79 Artistic Dragonfly Tattoo Designs To Ink Sexy Your Body

Butterflies are known to be one of the most popular insects to get as a tattoo, but a dragonfly is a close second. They are considered to be a famous choice for tattoos designs, mainly because you can do so much with them and they can compliment other designs. When it comes to tattoo lovers, the dragonfly is always a popular choice. Of all the creatures God created, the dragonfly is an extraordinary one. It’s a creature that is not only stunning in design but is wonderful in nature. Both men and women choose dragonfly designs, not just for their looks but for their meaning as well. When someone chooses the dragonfly as a tattoo design, it holds a meaning of positive forces, peace, prosperity, maturity, strength, purity, luck, and harmony.

There are many reasons why people find the dragonfly such a gorgeous design. Many people love them because of their shiny wings. You can even add white or silver to that tattoo to make them appear shiny. These tattoos can come in many shapes and sizes and can be placed on any part of the body. Dragonfly tattoos are a symbol of independence. For awhile the dragonfly was considered to be only a feminine design, but that’s not the case anymore. Times have changed, and more men are now sporting dragonflies in their tattoo designs.

When a dragonfly design is done properly, it can look quite attractive. They can be left alone or added to another design such as a 3D style or tribal design. If you are looking for a small design, the dragonfly can sit nicely on the neck, arm, shoulder, ankle, wrist, foot or ear. It’s a beautiful and engaging creature that would look great placed anywhere.

If you want a collaborative design, you can certainly pair the dragonfly with butterflies, water, wings as well as an inspirational quote; all would be great options.

There are many different dragonfly tattoo options available for you to choose from.

Below are 79 artistic dragonfly tattoo designs to ink your sexy body:

1. Artistic Designs

This is a stunning tattoo design because of the detail involved. The wings look elegant and there is no need for color.


2. An Outline

A simple outline of a dragonfly that fits nicely on the shoulder.


3. A Piece of Art

This dragonfly design  is like art with its attractive elements. It’s also got a burst of colors that really set the tone.


4. Black and White

There are lots of thick black areas to this tattoo design so you want to make sure you are cool with that. A tattoo like this would be virtually impossible to cover up if you didn’t like it.


5. Tribal Designs

A great example of a tribal design with a dragonfly element. The red really makes the whole tattoo pop.


6. Small But Elegant

This small design fits nicely on the wrist and has enough detail to really create a unique dragonfly tattoo.


7. Dragonfly Dream

A gorgeous design that doesn’t even look like a tattoo. The wings are barely there and the style in general looks very elegant.


8. Geometric Designs

Geometric designs are growing in popularity. It’s a detailed dragonfly that has geometric shapes around it.


9. Gorgeous Dragonfly

This gorgeous dragonfly tattoo is just another example of a geometric tattoo. The wings are made up of geometric shapes and the overall creation is stunning.


10. Tiny Dragonfly

A perfect design that fits snugly on the wrist. It’s a gorgeous design.


11. A Few Lines

Just a few lines that brought together to create a sweet and creative dragonfly. It’s perfect for someone who wants something small.


12. 3D Designs

A great dragonfly design that pops off the arm. There is a lot of great color to the design as well.


13. Creative Designs

A striking design that is sure to draw the eye. There is a lot of creativeness to this tattoo.


14. Dragonfly Outline

A small design but one that sets a great tone for inspiration.


15. Unique Design

The great thing about this creative design is that you don’t realize right away that there is a dragonfly within the design. It’s embedded into the design to create a stunning image.


16. Bright Colors

A small shoulder design with a burst of color.


17. Blue and Green

A small design with some beautiful colors.


18. Stunning Blues

This striking blue design is absolutely gorgeous. The wings look as if they are sparkling with the white coloring.


19. Dragonfly Elements

A bold dragonfly look paired with other designs makes for a great tattoo. The contrasting colors look great together.


20. Creatively Geometric

Geometric designs are popular for a reason because they look really cool as tattoos.


21. Multiple Dragonflies

If you want a knockout tattoo design then this is the one for you. This deceptive flower design is actually a bunch of dragonflies banded together. You only notice the dragonflies when they break off and fly away. A truly remarkable design.


22. Matching Designs

This is a great tattoo design that is a perfect for matching tattoos with a friend or a family member.


23. Dragonfly Jewelry

A gorgeous design that looks like jewelry. A stunning design made up of gems.


24. Netted Wings

These netted wings look great as a detailed tattoo. The long tail also gives a unique look to the design.


25. Crazy Color

This paint splattered design is stunning because of the bright colors attached to it. it looks like it’s made up of paint splatters which truly make it unique. If you are looking for a large tattoo that is sure to draw the eye then look no further than this one.


26. Dragonfly Uniqueness

This unique design is not one that you see every day. It’s a gorgeous design that is sure to make you happy.


27. Beautiful Dragonfly

This beautiful design is a great example of a dragonfly with some beautiful coloring.


28. Fluttering Dragonflies

A bunch of dragonflies fluttering up the girls back. It’s a unique design that really brings life to the dragonflies.


29. Creative Designs

This beautiful design is a special look for behind the neck. If you want something cute this is the design for you.


30. Foral Designs

This design is gorgeous because of the designs included inside of the dragonfly’s wings. This design is stunning with the blue coloring, that compliments the black.


