184 Day of the Dead Tattoos that Push the Little Daisies

The Day of the Dead is celebrated by Mexicans throughout the world to remember and pay respect to the fallen.  It is known in Spanish as Dia De Muertos.   The artwork inspired by this glorious day is nothing short of amazing and it’s natural that people have embraced the art and so has the tattoo community. The tattoo world is full of diversity and it loves unique cultural concepts such as the Day of the Dead. We have compiled a list of some of the best Day of the Dead tattoos the internet has to offer for your viewing pleasure.

day of the dead tattoo

Body Day of the Dead Tattoo

Would you check out this monster of tattoo? It is quite typical of the day of the dead artistic style. This lady is beautiful. The tattoo artist has done a brilliant job with this mighty fine tattoo. The detail and time it must have taken to achieve is an inspiration. It really sets the bar high for the rest of the list. I’m sure it will it will get better.


Arm Day of the Dead Tattoo

This tattoo features some traditional day of the dead style artwork You will see this a lot over the list. This is also the makeup donned by people on the day of the celebration. It consists of white paint as the base and black details. You will often see black eye makeup and stitches over the lips. The styles vary to different regions over the country. I love the flower in the forehead in the picture above. It adds a touch life to the otherwise dead theme.

Back Day of the Dead Tattoo

This is an impressive tattoo. The hat and the hair really set it off and if you look closely you can see a street of Mexico or Los Angeles at the bottom. This lady has style with her hoop earrings and hat to match. I love how the artist has done the hair in a wavey pattern. All this is done using only one color and is a fine specimen of a day of the dead tattoo.

Leg Day of the Dead Tattoo

This looks like Terri Hatcher done in makeup with spider webs and cleavage. This is a great portrait and the artist must have had their work cut out for them but they succeeded with flying colors. The eyes are captivating and the hair has such fine detail that it’s simply breathtaking.

Shoulder Day of the Dead Tattoo

Throw your set in the air, wave them around like you just don’t care. Who is this woman pointing her gun at? Someone’s got some beef they better answer to this ladies revolver. I haven’t got a problem do you. She is a femme fatale with revenge on her mind. What do you think her back story is? Hit us up in the comment box if you have any ideas.

Forearm Day of the Dead Tattoo

This gangsta is rocking a DOTD tattoo with a gangsta smoking a cigar. I love the top hat in this tattoo and the smug look on this guys face like he is some sort of big shot.  There is also a clock which means that we are forever counting down the days the until the reaper pays a visit.

Bicep Day of the Dead Tatoo

Well, won’t you look at this sexy lady wearing all the goods in this day of the dead inspired portrait? She looks like she could be a famous actress with some seriously cool makeup on. The artist has done a spectacular job in creating this masterpiece of such fine detail and structure.

Traditional Day of the Dead Tattoo

This is the more traditional style that you would see on ornaments and artworks that they use to celebrate the festival. It’s more simplistic in design although beautiful none the less. The colors really bring it to life and make it pop. Do you like the simple version?

Elvis Day of the Dead Tattoo

Yes, that’s right folks the king is in the building in the day of the dead style facepaint. Elvis was the king of rock and roll with his famous hip-shaking moves and smooth and creamy voice.  Towards the end of his career, he became morbidly obese from eating too many bacons and peanut butter sandwiches.  I’m sure there was more to it than that but you get the idea. The fat bastard died at a young age to the dismay of his adoring fans. There were many and they used to meet him at the airport screaming just for a glimpse of the almighty Elvis. R.I.P Elvis.

Shin Day of the Dead Tattoo

This tattoo is electrifying. Wow. The colors are absolutely scintillating.  I love the overall design of the whole piece with the candy skull and the rose coming out of the mouth on top of the black skeleton. The contrast of the black skeleton and the colored skull work well together although they are polar opposite in design.

Cowboy Day of the Dead Tattoo

Giddy Up Partner! Saddle up the pony and rope them steer because it’s time to get your cowboy day of the dead tattoo.  Check out this person’s undead cowboy. He looks like he’s taken a few arrows through the chest and went into early retirement. It’s a mighty fine piece of artwork and a great tribute to this fallen cowboy. Maybe rest in pieces.


Charming Day of the Dead Tattoo

This is a charming Day of the Dead tattoo.  It’s a great way to profess your love for your partner. The tattoo can say so much as they permanent and let the other person know that you are serious about the saying from death do us part.  This is a rather simple tattoo compared to others on the list but it works well. The thick outlines and the simple styles are nice touches and a refreshing change from the more heavily detailed tattoos.

