101+ Of The Best Daisy Tattoo Designs For Boys and Girls

Daisy tattoos have always been linked to females. It’s a design made for girls only. Or that flowers should only be a tattoo for women. But in today’s world, tattoo enthusiasts are more open about their design choices. That said, even a man can now get a daisy tattoo if it works well with the design they have in mind or that it works well with the message they want to showcase.

That said, we’re bringing some daisy tattoo designs to you. These work for both men and women who want to get this design. Apart from design inspiration, we’ll also be answering what daisy tattoos mean and a few more tattoo FAQs.


History of Tattoos

Tattoos have been around for a long time. Ancient civilizations like Egyptians already inked themselves for different purposes. Polynesian tribes were also known to give tattoos for each of their member. All these were part of their culture and each tattoo has a given meaning.

In Ancient Egypt, different symbols help in different things. For example, there are tattoos that are believed to help cure the sick. There are tattoos for protection and good luck.

For Polynesian tribes, tattoos were more of an identity. Tattoos held the story of the wearer and what they believe in. The more the tattoos and the more complex the designs are, the more important they are in the tribe. They could be the chiefs or the warriors.

There were even some tribes that believe tattooing an image of a god or an animal brings their soul to earth. The wearer is then protected by the being in their tattoo.

Most tattoos were created after the images of nature. Designs were based off of plants, animals, and the gods they worshiped. The methods of tattooing is also different than the method used today. They normally use ink made from plants or charcoal and use thorns as the needles. Compared to today’s tattooing method, traditional tattooing took days to finish.

Meaning of a Daisy Tattoo

A daisy tattoo can mean different things for the wearer. It could simply mean they like the flower or it’s the favorite flower of a loved one. Or it could also be derived from the symbolic meaning of the daisy tattoo. And there’s quite a lot. Daisies come in different colors and each one has a different meaning.

For example, a white daisy is known as the symbol of purity and innocence. Back then, a wreath of white daisy is given to men by women who are not yet sure of being married but does not deny it. This means they are still thinking about the marriage proposal.

It was also a custom to have white daisies decorating a bride’s wedding gown. It’s often the sign that they are pure before their wedding day. Therefore, if you get a tattoo of a white daisy, it could signify that you’re still a virgin.

Even in the Christian world, white daisies are believed to be the symbol of innocence and purity. It’s symbolizes the Virgin Mary’s chastity, purity, and grace. It can also signify Christ the child as it has become a main part of Renaissance paintings as a symbol of simple virtue.

More Meanings of Daisy Tattoos

Below are more meanings associated with daisy tattoos:

  • Serenity
  • Peace
  • Femininity
  • Patience
  • Beauty
  • Luck
  • Love
  • Gentleness
  • Simplicity
  • Youth
  • Vanity
  • Boldness
  • Emotion
  • Happiness

Norse Meaning

The daisy is also associated with the Norse mythology as it is a scared symbol to the Norse mythology goddess Freya. She was the goddess of love so therefore, the daisy was also deemed as the symbol of love, sensuality, and fertility which was quite the opposite of the Christian meaning.

Still associated with Freya, the daisy symbolizes motherhood and childbirth as well.

Solar Daisy

The daisy is also attributed to daybreak and spring given that the word “daisy” is the Old English for “day’s eye.” This work is connected to these two events. Because of that, daisy was also greatly connected with the sun. In fact, the Native Americans recognize this little flower as a symbol of the sun. They also believe it to be so because of its bright yellow center and white and radiant petals surrounding it that resemble the sun’s rays.

As a symbol of the sun, that means the daisy could also mean:

  • Joy
  • Constancy
  • Life
  • Provision
  • Light
  • Warmth
  • Clarity
  • Energy
  • Truth
  • Cheer

Yellow Daisy

There are normally two types of daisies that are commonly portrayed. As said, the color of the daisy can also affect its meaning.

Yellow daisies are commonly attributed to radiance, creativity, quick wit, vitality, and communication.

Where to Place your Daisy Tattoo

The placement of your tattoo depends on where you want to have it. But you do have to consider a few factors like its design. For example, bigger designs should be on wider areas of the body like your back or the chest. This gives your tattoo artist more room to play with the design.

Another thing you have to consider is the pain level especially if this is your first time getting inked. Some areas are more painful than others. You should check a pain chart to see which areas are more likely to be painful and which ones you can take.

Design of your Tattoo

The design of your tattoo can affect where you’re going to put it. As mentioned earlier, designs that are bigger should be on wider areas of the body. But what about small tattoos?

Small tattoos can be placed anywhere. But having a small tattoo on your back may not be the best idea. It can get lost in the vastness of space surrounding it. If you want to highlight your tattoo, put it somewhere that has less space such as the wrist, your ankles, forearms, biceps, or your fingers. Choose the right space depending on how big your tattoo is.

