125 Chest Tattoos For Men & Things To Know Before Getting

If you are planning to get your first chest tattoo, then this post is for you. You can have it after checking out this information. There are many reasons why people get tattoos on their chest or other body parts. Don’t be surprised that even with the pain level and all the negative talks you will hear in some places about tattoos, people are still getting their bodies tattooed. But before you go for it, here are the things you should know about tattoos in general.

What does the tattoo mean?

Tattoos, generally, are ink designs made on the skin with the help of a special needle. And just so you know, there are hundreds of these designs available, and you can have them on any area of your body. You may also have heard about recent chest tattoos quotes, and think it just started a few years back. But these things have been on for thousands of years. And modern equipment and tattoo materials keep on popping up.

Hundreds of people go for this body modification on a daily basis making it a lucrative business for tattoo artists that are expert in the field.




What is the Basic Chest tattoo pain level?

Before you decide to get the tattoo on your skin, have in mind that you have to withstand a certain level of pain. So get ready to endure to get the tattoo you always admire on your skin. And if you are still asking the question; do chest tattoos hurt guys? Know that both ladies and guys go through the same pain. One thing you should understand is that most guys can cope better no matter the pain. That is why you can find some of those extreme tattoos on many guys than ladies.

Tattoos are not for everyone, giving how hurting the needle can be. And before you get it, understand that the pain level varies from one part of the body to the other. However, pain should not be your criteria for choosing where to get your tattoo. Get it because you want to.

Regarding pain levels, individuals differ concerning the amount of pain they can tolerate. And there are areas of the body you will experience more pain than the others. So work with the no pain, no gain mentality irrespective of where you want the ink on your skin.

You might have heard about chest tattoo pain experience shared by other persons. And it is crucial you take their words seriously. You need to know the different pain levels one can feel when getting a tattoo on the body. If you have it across your chest, the pain could be a little bit more. At the center of the chest when it gets to your sternum can be very painful and uncomfortable. On other areas, under the collarbone, neck, and behind the ears also hurts a lot. You will even feel the vibration of the gun in your skull.


Having a tattoo around your ribs and foot, especially your ankle hurts a lot too. But the upper back and shoulder blade are not that bad as the areas we mentioned earlier. So when talking about chest tattoo pain female and male should take note of these and know the level of pain they can handle.

Understanding Tattoo Pain: Areas that hurt the Least to the most

Here are areas with intense to less pain caused by the tattoo. You can use these tips to determine where to have your tattoo.

  • Body parts that hurt the least

These are places where you have a higher amount of muscles and where the fatty padding is more also. Regarding muscles, you have the legs, arms, and upper pectorals. Then for fat padding, you can have your tattoo on your hips and glutes.

  • Body parts that hurt the most

These areas can be very painful when having your tattoo. They include the highly sensitive and hard regions which are a bit closer to your bones. The sensitive body parts are underarms, breasts, groin, and face, while the hard body parts include the hands, ribs, collarbone, and scalp.

How to tackle tattoo pain no matter what

The pain will surely come. There is no doubt about it. But the gravity of pain depends on where you have your tattoo. Below are a few steps that will help you combat the pain when having your skin inked.

  1. Let someone accompany you to the tattoo parlor

It is okay to have someone escort you to where you plan on getting your tattoo. Try to convince a friend or family member you know would keep you company or someone you get along with very well to accompany you. Talking to that person alone can help make your tattoo experience great. Even though his or her presence will not reduce the pain, the encouragement can get you through.

You can also hang out with like minds when you visit the tattoo parlor. Have a chat with people around that came for the same thing. You can discuss your fears with them for a while before going in. In fact, some of them might share their reasons why they want a tattoo, which might inspire you the more.

  1. Have a chit-chat with an expert to prepare yourself mentally

Money is not the only thing you need to get ready before walking into a tattoo parlor. You have to ready mentally before making a move. Walk into any tattoo shop close by to discuss with the staff there. You can talk about the various tattoo designs and how well they will suit you. You can also speak to individuals who have a lot of tattoos on their body. They can help you relax and build confidence before you get your body tattooed.

In fact, seeing what they have on their skin can be enough motivation for you to get yours. But understand that everyone has different pain tolerance levels, and yours could be different from that person. Even at that, pain from issues like kidney stones or childbirth is nowhere near tattoo pain.


  1. Know the degree of pain for different body parts

Do not walk into a tattoo parlor without knowing the degree of pain in the area you intend getting your tattoo. You need to recognize areas that hurt the most and determine if you can handle the pain before moving ahead with your plans.

Also, the type of tattoo you get will also determine the pain level. All tattoos are not equal. Some are more painful than others. Here is what you should know.

  • Simple but small chest tattoos for guys will have less pain than one that is large and elaborate.
  • A tattoo designed with a single will take less time and cause less pain than one that is multi-colored.
  1. Be prepared to bleed a little

The modern equipment tattoo artists use these days carries specific small needles that pierce through the skin. Each time it makes its way through your skin, a little ink is left behind, and this creates that beautiful design. But have in mind that there would be tiny cuts in those places where you had the tattoo, and this might cause you to bleed a little.

However, most people get nauseous when they blood on their skin. But if you happen to be one of them, you should prevent yourself from watching the process. Tell the tattoo artist your situation. A well-trained artist will do all he can to help reduce the discomfort.


