114 Intense Eye Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind

If you are looking for a new tattoo idea, something intense and awesome then look no further than the eye tattoo. They are unique and original and some of the ideas will really blow your mind.

An eye tattoo can be awesome for a lot of reasons, and they can be worn by both males and females. The great thing about eye tattoos is that you can have some pretty amazing details to it so that it looks very real. Eye tattoos can be very striking, you won’t find a cooler tattoo idea than that. There are a lot of symbolic reasons for getting an eye tattoo as well. You might just love the fact that there is symbolism behind the eye tattoo because it gives extra meaning behind your tattoo.

Many people like very simple eye tattoos while other people like the detailed look. Either way, you can get a really cool looking tattoo. There are many different types of eye tattoos, really the sky is the limit. You don’t even need to do a human eye if you don’t choose to, there is the option of a cat’s eye or a snake’s eyes which are two more popular choices for the eye tattoo.

If an eye tattoo is what you’re looking for then look no further than this article.

Below are 114 Intense Eye Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind:

1. All Seeing Eye

The all seeing eye is a popular tattoo choice because of its symbolism. It’s a simple design that looks good in black and white.


2. Detailed Eye

This is a gorgeous example of how much detail can go into an eye tattoo.

3. Swirling Eye

The eye here is just a small part of a sleeve tattoo. It looks amazing amongst the swirling design.

4. Bold Eye

This all seeing eye is truly bold and mysterious. I love the colors that are involved with the design.

5. Cube Designs

A very unique design that has the inside of the eyes looking like the honey combs in a hive. Add a few bees to the design and you have a pretty cool tattoo.

6. Dead Eyes

Do you feel like you have dead eyes? Or you’re dead inside? Then you are sure to love this tattoo design.

7. Wolf Eyes

These unique eyes tell a story all their own. This wolf has three eyes and he’s very ferocious. If you are looking for a badass tattoo then look no further than this.

8. Creative Design

What a stunning design. This tattoo of an eye is surrounded by wings. There is so much detail here that it’s hard not to stare at it. A gorgeous design for anyone that loves wings.

9. The Big Eye

A huge back tattoo that has incorporated an eye into the design. There is a lot of detail to this tattoo which makes it really unique.

10. The Clock

This is a very interesting design because it’s in the shape of an eye but the inside is a watch or clock of sorts. You won’t find a more badass design than this one.

11. Realistic Tattoos

This extraordinary tattoo is so realistic that you can see the wetness of the eye.  It looks more like a photograph than anything else.

12. Blue Eye

This skull design looks really awesome because of the different elements including the unusual blue eye.

13. Skull Eye

This skull has a realistic eye inside of it. The tattoo is very detailed and has an original design.

14. Who’s In the Eye

If you like creepy things then you are sure to love this creepy design of an eyeball with a person trying to climb out of the eye. It’s a unique design that will make you shudder inside.

15. Rose Eye

This gorgeous tattoo is quite the different design as it has an eye on the inside of the rose.

16. Devil’s Eyes

The whole front of his body is tattooed, and the biggest part is the devil with some evil looking eyes.

17. Crying Eye

Have you ever felt like crying? Then you can relate to this tattoo design.

18. Deep Emotions

This eye tattoo shows some seriously deep emotions.

19. Unique Designs

The eye tattoo is truly unique with a design on the inside.

20. Skull Designs

This skull is encroaching right into the eye itself.

21. Eyelashes

This eye tattoo is so detailed that you can see each eyelash. The eyes are absolutely gorgeous.

22. In the Scenery

A stunning example of how you can use the eye in amongst other tattoo elements. In this case, it’s scenery.

23. Mirror Image

This is a gorgeous tattoo on an eye with an image on the inside. I love the fact that you can see what the person is looking at.

24. Octopus Eye

If you love sea creatures, then you are sure to love this octopus eye.

25. Tiger Eye

I can’t get over how realistic this tiger eye looks; it’s breathtaking.

26. Underneath the Skin

This 3D design is amazing because it looks like it is underneath the skin.

27. Mesmerizing Images

An unusual image but one that you are sure to love if you like things a little weird.

28. Triangles

This all seeing eye is very detailed and awesome. I love all the dark shading.

29. Crazy Eyes

A very colorful chest tattoo with a cool image of a skull and that skull has crazy eyes.

30. Deep Blue

A triangle with deep blue on the inside. It’s a great image of the eye.

31. Striking Detail

A great eye tattoo that has some seriously striking detail.

32. Arm Tattoo

A great arm tattoo that has some serious details. I love the striking darkness involved here and the fact that there are people on the inside of the eye.

33. Seashell 

Deep blue colors that look marvelous on the shell.

34. Snake Eyes

At first glance you think it’s a human eye until you see the pink shade of a snakes eyes. It’s a badass tattoo design.

35. Egyptian Ornaments

A great design that has some ornamental elements. It’s an unusual design.

36. Forest Trails

This great arm tattoo is stunning because it looks so real. I love that you can see the forest inside the eye. Reflection tattoos are awesome.

37. Simple Designs

A great tattoo if you are looking for something simple.

38. Bright Purple

This unusual eye is truly remarkable because it is original.

39. Great Emotions

Another example of a crying eye and this one shows some deep emotion in the eye.