31. Striking Black

This is an amazing design that looks great with a dark black.


32. Behind the Ear

This adorable design is tiny and it fits behind the ear. The purple is a stunning coloring for such a little tattoo.


33. Squiggly Body

The squiggly line makes up the body of the dragonfly. It’s a simple design but one that is so cute if you are looking for something small.


34. Elemental Design

The dragonfly doesn’t need to be the main part of your tattoo design. This heart is an incredible design made up of many different elements. The dragonflies are just a small piece of the entire look.


35. A Personal Message

A stunning blue shade that makes this detailed dragonfly really pop of the skin. The names are all part of the personal message for the owner.


36. Amazing Detail

This amazing dragonfly is all about the detail. It’s incredible looking at the intricate details involved in the tattoo.


37. Dark Silhouette

It’s a small silhouette design that fits perfectly on the wrist.


38. Color is Everything

A great example of a 3D design that really pops off the arm. The coloring involved in the tattoo is quite stunning.


39. Side Boob Tattoo

A small dragonfly tattoo that sits just to the side of the boob. It’s a cute design that is simple and small.


40. The Skeleton

This is an unusual design for a dragonfly being a skeleton. If you want something a little more bad-ass than this is a great design.


41. Large Tattoos

A large tattoo design that covers up most of the back. It’s detailed and has a creative floral design on its wings.


42. Dragonfly Love

Another example of a detailed dragonfly design.


43. Icebergs Beyond

A gorgeous dragonfly on the back with an iceberg design in the wings is truly unique. The colors are also amazing for this tattoo.


44. Stunning Colors

These dragonflies are colorful and they look like they sparkle. These three insects look great as they flutter up the wrist.


45. Twirling Body

A simple design but an adorable one that has a twisty body.


46. The Drawing

An elegant design that resembles a drawing.


47. The Dark Tattoo

It’s an amazing design that is made perfect due to it’s dark coloring.


48. Elegant Dragonflies

A small design that looks amazing as a small tattoo.


49. Tiny Dragonfly

The smallest dragonfly that set against the wrist, its a tiny design.


50. Incredible Geometrics

Another example of a geometric design that has the dragonfly as the focal point of the tattoo.


51. Delicate Design

This delicate dragonfly is a wonderful tattoo design for someone looking for something small.


52. Realistic Designs

This gorgeous design is a very realistic version of a dragonfly. The tattoo is detailed and the colors are extraordinary.


53. Giant Dragonfly

A giant dragonfly that has amazing detail and great colors. It’s a rather large design so you have to be comfortable with the commitment.


54. Exquisite Designs

This dragonfly tattoo has a lot of detail to it, and the exquisite design is stunning. I like the jewelry pieces attached to the dragonfly as well.


55. Pretty in Pink

Another example of a 3D design that jumps off the skin.


56. Just Like Art

The body is just a thin line, a simple design and the wings are detailed creating a beautiful design.


57. A Sweet Design

A simple design, there isn’t a lot of detail to the dragonfly but it’s still a pretty sweet design.


58. Like a Stamp

A gorgeous design that looks more like a stamp than a tattoo.


59. Watercolor Painting

This stunning design looks more like a watercolor painting than a tattoo. I love the colors, they are perfect for a design that looks like a painting.


60. Painting Around

It looks like the dragonfly was pulled out of the paint. These stunning colors are splashed against the skin leaving a dragonfly impression behind.


61. Small and Pink

A sexy pink coloring that goes well with this dragonfly tattoo.


62. Gorgeous Colors

A gorgeous design that has character and the colors are even better. Amazing shades of purple and blue that go well together.


63. Great Designs

Realistic dragonfly tattoos that show even the small hairs on the insect’s hands and antennas.


64. Triangular Designs

I love the eyes on this dragonfly; they are so bright and clear. It’s a geometric design that has the dragonfly as the focal point.


65. Dark Dragonfly

This tattoo looks like stencil art, and it’s dark, not only in color but in the design theory as well.


66. Simple Work

This wrist design that is simple in execution.


67. Unusual Dragonflies

I love this creative design, it’s very unusual. The body on the dragonfly is tiny and trails down the spine of the woman. Between the color and the design it’s an amazing tattoo.


68. With the Stars

It’s a delicate dragonfly mixed up with some stars.



69. Bright Yellows

A realistic design that stands out because of the yellow coloring.


70. Lower Back Tattoos

This lower back tattoo is sexy and sweet.


71. Rainbow Colors

A simple design but the colors make it an amazing tattoo.


72. Using a Pen

This unique design looks like a scribble with a pen.


73. Matching Ankles

If you are looking for a matching tattoo, then try out a dragonfly.


74. Multiple Designs

The dragonfly is just part of this beautiful tattoo design.


75. Diamond Design

A very detailed dragonfly design that is combined with a geometric diamond shape.


76. Bold Tattoo

This bold tattoo design is amazing even as a black and white style.


77. Creative Drawing

These tattoo designs look like they were sketched on the skin, they are so beautiful. I love the red and black coloring together as well.


78. Creepy Dragonfly

If you are looking for a creepy tattoo design, you should try this one out.


79. Part of a Design

The dragonfly is just a small part of the larger design.


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