125 Collarbone Tattoo Ideas to Help You Pick Out What to Get Next

Getting collarbone tattoos demand a certain level of pain tolerance. Why? It’s because these spots sit just on top of the clavicle aka the bone that connects the sternum (breastbone) and the scapula (shoulder bone). As many tattoo enthusiasts would know, the closer the skin is to the bone, the more pain you feel when you get that site inked. However, that fact won’t stop tattoo lovers from getting this most coveted ink. Several celebrities like Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Kelly Osbourne, Adam Levine, Bella Thorne, and Tom Hardy also proudly wear collarbone tattoos and some tats around the collarbone area. Emulate their vibe with stylish skin art by getting your own collarbone tats now!

Pick Out Your Design Inspiration from these Collarbone Tattoos

How long have you been putting off the idea of getting yourself a collarbone tattoo? Aside from the sting of the needles pounding on the skin, the hardest part in getting a tattoo is arguably choosing the perfect design. Tattoos are permanent, or at least hard to reverse. Most especially if you are getting one done on a body part that’s always exposed, picking a design is a pretty tough decision to make.

So, while you’re still taking your sweet time thinking what kind of collar bone tattoo to get, we collected our most favorite collar bone tattoo designs and hope that we can help make your decision-making process a bit easier.

Fine Line Work and Symbolic

This minimal collarbone tattoo style uses only black ink and very fine lines and dot work to draw the design. We see the perfect marriage of complex meaning and simple aesthetic in this special collar bone tattoo.


Jellyfish Collarbone Tattoo

Done in Neo-Traditional tattoo style, this sea nettle jellyfish tattoo with vibrant gradient coloring reminds us of the beautiful sea that’s home to these beautiful creatures.

Artistic Collarbone Tattoo

Artists express themselves in unconventional ways. Below is a minimalist sketchwork tattoo design of a whale with a paint brush. We’re assuming that a painter who loves whales designed this tat to pay tribute their two most beloved things.

Symbolic Dots and Lines

More and more people are falling for the minimalist tattoo style. This lady got her own minimalist collar bone tattoo designed with dots and symbols and drawn in fine line.

Cascading Blooms

Inked just below the collarbone and almost draping to the front from the top of the shoulder, we are loving the gradient shading details and the clean lines that give this tattoo a very modern touch.

Light as a feather

Dot work style tattoos are getting more popular now. For this feather collarbone tattoo, we think that dot work is the best technique for the design. It gave the tattoo texture and added character.

Arrows Collarbone Tattoo

This woman got two arrows pointing towards the center of her chest in fine line and black ink. Her tattoo can’t stress it enough: simplicity is beauty.

Despair Collarbone Tattoo

Just when others try to hide their pain, this woman wears her feelings just a few inches above her sleeves, literally.

Selenophile collarbone tattoo

It’s the proper name description for people who love the moon. This selenophile got a tattoo of the phases of the moon.

Grayscale Irezumi-inspired Tides

Waves are common subjects for Irezumi tattoo designs. Channeling some Irezumi vibes for this collarbone tattoo, the artist used bold lines and used grayscale shading and coloring to give the collar bone tattoo some depth.

Cute Puffin Collarbone Tattoo

Some people mistake puffins as something similar to the penguins. However, they might not know that unlike a penguin, a puffin can fly. At around a little over 40 miles per hour, puffins fly above water to fish.

Inspirational Collarbone Tattoo

Sometimes you just need some words of encouragement to keep you going.

Words of Affirmation collar bone tattoo

“I am enough.” Just three words but they mean more than any other message or thought. Say these words to yourself whenever you feel inadequate and gain power from self-love.

Full collar tattoo design

Go big or go home. Maybe that’s what this guy’s inspiration for coming up with this tattoo that spans from end to end of his collarbones.

The more, the merrier

Can’t decide on a single design? Why not get all of them? It’s your own skin art. Don’t be scared to express yourself any way you want to.

Not all those who wander are lost

Inspiring quote collarbone tattoo that goes well with pretty flowers and elements from the upper arm tattoo.

Assorted chrysanthemums

Also commonly referred to as “mums,” these blooms is a favorite among many. There are several varieties of chrysanthemums that grow all-year round, so people will never miss these perennials’ refreshing floral beauty.

