111 Inspiring Dad Tattoo Ideas For All The Loving Offspring

Sleepless nights and backbreaking days, these are nothing when it comes to our dads. They consider days and nights as their normal days just to put food on the table. They support us from day one even until the day that we have families on our own. Dads will always be our superheroes in all moments. If you are thinking about honoring your father, these dad tattoo ideas would be a great inspiration.

Defining the term “father” as a hero, noble, supportive, caring, loving, understanding, provider, and more may not be enough. Fathers are always there for their kids both on happy and sad days. When times get rough, they were the first to respond and guarantees your safety and guidance. 

Our dads have painted the picture of a contented life with you and your whole family. He would scorch under the heat of the sun just to provide you with the things you need. Your father may never show how beat he is from working hard. Instead, he will show you that he is happy seeing you grow as a person and how you deal with things in life just like him.

There may not be enough words to describe his love for you, but one thing is certain. He will always be your knight in shining armor. This is why we always love to honor our dads in many different ways. We thank them for everything they do by fulfilling their dreams for us – to be successful and happy.

A tattoo is a piece of art that goes with you wherever you go. It’s a lifetime joy and commitment, which is a perfect idea to honor and give thanks to your father. Honoring your dad in the most artistic way is one thing that he will be forever grateful.

These dad tattoos will be your forever inspiration

If you believe that giving thanks to your dad should be in a creative way, a tattoo is perfect to match your love for him. There are thousands of different designs that you can choose depending on your style and preferences. Or shall we say your father’s preferences?

When it comes to tattoo designs, the sky is the limit. There are no general or special rules. What you need is your love and extra care for your dad to get a gorgeous and magnificent tattoo. Additionally, the placement might matter, especially when it’s your first time to get a tattoo.

This is because there are some body parts that hurt more than the others. But doesn’t your dad deserve all the great things in life? The pain of getting a tattoo is going to be temporary, but the love you are showing him through it will be forever.

So, if you are thinking of having a tattoo that will honor your dad, the placement is fine for as long as you can do it. Some would even get their hands tattooed or on spine. These parts of the body may hurt during the process. But you would agree that it doesn’t really count if the tattoo is about your dad.

Let’s move on to these dad tattoo ideas that you can mimic if you have been planning on getting one. The list will also include some tips and tricks about getting a tattoo. We are also including some best tattoo aftercare products to help you along the way.

These tips and ideas would be important for the first-timers to guide you throughout your tattoo journey. Check out these amazing dad tattoos that will express your love for your superhero and your first love – your father!

Dad ribbon

When you need to honor your loving father, flowers and ribbons can be old school. But your dad would be happy to see this design. This is perfect for all the daughters out there.


Mom and dad tattoo

To honor both your mom and dad, you can also get the same design with happiness plastered on their faces. The lottery ticket on the dad’s left hand adds humor and cuteness to this design.

Tribal dad tattoo

If you the tribal style, or even your dad, have a try with this design. It’s simple yet elegant.

Beach dad

A beach in a heart-shaped rope-like design is going to be a matchless design if you and your dad both like the outdoors.

Guitar and a sombrero

If your father likes to play the guitar, a design like this with a sombrero on it is gorgeous and melodic. 


For those who have surfer dads, this design would be an awesome design for a tattoo. 

“I never will be far away”

You may have build your own family, but your dad will always be there for you. A seesaw is a great balance between you and your dad for the love that you have each other.

Creative Om sign

The Aum sign, or known as Om is a spiritual symbol in Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism. The design that creatively uses the black and gray ink to make it look choppy makes it more artistic and meaningful. This is one of the dad tattoo ideas that are artistic with spiritual meaning.

Birthdate, death anniversary, and meanings

For your late father, you can choose to include his birthday and his death anniversary on the design with a heartfelt message in the heart-shaped outline.

Mum and dad in one heart

Honoring your parents through a tattoo is something noble. A heart with black leaves design would be a great idea to make them feel your love.

A heartfelt message to dad

It’s written in Italian, but the message is enough to make your father feel that he is loved and you will love him eternally. If you are Italian, or if you speak the language, this is going to be a matchless tattoo design.


A heartbeat tattoo is one of the most popular designs, but syndicating the style with the word “dad” is amazing.

Dad’s guidance

Your dad will never leave your side and will always hold your hand no matter how difficult the situation is. Here’s a very loving design to honor him.

 Military-inspired tattoo

If your father is in the military, you can honor him with this tattoo design. It’s one of the most patriotic and lovable dad tattoo ideas.

A letter from dad

If your father wrote you a letter, you can have his handwritten message for you like your tattoo design. It’s not just unique, but it’s very personal and sweet.


A customized tattoo is perfect to show your dad your affection.

Symptoms of tattoo rash and how to treat it

Seeing these dad tattoo ideas might get you schedule an appointment with your tattoo artist for a session. That would be great, but you should also take care of your skin and your new ink to avoid infection and rash.

As soon as you get your new ink, it is important that you take proper care for it to avoid any infection that might occur. This will include the tattoo rash that will occur around or on your tattoo. At times, they would look like acne or pimples full of fluid or pus that will leak if they are scratched. These would swell and can be very itchy with redness around them.

Tatto rash can occur at any time after getting a new tattoo, and this is due to bandages or clothing that are too tight, rubbing against the tattoo. Dirt, bacteria, oils, dead skin cells, sun exposure, are among the causes of tattoo rash. There are many different treatments that you can try at home, but if it persists, you should seek medical assistance.

Keep these helpful tips and pointers in mind to treat tattoo rash in case it occurs after getting a tattoo.

