Wrist Tattoo

This wrist tattoo is a simple tattoo design is one simple triangle.


43. Gold Coloring

The centerpiece is a triangle with other elements surrounding it. I love the great coloring, the black with the gold together really pop out.


44. Symbols

A great tattoo design that is unique from so many others.


45. Watercolor Brightness

Three small triangles that are linked together. The watercolor images in the background are stunning. The blue and purple mixed together are wonderful.


46. Palm Trees and Pineapples

This triangle reminds me of being on vacation. This triangle is filled with pineapples and palm trees. I love the design it’s truly beautiful.


47. Spaceships

These spaceships plan on taking us home with them. This triangle is filled with spaceships that are determined to do some experimenting.


48. Four Symbols

A small tattoo design that has four symbols to it.


49. Crazy Colors

I love the gorgeous colors behind this stunning watercolor design. There is a sketch-like version of the triangle on the inside. A stunning design overall.



50. The Galaxy

The galaxy has deep purple coloring as well as an eye in the center. It’s a different design that you are sure to love.


51. The Inner Outline

Another example of a floral inside the triangle. I love the fact that the tattoo is whole on the outside of the triangle with just the outline on the inside.


52. Shaded Triangles

Many triangles with different shading options throughout.


53. The Drawing

A gorgeous tattoo design that has a drawing of roses on the inside of the triangle. I love the fact that it looks like a sketch from a notepad.


54. Mountain Scene

If you love the outdoors, then you are sure to love this mountain scene that includes what’s in the triangle as well as what’s on the outside.


55. Purple Triangle

This purple triangle is hollow, but the outline of it is the galaxy with bright purple coloring.


56. Disappearing Bear

This bear is completely present on the inside of the triangle but appears to disappear on the outside of the triangle. A very different tattoo design indeed.


57. Purple Love

Purple coloring that is stunning inside the triangle. It’s another example of a floral design that really stands out.


58. One Triangle

One triangle that is becoming darker and darker with shading.


59. Double Triangles

These triangles are side by side, and they show just how well black and gold go together.


60. The Sun

A triangle with the earth elements on the inside. It’s a special design for someone looking for something different.


61.  Beautiful Scenery

Stunning scenery, that has some beautiful colors to it. You don’t get much prettier than this one.


62. Close-up Flower Glyph Tattoo

A triangle with a close-up flower on the inside. There is so much detail to this one.


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