138 Awesome Foot Tattoo Inspirations to Add Spring to Your Step

If you’re all about making your feet the center of attention, then don’t fret! We got these hip and artistic foot tattoos to help you express how you adore the work that these pair do for you.

Why are Foot Tattoos Becoming More Popular?

Sore, tired, and most of the time cramped inside a shoe, the star of our mobile lifestyle doesn’t get recognized enough. But we can always correct that.  Here are some pegs for cool foot tattoos that you can choose from if you’re itching to get some ink for your foot:

Lavender Foot Tattoo

If you’re a fan of anything lavender, you’d absolutely love this lavender foot tattoo design.

Autumn Leaves Foot Tattoo with message

May the road rise up to meet you.”

Inspired by “The Little Prince”

For those who have the imagination as complex and as deep as the protagonist from the book, here’s one illustration based from the novel.

A Bouquet of Wild Flowers

There’s not much color but this captivating skin art is a true masterpiece made with the artist’s amazing attention to details and textures.

Indian Henna Style Tattoo

Indians are famous for their body art using henna pigments. Get inspiration here to create similar aesthetics.

Playing with Shades of Black and White for Foot Tattoo Design

Monochromatic doesn’t mean your tattoo has to be boring. Play with shades and tones to a uniform yet playful design for your foot tattoo.

Realistic Starfish Foot Tattoo

Whoa! That starfish had me going for a second and much closer look. Kudos to this woman’s tattoo artist for this very realistic foot tattoo.

In Style with Trash Polka Style Foot Tattoos

We’re absolutely stunned by this Trash Polka design. This genre of tattoo design is rapidly going mainstream and we can’t blame people since red and black really go well together.

Anchor Foot Tattoo

Aren’t they lovely? It’s not only men and sailors like Popeye who can rock the anchor tattoo. Even women can wear these anchor tattoo designs. Look at this lady with her very feminine anchor tattoo to match her periwinkle nail polish.

Minimalist Foot Tattoos

If you’re the type who’s uncomplicated and a fan of minimalism, you’d love to get a minimalist tattoo such as these. The fine line work makes it look simple, but the chosen design has a deeper meaning that’s hidden within.

Eevee Foot Tattoo

The Pokemon took over the world by storm when it launched. Most millennial now look back at the good old days of their childhood and remember fond memories of this hit animated series. Likewise, this person got this charming Eevee foot tattoo as a memento.

Butterfly Dreams

Girls are often drawn to the unique charm of butterflies, just like this lady here and her pair of butterfly tattoos on the left foot.

Bio-Mechanical Foot Tattoo

Get your Sci-Fi Fanatic Mode on with a bio-mechanical tattoo that could make you look like you’re part cyborg.

Off to Neverland

Made more spectacular by the watercolor tattoo art with white ink on this silhouette interpretation of Sir

Rhino Beetle Foot Tattoo

If you are an insect lover, you’d absolutely love this tattoo of a rhino beetle in flying action.

Symbolic Foot Tattoos

Do you have an emblem or symbol that you identify as a part of you? Why don’t you get them inked on your skin to seal its meaning into your identity.

Blue Scissor-Tailed Finch Foot Tattoo

Do you consider bird watching one of your most favorite hobbies? Do you fancy one type of bird in particular? Why don’t you get them inked now so you can carry them around like a trademark?

Stunning Dark Shade Art

This goat foot tattoo with dark fur and a piercing gaze seem to evoke deep emotions.

Indian Henna-Inspired Foot Tattoo

Indian Tattoo designs exude a distinct look that can turn heads. Just look at this mesmerizing foot tattoo.

Just keep swimming

We’re in love with foot tattoos of all shapes and sizes. But we’re especially charmed by this colorful golden carp tattoo on this blond girl’s right foot.

Wild Flowers in Watercolor

Who says only men can sport tattoos? You could be as feminine as any woman with these wild flowers inked in water color style-tattoo coloring.

Nautical Tattoo with Message

“Be the one to guide me, but never hold me down.” This message was etched in truth to show this woman’s true feelings in a beautiful interpretation adorned with a compass, an anchor, and poppy flowers.

Compass in Watercolor

Compass tattoo designs are getting more mainstream now. We can’t blame them since it represents a great symbolism.

Symbols of Peace and Freedom

Olive branches has been a long used as a symbol of peace. A bird in flight is likewise a symbol and it’s one that represents freedom.

Peacock Tailfeather Foot Tattoo

Everyone knows that peacocks’ tails fan out to reveal stunning and colorful patterned feathers. Hence, they make the perfect subjects for an artsy tattoo creation such as this foot tattoo.