Balloon Flower Collarbone Tattoos

Platycodon, or more commonly known as balloon flowers, are perennial flowers that are endemic to East Asia. They have soft stems and are bloom from round, balloon-shaped buds, hence that’s how they got their catchy nickname.

Palm Leaf and Infinity

Infinity symbols with names is a common tattoo design. However, this special collarbone tattoo is a custom design that includes names and a palm leaf. These most probably are this person’s most beloved things.

Heavenly bodies

Heavenly bodies can also give you an inspiration for your collarbone tattoo. When the sun has set, up there we’ll see the moon and the stars, glimmering in the dark sky. The night sky is a sight to behold and we agree that they look pretty as skin art, too.

The Black Widow

The black widow is a popular species of spiders because of their dominant behavior. They practice sexual cannibalism and their bite causes extreme prolonged pain. They are spiders you wouldn’t want to mess with and ladies love to get them as tattoos to display strength and fierceness.

Love and dandelion

“I’ll love you forever” is a promise etched with dandelion wisps floating with the wind.

collarbone tattoos

Cascading from the shoulder

Flower collarbone tattoos are popular among women, but once you choose your own design, this typical template can  always be a unique body art for you. The artist’s color work on this cascading flower tattoo makes the art lively and fresh.

Colorful and Minimalist

Minimalist designs need not be monochromatic. Feel free to use colors to create the best designs for your collar bone tattoos.

Watercolor Style Collarbone Tattoo

When we speak of creative collarbone tattoos, this design easily comes to mind. It’s colorful, imaginative, expertly drawn, and remarkable. There’s nothing boring about this collarbone tat, just happiness and vibrancy.

Flying Phoenix

Even without the bright red and orange tinged flames, the tattoo artist’s skillful sketch of the phoenix made this artwork worthy of applause.

Peacock Tail Feather Collarbone Tattoo

Peacocks’ tail feathers are fancy but a tattoo on the collarbone is not as easy it looks. Getting that spot inked requires a person’s strong will and endurance to extreme pain. Pretty hurts, right?

Blue Cherry Blossoms Collarbone Tattoo

We are used to seeing pink cherry blossoms, but a bluish hue seems like a nice variation, too.

A dewy red rose collar bone tattoo

A red rose is a romantic symbol. Tattoo that on your body and you have a tender expression of a refreshingly sweet feeling.

Peach Collarbone Tattoo

They smell sweet and taste sweet, as well. If you like peaches that much, why not get a collarbone tattoo of your most favorite fruit just like this cute one?

Holding hands

At times when you want to give up, a firm hand to hold can be the best support one needs to surpass any struggle. This tattoo of hands held together displays a comforting image that can keep one going any day.

Minimalist Heart Outline Tattoo

For laid back people who prefers a tattoo that’s barely there and won’t beg for attention, a minimalist outline tattoo is your way to go. Look here. You won’t notice the heart outline, unless you stare at her shoulder long enough.


Minimalist and direct. It’s got “Lamorna” in the middle of a rose’s stem. That’s just how some like their tattoos; no frills, pure beauty.

Twin Kois

A koi pond invites blessings of good fortune and tranquility. We can’t blame her if she wants to attract the same vibes and take them with her wherever she goes.

Simple collarbone tattoo

In simplicity, there’s beauty. Even without intricate details and bold colors, collarbone tattoos can still be made as beautiful as can be.

Minimalist trend on collarbone tattoos

Before, more means best. Now, less is more for collarbone tattoo designs.

Keeping my fingers crossed

This hand gesture means one hopes for the best. With a tattoo like this on your collar, you’re sure to always look at the brighter side of things.

Light and Feathery

This fine line work of collarbone tattoo of blooms drawn using light and feathery strokes in black ink is everything feminine and sultry.

Baa, baa, little sheep

There’s nothing too fancy here, but less can surely be more. Minimalist animal tattoo is a crowd favorite and we agree that this tattoo style deserves attention.

Black and White Bouquet

Using the girl’s skin just as a sketch artist uses paper medium, this sketchwork bouquet on her collarbone should be flaunted by wearing off-shoulder tops more often.