Besides the size, the overall design of your tattoo should give you a good sense of where to put it. For example, the design needs a long space instead of a wide one. You can put that on your forearms to achieve a better look.

Pain Level

It’s also best to consider the pain level especially when it’s your first time getting a tattoo and you still haven’t experienced the kind of pain that goes with it. And yes, before anything else, tattoos cause pain. But some areas are more painful than the others. There are also people who are more susceptible to pain than most people and may find the pain bearable despite where they have their tattoo.

However, this is for most people who have a normal pain tolerance.

There is a pain chart that exists on the internet where you can check the level of pain if you have a tattoo in a certain area. Places like the groins, inner thighs, and inner biceps are almost unbearable and not really suited for first-timers.

Then there are the ribs, fingers, feet, and bony areas that can cause more pain than usual. If you have more guts, you can choose these areas. But be sure you are ready to experience a bone-rattling kind of pain.

Meanwhile, areas that are best for first timers are areas that have more fat tissues and more muscle. That includes the back, biceps, and the forearm.


You may also want to consider how exposed your tattoo will be in a certain area. For some people, hiding a tattoo is a must. That’s because not everyone is as open to it as tattoo enthusiasts. Some still think negatively about it and believe that it’s a bad thing. Your either an ex-convict, a member of a gang, or has done something bad if you have a tattoo.

Unfortunately, this thinking still exists even in some workplaces. That’s why these people often tend to have tattoos that can be hidden by clothes and uniforms.

Additionally, an area that is often exposed to the sun may not be the best thing. The sun’s UV ray can cause your tattoo to fade faster. If you want to keep it vibrant, always wear a sunscreen or hide it somewhere that isn’t usually exposed.

How to Get a Daisy Tattoo

Really want to get a daisy tattoo? Knowing the right way to do so is important so you don’t regret the tattoo you’re getting. Remember, a tattoo is a lifetime commitment. It’s something you can’t get rid of instantly.

Finding the Right Tattoo Artist

Before anything else, you should find the right tattoo artist that will do the job. They should be experienced so you can guarantee they know the proper procedure. They should also be able to do your design properly.

Some artists are better at a certain style so you must ensure first that they’re able to properly draw what you want. For example, some artists are better at creating hyperrealistic tattoos than others. You should go to these kinds of artists than those who are better at minimalist tattoos.

Besides their art style, it’s also good to find an artist that can help you come up with a better design. We all want something that is unique and new. A great artist should be able to help you achieve that.

But perhaps the most important thing of all is to find an artist that knows the importance of hygiene. Their tools should be clean and they should use new needles when tattooing you. Their place should also be clean to avoid possible risks of infection.

Create A Design

When it comes to creating a design, you should unleash your inner creativity. It should be something you won’t regret having in your body. A design is a personal choice. You can make it as realistic as you want or you can add other symbols and imagery that you believe will help bring out the message you’re thinking of.

As said, you can also partner with a tattoo artist to come up with a design.

Frequently Asked Questions

People who are first-timers in getting a tattoo sure have various questions. Here are the answers to tattoo FAQs.

Is Getting a Tattoo Safe?

Generally, tattoos are safe to have. But you have to find a reliable tattoo artist and shop to ensure you’re safe during the entire procedure. Using dirty equipment, especially the needle, can cost you your health. You might end up getting a serious health condition if the needled is used. You can acquire any health problem the past customer might have including HIV/AIDS.

Additionally, dirty equipment and surrounding can cause infection. The dirt often includes bacteria and viruses and it can enter your body through the wound.

There are also inexperienced tattoo artists who offer cheap tattoos by using low-quality inks. These can also be unsafe as these can cause several allergies.

How Much Will a Tattoo Cost?

The cost often depends on the artist and the design of your tattoo.

Reputable artists often charge higher. Some may even charge an hourly rate. But most of the time, it’s a fixed amount that you can easily ask through a quote. Normally, a tattoo starts its price at $100 to $300. If the design is bigger than usual, this can go up to $500 to $1000. The price will also go higher depending on how complicated the design is. You can expect yours will be higher when it’s more complicated and harder to do.

The ink that will be used may also affect the price. Tattoos that have more colors are normally more expensive.

How Long will it Take?

This can depend on the design of your tattoo. Simpler tattoos like minimalist ones can be done in at least five minutes. However, complicated types will take hours or even multiple tattoo sessions.


Getting a daisy tattoo isn’t hard especially once you find a reliable artist to help you with it. Just be sure that you’re okay with the design and the style. You can check out these amazing daisy tattoos that can help inspire your own design.

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