The Deathly Hallows

Potterheads all over the world want to keep the magic of the Wizarding World alive so they take on keepsakes and souvenirs to display their love of the Harry Potter series. For example, this Deathly Hallow tattoo.

Rose and Rose Petals

Rose tattoos display a person’s romantic personality. With the falling rose petals, it gets people to think of a classic love that will last a long time.

Clefable Foot Tattoo

Pokemon fans have a total of 802 Pokemons to choose from. For this lady, she picked the fairy-type Clefable to be the subject of her foot tattoo art.

Ganesha and Hamsa

Using minimalist-style fine line work, we find these adorable Indian-inspired tattoos as works of art that’s worth flaunting.


With the name “Haunani” inked beside the Polynesian-Tribal Style tattoo of a sea turtle, we’re quite sure that this person is proud their Pacific Islands ancestry.

Aye, Aye, Captain!

Nautical themes are popular subjects from the American Traditional tattoo style. Like in these foot tattoos, the bold colors and solid line define what makes these designs attractive.

Fairy Tale Frog

Frogs aren’t really that icky. Remember the frog that turns to prince? This cute frog tattoo with the purple butterfly reminds us of the enchanting fairy tale.

Pink and White Peonies

Women love flower tattoos for obvious reasons. They’re dainty and feminine, so getting them as skin art, flower tattoos will always hold a special place in any lady’s heart.

Lily and Frog Foot Tattoo

Frogs are amphibians who are comfortable in both land and water habitats. Just as show in this tattoo, a cute little frog is seen peeking out of a lily flower, which are most commonly seen growing in ponds.

Crescent and Flower Mandala

We’re seeing more of these minimalist and Indian-inspired tattoos. There’s not much going on, but no one can say that they’re too plain or boring.

I can’t help falling in love with you

If you’ve watched the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch, you’ll surely remember this scene where the lovable alien Stitch impersonate the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.

Geometric and Hypnotic

Foxes are mystical forest creatures, and as much as they are mysterious, they’re also majestic. Hence, we’re really loving this modern illustration of a fox.

Bizarre but Beautiful

Since tattoo is an art, there’s virtually no limit in your choice of subject for your foot tattoos. For example, this rose is teal and gold, different from the usual colors of the flower.

Sunflower Power

Sure, sunflowers are pretty but having them inked at your ankle area would also pretty much hurt, a lot.

Combination of two of your favorite things

You have a significant other that you love oh so dearly, but you’re also mad about this cuddly, furry animal. So why not get a tattoo of them together?

No tattoo is too weird

This person got a tattoo of an extracted tooth because there’s nothing too weird when it’s for the sake of art.


A couple of goldfishes

This person must have loved her pet goldfishes too much that’s why she had them inked to adorn his foot.

Tiger Lilies

Running out of ideas for foot tattoo designs? Pick out an exotic flower variety and then let your tattoo artist go crazy creative with it. Once the masterpiece is done, you’ll be glad you took that advice.

Hear me roar!

This masterfully-done Neo-Traditional style lion tattoo is a work that’s truly fit for the King of the Jungle.

He’s alive! (and deadly)

Depicting a creature based on Mary Shelley’s popular novel, Frankenstein, this foot tattoo is both thrilling and

Wispy single peacock feather tattoo

It’s a minimalist sketchwork design that’s made extra special by the captivating color work they used for the tattoo.


Twin Kitties

Kitty cats are not just for little girls, but they also look sweet for adventurous ladies to have as foot tattoos.

Lone wolf

Feel like an alpha with a magnificent wolf foot tattoo to symbolize your strong and independent personality.

Natural order

It’s part of the natural order to have flowers growing with five petals. Following this specific pattern, we see that these creations represent the true essence of beauty.

Sea Shore Aesthetic

Do you love long walks at the beach? This fine lady sure loves walking at the shoreside, so she got a pretty blue calm shell tattoo to show that.

Exotic Flowers

Orchids are rare flowers that require gentle tender loving care. Since it’s too delicate to grow on your own, why not get a tattoo of it instead?

Koi coyness

Not a fan of huge showstopping tattoos? Well, just remember there are many minimal foot tattoo designs that you can try. Here’s a cute koi fish swimming in a splash of pastel colors.

Hawaiian Tropical Paradise

There’s no denying about this tattoo design’s subject. Done in minimalist dot-work design, we’re amazed that even with a few details, the artist was able to pull off a tattoo design that’s fit for a travel postcard.

A bunch of Flowers in Traditional Style Tattoo Art

Traditional tattoos (or some call it American Traditional) is characterized by bold lines and colors. We’re quite sure that’s the style the artist used for this lovely bunch of flowers on this woman’s right foot.