Mariachi Day of the Dead Tattoo

This is sweet. A mariachi is playing his lover a tune on their wedding day and the fact that they are dead leaves the imagination to wonder about so many things. How did they die? Did they die at their wedding? It’s really cute and the word romance is the first thing that springs to mind.  The whole tattoo is compelling from the color to the artwork to the concept. Kudos to this tattoo artist who absolutely killed it. Put the nail in the coffin.

Fun Day of the Dead Tattoo

This is a whimsical take on the DOTD tattoo featuring a man with an oversized mustache. He really is rocking the flavor savor in all its glory. The line work is incredible and the tattoo only features one color which is a refreshing change. Ten out of ten for this one my friends.

Cat Day of the Dead Tattoo

Well, I think I’ve seen it all now folks! A kitty cat day of the dead tattoo. This is a cool and unique take on a cat tattoo which seems to be half cat and half human.  The artist was working with a big canvas with these guys big and juicy calf muscle.

Dancing Skeleton Day of the Dead Tattoo

Hitch up that skirt and take me to the roundup.  It’s time for a hoe down, undead style. All the skeletons from across Mexico gather at the local hall to do some line dancing.  Just like humans skeletons love to dance. They love to shake, rattle, and roll to the classic hit of undead Elvis and the Doobie Brothers. If you’re not already dead it’s definitely something to look for to when you die.

Skull Day of the Dead Tattoo

Now, this is what I’m talking about. A skull with some beautiful coloring and great design. If I was to get one these tattoos it would have to be something like this. I love the different patterns and markings on the skull. It’s really something to behold when you see an amazing tattoo such as this. If you were to get DOTD tattoo, what would you get?


The Little Mermaid Day of the Dead Tattoo

Ariel was killed by a bunch of ravenous sea crabs. The poor girl was eaten alive and now she has turned up undead in the sequel to the Little Mermaid.  She is seeking revenge on those pesky crabs and won’t stop until every single one is annihilated. She won’t take no for answer as she traverses the vast expanse at the bottom of the ocean looking for her killer and then and only then will she be able to rest in peace.

Candy Skull Day of the Dead Tattoo

These skulls look so delicious you could eat them and that is why they are called candy skulls. This gentlemen has a top hat and is looking quite dapper with his beautiful face marking and roses. I wonder who the lucky lady is. She is in for a treat.

Candle Day of the Dead Tattoo

This skull features a candle and a skull with some superb markings on them. The colors are outstanding and really make it pop. The flowers are the ice cream on the cake and this a great example of DOTD tattoo.  Remember when you were a teenager and played around with melting candles over bottles and the likes. This tattoo reminds me of that.


Hand Day of the Dead Tattoo

The hand is such a cool spot these days. Tattoos are becoming the social norm and it’s more accepted now more than ever to be sporting visible tattoos. The hand and the face are very well in the public eye so why not show off your beautiful tattoo by getting one in these clearly visible spots.

Love is in the Air Day of the Dead Tattoo

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around. Kisses are in the air, in the thunder and the tree. I don’t know if I’ve been foolish and I don’t know if I’ve been wise but it’s something that I must believe in and it’s there when I look in your in eyes. Are you in love? If so express your love to other with a beautiful DOTD tattoo. Then surprise them by showing it off. They will either love you even more or run the other way.

Skulls and Flowers Day of the Dead Tattoo

Wow! This is some seriously fine artwork The artist really had their work cut out for them when taking on this design but they absolutely nailed it. The fine detail in the skull would have taken a steady hand and countless hours in the chair. The flowers really make the tattoo come to life and add a splash of color.

Tattoo Aftercare

Caring for your tattoo is just as important as getting it done so it maintains all the coloring. The best thing to do is ask your tattoo artist for the best method of looking after them.  Keep them out of the water until the scabs are healed. If the scabs come off it will take some of the precious ink with and you have to return to the tattoo shop for a touch-up. Also, keep them moist with a moisturizer to prevent the scabs from peeling.

Well, folks what did you think of the list? There was some really nice day of the dead tattoos in there. I don’t think I even saw one dud. If you are thinking of getting a day of the tattoo make sure you do your research and hunt down a competent tattoo artist to do the work or you could be left with a permanent crappy tattoo and we don’t want that now do we.  I hope you got some inspiration from the list to get off your backside and go to your local tattoo studio. It’s always good to support the starving artists or artist in general even if they aren’t starving.

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