65 Face Tattoos You Should Check Out Before Getting One

The Last Taboo – Face Tattoos You Will Love, Hate, and Adore

Face tattoos, love it or hate it? Here in Inkme, we are all for creative self-expression. But we do have sensible advice for those thinking of getting a face tattoo.

The Pros and Cons

First, tattoos are permanent. And though we encourage body art in all its creative and original forms, you might want to think about this one. Moreover, don’t get any kind of facial art spur-of-the-moment. Or worse, when you have had too many beers or emotionally upset.

Remember to keep a clear head, even tattoo artists themselves are split about them. But one thing is for sure, inking the face is the last body art taboo.

A Divisive Trend

Ever since face tattoos became popular among the hip-hop community, more people started getting them.  However,  the trend is very divisive.

Many who support creative self-expression are reluctant to support the trend. Additionally, some artists have declined requests for facial ink, especially from young people.

But one thing everyone agrees on is that a face tattoo is the most extreme body art. It’s a symbol of rebellion and personal empowerment.

However, in general, it is still considered as a sign of criminality and might be a reason why you will not be hired the next time you go job-hunting.

Why the face?

The face is our last bastion of respectability. It would be nearly impossible to cover our face, except in areas where head coverings are required by law, so tattooing the face is akin to smattering the last social boundaries. And getting a tattoo there means that you are in rebellion against social norms. Or at the very least, society’s rules may not be as important to you. This is one reason why face tattoos have been heavily associated with criminality and gangs in the past.

Is it Art?

There are the “It’s your body, it’s your life” supporters, but they also wish that facial tattoos were more artistic and creative. And finally, the naysayers who think facial tattoos look more like scribbles than a true art form. But then, we are always pushing the boundaries. And maybe, with face tattoos, we can liberate some of those artistic limits.

How about you, what do you think?

Face Tattoos To Inspire Your Creative Self-Expression

Sun, Moon, and Butterfly Face Tattoos

Done right, a face tattoo can be very beautiful and expressive. Also, the butterfly, the crescent moon, and the sun are subtle complements of each other. Lastly, the blue tints of the tattoos give them a dramatic touch that goes well to give the visual impact but without looking ugly.


Magnetic Quote Face Tattoos

Most people want to tattoo their personal affirmations or words that empower them. It also helps that they can see the words every time they see a mirror. However, before rushing out to ink your motto unto your face, check out calligraphy, fonts, and spelling. We all have to live with our mistakes, but we don’t want to wear them on our faces.

Small Face Tattoos for Females

For a lot of women, tattoos are symbols of freedom. Most often than not, a woman’s first tattoo is highly symbolic of something personal. Getting a face tattoo is, therefore, quite a big step forward. From curlicues to charming snowflakes to personal symbols of empowerment, you can start with something small and meaningful. We suggest something nearer the hairline in case you need to hide your tattoo for work or business, and which you can easily hide with your hair.

Also, there may be times that you would wish to have less attention and a discreet place is easier to deal with. Finally, in case you want to remove a face tattoo, the scar will not be as prominent.

Floral Face Tattoo

Small flowers or floral elements are also popular as facial tattoos. First, they are very subtle. Then, they quite appeal tot he feminine taste. Finally, they can be very subtle and discreet and are more likely to be less of a social taboo.


Monograms are usually memorial tattoos or tattoos for remembrance of a loved one who has passed. It can be a commemorative symbol or an empowering symbol too.


Another icon of female empowerment, a sword symbolizes strength and a willingness to fight for one’s belief. Like the Amazons of the past, a woman sporting a sword face tattoo is ready to battle for her rights.

Other Beautiful and Small Face Tattoos for Females

These may be random objects that can have personal significance to the wearer. As a rule, most tattoo artists will suggest how to best ink your face and what symbols and icons could mean. Remember, the stuffed toy dog you love now when your 18 may not be as personally meaningful when you’re 25. Try to avoid inking scribbles. We are not celebrities who can get away with a face that looks like a middle school desk.

Runes for Face Tattoos

Runes and other esoteric symbols are another treasure trove we can raid for tattoo inspiration. The rune for life shown here as the inverted inside of the peace sign minus the circle signify personal freedom and celebration of life. It has also been used as an occult symbol similar to that of the triskelion. whatever may be the meaning of the run for you, what matters is the importance you attach to using it as a face tattoo.

Dainty Face Tattoos

Small face tattoos serve more as visual accessories rather than merely a symbolic icon. We have seen freckles, starts, small snowflakes, and even mini footprints. What we like about these face tattoos is how they can traverse half the face without being too visually obtrusive. Another reason is we also find them fun and whimsical.

Celebrities With Face Tattoos

The primary reason why face tattoos have become more popular is because of celebrities. From Mike Tyson’s iconic tribal face tattoo to the facial body art of SoundCloud rap artists, the trend among celebrities seem unstoppable. Once the purvey of hip-hop and its urban gang origins, tattoos on the face became more acceptable when successful artists like Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, and Kehlani started having them.

The tattoos were varied in design. Some were words of empowerment or sentiments, while some were icons. However, some decided to wear scribbles and random objects on their faces. This trend pretty much diluted the rebellious anarchy of celebrities wearing the tattoos. But when models also tarted sporting them, then you know that the trend has become a more powerful message of self-expression.

Tribal Face Tattoos

Mike Tyson’s tribal face tattoo made him the “baddest boxer” on which he also anchored his celebrityhood. If you are thinking of getting similar tattoos, remember that Mike Tyson was the youngest heavyweight champion to win the WBA, WBC, and IBA titles.