Festive Foot Tattoos

Mexicans really know how to throw a great party. One of their most awesome yearly bash is the Dia de Muertos or the Day of the Dead. On November 1st of every year, it’s not peculiar to see elaborate face paint on people all over Mexico. They do it as part of the Festival.

Custom Foot Tattoos

Creativity is the best resource to use in designing your foot tattoo. Most of the time, the best tattoo designs are items that have great meaning in your life.

Feeling Lucky

No need to search the world for that lucky four-leaf clover. We’re definitely charmed by this nicely-done clover leaf tattoo.

Forever Love

Photographs may fade, so this loving pet owner got tattoos of her cute pets.

Mystical and Magical

What feelings does this foot tattoo design evoke from you? For us, we think it’s mystical and it brings us to a joyful and magical place. Plus, it matches well with her glitter nail polish.

Black Panther

Did you know that “panther” is not an actual name of a species? Rather, it’s a general term used to describe big cats in the wild like leopard, mountain lion, and jaguars.

Cute Kitty

How much do you love your furry feline friend? This person loves her cat so much, so she decided to make  a tribute in the form of a foot tattoo.

Because lockets are so old school

Remember when during old times, our great grandparents used to sport lockets as pendants? They put photos of their loved-ones inside, so that’s what made those accessories very important. Now, there’s no need for lockets anymore since you can have a tattoo of you and your loved-one on your body.

Mighty Hawk Foot Tattoo

Proudly perched on top of a sphere, this hawk tattoo with piercing eyes combines a lot of modern elements that it does not need vibrant colors to make it stunning.

Tribal Foot Tattoos

Tribal tattoos (some call them Polynesian tattoo) are characterized by  unique pattern style that’s mostly used by Pacific Islands tribes.

Carefree as the wind

We commonly see these dandelion blossoms at grassy meadows, growing freely and scattering it’s whit wisps as the wind blows. This sight symbolizes a longing for freedom; something that many people yearn for in this life.

Never boring

Ladies who love out of this box fashion statements, an elaborate foot tattoo can be the perfect showstopping accessory.

A couple of foot tattoo lovers

The person on the left sports a traditional style tattoo of a hot air balloon caught in a thunderstorm. The person on the right has an illustrative sketchwork tattoo of the moon as a live being. But guess what? Even when they’re opposing aesthetics, we love them both!

Matching Lotus Foot Tattoos

One is pink and the other one is purple, but both are cute lotus foot tattoos that’s more striking than all those other anklets this girl is wearing.

My Neighbor Totoro

Remember these cute soot balls from the anime (Susuwatari or Makkuro kurosuke)? This lady must have adored them too much that she had to get them as foot tattoos. We can’t blame her, they’re really too cute for words!

Japan and China Fusion

Where else can you find a China Doll that’s a Japanese Geisha? Well, we can see here that these two oriental aesthetics come together nicely.

Wooden Blocks Foot Tattoo

3D Wooden blocks done with traditional tattooing style, the initials R, T, and L must have meant the world to this person. The tattoo must be a special reminder for a moment that happened on the date 1-17-10.

Freaky Frog

There are color-changing frogs but this colorful one isn’t just one of them. He’s just decorated with bold colors and prints. Blow him up and he may even pass for a pinata.

Hopeless Romantic

We are wishing for a sweet ending for this foot tattoo sketch who’s offering his heart to a special someone that’s still missing in the picture.

Map Foot Tattoos

Want to know a witty tattoo design idea? Have your hometown’s map inked at your feet, so you’re always reminded to keep grounded and to look back to your roots.


Henna Foot Tattoos

Get a henna tattoo if you’re not sure if you can commit to a permanent one.

The Ship’s Wheel

Different from most wheels that most machines use to move around, this wheel is used for steering and guiding the direction of movement.

Night Owl

Are you a nocturnal person? Is your brain more efficient when the sun has set? Then you’re definitely a night owl!

Cute and Cuddly Tattoo Design

Running out of ideas for a new foot tattoo? Maybe inspiration will come to you when you’re relaxed and chilling and watching a new animated series.

Just Have Fun

Some think long and hard before getting ink. But there are some who do it at the spur of the moment. Here’s a fun guy who got a non-intimidating foot tattoo and we’re proud of him. Sometimes you just got to get up and do it.

Farm Frenzy

Watch out! The rooster and the pig is on the loose on this guy’s feet.

We are All Mad Here

The disappearing Cheshire cat from Disney movie’s Alice in Wonderland.

A flock of birds

Spread your wings and soar to the sky

Nautical Foot Tattoos

We found a treasure here n this Neo-Traditional style nautical foot tattoos

Release the Kraken

A comical take on the monster that can make even the biggest ships sink


Love in Dual Color Fine Line Work

One word, four letters. This word is what makes the world go round.

