62 Impressive Dot Tattoo Ideas That Are All The Craze

Looking for a new tattoo? Why not try Dotwork designs? Dotwork tattoos are a unique design if that’s what you’re looking for. If you are wondering, what dot work tattoos are, then look no further. They are designs that are made up of tiny dots to create an overall piece of art that takes a lot of effort to create. It takes a lot of effort to create dot work tattoos but they are well worth the effort. These specific designs are complex and take hours to put together. Make sure that the person you choose to do your tattoo is highly skilled and has a lot of experience so that you don’t end up with something you regret.

A skilled tattoo artist can produce a gorgeous tattoo that will look wonderful without mistakes. Many tattoos artists will use a hand=poking technique instead of using normal tattoo machines. They do this because they have a better chance of getting the desired effect.

If you are looking for an original style, then a dot work tattoo is exactly what you ate looking for because the designs look amazing. They are the kinds of tattoos that have the ability to showcase exceptional shading techniques as well as intricate details. They are usually done in black and white ink, but it’s not unusual to see dot work done with color. Red is also a popular color choice for dot work as it creates a great contrast with black.

Dotwork tattoos are usually done in collaboration with mandala, geometric or spiritual art. There are also decorative or animal tattoos that look great with dot work.

Below are 62 Impressive Dot Tattoo Ideas That Are All the Craze:

1. Line of Dots

A simple design that is made up of dots. It’s unique as well as small.


2. Bracelet Art

If you want a design that looks like jewelry, then this is the one for you. The dots create a bracelet tattoo design.


3. Dot Tulip

A tulip created with a bunch of dots. The shading really creates a unique design. If you want something creative, then this is your tattoo.


4. Dotted Sun

A small sun design that has dots around it. If you want something small, then this is it.


5. Colorful Dots

Four simple dots of multiple colors. These great designs are simplistic in nature.


6. The Mountain Top

Many small dots work together to create an amazing design, in this case, it’s a bunch of mountain peaks.


7. Dot Work Moon

A great moon design that is made up of small dots.  The design is intricate and the concept adorable.


8. Circular Design

This circular design is made up of a bunch of dots. The human in the middle speaks of inspiration.


9. Dotted Jewelry

This design is rather large and intricate. The tattoo is very stunning if you are looking for something to cover the entire back. The dotted work on the buttocks looks like dangling jewelry. The tattoo is overall a gorgeous conception that you are sure to love.


10. Growing Tree

The red dot brings the eye right to the branch. The tree is speaking of nature, and the circles and triangles are part of a geometric design.


11. Nautical Images

This nautical design is stunning and intricate. The dots create a wonderful design.


12. Numbers and Dots

Remember those dotted pictures with numbers that you connected to create animals? It’s a fun tattoo design that you can create just about anything with. It’s a great way to get a tattoo that’s personalized to you.


13. Geometric Dotwork Tattoo Designs

Triangles that are intersecting together and one of them is made up of dots.


14. A Couple of Dots

Two triangles and a couple of dots make up this unusual design.


15. Paper Airplanes

A paper airplane fluttering through the air is a cute little design for someone who wants something whimsical. The dots put together a design flying through the air.


16. Floral Designs

A large design under the boobs that creates a stunning tattoo. Dots on the edge of flowers really completes the look.


17. A Starry Sky

A triangle with a starry sky inside of it. A sky above a forest and the dots in this design are from the stars in the sky. A beautiful design that is going to remind you why you love the wilderness.



18. Monsters Inc

If you are a fan of this popular cartoon, then you are sure to love this tattoo design. The little monster is made up of a lot of dots.


19. Singular Dot

One blue dot is all you need to send out the message you are looking for.


20. Shoulder Tattoo

It’s a rather large tattoo that is made up solely of dots. If you are looking for a large shoulder design, then this badass design is what you’re looking for.


21. Planets

Just one planet is all you need to make a statement. It’s a gorgeous design made up of dots.


22. Dragonfly Designs

This dragonfly design is part of a geometric tattoo. The dots are all part of making shapes throughout the design.


23. Few Dots

A few shapes on the fingers create an unusual and mesmerizing design. There are only two dots to bring the look together.


24. Three Dots

These three dots are obviously of personal meaning to the owner. It’s a symbol of something that is only known to her. Three simple dots that sit on the finger.


25. Small to Large

There are three dots here that are a symbol to the owner of something inspirational. The dot starts off large and gets smaller as it goes lower on the arm.


26. Red Dot

One red dot that is a symbol of something personal to the owner. If you are looking for a personalized symbol than this is it.


27. One Dot

Multiple triangles brought together, and a dot sits on top as well as the bottom to complete the look.


28. The Sun is the Dot

A wilderness setting with mountains and a bright glowing sun. The dot is the center of the sun creating a beautiful tattoo design.