Purple Flower Collarbone Tattoo

There are people who get tattoos to show off and shout to the world their identity, while there are others who prefer low-key designs that are hard to spot from afar. Well, both styles are equally appealing to us.

Double Crescents

This collarbone tattoo is a mirroring image of a solid crescent moon figure. Two is better than one.

Saturn and Titan

Revolving around the ringed planet Saturn are it’s moons, most notably it’s largest one named Titan.

Sexy and Suggestive

Written in very simple lettering, the message is clear. He wants you to plant your kisses on that sweet spot above his collarbone.

Affirmation collarbone tattoo

Sometimes all we need are encouraging words to help us get through trials. Likewise, it takes true courage and a brave heart to get a tattoo on this area of the body.

Art Therapy

Tattoo is a form of art using the skin as the medium. Even when it comes with a significant of pain and discomfort, engrossing in art can be therapeutic for the soul.

Fresh Collarbone Ink

Tattoo aftercare should be done religiously after getting inked. Doing so helps take care of your skin and maintains the beauty of your design.

Floating Shark Collarbone Tattoo

We can go on forever about how much we love this shark collarbone tattoo, but our top 3 reasons are: it’s cute, it’s very realistic, and it shows the artist’s skill. Great work here.

Mandala collarbone tattoo

Mandala tattoos require keen attention on details to pull off. So when we see a noteworthy mandala tattoo, we can’t help but praise the amazing painstaking masterpiece.



If you’re comfortable in your skin and you don’t mind flaunting more of it than others can, we dare you to get a collarbone tattoo as sexy as this one.

Stamp-Style Collarbone Tattoo

Drawing a unique design doesn’t need to be overly elaborate. You could make the design as simple as you want to.

Fingerprint Collarbone Tattoo

We applaud this person for choosing a very extraordinary design. Moreover, we’re blown away by the handiwork of tattoo artist that have drawn the intricate fingerprint design.

Leaves Collarbone Tattoo

Trees and leaves are important creations. Especially for us humans, they produce the oxygen that we need to breathe. Show how much you are a tree-hugger and a nature lover with a collarbone tattoo with leaves design.

Bohemian Chic Collarbone Tattoo

Channeling some hippie, boho, and moroccan aesthetic, this patterned design is as feminine and as any gypsy princess.

Just Got Lucky

A four leaf clover is a popular lucky charm for the Irish. But it’s not just luck that we chanced upon this artsy collarbone tattoo. A beauty like this just begs to be displayed for others to admire.

Feather Quill

Scribes of olden times had no ballpens, no typewriters, and definitely no computers for them to write on. during those times, they only had a feather quill and an inkwell to scribble with on some parchment.

Butterfly Kisses

Sweet kisses over the shoulder around the collarbone area is one of life’s most intimate pleasures.

Calligraphy Collarbone Tattoo

Fond a particular name? Get it inked across your collarbone area. Add some accents, and voila! You’ve got a magnificent tattoo art.

Free as a Sparrow

Nothing can stop you from getting a collarbone tattoo that speaks about your personality. Be as free as a flying sparrow and choose whatever design is closest to your heart.

Flock of Birds Tattoo

Silhouette of a flock of birds in flight adorn this woman’s collarbone to shoulder area.

Know Your Priority

This woman knows her priority and she lets others know, too.

Cherry Blossoms in Black and Gray

The blooming of cherry blossoms signal the arrival of spring. Get that fresh and delightful spring feeling with you all days of the year with a collarbone tattoo of these flowers.

Bonheur Means Happiness

Happiness in French is “bonheur.” Whether this happiness collarbone tattoo is a depiction or a reminder to always chase the feeling, we’re in love with its raw and simple beauty.

Four thorny roses

Roses are classic. They’re romantic and lovely. Receiving and giving a bouquet of roses is a sweet and thoughtful gesture.

We all want to be accepted

People who sport tats get stereotyped as troublemakers. But though that’s always not the case, tattooed peeps also deserve to be respected and loved for who they are and not what they appear to be.

The Battle between Good and Evil

Resting at her left collarbone, is a devilish image of a sleeping swallow, on the other side, at her right collarbone area is a oppositely-fashioned swallow with a halo. We think this represents the constant debate one faces; choosing which voice in their head they should listen to.

