Cat Tattoo Designs: A List of 67 Most Loved Cat Tattoos in 2021

Can you imagine having an updated list of the best cat tattoo designs for girls? If not, this might be your luckiest day, because in today’s article, we are going to talk about some of the most appreciated and loved cute cat tattoo designs for girls in 2019, so take notes and be all ears! 🙂

Cat tattoo designs for girls value nothing if they aren’t followed by some “Aaaw!” reactions from your buddies. Not to mention the fact that these tattoo designs aren’t appreciated just for their sweetness, but also for their symbolistic. Cat tattoos designs for girls are strong symbols of feminine power, elegance, protection luck and prosperity. Did you ever think that your favorite cat design can also have a strong and meaningful symbolistic like this?

1. The Shaped Cat Tattoo Design

Some of the most loved cat tattoo designs for girls are the simple, yet meaningful ones. If you’re looking for an elegant and classy look and feel, opt in for the following one.


2. The Knee Cat Tattoo

This cute and matching cat tattoo design is the definition of “sweet”. It’s totally worth it, mainly if you’re really into getting a cute cat tattoo design for girls.

cat tattoo designs for girls2

3. The Back Cat

The mysterious aura of this beautiful tattoo design is simply stunning. Try it with a backless dress and you’ll turn heads!

cat tattoo designs for girls3

4. Moon Cat

The Moon is a great symbol of fertility, creativity and growth. Combined with the elegance and grace of a cute cat tattoo it will be stunning!

cat tattoo designs for girls4

5. The Rose Cat

If you’re looking for something more elegant, but girly and sweet in the same time, we suggest trying this awesome rose patterned-tattoo.

cat tattoo designs for girls5

6. The Tiny Cat

Small cat tattoos also have their sweetness and symbolistic: That’s why you should try this minimalistic and classic cat tattoo design for girls.

cat tattoo designs for girls6

7. The Black Cat

Do you still believe that superstition according to which black cats bring bad luck? With such a beautiful tattoo design for girls, you’ll certainly bring the luck on your side! 😉

cat tattoo designs for girls7

8. Meow Finger

This is probably one of the best places on the body on which you should get such a tattoo. Thumbs up! Or should we say…Meow up?

cat tattoo designs for girls8

9. Wrist Cat Tattoo

Here’s a cute cat tattoo for girls that will certainly brighten up your day every single time you’ll see it.

cat tattoo designs for girls9

10. Color Splash Cat Tattoo

We previously mentioned the fact that shaped cat tattoo designs for girls are classical and never get out of trend. If you’ll combine them with some splashes of color you’ll achieve a stunning effect!

cat tattoo designs for girls11

11. Falling Cat

This is one of the most expressive cat tattoo designs for girls. Just look at the face of the cat. It begs for help. Creative and well placed at the same time!

cat tattoo designs for girls12

12. The CopyCat

This copycat tattoo design is simply adorable! If you love a pet so much that you want to keep it close forever, this tattoo is made for you!

cat tattoo designs for girls13

13. Funny Cat

If you’re looking for a funny cat tattoo design, this one is totally for you. It will make you smile while you’ll appreciate its creative concept and design.
cat tattoo designs for girls14

14. Loving Cats

There’s nothing cuter than these two cats that are madly in love. With a balanced dose of sweetness and uniqueness, this tattoo is simply adorable.

cat tattoo designs for girls15

15. Fluffy Cat Ball

Looking for a splash of color on your cute cat tattoo design for girls? Then check out this tiny & cute ball of fur.

cat tattoo designs for girls16

16. Curled Cat

Curled designs fit perfectly on cat tattoos, mainly if it comes to tiny ones. If you’re looking for an expressive tattoo, this might be the one!

cat tattoo designs for girls18

17. Little Pawn Cat

The heart-shaped paws of this cute & tiny cat are adorable. How could you possibly not notice it?!

cat tattoo designs for girls19

18. Finger Paw

If you’re into small tattoos with big symbolistic, we suggest trying this one. The finger is a perfect spot for it to hide, but also to appear when it needs to brighten your day. 🙂

cat tattoo designs for girls20

19. Love Cat

Either if you want to express the love for your pet in a special way or if you simply fell in love with cat tattoo designs for girls, this minimalistic & sweet tattoo is perfect for you.

cat tattoo designs for girls21

20. The Couple

“Take my tail and never let me go”, he would say while whispering love “meows” into her ear. 🙂

cat tattoo designs for girls22

21. Heart Cat

Thinking of some creative ways in which you should express your eternal love for cats? We might have an answer. Why should you get a two-element tattoo when you can perfectly combine the two symbols?

