113 Compass Tattoo Designs To Help You Find Your Way

Let thy compass be the guiding light to guide you on your journey through the winding road that is life. Compasses were used for directional guidance before the invention of the smartphone.  A compass tattoo represents guidance, direction, and the will to make it through rough times and stormy waters. In this post,  we have compiled a list of some of the best compass tattoos on the internet.


Chest Compass Tattoo

Wouldn’t you look at this absolute beauty of a tattoo? This guy obviously keeps his compass close to his heart. As the saying goes be guided by the compass of your heart and you will never be lost.  The saying is saying the do what your heart desires and you will also be on the right path. This tattoo represents that nicely and the artwork is phenomenal. The compass is so detailed and the subdued colors give it an antique feel. The compass ripping out the skin is a nice effect and really bring the main subject to life.


Sleeve Compass Tattoo

This full sleeve is themed around the humble compass.  This guy will never get lost with this many compasses on his arm. Send him into the jungle and he will always find his way home.  Wherever home may be. Some so say home is where the heart is, others say home is where you lay your head.



Shoulder Compass Tattoo

This is an interesting tattoo that effortlessly transfers from one body part to the other by using similar themes. The rope attached to the compass sits on the shoulder and you can see how well round tattoos look on the shoulder. It is an intricate tattoo that has lot’s of fine detail and this man chose his tattoo well. This kid has skill.

Bicep Compass Tattoo

Flex those biceps and show off your pretty compass. It can also be used as a self-defense mechanism for deterring predators. When you feel threatened in any situation wait for the offending party to approach and then bam. Whip out the guns. When I say guns I mean biceps. In no way should you whip out a real gun. The biceps with a tattoo will suffice. The offending party will be so confused they won’t know what to do. Tattoos can be used as more than just body art.  Please don’t take me seriously.

Forearm Compass Tattoo

Here is another prime example of a compass. The artwork is nothing short of brilliant and the blue and gold together are a stunning combination of colors.  The artist has used objects and textures of varying degrees to create depth. The tattoo really comes to life and pops of the skin.  Have you ever heard the saying never eat soggy wheat bix? It’s a way of remembering the north, south, east, west on the compass. Do you have a special way of remembering the directions on a compass? We would love to hear from you. Hit us up in the comments box and let us know what you thing.

Back Compass Tattoo

Blazing blue barnacles me buccaneer! Check out this crazy, nautical tattoo. The high seas are rolling on in. What do you do in a situation like this? I tell you what to do. You keep on sailing and ride out the storm until you get to calmer waters. Life isn’t easy, it takes strength and resilience to persevere through the bad times and you really need to go with the flow. Don’t fight the great magnet of the compass of life. Don’t swim against the tide in the sea of life. Go with the flow, follow the magnet in the compass of your heart.  Listen to your instincts and you will never be wrong for the universe gives you exactly what you need when you need it.  All you need is a bit of faith and you will be fine. Trust me

Watercolor Compass Tattoo

Here is a fresh take on a compass tattoo. The tight lines and loose colors really work together in harmony yet they are so different. Just like many aspects of life. You always need the Ying and Yang for balance. Too much of anything is not a good thing. Take bananas for example. Bananas are yummy and healthy to eat but if you eat too much you will running to the toilet clutching your cheeks.  Not the ones on your face either. If you know what I’m saying.


Flowers and Compass Tattoo

When in doubt spice it up with some flowers. Who wouldn’t love some bit old flowers around their compass tattoo?  You could always mix it up with some dolphins or stars. Stars that represent you plotting your route in by their position in the sky and when your stars align you are sitting a tattoo chair, half loaded on whiskey, getting a compass and star tattoo. That’s the beauty of tattoos. They can happen out of nowhere. The art comes from the mind of the creator and the canvas can Walz on in at any time,  plop it’s down and say let’s go.  In that situation lie the magic.

Mandala Compass Tattoo

Everyone loves a good mandala. Everyone loves a good compass. Why not the combine the two and make a super tattoo. Reminiscent of a band made up of the elite like the Travelling Wilburys or something like that. It’s like Tabacco and Aesop Rock form a band and absolutely kill it. It’s like lighting up that first cigarette with your morning coffee in hand. It just works baby. This guy won’t have trouble finding a date to the prom. Wink wink, if you catch my drift.

International Traveller

A  person needs some tool or device to act as a compass when traversing the earth. Nope! Not any more. I feel pleasure introducing the GloboTrot Body Tattoo Traversing Inc Machine. It’s a tattoo that will replace all your high tech gadgets used for navigating.  All you do is go to your local tattoo artist and get a map of the world as a tattoo and a compass. Right there you have everything you need to get started on your journey of self-discovery.  But some folks are so lost they need something a little stronger than a compass. Perhaps a straight whiskey, and then gazing up his tattoo map compass thingy.  If you know of any better ways to navigate the globe hit us up in the comments box. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.


Bird Compass Tattoo

Are you tired of getting flowers around your compasses? Well, there is other flora and fauna available. Take this pretty bird for example. Who’s a pretty bird? This bird is with its beautiful green feathers and he’s obviously heading in the right direction. It’s following the compass. Let’s just assume this bird is female because a mail bird would never ry find out the directions.  That was a joke by the way.

Action Shot

I love me a good action shot and this one is no disappointment. The artist is in full flight mode and all attention is on the task at hand. The lad in the chair is in position and ready to receive the needles piercing his skin at light speed. In the wake of the penetration of the needle there forms a piece of art that will be with him until his grave. Unless of course he doesn’t like it and gets laser treatment. But by the look in the eye of the tattoo artist. I think this tattoo will be a cracker and not disappear into the ether via a powerful laser beam.

