175 of the Prettiest Cherry Blossom Tattoos

If you are looking for an amazing tattoo, then you are sure to love cherry blossom tattoos. They are a favorite among both men and women. They are the biggest expression of sentimentality out there. These are the kinds of tattoos that bring about feelings of enlightenment and peace. Who wouldn’t want that kind of a tattoo expression?

These Japanese designs are hugely popular and there’s a reason for that they are totally awesome. You can get a big or a small design; the sky is the limit for you because no matter what, it will look wonderful.

Cherry blossoms always give the sense of tranquility. The Asian styled tattoo is truly unique and it’s one of a kind. You can’t help but love this tattoo. You can get a tattoo on its own or combine the cherry blossoms with another tattoo with additional charm.

If you can’t help but love these designs, then you are sure to love this article.

Below are 70 of the Prettiest Cherry Blossom Tattoos:

1. Stunning Colors

This is a gorgeous cherry blossom design because of the stunning colors and the pretty hummingbird. The colors are probably the best part of this tattoo, and it’s hard to stop looking at them. Blues and pinks together creating an amazing design.

cherry blossom tattoos

2. Pink Blossoms

If you are thinking about getting a rib cage tattoo, then you are sure to love this gorgeous design. The pink and black together are truly amazing. You get an amazing contrast when you add black and pink together; these colors are magical in so many different ways.

3. Shoulder Tattoos

A great shoulder tattoo that consists of cherry blossoms. It may seem like a simple tattoo, but maybe those simple tattoos are the best ones because tattoos don’t have to be complicated.

4. Branch Designs

A great rib cage design that has some awesome cartoon elements. The branches are thick and amazing. You can’t help but love the unusual designs.

5. Stunning Colors

This stunning blossom design has some great colors and it looks like a painting. These flowers don’t need to be outlined in black. They look like they have been painted on the skin, they are absolutely gorgeous.

6. Initial Design

It’s a simple design but one that is obviously meaningful. The initials must have some significant meaning to the owner. If you could put flowers together with some meaning then why not do it?

7. Back Tattoos

A great back tattoo that has some amazing elements, especially the bright and beautiful colors. If you are looking for a large back tattoo then why not try out some elegant cherry blossoms.

8. Aliens

A couple of mysterious little aliens are hanging out on the branches of this cherry blossom tree. Aliens may seem to be an unusual choice for a cherry blossom tattoo but hey, they sure are fun. Not to mention they are pretty cute up there on the branch as well.

9. A Few Blossoms

Just a few blossoms are sure to put a smile on your face. This design looks a lot like stamps and it’s a really unique tattoo idea.

10. Asian Designs

A great tattoo that is elegant and beautiful. It’s a stunning design with some Asian lettering. The design is very scratchy and unique; it gives off a sexy and mysterious vibe to it. I love this tattoo design because the coloring is amazing.

11. Bold Colors

This robin is truly happy to be on this cherry blossom tree. It’s a very realistic tattoo design that you are sure to love. If you are a nature lover than you are going to love this bird tattoo which totally compliments the cherry blossoms.

12. Neck Tattoo

A stunning tattoo that sits behind the ear. I love these big pink blossoms they really stand out. I love the fact that these flowers are big and bold and the coloring is just perfect. It starts at the neck and trails down the shoulder and to the back. A wonderful design that you are sure to love.

13. Back Designs

If you love hummingbirds, you are sure to love this gorgeous back tattoo. The colors are gorgeous, especially with the hummingbirds. I love the tattoo; it just pops right off the skin. I can’t stop looking at the tattoo because it’s strikingly beautiful and gives you the impression that the birds will just fly right off the skin.

14. Realistic Designs

This shoulder design is truly remarkable; the blossoms are so realistic.

15. Chest Designs

I love this small tattoo design because it’s elegant and pretty. The branch is so thin and elegant that you can’t help but fall in love with it. The flowers are delicate and beautiful giving off a vibe of sophistication to the overall tattoo.

16. Big Blossoms

A great sleeve design that has some big cheery blossoms. We just love the little bees buzzing around the flowers. If you love bees and nature, then you are sure to love this tattoo design. We sure do!

17. Large Tattoos

These tattoos are stunning because they take up a lot of skin. If you are looking for a large design, then you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s gorgeous and travels the length of the body.

18. Watercolor Art

What a gorgeous cherry blossom tattoo design. The flowers are all mesmerizing in this tree and it has dripping paint elements. There is the sense of time here as well as a couple in love. This is one of the more unique and original cherry blossoms designs that we have seen.

19. Tiger Designs

If you like the cherry blossoms but want a more badass design, then add a tiger to the mix.

20. Pretty Designs

These pretty flowers are small and in a circular design. There is an Asian element to the overall tattoo as well.

21. Dark Pink

There are many different shades of pink that you can use for your cherry blossom tattoo.

22. Japanese Elements

These designs are almost cartoon-like. The colors are bright and incredible looking.

23. Kitty Tattoo

This is an Asian-inspired tattoo that includes a kitty and some awesome cherry blossoms.

24. The Owl

A great design of a curious purple owl sitting on a cherry blossom tree branch.