cat tattoo designs for girls23

22. Tiny Cat Paws

Looking for a classic & cute cat tattoo design for girls? This one will certainly get a lot of appreciation from your friends, mainly for its cute design and shape.

cat tattoo designs for girls24

23. Fairytale Cat

If you plan on getting a unique, creative and stunning cat tattoo, this might take this design into consideration. It gives us a fairytale feeling, somehow…:)

cat tattoo designs for girls25

24. Finger Cat

You might think that the tiny cat is hidden, but it’s right there, under your eyes, ready to put that smile on your face every single day!

cat tattoo designs for girls26

25. Cat Hug

It is said that cats often eliminate the negative energies from your body. Well, if this is true, it means that hugging a cat will turn you into a positivism machine!

cat tattoo designs for girls27

26. Serious Cat

If you’re more into the dramatic cat tattoo designs, we suggest taking the following one into consideration.

cat tattoo designs for girls28

27. Fancy Cat Tattoo

Even if this is one of the smallest cat tattoo designs for girls that we might see, it is also one of the fanciest ones! Not convinced yet? Just take a look at the cat’s clothes!

cat tattoo designs for girls29

28. The Feet Cat

This simply shaped cat tattoo design for girls gives us a feeling of energy, cuteness and elegance.

cat tattoo designs for girls30

29. The Pair

This minimalistic cat pair tattoo design can be a great fit if you want to get your first tattoo by emphasizing the love for your pet.

cat tattoo designs for girls31

30. The Walking Cat

The grace that this walking cat inspires should be appreciated, mainly if you decide on permanently getting it on your body.

cat tattoo designs for girls32

31. Kitty-Kitty

This peaceful and simple cat tattoo design for girls inspires peace and freedom. It could be a great choice for a first tattoo!

cat tattoo designs for girls33

32. Tiny Feet Tattoo

Being visible mainly in spring and summer, worn with a nice pair of shoes or heels, this minimalistic cat tattoo will certainly be appreciated.

cat tattoo designs for girls34

33. Hand Cat Tattoo

These classical cat tattoo designs for girls are never out of trend. They’re simple, classy and elegant and can be observed in less than a second, because they’re also catchy.

cat tattoo designs for girls35

34. The Fold Cat

You simply can’t resist to a kitty that will stay in front of you with an expression like that. It’s simply adorable!

cat tattoo designs for girls36

35. The Neck Cat

Neck tattoos are sexy. Maybe this explains the posture and expression of this cat? Possessive one. 🙂

cat tattoo designs for girls37

36. Expressive Cat

The eyes of this cat are so sparkling and shiny that we might think that they hide deep secrets. Who knows? All we know is that we should totally appreciate the unique and creative design of this beauty!

cat tattoo designs for girls38

37. Back Cat

Just admire the beautiful fur of this fold cat! This is a creative tattoo design that would fit on both men and women, it won’t pass unnoticed!

cat tattoo designs for girls39

38. Fancy Colored Cat

This beautiful cat tattoo design for girls is beautiful on so many levels! The shape design fits perfectly with the turquoise shades, while the green and brown shades give a great contrast overall.

cat tattoo designs for girls40

39. Ready To Attack

Should nobody mess up with you? Well, then you should also express this by means of your tattoos. Here’s a suitable one!

cat tattoo designs for girls41

40. Sleepy Wrist Cat

Looking for an adorable and sweet cat tattoo design? This minimalistic sleepy cat will certainly do the job.

cat tattoo designs for girls42

41. Devilish Eye Cat

Red eyes, black fur, ready to attack! Are you ready to confront the symbolistic of this cat tattoo design?

cat tattoo designs for girls43

42. Name Paw

Either if it is the initial of your pet’s name or the initial of a person that you love or admire, you can combine it with the adorable paw of a cat to achieve a nice and sweet effect.

cat tattoo designs for girls44

43. The Sketched Cat

It seems like this cat tattoo design for girls has just been sketched by an artist. It is creative, unique and special. If it fits your personality, you should totally get one!

cat tattoo designs for girls45

44. Meow Tattoo

Nothing describes the love for a cat more that a cute “meow” tattoo made on a visible part of the body that you can see and enjoy every single day.

cat tattoo designs for girls47

45. Hipster Cat

If you’re more into creative and unique tattoos, you should definitely try the following one! While it can be a great fit for both men and women, it will also turn heads!