Arts and Music

Artists and musicians live to express and touch others’ hearts. They may call themselves rebels at times. It’s not always easy to follow your heart.

The Golden Spiral

Mathematicians and great scholars believe that the world falls to an ultimate pattern. They believe things in nature are made to fit and match the great proportion. These scholars use the Golden Spiral to depict their theory.

Mirrored Collarbone Tattoos

Creating one elaborate tattoo design is a tough act. So replicating a mirror image of said complex design deserves a standing ovation.

Honey Bee

It takes over 20,000 bees to make a jar of honey. No wonder why these sweet goodies taste so delectable.

What matters most

The area of the collarbone is close the center of the chest where the heart lies within. Thus, it’s only right to get inked on the collarbone with something that we hold dearest to our hearts.

Lavender sprigs

A lot of people love lavenders for its aromatic scent with a calming effect. Not only are they useful, they’re also uniquely pretty and make perfect collarbone tattoos.

Still becoming

Coming to full bloom is a process and we laud this person’s honesty written across his collarbone.

Crawling branch with leaves

Creeping and crawling vines give a rustic appeal to your collarbone area.

Dahlia Collarbone Tattoo

Chrysanthemums and Dahlias are often mistaken for each other. Both have pompom-style petal arrangements, bt you can easily tell them apart by their leaves.

Black outline collarbone tattoos

When you find it hard choosing a colorful design, you can always stick with the classic monochromatic black tattoo.

Diamond and wings

We read the symbolism in this collarbone tattoo as “riches are fleeting.”

Black and Gray Stars

You don’t have to be an astronomer to be truly captivated by the mystifying beauty of the stars.


Paying tribute to soulsisters with a pink lotus flower accent.

Love thyself

Showing yourself a little bit more love and attention is not being selfish; it’s called self-respect.

Tiny flowers collarbone tattoos

Balancing the look by getting both collarbones inked with same, corresponding design

Spool of thread connecting words

You could just etch the words but with great creativity, they managed to pull off an artistic approach to calligraphy tattoos.

Black Roses

A collarbone tattoo with black roses evoke goth feels.

With every heartbeat

Just a simple message in cursive script, but it’s meaning gives the tattoo the sentimental value.

Infinity and Crown

written in the shape of the infinity symbol: “live the life you love, love the life you live.”

Psalm 91:4

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”

Celtic collarbone tattoo

Done Celtic-style, with all the knots and patterns, we like this collarbone tattoo’s unique look.

Simple Flower Tattoo

Nothing too fancy or complicated, just a simple flower in traditional black and gray tattoo style, but nobody can say that it’s not pretty enough. It’s still a stunning piece.

Love me for who I am

As sang by “The Carpenters,” true love knows acceptance.

Sunflower Tattoo

This large design that spreads from the collarbone across the top of the shoulders can make any head turn.

Black and White Ink Butterfly Tattoo

The butterfly’s wing patterns make it exceptional. No need for splashes of too many colors.

Powerful Beyond Measure

Affirmations are among top choices for collarbone tattoos.

Roman Numerals Collarbone Tattoos

Instead of printing the exact date, people usually convert dates into their roman numeral counterpart to make them more artsy.

Purple roses collarbone tattoos

We usually see red or white roses, but the color purple works fine with roses, too.

Canada Goose Collarbone Tattoos

Despite it’s name, the Canada Goose can be found in most of the Northern America, and even in Europe and other parts of the world like Argentina and  New Zealand.

Merryweather, Flora, and Fauna

Channeling Sleeping Beauty, this Disney fan had the three fairy godmothers inked.

Feather and Flock

Artistic collarbone tattoo using traditional style and just black ink.

Water-colored Peacock Feather

The peacock’s tail feather is naturally colorful, which makes it a great subject for watercolor style collarbone tattoo works.

Narwhal collarbone tattoo

Playfully tagged as the “unicorns of the sea,” Narwhals are majestic mammals that are related to whales and dolphins.

Feather with Rainbow Pride colors

Anything goes with collarbone tattoos. You can pick any design you like. You just need to find that artist to make it a reality.

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