Tropical Vibes

No need to head to the beach to feel the beach vibes coming. You bring it with a foot tattoo like this one.


Classic for a Classy Lady

Rose tattoos are a staple and a classic for tattoo fans.

Double Anchor and Wheel

A colorful and Neo-Traditonal nautical theme foot tattoo

Detailed yet Simple

It does not take a lot of complicated elements to make a beautiful tattoo.

Black and Gray Wheel and Anchor

People just love the sea and sailing

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue, we’re digging this foot tattoo, how about you?

Blossoming bud

Maybe it’s spring time that’s why this bud is preparing to soak that spring breeze in

Hibiscus Foot Tattoo

It’s pink and almost like the real thing. Great job!


Ohana means family in Hawaiian

Pink Peony

Women usually get a tattoo of their favorite flower.


Mandala-inspired foot tattoos are amazing for they required great attention to detail.

The Sun and The Moon

Celestial bodies make great subjects for tattoos

The City Skyline

A proud city dweller got an ink of the skyline of this concrete jungle

Foot Tattoos with Rhinestones

Take the tattoo game up a notch? Add rhinestones to your design!

Technicolor Rose

Rose that’s made prettier with such vibrant color work.

Henna Mandala Tattoo

Mandalas celebrate the natural order and beauty of the universe

foot tattoos

Fake Foot Tattoos for Kids

Your baby can’t get their own tattoo yet, but fake tattoos can make do for now, until they’re old enough to get a real one.

Lady of the Sea

A compass + an anchor spell the formula for a great nautical foot tattoo.

Sunflower Foot Tattoo

The golden yellow color that’s bright as the sun is what makes this flower special.

Celtic Foot Tattoo

Characterized by a pattern of knots and lines, this Celtic foot tattoo is both puzzling and captivating

Neo Traditional Floral Mandala

Beautiful and colorful take on a matching foot tattoo design

Matchy Quotes

“I’ll fight to survive through this thunderous life when we’re side by side.”

Cascading flowers

Four blooms that seem to be falling slowly at her feet

Scissor-Tailed Birds

Minimalist foot tattoo design with fine line and no colors

Adorned with Jewel Tattoos

Jewels are rare and hard to come by but we may get them as tattoos that look just as fine.

Sea Turtle Foot Tattoo

We love ocean creatures and we also adore this cute foot tattoo of a sea turtle

Lady Ink

Traditional style tattoos make for a classy style skin art

Complex but Meaningful

Sometimes, your tattoo need not be about what others might find attractive. It should also be all about you, too.

Dot Work Mandala

Crazy about mandala? We’re just as hypnotized as you are with its intricate patterns and stunning design.

Blue Red-Chested Bird

Red symbolizes strong feelings like bravery and love. Blue evokes tranquility. Opposites attract.

Magnificent Deer

Sketched using fine lines, this deer foot tattoo is almost like the real animal staring at me

Designing a Custom Foot Tattoo

Don’t limit yourself in designing a foot tattoo.  Only your imagination will set the limit.

Playing with white ink

Sway away from the usual by using white ink as your base color.

Lily and Gems

Flowers and gems are just some of a girl’s most favorite things in the world

Bold lines and patterns

Even without coloring, this foot tattoo is already a headturner


Since many people now are into Indian-theme tattoos, we commonly see people who sport Sanskrit lettering foot tattoos

Enchanting but Odd

Probably a creature straight out of this person’s imagination

When Life Hands You Lemons

Make a Lemonade

My pet and his most favorite thing

He loves baths as much as I love him


These bugs’ stings hurt a lot but we’re loving how they’re also great for skin art

Autumn Bouquet

Berries and twigs add dimension to a beautiful bouquet

Sketchwork Rose

We don’t need pencil and paper to make an excellent sketch art.

Paws is to Feet

We’re wowed by the fine line work and details in girl’s foot tattoo design

Heavy Heart

Depicting in a tattoo what your heart and words can’t express

Scorpion Foot Tattoo

We can’t believe the scorpion is just a tattoo. It’s so realistic!

A String of Stars

Simple and minimalist, just how some people like their tattoos

Love for Boys and Flowers

Do you want a daily reminder of boys you love dearly? Have their names inked on your skin.

I see you

Trash Polka is a rising tattoo style that’s made with bold design and characteristic black and red hues.

Flying Animals

What do these two things have in common? They are both flying animals.

Purple Geraniums

We often see these flowers in the garden. Just like this tattoo, with a butterfly floating around it.

Calligraphy Foot Tattoos

Aside from images, you may also have calligraphy inked on your body.

Feminine Seafarer

Get a customized nautical tattoo that fits your personality

Entwined Hearts

A forever love sealed by a permanent symbol inked on their skin

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