cat tattoo designs for girls48

46. Cat Eyes

This cat tattoo will follow every single move and action that you’ll make, so be careful when choosing it and don’t let yourself fooled by its gorgeous design!

cat tattoo designs for girls49

47. Colored Cat

The colors and shape of this beautiful cat tattoo are so beautifully designed that we might think it was colored by a talented artist.

cat tattoo designs for girls50

48. The Arm Cat

Cat tattoos that cover the entire arm are a must, mainly if they’re so beautifully and realistically designed.

cat tattoo designs for girls51

49. Double Trouble

This weird, yet interesting cat tattoo design for girls can be a great fit if you want something more original.

cat tattoo designs for girls52

50. The Realistic Cat

If you are aware of the fact that life isn’t pink and things should also be seen as they are in reality, this cat tattoo design can be a great fit.

cat tattoo designs for girls53

51. Robo Cat

Nothing says “original & unique” better than this gorgeous & proud robo-cat, so beware of its great power!

cat tattoo designs for girls54

52. The Positive Cat

You simply can’t have a bad day with this adorable smiling face cat tattoo design. It will brighten up your day in a second, so enjoy it!

cat tattoo designs for girls55

53. Blue Eyed Cat

The color intensity of these eyes is mesmerizing, even hypnotizing! Opt in for this sexy thigh cat tattoo if you’re really into sophisticated designs!

cat tattoo designs for girls56

54. Flower Patterned Cat

It seems like this beautiful cat tattoo design for girls is calling for spring! Just look at its beautiful shape and patterned color, which are perfectly getting along with the playful butterfly.

cat tattoo designs for girls57

55. Neck Kitty

Neck tattoos can be really sexy, but this fact depends on the model, symbol and the attitude. So are you ready to wear such a beautiful tattoo with style?

cat tattoo designs for girls58

56. Color-Lined Cat

The beautiful colored contrast on this cat tattoo design for girls is simply stunning. It probably glows out in the dark, so that its beauty would last forever, no matter the moment.

cat tattoo designs for girls59

57. Splash Shaped Cat

This colored splashed shaped cat head tattoo is simply unique. While the colors are the elements that brighten up the design, the shape gives it a dramatic and catchy effect.

cat tattoo designs for girls60

58. The Simple Cat

The shape of this cat head resembles with Hello Kitty, but if you’re not really a fan of these cartoons, you can also consider it as a classical cat tattoo design.

cat tattoo designs for girls61

59. Feet Cat Pair

If you want to get a matching cat tattoo, you should totally place it on the bottom part of the legs. That part will better emphasize them and will act like a cute “accessory” every single time you’ll wear your favorite shoes.

cat tattoo designs for girls62

60. Sailor Cat

This awesome & creative sailor cat tattoo design should receive a prize for one of the most expressive cat tattoo designs for girls in 2019!

cat tattoo designs for girls63

61. Symbolic Cat Tattoo

You’ve probably seen this symbolic cat design at least one time in your life in the window of a shop. If you fell in love with its patterns, colors and shape, feel free to get a permanent “memory” of it!

cat tattoo designs for girls64

62. Big Eyed Cat Tattoo

The resemblance between the “muse” and the real tattoo design is stunning, mainly when it comes to the expressive look on their faces. Simply adorable!

cat tattoo designs for girls65

63. Egypt Cat Tattoo

This cat tattoo resembles very much with Bastet, a well-known Egyptian Cat Goddess.

cat tattoo designs for girls66

64. Cupcake Cat

If this cute tattoo design isn’t adorable, we don’t know what it might be! Just look at those eyes and that little nose, all combined in that sweet little cat ready to share all its love with you! Just as sweet as a cupcake!

cat tattoo designs for girls67

65. The DogCat

Looking for an unconventional cat tattoo that can also be a great match for your partner? Say no more, we might have the solution! 😀

cat tattoo designs for girls68

66. The Beautiful Cat

The head and look of this tiny cat are just gorgeous. We can say that it is adorable, because we know that you might just observed that, so let’s just take a minute to admire its beauty.

cat tattoo designs for girls69

67. The Classical Cat Wrist Tattoo

Nothing says “I love cats” more than a noticeable wrist tattoo that you can have close to you anytime you want and that can put a smile on your face both in good and bad moments. Enjoy it!

cat tattoo designs for girls70

All in all, these are some of the best cat tattoo designs for girls in 2018! We are sure that you already have a favorite, so what are you waiting for? Take a closer look at it, ask for your best friend’s advice and get it! We have one life and it would be a shame to waste it without showing up our big love for these adorable animals: cats! <3

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