When your tattoo gets irritated or might too itchy to handle, you can cold compress it for 20 – 25 minutes and use a mild cream or moisturizer to relieve any discomfort. Avoid tight clothing to give your tattoo time to breathe as well as for quick healing.

When you have an acne breakout, ensure that you shower regularly and wash your tattoo with extra care. Use mild soaps and moisturize your tattoo. Try not to use any products that treat acne because it can halt your tattoo’s healing. Normally, pimples or acne would just go away when it’s time without the need for treatment.

Ink allergies can also happen. You might experience flaky or scaly skin around your tattoo, redness, swelling, itching or skin nodules. It happens when there are ink ingredients that your skin can’t handle. It happens you can take antihistamine that you can purchase over the counter to alleviate the allergic reaction. You can also apply topical ointments to soothe any irritation or inflammation.

If your allergy becomes severe, you will have to go to your doctor immediately, especially when it’s already hard for you to breath. Your eyes might be swollen too, so it’s important to immediately go to the emergency.

Severe allergic reactions may include fever or chills, bumps or hard tissues, fluids or pus, intense burning sensation or itching. If you experience any of these reactions, you should go straight to the doctor for medical assistance.

Your doctor will prescribe a stronger medication in the event that the antihistamine or the topical ointment won’t ease your allergic reaction. You just need to know these symptoms to avoid any further danger that might be life-threatening.

Check out more dad tattoo ideas below that you can copy for your next ink.

Scissors and tools

There are many different tools that fathers always have at home and scissors is definitely one of them. To honor and give thanks, you can show your love to your dad with this design. It’s an all-black design, but very detailed and creative.


Fathers always have wisdom to convey to their kids. For your dad full of wit and wisdom, you can have this simple yet artistic design.


Your dad would be happy to see this design if he loves tools and equipment.

Tower and years

Dads have the love for us that is towering high. For your late dad, you can get this design with his year of birth and death. You can either have this colored or all-black.


Fathers are our anchors and navigators. This would be a gorgeous design, especially when your dad’s profession is a seafarer.

Tobacco pipe

For those who have dads that use pipes to smoke, a design like this would be a great idea.

Praying sign

With hands clasped together, you can add the word “dad” on this to make a father symbol tattoo.


Dads provide light, wisdom, and knowledge to the family, especially when times get rough. To commemorate your dad for a lifetime, get your tattoo artist to customize this design for you.

Colorful tools and equipment

You can have colorful tools and equipment tattoo design if you love the blue, red, and black combo.

Anchored heart

There’s nothing more classic in showing love and affection to your dad than an anchored heart design.

Dad’s message

If your dad loves writing you a letter, you can also get his handwriting tattooed on any part of your body. It’s personal and unique at the same time.

Tools for pops

Your pops in heaven would be grateful to see your tattoo honoring him with artistic design.

Rose and thorns

Roses have many symbols including love and passion. This would be a great idea to honor your dad in the most artistic way.

Stairway to heaven

Your dad in heaven is happy seeing you with this tattoo design. A stairway to heaven tattoo is creative and unique.

Black and white anchor

With so many different tattoo ideas, a black and white tattoo is creative and elegant enough to show love to your dad.

Dad’s message for his son

If you have had imparted many teachings and lessons to you, don’t forget them and make them yours forever.

Mom and dad together

For your parents, honor them together in a unique and artistic tattoo design that they will surely love.

Eagle with the American flag

Like the eagles, your dad is the king in your home, flying and soaring high. Get this design as your next tattoo to honor your dad who has passed away.

Superman-inspired dad tattoo

A father is always a superman in the family. But instead of putting an “S” in the middle, you can put the word “dad.” It’s unique and very creative!

Half-sleeve fierce eagle tattoo

We have compiled eagle tattoo ideas that would do such honor to your dad. This one is another great idea for a tattoo.


If your dad loves playing this cue sports, you can have his photo while playing billiards done on your skin. It’s another unique tattoo design.

Hammer and wrench

If your dad loves working on things that require these tools such as making stuff at home, this would be a great design for you.


For those who fathers who love marathons, get their photo with their running outfit and have it as your tattoo design.

Colorful tower and a sailing boat

Giving honor to your dad through this colorful design would be enough for him to know that he is your inspiration.

More tattoo rash symptoms

So, you finally have a tattoo after a few times of thinking about the design. These dad tattoo ideas are awesome for sure that many daughters and sons are now planning to get one. That’s awesome, but to help you out, we have more tips to show you how the tattoo rash symptoms are recognized and how it’s treated.

While some of you might be allergic to some ink ingredients, these can also react to sun exposure, which is called photodermatitis. Inks that contain cadmium sulfide that has reactive oxygen species are vulnerable when they are hit by the sun. This reacts to the skin, which causes itching, redness, oozing, and flaky skin.

Other colors like blue and black are also vulnerable to sun exposure. To help relieve your allergic reaction, cold compress the affected area or apply aloe vera to moisturize your skin. You can also take an antihistamine to reduce the itchiness or swelling.

If you have psoriasis or eczema, a tattoo can also react to any of these underlying skin conditions. This may cause bumps, redness, or itchy rashes. This is mostly caused by immune reaction, especially when you have a weak immune system.

Scaly skin, white bumps, sores, discolored parts of the skin, dry skin, warts, and bumps are among the symptoms that you may experience. These can be relieved through cold compress, antihistamine or applying topical ointments. If it’s going to be severe allergies, seek medical assistance.

Nonetheless, we still have a lot of dad tattoo ideas below that we have rounded up for you. Have fun checking all these as you plan on getting a tattoo for your father.

Are you a son, a daughter, or even a dad yourself? Which of these ideas that you would want to have as soon as you decide to get a dad tattoo? We would love to hear from you! Slide into the comment box below!

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