Things you should understand before getting a tattoo

Let’s be frank; a lot of these tattoos look great. And most people relish the compliments they get from others concerning the design they have on their skin. But just like weighing your option if you can handle the pain, there are other things you need to do or know before getting a tattoo on your skin. So here are the points that should guide you.

  • Tattoo removal challenges

Tattoos are not temporary, even if they tend to look faded after a period. They are permanent and understand that removal can be a bit difficult to handle. In fact, tattoo removal is a bit expensive because the process is elaborate. And the disturbing part is that you might not be lucky enough to get everything off your skin.

  • Health status and doctor visit

You might be wondering, what does having a tattoo has to do with paying a visit to the doctor? But know there are numerous reasons to do so. And before you decide to get a tattoo, be sure that you have had all the necessary immunizations such as tetanus and hepatitis B shots. Remember, the needle goes under your skin, and anything can happen after getting the tattoo.

Another thing you need to watch out for is your medical condition. You need to be healthy inside and outside to get a tattoo. Though most people still get it done even if they are not healthy, it is better to do so when one is. Regarding health status, you need to visit your doctor before getting your skin tattooed if you are suffering from conditions like; allergies, bleeding problems, weak immune system, heart disease, diabetes or overgrowth of scar tissue on your skin. Psoriasis and eczema are other skin problems that should lead you to your doctor before receiving a tattoo.

  • Chances of landing a job

The corporate world is different from what happens in your neighborhood. Know that your family and friends may love your tattoo, but your employers or recruiters might frown at it. So, it is better to get a tattoo you can cover to prevent blowing away your chances of securing a job.

Most people get a small chest tattoo they can quickly cover. It is even more comfortable for guys because their dressing does not expose their chest that much. Also, career coaches advice those going for a tattoo that they mentor to get tattoos they can cover quickly. And you should get one that will not make you feel uncomfortable when your boss comes close.

  • Protection against infection

If you are planning to get a tattoo, one thing you must guide against is an infection. Having dirt or gems gain access to your cracked skin can result in severe skin problem for you. One of the things you can do to prevent any possible infection is to choose the right place to get your tattoo. And ensure the studio is safe and clean before allowing anything to come close to your skin.

You should also ensure all the equipment used can be disposed of, and this includes ink, needles, and gloves. And make sure everything else you feel should be sterilized is taken care of accordingly.

  • Liaise with the health care department

There might be laws prohibiting individuals from having a tattoo which you might not know. If that is the case where you reside, then you cannot disobey the law. It is one of the things that should make you contact the health department in your state or county. Be sure there is no law prohibiting tattoo or having it done on some regions of the body before going ahead with it.

In addition to finding out about the laws on tattooing in your state, there are things you can discover by contacting the health department where you reside. You may have access to information on if there have been previous complaints about a specific tattoo studio or locate a fully licensed tattoo shop.

Most individuals might not be able to get a tattoo because of their age. Some states are entirely against minors getting a tattoo on their body. And even if they are going for religious chest tattoos or other parts of their body, they might have to seek permission from their parents. It applies to people under 18 years. So, it is better to find out the law binding having a tattoo before progressing.


Things to find out before getting a tattoo

There are things one should find out before getting a tattoo. They are simple questions you should ask to be sure you are getting it from the right place. You are certainly going to have your skin cracked a bit. That is where the pain emanates. So, it is better to ask questions or spend the time to conduct thorough research to be sure you are in the right place. Here are things to find out or ask before getting a tattoo.

  • Find out if the tattoo studio you are using make use of the single-use needles and use an autoclave to sterilize all other equipment. The autoclave uses pressure, heat, and steam to clean so that there won’t be any infection afterward. You should also be sure about the nature of the needle and other tattoo materials the studio is going to use on you. Ensure they are taken out from adequately sealed and sterilized packages before your very eyes.
  • Check the type of ink cartridges the studio is using. Is it the one-time ink type of cartridge that one can dispose of after using it on a customer or ink that can they can be used on multiple customers? However, the one-time ink cartridges are preferable. And one of the reasons is because you cannot tell the health status of the customer the one that allows multiple usages have been used on.


  • Find out if there are positive comments about the tattoo artist and studio. Does the person have a license? And do they take the right precaution? These are some of the things you should find out. The universal precaution procedures help to prevent the spread of health cases like hepatitis B, HIV and other blood infections that can result. When dealing with any body fluid including blood, one must abide by them.
  • Another thing is to check the cleanliness of the studio. If you discover anything fishy about the place, it is better to find somewhere else than put your health at risk.

What you should do when getting a tattoo


There are a few things you need to do when getting a tattoo. They will help you relax better and have excellent tattooing experience.

  • Be calm and relax

It is not easy to stay calm when the artist starts to draw, but you have to try. You can distract yourself by talking to someone else or even chat with the artist. Try not to focus on what is going on; it will help you reduce the pain. You can also talk with you and MP3 music player to listen to your favorite music if where you are getting your tattoo allows it.

  • Get something you can chew

Most tattoo parlors will provide you with something you can chew or squeeze. But if yours doesn’t, then get one for yourself. You can go with chewing gum, stress ball or soft candy. The focus is to reduce pain, and you can achieve that by tensing your muscles or chewing on something.

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