25. Cherry Blossom Sleeve

If you are looking for a sleeve design, then look no further than this cherry blossom tattoo.

26. Different Colors

Who says that cherry blossoms have to be pink. They could be blue or orange if you want.

27. Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers have always been beautiful tattoo design and we can see why. The colors involved in this design are breathtaking.

28. Snake Hunter

We absolutely love this badass snake design. It’s a fierce image, but we still see those peaceful cherry blossoms as well.

29. Deep Pink

A great rib cage tattoo that has some bright pink colors.

30. Beautiful Blossoms

Cherry blossoms have always been a great tattoo design and a popular choice as well.

31. Mesmerizing Color

This stomach tattoo is truly breathtaking and one that you will cherish for a long time.

32. Scattering Blossoms

These flowers are flying right off the cherry blossom tree. I just love the bright pink colors.

33. Bold Pink

A small tattoo with an unusual style. You are sure to love this coloring as well.

34. Small Designs

I love how all the flowers are connected by a dotted line. This is a beautiful tattoo.

35. Personal Message

If you want a personal message on your body, then you can’t go wrong by adding a bunch of cherry blossoms to the design.

36. Neon Pink

I love this sleeve design because it has some amazing bright pink cherry blossoms.

37. Great Blossoms

A great cherry blossom design that has flowers that are outlined in black. I love the pink coloring throughout the design.

38. Bold and Beautiful

A sleeve that has some great blossoms that are large and full of color. There is shading of purple and pink that just burst all over.

39. Bold Choices

A simple design but yet it’s so beautiful. I love the colors.

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40. Deep Neons

These blossoms are absolutely stunning because of the bright neon coloring involved. They are truly one of a kind.

41. Gorgeous Images

A great design that has some amazing flowers that are bold and beautifully pink.

42. Cartoon Images

A few cherry blossoms on the chest and shoulders. These cartoon flowers look great in bright pink.

43. Huge Tree

If you love cherry blossoms, then you are sure to love this cherry blossom tree. A great design that has some pretty pink flowers.

44. Almost Red

If you like bright cherry blossoms then why not make them a little darker. These pink flowers are so dark that they are almost red.

45. Unique Flowers

This gorgeous design has a portrait that is surrounded by cherry blossoms.

46. Big Tattoos

If you are looking for a large tattoo, then look no further than this one. It’s gorgeous and the colors are bright.

47. Cartoon Blossoms

If you like the cartoon style, then you are sure to love these cherry blossoms.

48. Just Black

Who says you have to have color to have a great cherry blossom tattoo? This is a great example of a sleeve design without color.

49. Matching Arms

If you just want a small design then why not try this tattoo of three blossoms, and then match it to the other arm.

50. A Few Flowers

There are just a few cherry blossoms here, but they make for a very pretty design.

51. Be Grateful

We love inspirational messages especially when they are surrounded by bright pink cherry blossoms.

52. Striking Pink

If you are looking for an eye-catching tattoo, then look no further than this bright pink tattoo. The pink is electrifying.

53. Meditative State

The look meditation is certainly one that works well with the peacefulness of a cherry blossom.

54. Pretty in Pink

We just love pink, it’s glamorous and oh so elegant.

55. Pale Pink

A couple of cherry blossoms that have a pretty pink coloring.

56. Bold Pink

This arm tattoo design is an eye-catching because of the striking colors. This is the kind of tattoo that really makes you love cherry blossoms.

57. Bright Blue

A great design that has some amazing blue background just like the sky.

58. Foot Blossoms

A great tattoo design that has some pretty flowers right on the foot.

59. Orange Designs

This cherry blossom design looks great on the back and it’s filled with gorgeous orange coloring.

60. Watercolor Splashes

This great sketch design looks amazing because of the watercolor splashes in the background.

61. Motivational Words

A great motivational word that is surrounded by awesome cherry blossoms. I love the colors and it fits great with the motivational word.

62. Pink Blossoms

Leg tattoos are always great and this one is no different. The pink flowers are stunning because of the shape as well as the pretty coloring. Add a little green to it to create an amazing design.

63. Feel Better

A great tattoo design that has awesome cherry blossoms with a great quote.

64. Soft Coloring

You don’t need bright colors to have an amazing tattoo design. A great quote mixed with beautiful cherry blossoms. The soft coloring is truly magical.

65. Shoulder Tattoos

A great tattoo that works well on the shoulder. These blossoms are very sexy because of the way that they curve on the shoulder. I love the pink coloring as well.

66. Blossom Love

A leg tattoo that is anything but boring. These colors and blossoms are truly amazing.

67. Burst of Color

I love this cherry blossom design because not only is it sexy but it’s also earth shattering. The colors are enchanting and wonderful.

68. Gorgeous Designs

This shoulder design is a beautiful and wonderful tattoo. I love these colors because they pop right off the skin.

69. Vintage Style

This vintage image of a woman is truly remarkable. Add in some cherry blossoms and you have one amazing tattoo design.

70. Bird Designs

Beautiful blue swirls mixed with some cherry blossoms and a bird and you have one amazing tattoo. It’s a unique and wonderful tattoo design that you are sure to love for a long time.

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