40. Blocks

A great but unusual design that shows the reflection of blocks in the eye.

41. Scary Eyes

If you are looking for an eye tattoo that has some darkness to it then look no further than this creepy eye.

42. Shifting Gears

A great tattoo design that you are sure to love because it’s very creative.

43. Sea Creatures

This sea creatures eye is very badass, and this is a tattoo that you could never become bored of.

44. Mysterious Designs

This is definitely one of the more mysterious eye tattoos you could get.

45. Deep Creatures

An awesome sleeve design that is truly creative.

46. Dripping Ink

A detailed eye that looks as if it’s crying ink.

47. Smoky Eye

A great eye that has some creative details and a bit of smoke.

48. Dark Tattoos

A seriously gorgeous tattoo that has dark black shading. If you want a dark tattoo then this might be the one for you.

49. Crocodile Tears

An arm tattoo that is amazing because of the color and detail. It’s gorgeous.

50. The Third Eye

The third eye is in the brain directly in the middle of the forehead.

51. The Docks

This reflection looks like it’s at the beach with someone walking down a dock.

52. Eye Clock

A great tattoo that is detailed and pretty cool looking.

53. Deep Designs

A great tattoo with a wide open eye, the eye itself looks so curious.

54. Passing Time

This gorgeous tattoo is truly one of a kind. There is so much detail involved and I love the association of time.

55. Flowers

A great tattoo that is a bit unusual but totally cool.

56. Dizzy Eye

This tattoo is truly mesmerizing; we can’t stop looking at it.

57. Bright Colors

These colors are truly amazing and bright.

58. Inside the Teeth

A cool design that is very detailed and it includes an eye with some sharp teeth.

59. Reptile Eyes

This reptile eye is so detailed that it looks like a photograph.


60. Ice Designs

A very dark tattoo for those that love a little mystery.

61. Multiple Eyes

An original design with many different eye concepts.

62. The Eyeball

This dark design has a crow eating a human eye! Now that’s creepy.

63. The Green Eyed Monster

A simple design with a green eye.

64. Sleeve Designs

A creative and dark expression of the eye.

65. The puzzle

If you are looking for a unique design, then look no further.

66. The Female Eye

I love the beautiful lashes in this design.

67. The Monocle

This is one intelligent owl.

68. Dreaming

This tattoo is very wistful as if the person is dreaming.

69. Puzzle Pieces

This puzzle has a dark side.

70. More Reflections

Another example of a reflection tattoo.

71. The Spade

A cool design that has a spade as an element to the tattoo.

72. Brozen Vessels

A stressed out eye with a lot of detail.

73. Red Triangle

A simple design with a lot of red.

74. Geometric Designs

If you like tattoos that make sense, then you will love this one.

75. Musical

Details really make for thoughtful tattoos.

76. Eye of the Universe

These beautiful colors are truly amazing.

77. Comic Designs

Beautiful and fun, the perfect tattoo.

78. Blue and Red

These unusual tattoos are truly original.

79. Creatures

This reptilian eye is one that is really creepy.

80. Scientific Eyes

A great design that is truly scientific.

81. Circular Designs

A great circular design with an eye in the middle.

82. Painted Design

This eye has some bright painted elements to it.

83. Storm Clouds

A great seeing eye that focuses on the weather.

84. Red Eye

A creepy reptilian eye that is a bright red.

85. Black Eye

A simple black eye that doesn’t need any detail.

86. Broken Glass

A great eye with a broken reflection.

87. Blue Eye

An amazing eye that is tattooed in a striking blue.

88. Bright Eye

This eye is crystal clear.

89. Bold Colors

I love the colors in this tattoo they are very remarkable.

90. Wonderful Eye

A great eye that is a simple design.

91. Upside Down Triangle

A great detail design that has some splashes of paint.

92. Leaf Lashes

A detailed eye that has some unique lashes.

93. Deep and Dark

A very dark tattoo that has some deep emotions.

94. The Reaper

A great eye tattoo that has the Reaper hanging out.

95. Hand Tattoo

A hand tattooed with a detailed eye.

96. Comic Work

An eye straight out of a comic book.

97. Deep Blue

The blues in this tattoo are really amazing.

98. Crystal Clear

A great tattoo that has an eye that is crystal clear.

99. Scary Designs

A chest tattoo that has a lot of details involved.

100. Deep Elements

A sleeve tattoo that has a detailed eye design.

101. Horror Movies

If you are a fan of horror, then you will love these tattoos.

102. Simple

A simple design that draws the eye.

103. Intricate Designs

A unique design with a splash of gold.

104. Blue Eyes

A special eye tattoo with a splash of blue.

105. Bold Tattoos

A similar design that has a lot more detail to it.

106. Watercolor Art

If you like this popular design then add some watercolor paint to it for a new look.

107. Artists Eye

This resembles a pencil drawing and a cool one at that.

108. Big Designs

We’ve seen this design previously, but it’s a little bigger here.

109. Stone Designs

A great detailed design of stone work.

110. Add Makeup

These colors are beautiful and go well with the tattoo.

111. Neck Tattoos

A great tattoo that sits nicely behind the neck.

112. Gorgeous Colors

A great tattoo that has some pretty amazing colors to it.

113. Animal Art

A great design that is is a bird of a feather.

114. Bold Colors

A great design with plenty of great colors.

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