125 Ear Piercings Ideas for Women and Men plus Must-Know Tips (2021)

Wonderful ear piercings ideas keep on popping up everywhere. If you take a walk to a reliable center with qualified piercers, you will understand how these fashion modifications have changed in recent time. Ear modification is associated mostly with women in the past. But more men are getting their ears perforated and adorned with captivating pieces of jewelry. These simple modification, as many would call it, make some of these men to look unique and more fashionable.

However, there are tips, and ideas one need to know before going for ear perforation be it a man or women. In this post, we will discuss types of ear piercings, and other benefits ear piercings claim to offer.ear piercing types

The Different Types of Ear Piercings together with their names

To be frank, the ear piercings names and types available are overwhelming. It is easy for a beginner to get confused with the numerous options unless they locate a highly creative piercer that can decipher the style that will suit them the most.

Another step a beginner can take to choose the right ear piercing and jewelry is by looking at what others already have on their ears. That way, you can tell if the style will also suit you based on the simple fact that you have almost the same face and looks with that individual.

Again, ear piercing pain after the process differs based on the style and region of the piercing. The pain levels, healing time and aftercare procedures are not all the same. So research the various types before going ahead with the process so that you won’t have any regret halfway into it.

One main reason piercings have become increasingly additive is the fact that people have numerous choices at their disposal. So you can have any style that stands you out from the crowd.

Here are the different ear piercings you can use to prove your creativity.

  • The Auricle or Rim Piercing

This rim piercing is on the rim of the cartilage which sits near the outside of the ear. These styles are mainly done together with a single or more lobe pierces, and it would match any piercings you already have. The auricle, were you are going to have this perforation, is loaded with tons of nerves. The high number of nerves in this region makes this spot very painful as you can see on any ear piercing pain chart. But once the pain is gone and spot healed, you would love this style when you put the right silver rings through the holes.helix-piercing


  • The Helix Ear Piercing

The helix ear piercings were the talk of the town in the 90s and early 2000s. Almost all teenagers who like to show off will admit that they have tried this piercing at least once. The helix ear piercing screams metalhead and rockstar. It could be a bit painful when done with the piercing needle. And it is also done near the helix’s root. The fact is anyone going for this modification should be ready to withstand the helix piercing pain. If you can bear the pain, you will like the outcome of this modification.

The helix is fondly called the cartilage piercing and is one of the famous of them all. It hurts a little bit during the process but not as you would experience with other piercings done on the cartilage. The pain leaves a bit faster, but expect a healing time of about three months.helix-piercing

  • The Industrial or scaffold Piercing

Nothing can match the coolness of the industrial piercing. And it enhances the looks of the majority of people who have it. The industrial piercings involve a pair of perforations on the ear connected with only a single jewelry and both sides of it face the opposite direction of the ear. Typically, people use the single barbell to connect both parts of the ear, but numerous styles and creativity are spring out on a daily basis. The earrings usually have the arrow shape to give it a more attractive appearance.

Also, the industrial piercing is the most painful among other types of ear perforations. The reason is that the piercing is done on two different areas of the cartilage that are very sensitive. And healing time can take about nine months or more. But the manner in which you took care of the area and your body system would determine how fast the healing process would be complete.

  • The Tragus Piercing

The tragus is that part of the ear that is in front of the ear canal. It is one area of the ear that piercers find challenging to perforate. The thickness of the tragus varies from person to person. And depending on the thickness of yours, the procedure can be more demanding. But done right, the tragus piercing does look good on people. Many people still do not go for this style because it is highly prone to irritation or infections. That is why the tragus ear piercings are not that popular compared to others.

The little cartilage which protrudes out from the ear canal is a bit thick. It is also the reason why during the tragus piercing you will feel a little bit uncomfortable during the procedure and after it. But the pain does not last for long. And brace up for long healing time, which can be about eight months.Tragus-Piercing

  • The Anti-Tragus Piercing

The anti-tragus is the close neighbor of the tragus. This cartilage piercing is usually done a little bit higher above were piercers place the traditional lobe ear perforations. One of the reasons this style is called a close neighbor of the tragus is because everything about them is almost the same. They share the same healing time and other characteristics. But have in mind that this style of ear piercing is not as prone to irritation and stretching like the tragus. Place any well-made sleek ring on that spot, and you would see a change in your looks.