Where Does the Compass Tattoo Point?

It points directly to the tattoo studio dummy. Just follow the magnet that is beckoning you forth to the tattoo studio for fresh ink. Perhaps you might consider getting a compass tattoo. Perhaps you might consider getting a compass tattoo with birds or flowers. The main thing is to follow the compass of your heart and as it will inform you every step of the way and provide the guide you through the dark times and into the light to land where prejudice doesn’t exist.  Wow! I should have been some sort of poet-philosopher in my past life. That text was deep in a weird ambiguous way.

Head Compass Tattoo

Woah! This guy is a hardcore tattoo enthusiast. If you consider yourself a hardcore tattoo enthusiast you should drop us a line and tell us what the weirdest tattoo you have is. Hit us up in the comments box below.


Behind the Ear Tattoo

Ok, so I know this list is dedicated to compass tattoos but we’ve thrown in a cheeky rose behind the ear to keep you guessing. I bet you were thinking, “Gee that’s a strange looking compass. It’s so unique. Well, it’s actually a flower that has no ability to tell which direction true north is. The compass uses magnetics somehow to determine this but don’t quote me.  Be an independent thinker and learner and google it for yourself. I’m not your mom or your search engine.

Hand Compass Tattoo

If that hand could speak I bet it would have a million stories to tell. Look at all the bruising and how big they are. The hand would tell tales of many burgers and beers it’s gripped on to, how many faces it has punched, and how often the owner masturbates on a weekly basis. It will tell the tale of late night trips to the tattoo studio being too drunk to get over to the owner has the epiphany to get a compass tattoo to find his way home. It would tell tales of being tortured by a buzzing machine that stabbed needles into its clothes.

Die Antwoord

Hey everyone loo this famous person has a tattoo so they must cool. Jks. Of course they are cool whether a celebrity has one or not.  It’s had been documented countless times that cool people have tattoos. It’s obvious and goes without saying. If you don’t have a tattoo and are reading this you should go get one now. Maybe of a compass or a tattoo that says cool because you have been uncool for all this time and you need to make up for it.





Compass and Anchor Tattoo

The classic duo. Two things you need when sailing the high seas of life. These instruments are paramount for a successful and safe boat trip. The anchor is great for when you come to a school of fish you can use this contraption to throw overboard and stop the boat. This will allow you to cast your rod and catch a big fish. The compass will guide you on your wayward journey in this thing we call life. Just a tattoo. I think not.

Chest Compass Tattoo

There are some seriously nice and uniform flowers on this tattoo. The tattoo artist has done an exceptional job on this one. It really accentuates this guy’s chest and makes him look fifty times better. The compass is nice and simple which works well on the overall motif.

The Artist At Work

Another superb action shot of the maestro. As you can see he has his glove on and is ready to do his work. Tattoo artists don’t get enough recognition as far as I’m concerned. They deserve a day and everyone gets a day off work and free tattoos. But I guess the tattoo artists wouldn’t because they would give all the free tattoos. Only in a perfect world.

Side Body Compass Tattoo

If you want something a little sexy go for the side body tattoo. It will be revealed to the lucky person that gets to take your clothes up. You can always whip out if you live somewhere sunny. Impress the people on the beach with side body tattoo.

Roses and Compass Tattoo

What does it all mean? The flower and the compass being on so many tattoos together.  It could mean that you will blossom when you follow the compass of your heart. Maybe it means that loves grows in the direction of the compass and where the flowers grow. Or they just look cool together. We will never know. But whatever the reason is, it’s irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

Neck Compass Tattoo

Here is an interesting take on the compass. It’s rather simple in design yet speaks volumes. The simple linework and interesting color bring the tattoo to life in an epervesant fashion while the globe and the compass have connotations of travel.

Wrist Compass Tattoo

Here is nice matching his and her compass tattoo. This couple says no matter how lost they get they can always find each other. How cute! What matching tattoos would you and your partner get? Hit us up in the comments box because we would love to know. My partner and I have upside unicorns surfing on a rainbow. It doesn’t mean anything though we were just drunk and bored.

Tattoo Aftercare

Caring for your tattoo is very important. As soon as you get your tattoo you should ask the artist on how to care for it. They will be the best people to impart this knowledge on you. Otherwise, you could search the internet. Tattoo care is pretty easy. You need to keep it out of the water until the scab heals. You also need to keep the scabs moist with moisturized so they peel off and take precious ink with them. Keep it clean and free of dirt, grime, and infection.

Leg Compass Tattoo

The compass is being covered up by the rose. How are you supposed to see the dial if there is a bloody flower in the way? It makes no sense. This guy needs to get some dials on his compass so he can see the true north otherwise he’s going to get lost.

Realistic Compass Tattoo

This tattoo is an absolute ripper. If you look closely you can see how much detail and linework is involved. It would have taken so long to complete and many hours in the chair. It is a testament to the artist’s ability to stay focused and achieve such an amazing result.

The Nautical Theme

The nautical theme has long been associated with tattoos because sailors in the Navy had a penchant for getting some ink done. They often would get tattooed when they went from port to port as a reminder of their time spent there.

I hope you navigated your way to the end of the list with no problems. There were enough compasses on the list to guide James Cook to Australia all those years ago. If you are in the mood for a new tattoo you may want to consider getting a compass so you never lose your way in life. As you can see from the list that flowers go well with the compass. As per usual we hope you got some inspiration from the list to get out and get a new tattoo.


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