Singers with Face Tattoos


A beautiful and subtle face tattoo for the singer-songwriter.

Chris Brown Face Tattoo

From a subtle triangle to a walking shoe ad, Chris Brown surely gets around.

Wiz Khalifa

Kat Von D

Shia LaBeouf

Travis Baker

Lil Wayne

Random Words and Objects on Celebrities With Face Tattoos

From random words that may have meanings

To UFOS, aliens, and other random stuff…

Your face tattoos will be part of what will define you.

The Lotus Face Tattoo

The lotus flower and its different iterations are quite popular among females. First, it is a symbol of goddesses, female empowerment, and pure heartedness, we are bound to see a lot of this tattoo in the future. Finally, it’s quite beautiful.

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Small Face Tattoos for Males

Not all men want big and heavy face tattoos. Some do start small and want something meaningful and discreet at the same time. The most common symbols for a face tattoo is a cross, abstract design, a flag, words, or a symbol of empowerment no matter how random.

Temporary Face Tattoos

If you are thinking fo getting a face tattoo, why not try out a temporary one? The sticker tattoos out in the market nowadays are a far cry from the 80s and 90s kitschy rub-on. Also, most temporary tattoos can last from 3 to 6 months. You can also opt for henna if you’re not quite sure about getting something permanent.

Side Tattoo Pieces as Face Tattoos

Small may not be your taste and you are ready to get a bigger piece inked on your skin. Here are some ideas to check out if you are opting to tattoo one side of your face. First, get a good tattoo artist. Second, have your design ready. And lastly, be very sure about your tattoo.

Teardrop Face Tattoos

A very subtle but popular tattoo is the teardrop. But nowadays, a lot of people, mostly women, are choosing to have akin to a teardrop as a face tattoo. Some have chosen to place their tattoo right where a tear drops, some choose somewhere nearer the eye. However you want your tattoo, its popularity is anchored on its symbolism and the beautiful dramatic visual effect it gives.

Cute Heart Tattoo

Paper Airplane Tattoo

Popular Moon Face Tattoos

The moon is associated with La Luna, fertility, and womanhood. It’s no wonder that is a popular tattoo motif for women. However, you are more likely to see the crescent moon rather than a full moon as a tattoo design. You can also opt for a small face tattoo or a signature piece that will really draw the eye.


Anarchy On the Scalp

When face tattoos started becoming popular among the gangs, one of the gangs that embraced it was the neo-Nazis and the Aryan Brotherhood. But that was then, and this is now, but it still pays to know your tattoo lore. The scalp is not quite the face, but when you’re sporting a buzzcut or going for the skinhead look,  then the scalp easily becomes an extension of the face.

Hardcore Face Tattoos

These tattoos are not for the faint-hearted. At the same time, these are not the worst out there as these face tattoos still sport design elements such as tribal and abstract to curlicues and text.

Face Tattoos FAQ

I’m thinking of trying out a temporary face tattoo but don’t want the stickers. Any ideas?

Some of the big penmakers have come out with marker pens that are specially marketed to be temporary tattoo ink. They are skin-safe and are meant to be used on the skin. You can also have a choice of colors aside from the black ink, however, don’t expect anything more than the usual 6-in-1 pack. And you’re in luck, some are available online. However, make sure to test for sensitivity and allergy before inking yourself or a friend with these skin-safe pens.

Why are face tattoos so popular?

They are popular because they are popular among celebrities. Among music artists, some have said that they have used face tattoos to motivate themselves to focus on their music and let go of attachments to meaningful employment. regardless of where you are, you are more likely NOT going to be hired if you have a face tattoo. However, you cannot be arbitrarily fired from your work for getting a face tattoo unless your face is important to get your job done. Examples of these are people in retail, people who have to meet clients or people in the course of their job who may view face tattoos negatively.

Hardcore tattoo enthusiasts are also pushing the boundaries of tattoos, and face tattoos are one of the last boundaries of the art.

What’s the ugliest face tattoo you have seen?

A meaningless and random tattoo has no value and a poorly one done at done, becomes quite meaningless. If you are getting a face tat, then put something you will treasure until you are 85 years old.

Is it true that tattoo artists won’t tattoo your face unless you have a previous tattoo?

Most professional tattoo artists would refuse a facial tattoo from somebody unblooded (someone who hasn’t had a tattoo) or somebody who doesn’t seem to be in the community of tattoo aficionados.  In a lot of interviews through the years, despite the growing popularity of face tattoos, tattooists would still point out the negative impacts on employment. Some have even declined for moral reasons as they feel some of the people interested merely want to ride a trend. Lastly, some tattooists have outright refused clients who are still in their teens.

Another thing to consider is that in case you find yourself in court, there’s a social bias against people with face tattoos. You are more likely to lose your case or end up convicted of a crime.

 If you stumble on a tattoo artist who s willing to give you a face tattoo without fully checking out your background, be careful. There are a lot of health, moral, and safety issues associated with getting a face tattoo. An artist who doesn’t look out for his or her client is out for a quick buck. And that may include safety shortcuts.

Will it hurt?

It depends where on the face you are getting your tattoo. The areas under the eyes and over the eyelids will probably cost the most pain.

Can I have my facial tattoo removed?

Yes, you can, especially if somewhere down the line, you have buyer’s remorse. Laser tattoo removal has improved and with the Q-switched laser, it has also become easier. Q-switched lasers specifically target the ink in your skin.

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