  • The Lobe Piercing

Everyone has a soft lobe that heals faster. And that is one incredible thing that makes the earlobe piercing one of the most popular in the entire world. Most girls got their ear lobes pierced when they were still very young. Even people who want to try ear modification begin with this procedure. In fact, it is considered part of a tradition in most cultures. You have to ensure your female child’s ear is perforated and decorated with an earring.

The lobe perforation is not that painful. It is the fleshy part of the ear. It is true that you will feel a little sting during the process, but that should not bother you. It also heals faster than other types. Recovery time can take about six weeks. And you can change your earrings anytime you want once it heals completely.

  • The Transverse Lobe Piercing

In this type of piercings, the piercer makes use of a barbell which passes through the earlobe horizontally. The success or beauty of the transverse lobe piercings depends on the size and shape of the individual’s earlobe. And when the procedure is adequately carried out, the piercing is no doubt an immediate eye-catching style. Another exciting thing about this style is that you can choose your preferred angle. But the size of the piece of jewelry and earlobe in question should be kept in mind. And remember that this piercing takes a bit longer to heal so learn the appropriate aftercare for transverse lobe piercings. One of them is cleaning the area with saline solution properly for at least two times per day.

  • The Daith Piercing

The ear’s innermost cartilage fold is where this piercing is done. It can also be a bit difficult for piercers to access because of the position within the ear. But you have to find a professional to help you get it done neatly. Unlike the tragus, the daith does not cause any irritation or complications. It is also not that expensive to have. And above all, there are claims that the daith piercing serves as a remedy for migraines.daith piercing

Daith is increasingly becoming a popular body modification amongst men and women. You will experience a little bit of pain during the process, but the pain is not what should bother you. Anyone can tolerate the pain. Healing time is between three to six months depending on the aftercare procedure you adopt

  • The Upper Lobe Piercing

The earlobe is simple, and same goes for the upper lobe piercing which you can have without ripping the inner part of your ear apart. The piercer would need to puncture the upper area of your lobe so you can pass your beautiful piece of jewelry through the hole already created. Another exciting thing about this piercing is that it does not hurt that much. Looking at the ear piercings chart, it is the least painful ear perforation procedures of them all. When

  • The Conch Piercing

In the couch piercing, the ear cartilage is what piercers are going to perforate. And there are two different kinds of conch piercings, the outer and inner types. The piercing looks hot when done right, and many believe it helps to cure asthma as well. The inner conch is more popular in people than the outer one. But these styles all look good with the right piece of jewelry placed on the spot.

This style of perforation involves piercing through the ear’s inner shell. It is also another part of the ear where the cartilage is a bit thick. During the procedure, you will feel pain and pressure on this part of the ear. You can say the conch piercing is second regarding pain after the industrial piercing. And healing process can last from three to a period of nine months.

  • The Rook Piercing

You need a well-trained professional for the rook piercing procedure. It is very technical, and piercer needs to be highly precise for you to get your desired look when the jewelry is worn on the spot. Have in mind that this perforation is on two different cartilages. To be precise, the cartilage fold you see in the upper inner ear is where the hole is made. Though this pattern is attractive, it can stretch or get inflamed easily.

Make no mistake you will feel a lot of pressure and pain during this piercing. But you will love it once the process is completed. Again, this dashing piercing takes close to ten months to heal fully. And you also need to provide the right attention and care provided.rook piercing

  • The Snug or anti-helix Piercing

One thing you will like about this piercing is the procedure. It is easy because the cartilage you are going to perforate is not that deep. It is the counterpart of the helix piercing and also called the anti-helix. You can place a plain spunky ring or the hanging ball kind of earring to look stylish when you step out for any occasion.

The snug is also a bit painful during the procedure. The needle is made to pass through the thicker area of the cartilage which can cause intense pressure at that time. The healing process can last up to six months, and avoid sleeping on the side you had the piercing until it heals fully.

  • The Orbital Piercing

The orbital piercing is similar to the industrial piercing. The only significant difference is the jewelry that is being used to connect both holes. It does not join them horizontally but from the front instead. Usually, a heart shape or circular kind of ring is placed on the holes to beautify the ear.orbital-piercingorbital-piercing

  • The Graduate Lobe Piercing

A lot of individuals love this perforation because of the appeal. Having three or more adorable earrings of different sizes but the same design makes it highly captivating. In the graduate lobe piercing, three or more holes are made on the lobe in a specific interval. And you can use twinkling germs for all of them. Or you can go for thick black rings or dainty white studs to get the rock chick or dolled up glam girl look respectively.