29. Many Dots

Another example of a wilderness design made up of dots. There are trees and mountains to create the kind of look that you may dream about looking at every day.


30. Blue Dot

A single blue dot on her middle finger. What could it mean? Only the owner knows. If you are looking for a personal meaning for your tattoo than try a dot on for size.


31. Large Dots

This is an extraordinary design that makes for an amazing shoulder sleeve tattoo. If you want a really badass tattoo, then this one is for you. The dots are throughout the entire design connecting the pieces together.


32. A Dot for Every Finger

There is some form of symbolism to the many dots on each finger. Make a personal message for your dots.


33. A Balloon Ride

This is a unique tattoo design that is fun and whimsical. It’s shaded with dots to create a different look.


34. Dot Creation

These small dots get bigger to create an entirely different look. It’s a creative way of having a sleeve tattoo that is going to be eye-catching.


35. The Tiny Bow

It’s a beautiful little bow made up of dots that will fit perfectly on the wrist or even on an ankle. If you are looking for something small, then try this design out.


36. A Handful of Dots

The whole hand is made up of dots. It’s an unusual tattoo design, but that might be exactly what you are looking for.


37. The Sun and Moon

It’s a beautiful design made up of the sun and the moon. The dots are in a circular pattern around the design.


38. Crashing Waves

Maybe you like to surf or just enjoy the beach. These crashing waves are sure to brighten your day. There is a personal message attached to the design as well.


39. Spiritual Elements

If you are looking for a spiritual tattoo, then this might be exactly what you are looking for. It’s very creative, and the dots really bring the whole look together.


40. Circular Designs

These dots have formed a circular design that is absolutely stunning. If you want an eye-catching design, then look no further.


41. Curving Dots

It’s a simple design of just a few dots. It probably has a personal meaning to the owner.


42. Geometric Deer

The deer is connected to some geometric shapes and the shading involved is made up of dots. It’s a unique look that is extraordinary in design.


43. Lion Love

This is an amazing geometric design in the shape of Lions. One side is made up of shapes, and the other is a realistic design. The dots are all part of the shading.


44. Color for the Ears

There must be some form of meaning behind this distinctive tattoo. The colors also may have a specific meaning to the owner. If you are looking for a personalized tattoo, then find your meaning behind the dots.


45. Follow the Stars

This tattoo may be something created from the stars and hold a personalized meaning to the owner.


46. Walking the Rope

This unusual design has a woman in old fashioned clothing walking along a tightrope made of dots. It’s a unique tattoo design for someone looking for something different.


47. Dots

Another example of a simplified design made of dots.


48. A Sailing Ship

This could be a literary tattoo with a ship coming out of the book. This is a dreamers tattoo that calls for creativity. Dots are used in this design for shading purposes.


49. Wilderness Designs

Another example of a wilderness tattoo that wraps around the arm. The design is made up of dots that create a magnificent sky.


50. Double Flowers

These beautiful flowers make for a creative tattoo because the shading is done with dots. It’s a unique design that will sure to draw the eye.


51. Geometric Triangles

This amazing geometric design is made up of multiple triangles. All these shapes were made up of multiple dots. There are a lot of contrasting shades involved.


52. Dotted Heart

A small heart made up of dots with a unique symbol on the inside.


53. Whale Tail

This great design is made up of shapes and a whale’s tail. There were some dots that created the tail and bring the whole look together.


54. Squiggly Lines

This unique design looks amazing under the boob. It’s a creative tattoo with a singular dot.


55. The Lotus Flower

The lotus flower with three purple dots beside it. If you are looking for a small tattoo that can fit anywhere than this is it.


56. Dotted Flowers

This large flower is made largely from dots. They started off dark, and they space out and get lighter and lighter. A stunning design.


57. Many Mountains

A circle filled with mountains and some wilderness. There is an inspirational tattoo attached to the tattoo as well. There are some great elements to this design that makes the tattoo really great.


58. Triangle Designs

A triangle design that has the wilderness inside it. It’s another example of a geometric design with a wilderness theme.


59. Simplistic Fingers

Simple designs with dots and hearts that create a unique tattoo. The lines look like rings, and the rest will draw the eye for a special design.


60. Mesmerizing Dotwork Tattoos

If you are looking for an amazing tattoo that is not only super cool but will draw the eye, then this is the one. It’s large and starts at the shoulder and curls down the arm. The dots start off small and get bigger to create a stunning tattoo.



61. Chest Dotwork Tattoo

It’s a different tattoo design that covers most of the upper body. There are a lot of dots that get bigger and connect more of the tattoo design together.


62. Sleepy Monster

This sleepy monster is not only cute, but he looks cuddly as well. The message states that the owner is a fan of sleep. It’s a sweet design if you are looking for something adorable. The dots are all inside to create the fur.



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