  • The Ear Weaving Piercing

This ear piercing is worth your time and pain. It fits almost everyone. If you like to show off, then the ear weaving piercing is an ideal option for you. In this style, different holes are perforated on the ear and connected with the help of a piece of jewelry, which comes in a spiral shape. The shape of this jewelry adds more mystery and enchantment to the piercing. And make no mistake this body modification is a bit painful. But if you can withstand the pain, then it is worth giving a try.

Ear Piercings For Men: What Every Guy Should Know About Ear Piercing

A lot of men are going for ear piercings these days. Care to know why? Women are not the only ones trying to look attractive. Men now pay more attention to looks these days than in the past. Ear piercings are now a norm for men and women in the society, and it has been this way for ages. And most of the piercings women go for; men can also have them done. In this post, we will discuss this body modification for men, and all there is to know before having the needle piercing through your cartilage. And ear piercing pain relief home remedies to try out.

The Different Ear Piercings Men Can Try Out

It will please you to know that men can also have their ears styled the same way women do. Most of the ear piercings we find on women can also appear on men. Without much ado, here is a quick list of piercings men can have on their ears.

  • Rook piercing
  • Helix piercing
  • Earlobe gauging
  • Lobe piercing
  • Tragus piercing
  • Snug piercing
  • Industrial piercing
  • Daith piercing
  • Orbital piercing
  • Anti-tragus piercing
  • Conch piercing
  • Forward helix piercing

Each of these perforations looks good on men. You can also discuss with the piercer to know which one would suit you most based on your lifestyle.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Ear Piercings for Men

There is more to ear piercing for men than style. There are huge claims that these body modifications offers enormous benefits which forces many to have them at all cost. Here are claims regarding the health benefits of ear perforations.

  • Piercing is another form of the acupuncture technique which is used to tackle a number of ailment.
  • Interestingly, many traditions accept ear piercings. It is mostly used to represent one’s culture and tradition.
  • There are huge claims that daith piercing can help to relief people suffering from migraine headache.
  • Certain traditions believe that piercing the ear can help to improve a person’s vision. But it is based on the area that is perforated.
  • Acupressure therapy claims that nerves that are connecting the brain pass through the earlobe. So piercing this part of the body helps to stimulate the nerve which results in quick brain development.
  • There are also claim that piercing of the ear at a tender age can reduce the impairments mostly related to tongue, throat, and ear. It can also help to nullify them too.
  • There are also claims that piercing the area an inch away from the standard earlobe can help to combat back pain.

Simple Steps on How to Reduce Piercing Pain

You already know by now that the location of the piercing will determine how much pain you are going to experience during the process. Fleshy areas like the earlobe don’t hurt that much. Well, all of it is true. The question is what step should one take if ear piercing hurts after 3 days? If the pain is still high after a couple of days, it is possible you can get or already have an infection. So the first thing is to inspect the area. You can use a mirror to carry out these acts.

  • Keep infection away from the piercings

Hydrogen peroxide and cotton swab are two vital things you drastically need after having your ear perforated. Use them to clean the area around the hole on your ear. Infection can make the pain of the piercing worst. So use hydrogen peroxide to prevent it from happening. And rinse the spot of the piercing properly while having your shower to remove any debris between the earlobe and earring.

  • Avoid touching the piercing

Touching your piercing or moving the earring with your bare hands is wrong. You need to let it heal at least partially or fully before doing so. Touching can hurt your tissue the more and make healing difficult. Besides, your hand might bring dirt to the spot which might cause infection.

  • Do not clean your piercings too often

You might be tempted to clean the area several times per day, but that does not help the healing process. It is good to clean but do so seldom. The frequency of cleaning can negatively impact the healing process. For instance, the more you clean, the more the skin is going to dry out especially when you make use of alcohol, soap or other solutions.

You will feel more pain if the skin on the pierced spot is dry. The reason for this is that dry skin gets a bit tighter and could irritate too. The only reason you can clean several times daily is when there is an infection in the area.

  • Try a painkiller

How long are ears sore after piercing? You will hear this question a lot when you come across other persons interested in ear modifications. It takes weeks for piercings to heal, and there might be sore during this period until it heals completely. There are pills you can use to reduce or eliminate the pain when you feel it is making you uncomfortable. Try any painkiller you need to see which of them works best.

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